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My Amazing $20 Thrift Store Haul

Guest post from Jennifer

I love thrift stores!

I’m not ashamed of the fact that I love to save money and get incredible deals. Better than Black Friday or any clearance sale there out there, thrift stores are the end-all be-all of bargain shopping.

To me, there is nothing better than a good thrift store haul.

I’ve been “thrifting” for years, and never plan to stop. Where else can you find clothes for the whole family, toys, furniture (our dining room chairs were a thrift store find) electronics, books, bikes, and everything you could need for your home for up to 90% off retail prices?

A good thrift store can be your one stop shop for pretty much anything, and you never know what you’re going to find.

I could go on and on about the thrill of finding a North Face coat for $7.00 or a pair of brand new Keen sandals for $6.00 and Toms for $4.00. I could talk to you for hours about how thrift store shopping helped us during our lean years and continues to help us put more money into our savings.

But right now I will talk about what I got for about $20.00 at my local Salvation Army on a Wednesday in December.

On this particular trip I had my two older boys with me (6 and 8), and we were on a quick trip just to get us out of the house during Christmas break.

We were looking for toys (always), shoes, workout T-shirts me, workout pants for dad and dresses for Maggie (age 3).

Here’s what we got – ALL for only $21.68!!

  • 1 Girls coat
  • 2 Sets of pajamas (one night gown, one footsie PJ’s)
  • 8 T-shirts (2 for me, and 6 for the kiddos)
  • 1 Pair of black leggings
  • 1 Hoodie
  • 1 Dance leotard
  • 1 Dress
  • 1 Pair men’s workout pants
  • 1 Minnie mouse outfit (skirt and top!)
  • 1 Batman helicopter
  • 1 Iron man figure

The Highlights

The black leggings :: I thought I was getting a pair of workout pants for myself (they were in the sweat pant section) but upon further investigation I found out that the pants were actually thick leggings. I found the exact item on the Dillard’s website selling for $37.00!

The Missouri Home Shirt :: I have been wanting one of these shirts for a while so I was so excited to find this gem. This shirt retails for about $16.00!

The boys Nike performance shirt :: My older boys love “slicky” shirts and I love the quality of name brands so when we found this one for only $1.00 we couldn’t pass it up!

The grey hoodie :: This is the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever owned. Its a bit frumpy but it’s perfect for lazy winter days.

The girls coat :: We needed a casual coat for Maggie and this one was her size and still had the zippered hood attached (that’s a bonus for thrift store coats).

The Minnie Mouse outfit :: It’s just the cutest!! Maggie is a skirt wearing girl and who doesn’t love Minnie? This outfit was $1.00!

The toys :: The Batman helicopter alone is selling on Amazon for $29.00 and the Iron Man figure retails for $10.00. We paid $4.00 for both!

This was just a normal day at my local thrift store! I wasn’t planning on writing about this shopping trip, but once I realized how many great items we found, I couldn’t resist.

Go check out your local thrift stores, there are bargains to be had and deals just waiting to be found.

Seriously, go!

No one will judge you — the only people that will even see you there are fellow thrift store shoppers. Just remember, not every trip is a success, but you never know what you can find.

I love thrift stores!

I’m Jennifer and I live in Blue Springs Missouri. I’ve been married for 11 years to an amazing man. I’m blessed to be a stay at home mom of 4 kids (Henry-8 Charlie-6 Maggie-3 James-3). I love to watch TV, craft, bake/cook, thrift shop (obviously) and hang out with my family.

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  • Melinda Misuraca says:

    If you love thrift stores, but don’t have the time to go or are looking for something in particular, I would highly recommend You can basically thrift shop from your computer! So many fantastic deals on this website!

  • Kathryn Sprowl says:

    I have to agree, especially if shopping for younger kids clothing where they outgrown them before they barely seem to wear them. The only thing is if you have boy once you hit the boys sizes 7-8 to 14-16 sizes it might be hard to find pants as boys in that age range seem to wear out the knees.

    Also if you are a size small to medium woman, the thrift store is you oyster as far as selection in most cases. Also be sure to check out the other areas as you never know what you might find. I bought an office chair that looked brand new for $11 and a large wooden desk that looked rough until sanded, stained and coated with polyurethane that have seen cost hundreds of dollars new.

  • Kat says:

    I have been hitting the thrift shops since I was 17, I’m now 53. No one asks me any more where I get all my cools tuff from!

  • Karen says:

    What great buys! I always have to check out the book section. I’ve gotten several great books this way. Our Salvation Army will put hardbacks on sale for $0.25 and paperbacks for $0.10 when they want to reduce inventory.

  • Virginia says:

    I shop at thrift stores all the time my home is all from the thrift store and my husband likes me shopping there because I save him lots of money since we’re only one income household

  • Lorie says:

    I too shop at thrift stores. About a month ago, I bought a Lenox porcelain Fruits of Life cornucopia for $5. I looked it up online when I got home and that thing is worth $89!!! I have gotten A LOT of Lenox porcelain from this same DAV, AND ALL of them are worth quite a bit more than I paid for them. And, the clothes are so inexpensive. My brother got a pair of original Levis blue jeans that looked brand new that he paid $4 for them. You can’t find those prices at a yard sale!!!!!

  • Stacy says:

    I too enjoy thrift store shopping. I started when my daughter was little and I was trying to make ends meet. But I found that I could find, and afford, higher quality clothes for both of us this way and some great work pieces. We were warm and well dressed even when we were broke. My daughter is grown now, but I’ve continued this practice for myself. It’s a great way to recycle.

  • Vee says:

    I am committed this year to buy all my clothes from the thrift store. ( except for undergarments)

    My thrift shop is amazing. I have to limit myself to going only twice a month. In the summer time, I prefer to go to yard sales.

  • Lynn says:

    Just my two cents, but WHERE do you live that your store has basically items that average $1+ a piece??? I’m in sunny South Florida and there is nothing less than 99 cents at mine. The t-shirts for kids start at $2. The minnie 2 pc would have been $4-5 an piece and SEPARATED so that means good luck finding both! Even on their 50% off day (one color) you don’t find these cheap prices!!! I’m jelly to the max! Nice haul!

    • Lynn says:

      I just read more closely and see you are in Missouri…LOL Great to have such good pricing!

      • Julie says:

        Yes, thrift store in my area do NOT have great prices (I am in Northern Virginia near DC). My best thrift store find was a pre-lit Christmas tree for $25- It was on the curb when I was dropping donations off and I asked if I could have it- went inside while they priced it and bought it! But as far as for clothes, etc., we do not have good prices at all. Maybe I should try different types of thrift stores in the area.

        • Jay says:

          Our local GE is expensive too. It’s the only “thrift” in town. And no way do they let you buy anything that doesn’t have a tag! Their clothes are as high priced as new at Target. It’s aggravating when you don’t see name brands here.
          Ex: Short sleeves are 3.99/kids, 4.99-6.99/adults. Pants are 6.99, coats 11.99 and up. Shoes start at 6.99. Books are .99/ paperback and 1.99 or more hardback.

    • Anne says:

      I agree! I’m in a low-cost-of-living part of Iowa, but our thrift store prices are $3-5 per article of clothing too.

  • Debbie jones says:

    10 years ago you wouldn’t catch me in one. Now I go and find everything. Furniture, waterford crystal,to chicos tops that I love and more dooney coach fendi bags that my closet can handle lol

  • Amanda says:

    Eh, I don’t think thrift stores in our area are a good deal (Nevada). They sell kids clothes at the same prices I can buy them for on sale at several department stores (Dillard’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, etc.). They are having their clearance sale at Walmart today with several $1 and $3 items. For about the same price you spent, I got brand new: (For my two boys) two boys Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer pajamas, two Batman long-sleeve shirts with matching beanies, two Justice League long sleeve shirts with matching beanies, two leggings for my younger daughter, a sweatshirt with a very cool tiger/rose print for me, and a robe for me.

    I had gotten one of my son’s a pair of the Target Genuine Kids (Osh Kosh) jeans on clearance for $7 just over a year ago, and found the exact same jeans a year later, and worn out, at one of our thrift stores for… you guessed it… $7. I’d rather buy them brand new than used/worn out for the same price. I generally spend about $3 – $5 on clearance/sale shirts, $5 on shoes, and about $7 on jeans from the department stores.

  • Tiffany says:

    I live in the same area as you. Which thrift store did you find all of the goodies?

  • Tami says:

    I think Kansas is the very best place for thrift stores! My fave is the hospital auxiliary in Marion and also the ones on Main streets in Hillsborough and McPherson. When I’m visiting my husband’s family in South Carolina, I am shocked by the prices at their thrift stores. But, I think part of the price difference is that the Kansas small town stores are for charity, and staffed by volunteers. Paying fair salaries is important at Goodwill.

  • Kimberly Walker says:

    The best find we ever scored was finding a men’s ankle length (probably knee high to a tall gentleman, but I’m short!) ITALIAN CASHMERE jacket, complete with the silk hanky inside the inside breast pocket for $7.50 (plus tax!). We had gone to visit my daughter in cold country and the coat I had brought with me wasn’t warm enough. I had looked through all the ladies coats and couldn’t find anything to fit me. My husband came over with this nice coat and said “Hey, honey, I think this will fit you. Might be a bit long, but it will be warm”. It was as I was taking it off that I noticed the label and just about swooned! It doesn’t get cold enough here to wear it often in the winter, but when I do, it makes me feel so rich!

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