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Clutter-Busting Challenge Day #12: Yes, I’m late, but we did get rid of 7 things!

Every week day in May, I’m challenging my readers to try to find at least 7 things to get rid of. These can be big or small things, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you actually throw them out, sell them, donate them, recycle them, or find someone else who can use them. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Confession time: I completely forgot to post this earlier! I had my items set out, I took the picture of them, and then I promptly forgot about posting it!

In my defense, I was gone almost the entire afternoon and evening running errands, having a date with Silas, and then attending a family activity evening at church.

But still… I’m sorry if you were anxiously waiting on this post — and had to wait half the day for it!

Today’s things I got rid of:

  • 2 bags
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 3 kid’s books
  • basket

How did your clutter-busting go today? Link up your blog post and/or Instagram pictures below. Or, leave a comment telling us how many things you got rid of. Let’s clear our homes of clutter so we can be more productive and efficient!


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  • Thanks for having it up anyway! Great to keep the momentum going.
    I did great today and filled up a big trashbag and a smaller one of donation items.

  • Sandy says:

    I haven’t done this since Monday so, I thought I’d do a little catch up. I’d like to attempt to move towards a minimalist way of living. I checked out 2 books from the library, The Joy of Less by Francine Jay and 7 An experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker. I read a couple of chapters from each tonight and found it very motivating. 53 things out of my house tonight alone!

  • Today was my birthday, and the best present I could give myself was to get rid of more junk. Thanks for hosting this challenge!

  • Shelly says:

    Today we founds lots of little scraps of fabric to dispose of. I would normally keep them but these were just too small to be useful. I am hoping to finish up decluttering my daughter’s closet tomorrow.

  • cheranne says:

    I went through all of my son’s books (with his input) and we donated 30+ books either to other kids we know or to the thrift store 🙂 yay! I also got rid of 3 assorted hair care items that we no longer use and I recycled 2 of my husbands t shirts to the rag bag.

  • Lety says:

    After reading your posts for over two weeks! I have decided to finally join in. Not sure what the hesitation was, but anyway. I went through things I’ve had for a very LONG time.

    Here is my list:
    -2 post-it type pads that I’ve had for over 8 years! and have NEVER used them!
    -4 mini gel pens that I have also never used and have had them for quite some time, too.
    -1 pad with only two crumpled pieces of paper.
    -1 pack of floppy disk labels! YEP! FLOPPY disk labels. Many of you here probably don’t even remember floppy disks!
    -1 useless make-up brush…tip fell off and all I had stored was basically the handle! (Can you tell I REALLY should have started this challenge at the beginning of the month??)
    -1 lipstick that had very little left and I hadn’t worn in well over a year.
    -4 old tattered make-up sponges that I haven’t used in a long time! (WHY did I save these???)
    -3 make-up products that I haven’t used in well over 5 years (I think one was may be even older than 10 years!)
    -1 make-up bag! After getting rid of pretty much everything in the bag, I decided to just dump it, too! I’d had it since 2000! In some way, it feels liberating to no longer have it; if that makes sense.
    -2 theater sized boxes of candy that I had opened about a week ago and did not like very much, yet kept them around. I feel bad about having tossed them, as it seems wasteful. But there really was no one I could think of to give them to.

    I know these are very small items and may not seem like much, but these are things I have been holding on to for YEARS with no real purpose. I feel it was a big step for me. I also feel ready to tackle many other things I stored “just in case I need it.”

  • Carla says:

    Old game: recycle
    Stickers: recycle
    Stickers: donation bag
    Basket: donation bag

    Today which is Thursday I am really going to work on getting rid of clutter to be donated because another donation truck will be coming to our neighborhood and it is so much easier for me to place my items outside the front door tomorrow morning, than take them anywhere. It motivates me to know I have someone coming to take away my bags.

  • Jessica says:

    May 15:

    Bottle of expired kids’ cold medicine (trash)


    pair of girl’s shorts

    3 pairs boy’s jeans

    pair boys flannel pj pants

    woman’s t-shirt

    boy’s long sleeve shirt

    floor puzzle

    6 long sleeve baby shirts

    2 piece baby outfit

  • Carrie says:

    I finished up the lego sorting and have a large box to sell. I also found a pair of outgrown shorts to give away.

    I am hoping to do a lot tonight as it is garbage pick up tomorrow.

  • Victoria says:

    I love one on one dates with my children. I really is the best way to know them as unique individuals. I hope you and Silas enjoyed yourselves. Lately I have been running with one son one day a week and biking with the other son another day of the week. My daughter wants to try a 5K in in December (she is 10) so soon I will be running with her too.

  • I asked myself today, Does this stress or bless, and I was able to come up with 7 more items, which if I kept I would have used eventually. In the meantime they were stressing me because I didn’t have anywhere to store them.

  • Kids grow way too fast. I found 20 items of clothing in my sons drawers that no longer fit. I feel a little sad getting rid of them though. He is getting big really fast.

  • Danielle Hull says:

    Oh! I need that book for the 3 dinosaurs frog preschool pack 😉

  • I haven’t been participating this month, but as I was helping my kids get ready for school today (and tripping over all their junk), I thought of your challenge and decided I’d have my KIDS participate. I think I’ll give them some little “prize” (an outing or something, not more stuff), if they can clear out 7 items a day until school is out. We’ll see how it goes!

  • Starla says:

    My 18 year old son and I have been going through our house the last two days cleaning and purging garbage and junk. We cleaned out the office, put things away, shredded, and made a Goodwill pile. We cleaned out cupboards in the kitchen, and did the same, but I also started both of my kids a “Hope chest” of sorts, with usable items for when they move out. The next projects are our rooms and closets and then the garage and basement. Who knew we had so much “stuff”!!!
    Thanks for kicking me into gear……..!

  • laura russell says:

    Hey, I want that pink and black bag!! It is so cute!!

  • Melissa says:

    It is finally getting difficult to find more things to get rid of. thank goodness! 🙂 It was alarming how many unwanted items were hanging out in the house. I have been having a very busy time at work and am pretty exhausted when I come home so last night I was just happy to have made dinner rather than succumb to going out again. I guess with making dinner we got rid of a bag of eggnoodles, some basil and some ricotta cheese. Does that count? lol.

  • It’s better late than never!

    Unfortunately, my husband was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital so I haven’t even thought about getting rid of anything. I hope to get back into the challenge next week.

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