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BLOGGERS: Are you overwhelmed by everything you feel like you should be doing?

After posting my recent Blogging Income Report, I’ve heard from some of you recently who are just overwhelmed and pretty stressed by all you feel you need to do to grow your business.

I get it. I really do.

And I have been right there with you. The market is constantly changing and it can be easy to feel like there are just so many things you need to be doing to keep up.

The experts will say you need to be on all the social media platforms, blogging every week, building an email list, sending out regular emails, producing a podcast, speaking, networking with others in your field, joining a Mastermind, doing videos on Facebook Live, and, of course, producing your own products.

All the advice on everything you need to be doing “right now” can be completely and downright exhausting just to even think about and research, let alone try to implement.

And I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of well-intentioned advice from experts that has bombed flat on its face for me.

Case in point, last year, I invested a LOT of money and time and resources on making some major changes to grow our email lists… and all that money and investment of time ended up doing absolutely nothing.

Nada. Zilch.

Well, actually, it did do something. It actually hurt our lists, caused the engagement to go down, and we ended up losing subscribers over the course of the year. 

Talk about a discouraging outcome.

When we ended last year and I looked at the numbers, I realized that all that effort, all that time, all the money invested had been a complete waste.

And there was part of me that felt like such a failure. I admit I even asked myself things like, “How can you write a book called Money-Making Mom and then miss the mark so badly and cause such income loss to your business with a decision you made?”

I know that wasn’t the healthy or right response, but I totally had those thoughts going through my head. In fact, I almost felt like just throwing up my hands and saying, “Forget it! I’m never trying anything new again!”

And for a few months, I did. I figured that I’d just keep doing what I knew worked and hope that that would keep working.

But as anyone who has an online business knows, if you want to be successful, you have to constantly be learning and tweaking and experimenting. If you’re stagnant for any period of time in the online world, you will soon be on your way to dying as a business.

Earlier this year, I got to know Beth Anne from Brilliant Business Moms. She and I had had some interaction in the past when I’d been on her podcast and I’d been very impressed with her. But I didn’t really start to get to know her well until earlier this year.

And you guys, when I really starting talking shop with her, I was blown away. This girl is incredible. She’s a strategist, an experimenter, and a complete outside-the-box thinker.

As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve fallen head over heels with her. Not only is she just an amazing person and someone I count as a dear friend (she and I now get together on a video call every month to mastermind!), but she’s also one of the most brilliant business women I’ve ever met.

I’ve sat at Beth Anne’s feet and learned so much this year. Every time we meet or talk, I come away feeling like I just drank water from a fire hydrant. 😉

And then she’ll usually follow up the meeting with a long list of other ideas to implement. The girl is ON FIRE with ideas… and they aren’t just any old ideas. Many of them are tactics and strategies I’ve never heard anyone else talk about and haven’t seen anyone else do before.

And her enthusiasm for experimenting and trying new things rubbed off on me and gave me courage to try some new things again.

One of those things was Facebook Ads. I’d heard so much about how Facebook Ads were a great business strategy but I had been scared to try them because any of my attempts in the past hadn’t panned out. It felt like I was just throwing money into a big black hole.

Well, Beth Anne completely changed my mind on that. Not only did she show me how she was using Facebook Ads to grow her business and make thousands of dollars per month, but she gave me very practical and actionable ways that we could use Facebook Ads to significantly increase our income — just by strategically marketing what we are already doing every day on Facebook.

Guess what? Not only did her suggestions work, but we’ve earned over $100,000 this past year in NET revenue by running Facebook Ads. And we’ve just barely scratched the surface of their potential!!

Yes, I think you could say that Beth Anne knows what she’s talking about and I’m living proof that her strategies work!

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