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7 Items Worth Splurging On

My husband emailed me an article from yesterday on 7 Items That Are Worth the Extra Money.

The 7 items they suggested you should spend extra money on?

Toilet Paper

Trash Bags

Running Shoes


Bed Sheets

Office Chair


I found the list interesting and would agree that it is worth it to buy high-quality running shoes, office chairs, and trash bags. I also think it’s good to invest in wholesome food. However, I disagree that you have to pay a lot of extra money for any of these three things. If you are creative and know where to look, there are great deals to be had on high-quality items.

I also disagree that you need to spend extra on toilet paper, bed sheets, or silverware. If you come to our house, you get to use whatever toilet paper we got a good deal on. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m not one to spend a lot of money on something you’re just flushing down the toilet. 🙂

And I’ve never gotten too hung up on sheet thread count. By the time I get into bed, I’m usually plenty tired that I don’t even notice the sheets.

Silverware is also another thing we don’t splurge on around here. We got a set from Walmart when we got married plus some odds and ends passed on from a friend. Our mismatched cheap set might not look too impressive, but it gets the job done.

That said, I know I have things that I splurge on that aren’t on the list–like a good hair cut. Many people just cut their own hair and that works great for them, but spending the money on a good hair cut is so worth it to me.

Do you agree or disagree with the list of 7 things you should splurge on? What other items do you feel are worth spending extra money on?

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  • Christi says:

    I am completely with you on spending money for a good haircut. I have learned my lesson the hard way on that one. 🙂

    • Naomi says:

      Me too! Before children when I had perfectly nice straight hair, naturally, it was no big deal to get a cheap hair cut bc it wasn’t hard for almost anyone to do a good job. Now that my hormones have changed and my hair is very different and wavy/curly, I really need a good hair cut and cannot go cheap.

  • Shay Jordan says:

    I actually agree on the toilet paper. When I use quality toilet paper it lasts longer. If I buy the cheap sandpaper stuff we go through it much faster. I have actually saved $10-20/month buying the good stuff because we aren’t going back to get more since we ran out of it so quick.

    Silverware, we have set we got and now we just get extras as we need it from Wal-Mart or the dollar tree LOL

  • Amanda T says:

    Toilet paper yes,Good food can be had for cheap,trash bags are decent from Aldi,and our best office chair was free….As for the other stuff cheap silverware? plastic 🙂 works best for us.

  • Becky says:

    I actually whole-heartedly agree with the toilet paper. Around here we find if we use the cheap stuff, it takes more to get the job done (Plus there’s usually less sheets per roll), thus it throws any savings (and sometimes then some) out the window.

  • Jessica Routley says:

    We have had a lot of plumbing problems at my house, and we have been told that there are certain brands of toilet paper that dissolve better than others. Perhaps this is what he is talking about? If this is true, you may be saving money by avoiding the plumber coming out multiple times. Still, you can find good deals on the “premium” stuff. As far the sheets go, I have heard from a few sources that, because we spend a lot of time in bed over the course of our lives, organic bed linens are best because they obvious are free of chemicals. Just a theory… I certainly can’t bring myself to spend that much on sheets either 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Dave might not be suggesting high thread count; maybe he means spend $40 at Target instead of $10 at Wal-Mart. There’s a huge difference in quality between poly/cotton blends and 100 percent cotton sheets. The latter usually lasts much longer and wears better than blends.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree with Andrea… Knowing everything else I’ve learned from Dave Ramsey, he’s probably not talking about buying 600 thread count Egyptian something, but more the mid-range 350-400 thread count sheets. I bought a set of 180 or 200 count sheets when I was single, and within 6 months they had little pill balls all over them. When I got married, several people generously gave us 350 count sheet sets, and they have lasted over 4 years now with no pill balls. Definitely worth the little extra spent (like $40 for a queen set instead of 20)!

  • Leah says:

    I use to have nice silverware, and I have about 1/2 of it left now. I LOVE them and they are a great set, but our children have accidently thrown spoons or forks away. So if you have little ones, don’t buy nice silverware until they graduate from high school and move out ;). The other items I think are worth splurging on. Quality organic food is better for you than hormone / sprayed food and sometimes that costs more. Nice sheets help one sleep better (this from a light sleeper). TP – I hate cheep TP, quality TP is a must!!! Quality running shoes are a must as well (only if you run), and sometimes you can find them on sale. But I have been running for 17 years and when I have quality shoes I don’t have back or leg problems. Just my thoughts.

  • Jamie says:

    I think it depends on your lifestyle. I could care less about running shoes, since I don’t run, but my husband would definitely say that they’re splurge-worthy. Same thing with the office chair – I rarely sit at a desk, so it doesn’t bother me, but he’s at his desk most of the day and is very picky about his chair. I do think it’s worth the money to get wholesome, organic food. Trash bags would probably be the other thing I agree with. And I’m with you – my hair is one of the few things I splurge on! Silverware, toilet paper, and sheets – I’m pretty middle-of-the-road with all of those… I go for the best quality I can get at a decent price.

  • Cotton says:

    I am with you on the haircut. I have tried the at home and let’s just say I won’t be doing that again….EVER!

  • Suzanne says:

    My seven things would be
    1. Shoes (I mean, you are miserable if your feet hurt)
    2. Mattress (you sleep on it for 7-8 hours per night, you need for your back to not hurt)
    3. safety items like car seats and helmets for kids for their bikes. I’ve cracked 2 bike helmets and I’m alive today because I had them.
    4. Healthy Food
    5. Health Insurance. You need it when you need it.
    6. Pet food. (good pet food makes a huge difference in the quality of life for a pet. )
    7. Travel- It’s important to see more than just your corner of the world.

    That’s my list!

    • JAM says:

      I agree with this list!

      • Rachel E. says:

        Yes a great mattress!! Hadn’t even thought of that since we have one of the best and haven’t had to put it on the grocery list every month. lol

    • Kelly says:

      I commented below but forgot about pet food until I saw your post. I absolutely agree! We buy the best possible food that is within our budget. Our lab has a lot of allergies so it is sort of a necessity in our case, but I also believe in feeding her quality food….not junk food for pets!

    • Rebecca says:

      Your list is very close to mine!

    • Cathy says:

      Great list, very similar to mine as well. I replied on his site with the pet food, because I believe we save a lot in vet bills using a higher quality food. Our pets are very rarely sick. I did agree with sheets, though…hate those little pillie things against my skin.

  • amy brendtro says:

    I agree. A good haircut is wonderful. But look carefully for a good stylist. I found the stylist who did my two kids with disabilities must be awfully good to get their hair looking so nice with so much opposition. And I was right! She does a great job without the super high price tag. I do agree though with Dave Ramsey on the sheets. High quality polar fleece sheets are the bomb here in the frozen north. But silverware?? Especially when kids lose it so much!! One thing I think ought to be mentioned on the list? Tipping!! I think it is important to be generous for a job well done, whether you have a lot of money or not. God’s people should be known for being both generous and fair…

  • Laura says:

    I agree with you about the haircut! I have long wanted to comment about your gorgeous cut and possibly color!? Have you found a way to get it done well, but yet still reasonably? I usually go twice a year to Great Clips when I have coupons, but I really need to change that! Your hair looks fabulous! Color and cut!!!! 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Personally, I buy the one brand of toilet paper that I like best. It holds up and doesn’t fuzz, and even if something else is cheaper, I’m going to stick with the one I prefer. You don’t want to despise your toilet paper! So yes, I splurge on my toilet paper. It’s not like I can always wait for a good sale on it!!

    I think (some of) the other things you don’t need to splurge on it. Buy good quality, yes, but often those things go on sale and you can get a good deal on them. When my husbands favorite brand of running shoes went on sale on, I bought four pairs for him. So instead of paying $100 for one pair, I was able to get 4 pairs for $120. Which, I guess if you’re comparing it to payless shoes -on clearance- “athletic” shoes, it is a splurge. But considering that these brand name ones will last longer and have better support (less chance of injury, less doctors bills!), you still might be coming out ahead.

  • Diane says:

    We just switched to using cloth wipes for most bathroom needs and it’s probably a bit over the edge frugal for most but I already have the wipes from my toddler and never switched her over to using TP, then read an article on “family cloth” and it’s much softer than the cheap TP I normally buy (on sale, with a coupon). So, to each their own but we’re not spending much of anything on toilet paper any more.

    I buy good running shoes but you can definitely shop around online and get good deals on them.

    We don’t buy trash bags. I use the plastic bags from the grocery store (if the store doesn’t give a discount for cloth bags). They work fine.

    I have nice silverware and really like it but it was a gift and cheap silverware works fine, too.

    Our office chair is a folding chair my in-laws gave me so I guess I really don’t agree with much in Dave’s article this time.

  • Kelly says:

    I agree about the toilet paper, shoes, and trash bags. Call me a toilet paper snob but I will only buy one brand. If it is on sale or if I can get coupons that is great, but I wont switch. We bought inexpensive garbage bags trying to save some money and what a waste. We had to double bag it every time and even then they were horrible. We do spend a little more on food because we buy a lot of produce, but there are different extremes. I would love to buy all my produce at Whole Foods or another market of that type but we just can’t swing that.

  • Jennifer B. says:

    I actually agree with the silverware. I bought a set of simple, yet nice (and on the cheaper side) silverware when I moved into an apartment before I got married. My husband and I decided we really liked them, so we would register for a second set. However, a few months later, rust spots started appearing on all of the silverware. We still have it as a back up, but we changed our silverware on our registry to be a nicer set from Oneida & I’m so glad we did. My mom is slowly filling in our set for us when Christmas and birthdays come around.

  • Kolbi says:

    My husband would agree re: the toilet paper. Ha! I’m with you, though — who cares when you are literally flushing it down the toilet?!

    We splurge on groceries in that we try to only buy organic produce, cage free organic eggs, and local meats/seafood, like wild Georgia-caught shrimp. Now, we buy a lot of these things at our HUGE farmer’s market, so many things are cheaper than the regular grocery store. But there are times I have way overspent on, say, ground beef at Whole Foods instead of buying meat from Kroger. I consider it an investment in our health.

  • Erica says:

    I think it should really be more of the idea that you should know which things are important to your family/you and limit your splurges to those things. In my family, we spend a little extra on food, cat food, computer-related items, and health insurance. I buy whatever TP is on sale and used a very mismatched set of utensils until I scored a name brand set on clearance at an outlet store last year ($15!).

    I agree with quality items for most of the things on the list, but I can almost always fit them into my budget by watching sales, clipping coupons, and watching the clearance at my favorite stores.

  • Rachel E. says:

    I don’t have to buy the most expensive toilet paper out there…but we def don’t buy the cheapest, we buy what my husband feels will get the job done while feeling clean.
    So yes I do agree with toilet paper.
    My must have are flushable wipes. I don’t know how anyone can get by without using those to feel clean.

    Don’t agree on the trash bags. We buy very cheap ones and often just reuse the grocery bags.

    Agree with running shoes and food if you can.
    Yes on the bedsheets, although I’d look for a great deal, thread count matters in our house!

    Office chair only if you have a business our of home or work from out of home, otherwise no.

    And Silverware…we used cheap sets for years that bent all the time, and after investing in a good set…I can’t imagine going back to a cheap set.
    But that is just me. 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      haha I completely agree with the flushable wipes!

      • Rachel E. says:

        No one else has even mentioned it…and I’ve spent way to much time reading all the comments now, about an hour and a half, but was curious what others thought.

        Of course the closest thing mentioned was reusable, make your own wipes. …I’ve seen that before, with a bucket next to the toilet of cut up towels and t shirts re purposed…. Just have a huge time wrapping my mind around having to wash them knowing where they’ve been… Ugh! lol

        • Momof5 says:

          I’ve been thinking about that, too – used cloth diapers with some of my kids without freaking out about the mess, have a fabulous washer with a “Sanitize” cycle, we’ve cut way down on our trash by recycling/reusing/composting – so the amount of paper that we flush has become noticeable to me. TP is always the largest item in my Costco basket. And we have a big basket of old cloth diapers that would work for – what would we even call them? But I just can’t take the next step . . . actually, haven’t even been able to bring it up with my husband and kids. But I do wonder if some day our grandchildren will ask us,, “You used HOW MANY trees to wipe WHERE?” 🙂

          • Diane says:

            I just started using them and my husband said it was weird but I can do what I want, so I just used them myself “family cloth” and now he’s converting, too. I used cloth diapers for my child, too, and I think that helps knowing that yes you are getting them clean. I also feel better hanging them up to dry outside on the clothesline so they can get sun-sanitized.

  • Angel says:

    One thing I’ve learned you should never compromise on is your actual bed. You can get a spring mattress for very cheap (or even free from the trash behind mattress stores, where the mattresses brought back from deliveries usually end up) but your quality of sleep will be much lower. Buying a quality memory foam mattress is more expensive initially, but it will actually save you money in the long run, as they last much longer. You may need to replace a spring mattress 3-4 times before you’d need to replace a memory foam! This is before the fact that the health benefits of sleeping on quality memory foam are worth the splurge.

    • Rachel E. says:

      Yes a quality mattress are huge! We love our sleep by number bed and were able to even stop spending money at the chiropractor since we weren’t getting misaligned at night from sleeping on a low end spring set.
      Makes sense since we spend so much time in bed sleeping.

  • Before I even read this, I thought of two things: clothes and hair cuts. I don’t cut my hair very often (I grow it out and then donate it), so it is worth paying the money to get it done right. And for clothes, I don’t mean going out and buying some crazy designer dress with a huge price tag, but think about what you really want to wear. I bought a shirt for $3 the other day, got home and HATED it. I returned it because if it is just going to sit in my closet, what is the point? I also think sometimes you should spend a bit more to get quality clothes. I picked up some underwear from Target one day because they were on clearance. After only 6 months they were literally falling apart! I have pairs from Victoria Secret that you don’t even want to know how long I have owned them. Haha!

  • Janice says:

    I never understood the deal about cheap sheets until early in our marriage. I bought 2 new sets of sheets (very inexpensively). The flannel ones linted all over the place. Extremely linted and it was like velcro on the carpet, pajamas, etc. I threw those away. The other sheets were just a woven muslin, and boy, did they feel like it? I immediately donated them. You sure can tell when you are sleeping on a bad set. I found a couple of high quality sets on sale for a great price, and they have lasted for over 5 years now. Plus I have no plans to need to buy a new set for years. So spending a few extra dollars up front is really a better investment in my opinion.

    • BethB says:

      I’m curious if you feel 5 years is a good life span for sheets. We’ve had our expensive ones for 6 years and have had to patch ripped places in the fitted sheets. I feel like they should be lasting longer but I feel that way for just about everything these days.

      • Momof5 says:

        My favorite all-cotton twin sheets are some we “rescued” from my grandmother’s linen closet before they went to Goodwill. They are at least 50 years old, all cotton, hold up well to bleach. True, they’d probably be even more comfortable if I ironed them, but that’s never going to happen. The only drawback with Grandma’s linens is that they don’t come in queen size – so I do splurge on sheets for our bed. Flannel lasts 5-7 years for us, high-quality cotton can last 10 or more, depending on whether you have more than one set that you rotate or just the one. The kids get the lovely all-cotton hand-me-downs, which apparently last forever.

      • Andrea says:

        I expect sheets to last 10 years, but I have four sets (two flannel and two cotton twill). If I lived in a warmer climate where I only had two sets, five years or so would be about right.

    • Rachel E. says:

      I agree with having good sheets, but how did you get only 2 sets with trading them back and forth to last 5 years!?!

      • Crystal says:

        Our first set of sheets lasted 7 years–it was our only set and it wasn’t a very high-quality set at that. I’m amazed at how long sheets last!

        • BethB says:

          I guess I have unrealistic expectations. 🙂 We have three sets for our bed, two cotton and one flannel, and we use a set for months at a time. Washing them regularly, of course. So I guess we’re doing well even with the patch jobs.

          • Rachel E. says:

            Wow! I guess we are way rougher on our sheets, we don’t buy cheaply made ones and somehow we still wear them out faster than what you all are commenting on yours lasting. o_O

  • Courtney says:

    I think it’s worth it to have great silverware. We have a beautiful set for 16 that’s 18/10 and was a gift from my mother. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap! I take care to polish it 2 x a year to keep it gleaming! It will last us our lives and is a classic style. The cheap flatware bends, warps, snaps etc. This will never do any of that. I agree with @jessica on the tp. Good tp (that i coupon for and get for a good deal) lasts longer than the cheap stuff.
    Sheets are also worth spending money on not because of feel, but because of durability. The higher the thread count the stronger the sheet.
    Good quality furniture is a must. No cheap particle board or laminate!

  • tara says:

    I completely agree about the toilet paper why spend a lot if it gets the job done and goes down toilet to never be seen again!

    • Rachel E. says:

      Funny, did you know tp had a VERY hard time being successful? People felt exactly how you said in the beginning. They used to use newspaper and book pages they were done with and couldn’t bring themselves to spend $ on something being thrown away. My daughter and I read a very interesting book called “the truth about poop” It was actually a good read and informative, we enjoyed it. lol Off subject, just wanted to add a thought.

  • Christie says:

    Off topic, but when I saw the thumb nail picture on Facebook, my first thought was, “Why does she have Cookie Monster on the back of her toilet???” LOL

    Great article though. I definitely agree with the ‘get what you pay for’ sentiment, especially for shoes, TP, and trash bags (and also mattresses!) If you can get them on sale or with coupons, great; but if not, these are the things to consider buying anyway. I don’t pay full price for very many things ever, but I will generally only buy top-quality shoes for everyday wear- sneakers, Keens, etc.. (exceptions for something very trendy or for a special occasion- things I’ll only wear a few times– those I get when they’re on clearance!)

  • BethB says:

    I’m curious what their standards are for nice silverware. This past fall I bought an Oneida set at Kohl’s for around $40 and it feels very nice to us (Compared to the combination of 15-20 year old sets from our single days). But I’m not sure it’s technically high grade.

    Our sheets came from Land’s End because with a 22 inch thick mattress our choices are a bit limited. I do notice a huge difference between those and the cotton/poly character sheets our kids have. Granted, I have A Thing about the way fabric feels so I spend up on things like bedding and pajamas. One of my quirks.

    Running shoes are also something I spend up on because I have super flat feet and a back problem. Recently I tried a bargain pair of Nikes and they hurt just wearing around the house. Not worth it!

    I think so much of this stuff depends on your personal preferences. Personally, I feel very strongly about high quality food and using my resources to support local farmers even when it costs more. I choose to buy certain things at our local natural foods co-op even though they’re more expensive because I want to support that business. My husband feels strongly about having nice toilet paper. Go figure.

    • BethB says:

      I also meant to say that in general I am willing to spend significantly more money on products that will last longer. However, I feel like it’s so hit or miss. This fall I bought a $50 pair of house shoe slippers thinking they’d last a really long time. They’re already so worn they’re not nearly as supportive and I’m so disappointed. And they’re from LL Bean. Maybe I’m crazy but a $50 pair of slippers should last more than six months!

      • Michelle says:

        Have you contacted LLBean? They have very good customer service and tend to stand behind their products very well. Call them and tell them what’s going on, and I’d guess that they’d work with you to find an acceptable solution.

        • BethB says:

          I need to do that. Although I feel slightly guilty, like I’m taking advantage of something.

        • meclarks says:

          I love my LL Bean slippers! I have had mine for 3 years, and wear them all the time, and will probably replace them next winter. My husband has had his for 8 years, but doesn’t wear them all day every day, like I do. 🙂
          I am wondering what kind of support you are expecting from a slipper, though… in my mind slippers are not supportive at all. Their structure is entirely different than a shoe, so I’m not sure where the support would come from?

      • Andrea says:

        LLBean will probably send you a new pair. Their guarantee is awesome.

  • Cynthia says:

    I think a list like this is subjective. I think having quality bed sheets is not just about the thread count, but having ones that will last. I’ve always said I wouldn’t mind spending more money on things if you knew they were going to last. Rather than splurging on the bedsheets I say splurge on the bed. A bed is not something you ever return and if you get a bad one, you end up living with it for 7 or 8 years. And a good nights sleep is priceless.

  • Dimes2Vines says:

    I agree that spending money for good quality running shoes is important.
    I do disagree with the toilet paper, also. Like you, It is whatever brand I have gotten a good deal on – with 7 out of 10 children still at home and the others plus their children in and out, we go through a lot of t. paper!
    Good quality food does not have to be expensive either. Many times it is the processed lower quality foods that are more expensive. Buying fresh produce on sale or better yet having your own garden and canning/freezing your own produce is a further savings!
    I do cut our sons and my husbands hair but I draw the line with mine – I opt for a good quality cut!

  • Losing Lindy says:

    I completely agree with Dave regarding running shoes and garbage bags.

    I bought a pair of shoes that I thought would “work”, on sale. I ended up getting injured due to the running shoes. I ended up paying over $500 in physical therapy and doctor’s bills (all co-pays). If you are serious about running or a newbie..go to the running store and get a proper fit. Once you know what you need, you can comparision shop. But do not skimp on this.

    Also garbage bags? We live on the third floor and I have to carry our garbage down 3 flights of stairs. If the bag broke, I would have to pay to have the carpeting cleaned on the stairs. I use coupons and buy them onsale, but I won’t skimp on cheaper ones when in the long run it would cost me more money.

    I could see if you worked at home for your office chair. It is another thing you might get injured if you have a poorly fitted chair.

  • Ally Moll says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure why you would need to splurge on silverware. I do agree with bedsheets, though I get the middle range sets at Ikea which are super nice and pretty cheap. I’ve gotten the cheap sets and just hated the feel of them even after washing. I am of the get good toilet paper group because I’ve found if the get the cheap stuff you have to use 2-3 times more each wipe anyway to get good coverage, so it works out to be the same for me. I skip the stuff with aloe though 🙂

    • Rachel E. says:

      The cheap silverware sets we had always bent or rusted…
      My mother in law splurged big time and bought a very expensive name brand set for us one Christmas…and OMgoodness…we will never go back to cheap silverware sets again. 🙂 (and yes we have 3 children…just mindful of making sure they don’t throw them away)

  • Ashley says:

    Toilet paper–yes. But don’t go crazy. A couple of years ago, my youngest brother who was around 10 at the time, suggested when my mom asked what they needed from the grocery store (it’s usually Oreos, junk food, etc.) he said, can you not get gas station toilet paper this time. If a 10 yr old boy notices toilet paper, so will any guest. Ha!
    Trash bags, food, and silverware you can find decent deals on good quality. I dont think that you have to splurge.
    Bed sheets—yes! 250 thread counts after one wash, you might as well sleep on a bath towel. I have found amazing deals on 600+ count sheet sets at tjmaxx, home goods, etc, for the same as you could buy a set from target, not on sale.

  • Amy says:

    Count me in with the rest of the disagree-ers. Shoes and food would literally be the only 2 I would pick off that list. I assume he supported his list, but man, that guy must live in a weird world.

  • Ashley P says:

    In my family, silverware is one of those “heirloom” things. Whether it’s real silver (which I have a whole box of, but hate because it requires polishing) or stainless steel, it never really gets thrown away. So I kinda see spending good money on a decent set. I escpeciallty like heavy pieces, as they’re more durable. It’s not so much what they look like I care about as it is how long they last. So after Christmas one year, my grandmother splurged and bought herself a rather think 6 setting set with 2 serving spoons on sale at our local grocery. Yes, it was $30 (a lot for us back then). But it was SOOO worth it. The forks don’t bend or warp. The knives have metal handles, not wooden ones. The spoons are thick and don’t break when you scoop ice cream out of the container. (Because to me, buying an ice cream scoop…. pointless. As Alton Brown says, “It’s a unitasker! I hate those! I only have 1 unitasker in my kitchen and it’s a fire extinguisher!!!”)

    Toilet paper… meh. I could go either way. I find the thicker kind lasts longer, so I always spring to 2-ply. It’s just a matter of going shopping less often.

    Sheets…. I haven’t bought sheets in years. I still have my grandmother’s and they still work fine.

    One thing I do splurge on… there’s a certain series of computer games I really like. It’s my little treat to myself twice a year (They usually come out with a new one every 6 months or so.) Could I live without it? Totally. Do I want to? Not if I can help it.

    (BTW, if you guessed it was the Nancy Drew computer games I’m obsessed with, you’re a pretty good sleuth and probably play them yourself.)

  • Sharon says:

    Running shoes? Yes. But, anything else on that list – I can usually find decent quality for less money, so I spend less money. Why would I worry about the quality of a bag that’s going to end up in the land fill? As long as it doesn’t break between the kitchen and the trashcan, I’m good. All but 1 pair of our bed sheets were wedding presents or hand me downs from friends and family.

  • Natalie says:

    I think you have to understand what he means by “extra money.” He certainly doesn’t mean wasteful spending or extravegance, and he’d be the first to say that you should look for the best deal possible… for example, you can get good but very inexpensive cutlery at a thrift store. BUT, as the article points out, if you’re actually causing yourself physical pain or being a detriment to your own health because you’re trying to be frugal, then you are actually setting yourself up for worse (and more expensive) problems in the long run. Cutlery and trash bags aren’t going to kill you or make you suffer (unless you throw out your back trying to make up for the crappy trash bags spilling all over your driveway 😉 ) but it certainly does help to have a knife that cuts through meat instead of deflecting off it. 😉 Actually, your chances of injuring yourself with dull, poor quality knives are much higher, too… so the suffering potential is there, too, LOL. As far as TP goes- well, normally I’d agree with you since it IS something you’re not using again, but with the number of rashes and hemorrhoids in this house, I buy wholesale-priced “better-than-bottom-of-barrel” stuff because it’s not worth a bleeding tushy. 😛

    Anyway, no where did the article mention that you should be spending a lot of extra money on any of those things… Anyone who knows the DR plan knows that you can get all those things cheaply or free, generally speaking. I think the only point was that certain things are worth trying to find in better condition instead of putting up with lousy ones “just because.” So if you have silverware that is bent out of shape and pretty useless, go ahead and budget for some “new” stuff. It doesn’t have to be new – just new for you, whether it’s from Goodwill, a garage sale, or Walmart! Believe me, people like my husband need reminders that it’s ok to replace old worn-out things sometimes. 😉 That doesn’t mean you’re not being frugal, but that you’re using the benefits of your frugality on something that is worth replacing. 🙂

  • zora says:

    We use grociery bags for trash as well. With my shopping trips I end up with lots of them, and smaller trash basket fits well under my sink, so i use that, and dump several times a day. Free, and not visible-works for me.

  • Lynette W. says:

    Hi ya!

    Well, I agree with the toilet paper. For me, using the cheap stuff that my parents buy can cause some discomfort on your dearie air with how rough it can be – I do purchase the two-ply more expensive softer stuff (though still not the highest expensive stuff!) but I also buy it in bulk at Sam’s Club saving money that way. Thread count pertains to how soft you want your sheets to feel when you climb into them at night. Unfortunately you have to wash them at lower temps because over time they will thin and shred on you – causing you to spend more money on them (not a good thing) however, when I went with a cheaper brand one time – it felt like sleeping on plastic! Like the plastic water-proof sheets you buy to protect a mattress! So not happy there, so splurging on my own sheets (not the kids, they get cheapest one’s from target….though, I haven’t had to purchase sets for them every year like I have had to for myself) is worth it to me. You can buy cheaper running shoes, but you need good inserts for support in your feet – so either way it comes out to about the same (unless you buy expensive shoes AND the supports. Talking to the shoe people, they have said it’s the supports that is the most important – not the best shoes, good shoes – just not the best!) An office chair sticks with you for a long time, so hopefully you pick a quality one (that’s on sale!)

    Silverware – I’m the same way. Who cares what they look like? Have had the same set for 9 years now and it’s worked just fine for us! Food, I will shop at a higher quality fruit/veggie place because I think it is important to pay for the quality – even if it’s cheaper somewhere else. Still, I buy what fruit is currently on sale 🙂
    Never noticed a expensive trash bag vs a cheap trash bag being any different 🙂

    So there you go!

  • Kristen says:

    I don’t think he’s saying you HAVE TO spend more money on these things. He is just saying it’s worth it. I agree with most of them. But he’s thinking like a man. It is VERY worth spending extra money on undergarments for women, especially good bras. Nothing makes nice clothing look terrible like cheap undergarments. You also feel uncomfortable in cheap undergarments. They break down faster if they are cheaply made with cheap fabric.

    • Jennifer says:

      So true!! I have been lucky enough to get a few great ones on clearance, but if you need a bra, you need a bra! Get a good one!

    • Andrea says:

      LOL. Bras are definitely worth it!

    • Sarah says:

      Speaking of. I am currently trying to save so I can purchase a couple of new bras. The ones I have are at least 3 yeas old from VS and since I lost some weight, they are not fitting well. I feel self conscious and uncomfortable so I think I really need to spend the money and go to Nordstroms and get measured. I love pretty underthings. Even if I’m the only one that knows I’m wearing them, it makes a difference in the way I feel and act. I feel more secure and outgoing. Weird…

  • Chanda says:

    The only one of these I splurge on is toilet paper. We only buy Charmin Ultra Soft, no matter the price (of course I use a coupon if I have one, and buy it on sale when it is, but in a pinch we would pay anything for it). Anything else on the list I definitely penny pinch and cut corners on as best I can!

  • tonya says:

    We recycle plastic bags from the store for trash bags. We recycle a lot though so we never have more than 1 bag a day. It would take us a week to fill a whole huge garbage bag. I splurged and bought “high quality” sheets and they fell apart after 6 washes. Cheap Target sheets for me 🙂 but, I’m a toilet paper snob. Cottonelle only please!

  • Natalie says:

    Again, I don’t think he meant, “spend top dollar” on any of this stuff. Just don’t be so “frugal” that you won’t be willing to spend a few dollars (and yes, the article did say, “a few dollars more” 😉 ) on something that could really make a difference in your personal health and well-being. 🙂

  • Hailey says:

    I agree with shoes & sheets (among other things from the list) but those two items in particular make sense to me to purchase high quality and expect a longer life out of them, than buying cheap and replacing more frequently. You can still be saving a lot of money even when the initial purchase price is higher than you may normally feel comfortable paying.

  • I have to say I agree about the toilet paper. I too have one brand that I buy, sale or not. The cheap stuff just doesn’t save money because its… well… cheap! And you have to use three times as much. Another down side to cheap toilet paper is that because it’s gone so much sooner, your chances of sitting on the toilet and reaching for an empty toilet paper roll are greatly increased. Not good.

    About the sheets, I think you don’t have to spend $100.00 but do realize that better quality not only feel better but they last longer. In the long run, it’s really not a big expense considering how long sheets last.

    I have to echo Suzanne on the safety items, healthy food, and insurance (including life and disability) I see so many people buying cheap car seats but then spending money to eat out, etc. I just want to say “really?”

    And if I could get a great haircut I’d be willing to splurge like I’ve never splurged before!

  • Teresa says:

    After spending over a month in the hospital two years ago, I said the first thing I would do when I was able was to get myself a good set of soft sheets. Those hospital sheets are hard and not at all comfortable. So about a month after I got home on my first trip out I got myself those sheets. I lay down every night and still think they are the best thing I ever bought. I so much have enjoyed them that the $70.00 set was worth every penny.
    I only own one set, so I have to wash and get it dried in the same day, but it is so worth it to me. TP I don’t care what type it is as long as it gets the job done. As for running shoes, yes I would spend more for those as well as my slippers I wear all the time at home. Church shoes I am less likely to spend as much on because I wear them less.

  • Renee' says:

    I can agree with Dave on most. Good TP is a must around here. I hate the cheap stuff that you just end up using more of. Food is a big deal. I know buying a box of “food” is much cheaper. But the garbage put into that kind of “food” won’t find it’s way into my house. Plus I feel I teach my kids a bigger lesson about making good quality meal scratch. Sheets are big deal too. We buy organic sheet. They cost more. But you spend 1/2 your life in your bed. Why be surrounded by chemicals that can make you sick? Shoes a big yes too. Comfort is key in a busy life. You won’t exercise if you’re not comfortable. Silverware no big deal. Garbage bags are from costco and always do their job. I’ve had the same $30 office chair for about 10 years. It’s been just fine.

  • Shannon says:

    The BEST trash bags on the market, in my opinion, just so happen to be the ones at Aldi–and they’re a great price!

  • Karen Shofner says:

    AGREED on the hair cut! I told my husband recently that hair cuts cost about $10 a month. A $60 haircut will last me 6 months, a $30 haircut will last 3 months and a $10 haircut will leave me regretting my decision for a month until I go get a good haircut again!

    A good haircut is worth the splurge! After all, you have to wear your hair every day. : )

  • Jennifer says:

    I LOVE my occasional splurges! They do NOT include toilet paper, much to my mothers’ chagrin!

    I buy fresh flowers (from Aldi, not just because they are inexpensive, but they are beautiful!!) pretty regularly, All You Magazine, Starbucks once every two months or so and organizing stuff as I find a need for it. For instance… Though I have mostly goodwill and clearance clothes, I am saving up for sweater and shoe boxes from the Container Store. I don’t “need” them. At all. But I can’t wait to put them in my closet and place my $2.50 sweaters in them 😉

  • ms13 says:

    i actually dont spend any money on trash bags – i just reuse the grocery store bags. live in an apartment bldg where i can throw the bag down a chute but i do understand when people have to pay for bags cause the township won’t pick up bags that are ‘not standard’

  • Sheila says:

    Toilet paper is one of our splurges, we also find that the cheap stuff runs out much faster because everyone uses twice as much! We got the charmin kit when the kid were young and they are well trained that you only need 3-4 squares to do the job!

    And sheets! Most definitely, HOWEVER…. I buy our sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond… watch the clearance, then use the 20% off coupons, and you get high quality sheets (which feel oh so nice!) for less than a set of sheets at Target/Walmart 🙂 (I do have a few of the Black Friday Walmart cheap sheet sets on hand for quick changes during the night when one of the kids get sick in their beds)

    Running shoes, agree there also… One pair of Nike’s from a department store did me in and I fought shin splints for a long time, until I went back to the running store and got proper shoes. Thought I was doing something smart buying some Nike’s at Kohl’s for $40 on sale, instead I ended up with a defective pair with less than acceptable arch supports.

    Trash bags? Nope – off brands work just fine, especially considering you are just throwing them away!

  • lori says:

    I am with you on the haircut. When we were making the decision that I would be a SAHM, that was the one condition – we would still find room in the budget that I could get a good haircut every six weeks. I can make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of my family, but that isn’t one of them.

    Don’t be afraid to look around for a new stylist from time to time. I’m (ahem) starting to get a lot of gray, and recently found a stylist who will color and cut my hair for the same price I was paying for just a haircut before. After botching home hair color recently (hello Elvira!) I won’t go back to doing it myself.

  • Anna says:

    My thoughts on the list, silverware, he may be saying that because some silverware tarnishes or gets rust really easy. I have had some stuff like that. Another thing about toilet paper, it’s because who wants something that literally falls apart while you are wiping and then you get yuck on your hands. (LOL) That has also happened to me. 🙂 And as for bed sheets, I think it isn’t about thread count, but about how they put it together. I bought some cheap sheets from Target that literally the elastic in them didn’t hold very long. We wash our sheets a lot here because we have some bed wetters and a sheet that doesn’t hold it’s elasticity isn’t worth it.

  • Heather says:

    I am lucky enough to have a husband who works at a paper converting plant. We get FREE tp, papertowel and napkins. I do agree with the running shoes and the sheets. I love flannel sheets, even in the summer.

  • Ashlee says:

    Trash bags and TP both are target brands in our house. Their bags are slightly smaller and fit our can best, plus they are pretty cheap. Their TP is nice and the best per square foot deal I can get 9 times out of 10. Even amazing charmin deals are more expensive than targets normal price per sq. Ft.

    I splurge on coffee, but I still try to use coupons and sales when possible. But I’ll spend more if I have to.

  • Melissa says:

    My seven things… Hhhmmm
    1. I would say my angle soft!! I have to have that tolit paper. But I buy it on sale, and stock pill it.
    2. Fruit and veggies FRESH!! I do shop around and look for the cheapest price
    3. Bed sheet- ok my bed sheets are walmart brand, but they are fleece. They were like getting into the warms sotftest bed. I will never use another kind! But at the end of the winter you can find them on sale or celerance. So I bought one and we stored it for when the other two are ruined. But I would buy then at regular price, if I had too

  • Hair cuts are something I DON’T splurge on. I have long hair and a cut from SuperCuts is just as good as a Salon (and often more than half the price). But then again, I don’t color my hair and keep it the same style most all the time.

    • Bonnie says:

      I agree with you on this! Thanks for posting my thoughts.

    • Meredith says:

      I don’t splurge on haircuts either. I go to famous hair, it’s 11 bucks maybe and closest to my house. I get them to trim it around to keep it healthy. (I have long hair too) Don’t let them wash and dry it either. I can do that on my own and it saves a couple bucks. Most people are shocked when I tell them you can walk out without them washing and drying it, even at the most expensive salon, to save money.

  • Beth says:

    I think his final statement sums it up- when you splurge, splurge on comfort! For me it might not the same list as another person’s list, but when I splurge, I intend to enjoy it.

  • chelsea says:

    Tp and trash bags are Target brand around here. And bed sheets? The oldest ones we have (meaning they’ve been in the family for years) are the softest. My kids have cheapo sheets on their bed but at the rate of bed-wetting we have, they’ll be soft too in no time 🙂

  • Karen Downing says:

    Our main splurge is for family travel time. We would give up most anything else in order to be able to spend time with family members. We do try to travel as cheaply as possible, but we will pay more for a hotel that is clean and safe, rather than getting the cheapest one. We always use the reviews on to find the best deals. As far as the list, I really can’t stand scratchy sheets but will look for the best deal I can find on soft ones.

  • Stephanie says:

    Good deals are to be had in all the categories listed. We stick to 2 brands of TP, which is our preference, but they’re also better on your plumbing.

    I would add towels to the list. I recently bought a set of towels from Kohl’s, a really good deal or so I thought at the time, and they were the most worthless, thin things I ever bought. Washing them caused them to ball up and emit loose threads all over the place. They went to the garbage.

  • Kate says:

    My husband drew the line on cheap tp a few years ago while battling through endless months of determining what was making him ill. Once he realized his newest allergen was soy, his bathroom trips grew far less frequent, but the cheap tp ban remained! 🙂

  • I only agree on trash bags, running shoes, and an office chair!

  • Meredith says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a splurge or not, but in the summer, we run the AC 24/7 and I don’t care how expensive it is. We live in a townhouse, in VA, and there’s no cross ventilation, so the AC goes on pretty early in the year. I hate to be hot, so the bill is worth every cent.
    When my kids were babies, ready-made formula was a splurge. It was worth every cent to just pour it and it’s ready.

    • The a/c runs here for the majority of the year (it doesn’t go off until late October!) because of our summers of 116º and hotter (it can be over 100º in April). However, the electric company has raised the rates every quarter for the last 5 or more years. A $600 electric bill each month isn’t uncommon for many; my sister-in-law has one ovver $900 a month in the summer.

      Ceiling fans in every room (only on when you’re in there), setting the thermostat at 78º instead of 76º, keeping lights off, and more has brought our bill down $200 from our first bills here years ago. I wear cotton and linen in the summer to keep cooler as well.

      So, we run the a/c, but we don’t pay as much as we could be by watching our usage.

      • Sarah says:

        We recently installed solar, and our last electric bill was $5! That’s a splurge we made knowing that gas and electric has been going up exponentially and it would pay for itself in a few years.
        Totally agree with ceiling fans. I can’t live without ours!

      • Meredith says:

        Oh 78 degrees sounds soooo hot;) I wouldn’t be able to stand it. We’re on the budget plan with our electric company, so our bill is actually higher in the winter because it was based on the usage from the summer. We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom, but don’t use it that often because we get so stuffed up, having it blowing right over us.

        • It depends on where you live. At midnight it only cools off to 104º at night outside, so 78º is wonderful. And ceiling fans make a HUGE difference in the heat here. I’m not willing to pay $200 more a month to have it be 76º. (At 8pm it’s 111º outside).

          The first summer we moved here, our electric bill was over $500 for one month.

          However, we also don’t have the humidity you have.

          • lauren says:

            I keep mine on 78 in the summer but that is comfortable here. I live in HOT, HUMID south AL. We didn’t get winter this year. I guess maybe semi fall LOL> It can be 100 by june with almost 100% humidity so 78 feels nice. LOL. I too can’t stand to be hot , but I do try to watch our bill or we would pay tons. I try to keep it at 78-79 during the day and 76-77 when we sleep. It was already 80 here today

    • Meredith says:

      I keep ours running pretty much all summer. Im in sc. However, here is a tip: if it goes below 65 at night, open all of the windows. Set alarm for 4 am. At 4, close all the windows and go back to sleep. This usually will keep my townhome at 72 and below till around lunchtime! Even on the hottest days!

  • Autumn says:

    My classy husband tells me not to get any of the off-brand “John Wayne” toilet paper ( it doesn’t take crap off anybody) I know it’s a little crude, but gets the point across! I also can’t buy off brand mayonnaise, and I have no problem spending the extra money on Victorias Secret underwear (although most of them are free with a coupon!)

  • Christine says:

    I agree on toilet paper! To some people toilet paper is toilet paper. But recently switching from AngelSoft or WhiteCloud to Charmin UltraSoft MegaRoll has been an eye opener! There is a definite difference! Not only is it thicker, but it’s REALLY not as rough and doesn’t cause the SEVERE discomfort of the cheaper brands. Not only that but a lot of people are developing allergies to certain toilet papers because of the dying they do to the paper, so it helps to actually find a GOOD toilet paper if you have any kind of discomfort with some brands because there may be something better even if it’s more expensive!

  • nicole says:

    I am cheap, and I find that almost ANY of the items listed you can go cheap on by finding good deals. Ross is great for nice silverware, Shoes and bedsheets (if its a I need now and can’t wait for a sale) . TP stock up on the good stuff when its on sale. The one thing I LOVE is towels, I admit I wait for good sales but I have the big fluffy ones. LOL, we all have our favorite most important things. Cheap as we all try to be, there are just somethings that make us feel like royalty.

  • Andrea H says:

    If you know how to shop (sales, clearance, coupons) you never have to spend more on any of that.

  • I think a comfortable office chair is helpful, but I don’t think you have to spend more to get it. They have sales on office furniture all the time 🙂

    I buy the cheapest toliet paper that I can find (calculated down to the penny per foot).

    I don’t own running shoes 🙂

    I only use a trash bag in the kitchen, and it’s the cheapest Walmart ones. The rest just goes straight in the cans outside.

    I have a California King bed (a hand-me down mattress that is almost as old as I am), which makes sheets more expensive–but not impossible to find on sale, for a great deal.
    My children have hand-me down sheets that we have received for free. I use white sheets for everyone, so a mismatched top or bottom sheet looks fine together when they’re all white.

    I like our silverware. It’s nicer than Oneida, but it was bought on closeout with our wedding money, and I’ve seen sets from the same maker at Sam’s Club the last few years. My husband required a spoon that wouldn’t bend in ice cream 🙂 and we haven’t been disappointed–nor did we spend a lot of money, either. Service for 12 for $80. I’ve seen them at Sam’s the last few years for $60.

    And as for food–I think we eat some pretty amazing meals for .40 per person per day.

  • julie says:

    I have owned two perfectly comfortable office chairs. The first one I bought for $15 at a yard sale and then sold for $15 on Craigslist when we moved (and by then I had gotten rid of my desk, since I’d also gotten rid of my desktop computer). The second one I rescued from beside the dumpster when someone in my apartment complex was moving. Two perfectly nice office chairs, which cost me a net amount of $0.

    I am with you on the haircut, though. I don’t want to pay for a haircut I don’t like and then have to pay more for someone else to fix it (or pay with days and days of hating my hair while it grows out!). Granted, I’m still not going to pay like $80 or anything, but I’m willing to pay more than what you usually pay at quickie cut places to go to a place where I know I’ll get the same stylist each time and where I know I’ll get a haircut I can live with. 🙂

  • Erin R. says:

    I agree with the running shoes. Office chair (if you are spending a lot of time there (but you can also find great deals on these). Food should be wholesome (but that doesn’t always have to cost a lot). TP- not necesarily. Trash bags -Aldi’s seem to be as good as the expensive ones. I do find that higher (although they need not be highest quality) do seem to last a lot longer than cheap ones. Silverware- doesn’t have to be the highest quality, but the cheap stuff doesn’t last. I would add kitchen knives to that list, but I cook a lot and I have yet to come across a cheap knife that is worth anything (although, you definitely don’t need the whole block set of the good ones).

  • julie says:

    Oh, and I seriously can’t believe that about the toilet paper. Okay, I don’t want some industrial sandpaper masquerading as tissue, and I also blow my nose on it (because TP is cheaper than facial tissues), but I’ve never had a problem with White Cloud, Angel Soft, or Target Brand TP.

  • Connie Hageman says:

    I suspect the toilet paper and bed sheets are important as one ages and the skin is more sensitive. Low thread count on sheets can actually feel rough on the skin. Have a bout of the flu and soft toilet paper really feels nice.
    I agree all items can be purchased on sale at sometime.

  • Janille says:

    I agree with spending more on good running shoes. I caused myself numerous injuries before I realized that my shoes were inferior. However, because I’m willing to wear last year’s colors/style/etc. of the shoes that work for me, I can get them much cheaper (Anywhere from $35-65) than the normal retail price of $100.

    I have to agree with Crystal as far as saving money on the other items though… I have found my silverware outside in the dirt where one of the children decided to dig with it instead of eat. Theoretically, they can’t take it outside but in reality, apparently it makes it out there. I’m really glad it wasn’t expensive!

  • Lauren says:

    Toilet paper is one of the things my husband insists on having brand name. For him, it’s all about the ridges. I also disagree with the silverware – a pretty set at Ross for $30 is more than fancy enough for our house.
    One of the biggest differences between my husband is this: I’d be more likely to buy the cheap item and have to replace it every five years (fill in the item here) and he’d rather spend the money on something more expensive that will last a lifetime.
    The good news is that we compromise – he knows that I won’t buy expensive stuff, but that it will be esthetically pleasing in our house (decorating is very much my department). I know I can count on him to make great decisions about big price items (we just bought a house and had to get buy a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer, etc).
    The most important thing though, is that we can do all of these things guilt free. After going through Financial Peace University, we learned the importance of debt-free living and the power of cash.

  • Amy Lauren says:

    Running shoes are definitely worth the splurge. I know people who ran for years in the wrong shoes and now cannot run due to severe foot issues. It’s not worth risking it to save $20-$30 on a pair of running shoes from the sale rack, but you can get great deals online.

    I do occasionally splurge on certain foods, especially organic or all natural. I definitely spend a lot on fruits and vegetables, but I’ve always heard the saying “You can pay the farmer now, or the doctor later”, and I really think it’s true, because I find that when my family and I eat healthier, we’re sick less, less colds, etc. When we eat healthy foods, we don’t get every single bug that comes around.

    My dad used to reuse trash bags- true story. So I guess him purchasing them at all would be a splurge, lol. And to think people think *I* am frugal!

  • Sharon Soares says:

    I don’t spend a lot on any of these but the shoes have always been a high priority. I will still shop for deals, but for running shoes and workout shoes, I make sure it’s a brand I trust that I won’t have to buy another pair so soon.
    I never thought I’d care about bed sheet count. I always bought the cheap stuff and didn’t mind. My husband recently bought us 1600 thread count. He said we won’t get our exfoliation anymore, but we will be comfy soft. I have to admit, I slipped into bed and found myself moving my legs and arms more, just to feel the softness of the sheets.

  • I definitely disagree on some items in the list. And while I agree that some items are more worth it to spend more on because of quality, it doesn’t mean I have to spend an arm and a leg. I do notice a difference in thread count for bed sheets (lower thread counts are really see through and don’t last as long). I was able to buy much higher thread count Ralph Lauren bed sheets for only $40 for queen sized sheets at a Tuesday Morning store in their clearance section.
    For toilet paper I go middle of the road and what’s on sale. If I buy the 1-ply I end up using double what I would normally use than if I bought 2-ply.
    I’m happy with store brand kitchen garbage bags and works just fine for us!
    My main thing is that even on items I would splurge on, I always shop around for the best price or wait for sales.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hmmm I’ve agreed with a lot of people’s lists, not so much Dave Ramsey’s. Toilet paper I don’t splurge on…there are a few brands I won’t buy unless they are dirt cheap. But even my brands of preference, I wait until a great deal on them. I always buy cheap trash bags…they don’t have to go very far. I have had maybe one leak in the past 6 months, no biggie. Office chair doesn’t really apply. Have all cheap silverware, maybe one day we’ll upgrade but it’s definitely no a priority. Have nice sheets now as we were given several sets as gifts, but prior to that, we bought cheap ones lol. Running shoes I agree with to a point. If you really need them, you can always find good deals on them. My husband uses his for PT so it was more important to spend more & get him a better pair. For myself, who only occasionally uses them, it wasn’t important. Food, there are so many ways to save money on it, you don’t have to splurge! I understand if he is meaning higher quality though. Now a nice restaurant now & again, I can understand that one.

    My list would include pet care…dog food, flea/tick products, grooming, boarding, etc. Safety items such as car seats. Someone said undergarments & I second that! Good bras & underwear go a long way!

    Two things we have splurged on (and will again I’m sure) has been concerts & traveling.We live 13 hrs away from our family so traveling is very important to us and I would sacrifice a lot to pay for that if I had to! Concerts are an experience you will never forget, sometimes it could be your last chance to see your favorite artist! It’s kind of a bonding thing for us.

    • Sara says:

      I was wondering if someone else was going to say bras!

      I agree about the pet care. My theory is, I agreed to be their caretaker, and so it is my responsibility to make sure they don’t get ear mites, fleas, heartworm, etc. Similarly, in my house we do not have a ‘ceiling’ for what we would pay for pet care. If we have the money, and they need care, then we will spend it until their quality of life dictates we do not.

      Otherwise- I’d rather have no meat at all then low-quality meat; I’m willing to pay more for high-quality shoes of all kinds; and we research our vitamins and supplements carefully to get the best quality for the intended purpose.

  • Meredith says:

    Well, the only toilet paper I won’t buy is Scott. I hate it. It’s like wiping with tissue paper. Aldi, Target, or any brand name is fine. I had gotten some once through a coupon and my husband was sneaking into my daughters bathroom because she had some Angel Soft left. I’ll never do that again.

    Food I think is important. I know a lot of frugal people buy marked down meat but I won’t do it. Being ex vegetarians, we learned how the industry works and….well, I’d rather eat good quality from a butcher once and stretch it as far as I can go than get the marked down stuff. If money gets too tight, I just don’t buy it. There are a ton of fantastic veggie recipes out there.

    Lastly, I think you should spend good money on a vacuum. Cheaper ones do not last. It dictates the health of your home and picks up allergens. It should be easy to clean too and pick everything up!

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with you on how awful regular Scott TP is – my husband’s mom always buys that kind and I think it’s horrible. He was raised on it, but the main thing he hates about the other brands is how fast the rolls run out (since Scott rolls last forever). So, we’ve come up with a compromise – Scott Extra Soft – it lasts a lot longer than other brands, but isn’t like wiping with sandpaper. 🙂

  • Sefphra Arias says:

    I splurge on my makeup. My skin is very oily and I find when I buy cheap products they come off within a matter of an hour sometimes, or they smear. I still usually try and get a deal though, like buying when there’s a free gift!

    • Nicki says:

      I spurge on make-up, as well…but just the foundation and concealer. Better quality seem to cover better with less.

  • Susan says:

    I have to put my two cents on the items of bed sheets and toilet paper.
    I buy septic friendly paper in my house to avoid paying the plumber. He’s much more expensive than toilet paper is. We do have sewer at our house but I find the septic friendly paper to be much friendlier to our pipes. Having to call the plumber even once a year would cover a heck of a lot of paper.

    As far bed sheets, those with higher thread counts last longer. They might be more expensive the year you buy them but over time it is much less expensive to buy quality. I have three sets of sheets that I switch at my house and they’ve lasted fifteen years of me changing the bed every day. That means each set has been washed almost two thousand times. Only one set needs to be replaced but I definitely think buying quality was cheaper in the long run.

    Dave Ramsey is the greatest!!

    • Andrea says:

      You put clean sheets on your bed every day? That’s awesome that they’ve lasted 15 years with that kind of washing!

  • EstonianWife says:

    In our country, 25 years ago toilet paper was a luxury. And the “luxury” was scratchy and sometimes there were tiny splinters of wood. We used old newspapers instead.
    Nowadays we can get all kinds of toilet paper in supermarkets, perfumed and colored, forest-friendly and bleached. I don’t think one should spend money on things that go down the toilet, but I am not buying the cheapest sorts – they are just not good enough.
    I sew my own bed sheets, because the ones in shops come in weird sizes and worse patterns. The chair I’m sitting on is 14 years old right now and it is been broken twice. I am proud of our silverware that is been put together from three or four sets – so it matches our mismatching cups and plates!
    Things worth spending money on are – for me – books. I buy books seldom, but I want to buy only those that are worth reading more than once. Good chocolate costs a lot, but it is sooooo much better than the cheap sort. The same goes with coffee and ice cream. Also, in a climate that roughly equals to Alaska I need good boots for the winter – no frugality there, otherwise there will be terrible back pains.
    One more thing we spend money on is memories and experiences. We are willing to pay a lot for a visit to the zoo or to a medieval castle, and the boys talk about such trips months and months later.

  • jo says:

    Why would anyone splurge on bathroom tissue? That really dont make much sense to me. If you use your coupons, you can get tissue really cheap! And silverware??? Now that one really makes me wonder!We have a very pretty matching set with all the extras we got at dollar general several yrs ago and it is doing just fine feeding my family. No need for expensive silverware just to shovel in food! I have a set that was handed down to me from my grandmother and we have used it before and I swear, I cant tell any difference in the way it works than the dollar general set.

  • Marie says:

    Toilet paper I buy whatever I get for cheap but agree that there are some brands that we like better then others. However, most of the nicer ones like charmin are terrible for the spetic systems.
    I don’t really see a need for expensive silverware. We got a nice set for our wedding 8 years ago and they are still in great shape.
    I definitely think the point of the shoes or office chair has to do with overall health. But I’m not a runner so it’s not something I will be spending money on. However, I have terrible feet (flat, wide, small) and decided that I’d try a pair of Clarks from DSW. I’m lucky if I find two pairs of shoes to feet my feet in the entire store!
    One thing we splurged on was our mattress! When I married my husband he had a waterbed and it killed my back. I literally slept on the floor!!! Hubby realized that wasn’t going to work so we went mattress shopping!! We definitely spent on this item but it is the most amazing bed!!! We literally can’t wait to crawl into this bed!! It is awesome and we’ve had it 8 years so far.
    I think whatever items are on your list to splurge on doesn’t mean you have to pay full price. I am all about a great hair cut and color but kills me to pay close to $200 for my long hair! So I found a place that does an awesome job for $33!!!! You can do this with clothes, office items, furniture etc.

  • Trash bags I just don’t get. You are throwing them away! Most of the time we just reuse grocery bags. (Usually in France you bring your own bag. However, if you do your grocery shopping over the Internet and go to the story just to pick up your order, which is AWESOME if you have a bunch of little kids, it comes in American-style plastic bags.)

    I would spend a lot of money on fabulous sheets if I could. We have ONE amazing, very heavy linen sheet that is from who knows how many generations back in my husband’s family. It feels sooo good.

    Really the only thing that I say “money is no object” for is heating the house. I am a complete baby about being cold, and even wearing a hat and scarf and sweater inside sometimes doesn’t take the chill away. (Yep, ridiculously low blood pressure here. And dieting probably doesn’t help.)

    • It’s been 14 years since I lived in France, and I’m curious–which grocery store has bags?

      • I do my grocery shopping at the Auchan Drives in Angouleme and Bordeaux, and they both give you American-style plastic bags. But only if you’re going through the Drive; if you shop the old-fashioned way inside the store, you still bring your own.

        I don’t know if the other stores with Drive services (i.e. Intermarche and Leclerc) include bags or not; it’s BYOB when you shop inside both of those stores, of course. Auchan is the only one that is remotely convenient (an hour’s drive), so that’s the only one I’ve tried. I wish one of the closer Intermarches had a Drive, because they have an AMAZING fidelity program for families.

  • Nicole says:

    Toilet Paper – no! we do costco brand
    Trash Bags – no! we do costco brand
    Running Shoes – definitely! It only takes one injury to figure this one out!
    Food – it is too big of an expense for the middle class american NOT to figure out how to save money on it. I am not saying eat garbage, I am just saying, be frugal and match your frugality and get better nutritional bang for your buck.
    Bed Sheets – I have the finest Egyptial Cotton Bed sheets for our king size bed from only paid $40 for them. Why splurge into triple digit sheets when you can get them on a discount site?
    Office Chair – my husband would probably agree with this one, but our $70 container store chair has been working quite nicely for 3 years…. we cannot complain. Although, I don’t sit in my office chair 12 hours a day like I used to when practicing architecture. Maybe if I did, I would change my mind.
    Silverware – I don’t have a strong opinion about this other than, if not getting it from dollar general is called splurging, then I guess I splurge. Silverware should not rust or have any give when using. We don’t care in our house if it comes from Ikea, Kohls or Pottery Barn! 🙂

  • Anna says:

    It makes me smile to see toilet paper on the list of splurges. This is so true at our house! Charmin snobs we are. It’s not too expensive considering we can use less sheets than cheaper brands because Charmin is thicker. And I stock up when CVS has it on sale (buy $25 P&G get $10 ECBs).

  • Noelle says:

    I totally agree with you, especially with the toilet paper and silverware. Whatever I can find a good deal on is what we get for toilet paper. But one thing I will spend the money on is homeschool books. I definitely will look for used books if I can find them, but I will get what I find is the best curriculum for them. My daughter is a freshman this year and I splurged on her algebra program. There are a lot of great free resources out there, but this was totally worth it.

  • Andi says:

    I’ve used the expensive toilet paper and its an experience! I almost want sheets made out of that toilet paper! Its too indulgent. Ill stick with cottonelle.

  • Micayla says:

    You need a good mattress.

    Haircuts- you can get a good haircut at a cheap place and a bad one at an expensive place. The most important thing is the stylist, not the salon.

  • Sia says:

    I actually find the list shocking, I would think this should be titled “7 things NOT to spend extra money on”. For one, I do not equate cost with quality, knowing the frugally minded can often find higher quality products at lower prices then generics if you shop smart, and two many of these items I would not consider a ‘splurge’ so they would not qualify for splurge like spending in my household. Just my two cents, but not what I expected to see on the list 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    If you’ve ever had pregnancy hemorrhoids you might change your mind about the tp!!!

  • Kelly Logan says:

    I would have to agree with the office chair too. We got one for $35 new and about 1.5 years later it looked like our dog ate it. (we don’t have a dog). However, we now are using just a plain black metal fold up chair and it feels just as good to sit on…for me anyway. I just last month tried out cutting my own hair =) I wrote about it here if anyone wants to see =)

  • deseray says:

    Definitely bed sheets. The cheap ones don’t do the job at all.

  • Amanda says:

    I think splurging on health is a good thing, so an office chair and running shoes could definitely fit in that category, particularly if you have any back/hip/ankle issues (I bet a mattress should go in this category too). Personally, my splurge has been paying for allergy shots out of pocket (insurance won’t cover a lot of it). The extra money is worth being able to breathe and not have headaches on a daily basis!

  • Beth says:

    Love reading people’s “splurge lists”. 🙂 I would have to say that I don’t normally splurge on the 7 on Dave’s list…. but I do spend more than I care to admit on a good hair cut. I tend to get my hair cut 3-4 times a year (way too infrequently)…. so a good cut goes a LONG way for me.
    The only thing that our family splurges on routinely…. experiences. Trips, vacations, excursions, day trips….. any sort of experience. Creating memories. Totally worth spending more on. We just got home from our first ever family Disney trip. WAY more money than we have ever spent on a vacation – but every single cent was worth it. Sure, we saved where we could (went while they were running a free dining plan promotion, stayed in a cabin at Fort Wilderness which is by far the most reasonable way for a large family to stay on-property)… but we totally went all out while we were there. So so SO worth it. Best money we’ve spent in a long time. Our kids will remember it forever.
    I figure – isn’t that what Dave is all about? We’re debt-free except for our mortgage (and will be mortgage free in a couple of years)…. so aren’t we supposed to be able to live like no one else? 😉

    • lauren says:

      I TOTALLY agree family memories and traveling are very important to us as well! I would say giving to others, vacays, eatting out, hair cuts, tp, good quality food, and the other stuff doing quality of what i set my budget for

      • lauren says:

        oh and TIDE….I have totally became a tide snob….hubby says clothes smell better and are cleaner and it’s all he wants me to buy 😉

  • Kate in Toronto says:

    I agree with the list completely. You use less toilet paper if it is a good brand. Like wise your sheets will last for years if you get a good midrange set – don’t fall into the designer hype. Silverware is a tool and you should use the best tools you can afford and there is nothing better then affordable food on nice plates with good knives and forks.

  • Vikki says:

    I wait for a sale and then buy good running shoes, for me and the kids, because the cheap off-brand ones cost nearly as much and fall apart much quicker. So I’m willing to spend a little more to get a lot of miles out of them. After 20 years, we still have the Crate and Barrel silverware set my parents got us for our wedding and it is used every day by 6 people, so I think it was worth the initial investment. I wait for good deals or coupons on everything else to get what I want, at a good price.

  • Alex says:

    I would have to say I like the better TP. I don’t see a need for more expensive trash bags, but my husband doesn’t like cheap trash bags. Just something to consider; sometimes the “splurge” on a more expensive (if it means great quality) can actually save you more money in the long run becuase you don’t have to replace it as often. Sometimes less expensive counterparts are just as good-and sometimes they just aren’t 🙂

    • Alex says:

      I should clarify. I use less toilet paper at home because it has more plys than in public restrooms that have cheap TP becuase I need 3 times as much to feel clean.

  • Kristin says:

    We splurge on Laundry Detergent and use only Tide Free. I made the mistake ONE time and have three with sensitive skin, not a good idea.

  • Karen says:

    I definitely agree with TP! If you work at home, I’d say a good office chair is a must. Trash bags though? We buy cheap and they work just fine!

    My 7 would be: TP, a good bra, a set of good quality pots/pans, dog food, specialty coffee, vitamins and a good flat iron.

    • Bras, DEFINITELY. From a place that knows how to measure properly. I didn’t do that until I was 35, and I found out I had been wearing the COMPLETELY wrong size for decades! It’s amazing what a difference it made.

    • Marcelaine says:

      I agree with the good flat iron. I have thick, wavy hair, and I was using the $20 Conair or Revlon kind for years. It took forever to straighten my hair. I finally spent the money for a more expensive Solia and it was so worth it!

    • M says:

      I don’t skimp on coffee…no cheap stuff for me!! But…I wait for coupons and deals on my favorite brands and stock up when I can!! So, there’s an example of BUYING high quality but not SPENDING a lot of money on it…

    • Emily says:

      Yes, yes, yes on the good flat iron!!! Saves your hair so much which means less haircuts and cuter hair!

  • Rachel says:

    I get the cheapest toilet paper I can find with sales/coupons (I go by price per roll). We get the nice stuff occasionally, but it is not worth the extra money to use it on a regular basis. It’s going on your butt people. I think most people are just wiping too hard rather than it being the actual toilet paper that causes irritation.

    We use Aldi trashbags for our kitchen, the cheapest kind they have. Just don’t put 5 gallons of liquid in them and they hold just fine. Every trash bag is prone to breaking at some point or another, and what are people putting in them that would make them break so easily anyway? We use grocery bags for trash cans around the house, so they are free.

    I do agree on the running shoes, but you needn’t go overboard unless you are a hardcore runner. $50 will get you a decent pair that will last a while.

    Not sure why the article mentions fast food as being cheap, because it most certainly is NOT. You can eat very well for much much less. In my experience, once you go past a certain point, if you are spending more on food you are generally getting LESS healthy stuff (packaged/processed/frozen entrees/fast food/eating out).

    I agree on the silverware, but nice things can be found at thrift stores so no need to buy all new. I would avoid the cheap metals though that are often sold at big box stores.

    Office chairs, bed sheets and mattress are all additional things that are not necessarily items I would splurge on. My husband uses a folding chair and an exercise ball for his office. I actually prefer sitting on hard chairs since it makes me have better posture. Bed sheets tend to be one of those things were the difference is minimal to me. If you want something soft, try flannel or jersey sheets, which are cheap but comfy. And as for mattresses, we are still in my husband’s full-sized mattress he used for 10 years before we were married, and we have been married for 4. It’s just fine – we take care of it and it’s still very comfortable. I honestly would hate to have a specific bed that made it difficult to sleep in new places.

  • Leighann says:

    While I don’t think you should spend a LOT of money on toilet paper, I believe you should get the kind you are most comfortable with. Soft toilet paper is really essential in my household, so I will do extra stocking up while the soft stuff is on sale, and if we absolutely had to pay full price for it, we would buy the soft stuff (which is usually Charmin) over the cheaper stuff. One reason I work hard to save money is so that we’ve got extra to spend on toilet paper. Life is too short to use cheap (rough, thin!) toilet paper!!

    I get silverware from the dollar store. We lose spoons and forks at a phenomenal rate, so having anything here that we’ve spent more than a quarter on is a waste of time.

    Bedsheets are important. I used to buy the absolute cheapest sheets I could, but then I realized how much time I spent on those sheets. High quality, long-lasting, pretty, soft bedsheets make my sleeping experience better. The times I’ve had to use the old back-up sheets on the bed overnight, I wake up the next day and can really tell a difference; they’re thinner, rougher, etc. I splurged on a set this last Christmas; I think I spent about $60 all said and done. OMG I LOVE THOSE SHEETS! They’re beautiful, soft, wash well, etc. Big deal for me!

    My biggest thing? Chocolate. I’ll spend extra to get the good godiva chocolates; life is also too short to eat bad chocolate.

  • Suzanne says:

    We bought a new mattress (incredible close out sale!) for our king bed a few years back and our old sheets kept popping off b/c they weren’t deep enough. For our anniversary that year we decided to spend the $ we would have spent going out and getting each other gifts on really nice, high thread count, deep pocket sheets. We bought Egyptian cotton sheets – they are like butter!!!! LOL I did use coupons and waited for a sale but they were still about $150. Soooo worth it though. Our bed is definitely an area we’ve spent some $ on. It’s the only new piece of furniture I’ve ever bought. We have a memory foam topper and I’ve sealed every inch of it in anti-allergen materials (high end b/c I can’t stand the noise of vinyl). I spend 1/3 of my life in it so I feel like it should be comfortable and nice!

    • Lynne says:

      I agree a good mattress is worth every penny! My favorite place is the Orginial Mattress Factory, great prices on great product!

  • Lynn says:

    I completely agree on the Running Shoes – but even those I get at a good deal through Kohl’s usually. The rest of the list – I can get good deals on most of those things if I just look and they are usually high quality.

  • Yes, I think I do agree with all of those! I wrote a similar post not too long ago and I had a few similarities! Although, yes toilet paper is a good one!

  • Mary says:

    Toilet paper splurging is a must for me! My mom and MIL both buy cheap stuff and it really bugs me.
    I agree about hair cuts – I’ve tried several times to go cheap and it’s always awful.
    I also splurge on socks. Cheap socks get holes too fast! I always watch for sales o. The docks we like, but I can’t stand cheap socks.

    • Jo says:

      My MIL also buys the cheap toilet paper, but my spouse only likes the “Red Bear” Charmin – LOL – the same kind I grew up using. So, we buy Charmin (on sale, in bulk, but Charmin nonetheless!).

  • Camille says:

    As the article states, there is a difference between “cheap” food and “inexpensive” food. I do my best to keep our food costs down by purchasing organic food as inexpensively as I can and I don’t waste money on cheap food. But it’s still more expensive to buy good quality food frugally than it is to get cheap food free after coupons (and I don’t mean that rudely! It’s just hard to find anything organic for free after coupons. I miss my coupons! :-)).

    • Leighann says:

      I’ve written several papers about this issue.

      It is, in general, less expensive to buy junk food than it is to buy healthy food.

      People want to argue with knee-jerk reactions, but the fact of the matter is the data is out there. There are always people who are able to get good deals on this and good deals on that, but pricewise people wind up paying more money for organic foods with no pesicides, hormones or antibiotics (you know, the kinds of foods that you’re not going to get cancer or PCOS or something from eating) than they pay for boxes of hamburger helper and mac & cheese.

      My personal experience on the matter corroborates the data: when I was purchasing processed, boxed foods with lots of coupons and sales, my grocery bill was about $75 per week. Since switching to almost entirely organic and all natural, with no added preservatives, etc., my grocery bill is double that. I’m no newbie when it comes to the world of saving money and strategic shopping; I know what to do, and I save money in the areas I’m able to. However, the cheap food is less expensive than the inexpensive food is, and the cheap food is the kind that they’ll be coming out in 50 years and admitting that yes, they knowingly put that chemical preservative in there and yes, it directly leads to cancer/diabetes/etc.

      Again, I’ve done papers on this, I’ve done the research. It’s sad.

      • Camille says:

        Yup! We had to almost double our grocery budget when we switched to organic/natural food (and thus cutting elsewhere). I told my husband that I went from most items I bought averaging around $1/each to averaging $5/each.

        I’ve been reading a lot on food being the new “bubble” because the processed junk is very under priced (thanks to corn subsidies mostly). Thanks for the great reply!

  • Teish says:

    Hmmm, I’m not a runner, so I don’t buy running shoes, but I buy a pair of shoes from LL Bean for about $40. They last me about two years wearing them daily, and they are comfortable and look nice. I figure it’s the best “bang for the buck”.

    There is a local surplus and salvage store chain that I can find fantastic deals on stuff like furniture, clothes, linens and even books and toys. It’s not always in perfect condition, and things like clothes and linens may need a good washing. (Often there is a mark or stain on them and that’s why they wind up at the discount store.) But I have saved a lot of money shopping there first! I always buy wrapping paper there because it’s 50 cents a roll. Who cares if it’s “last year’s” prints?

    If we need vitamins or supplements I don’t hesitate to spend the money for a quality brand. Our health is worth it!

    • Andrea says:

      I’m glad you mentioned regular shoes! A quality pair of every day shoes is definitely worth a bit of a “splurge”.

  • kj says:

    Does nobody have allergies?? 🙂 Considering I go through a box a week on good days and a 200 count box in less then 3 days on bad days, ONLY puffs is allowed in the house. Maybe kleenex brand if I have been doing okay.

    • Rachel says:

      I used to go through tissue like crazy too. Then I got tested for allergies and they started me on allergy injections. I haven’t need a box of tissues now for two years! (I recommend it for anyone having problems year after year)

      But I definitely agree, if you need them, quality tissues are a must!

    • Lacy says:

      I have a 1 yr old and with multiple colds lately we went through a couple boxes in just a few days. I have the super thin (cheap) baby wash cloths that I had bought to use with my cloth diapers and decided to use disposable wipes instead. We use for tissues when we are at home, no irritation what so ever on either of our noses. 🙂 I just wash them with my whites in hot water, with a little bleach and stuff them back in the box for their next use. 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        I do the same, but for the whole family. We have a basket of old t-shirts cut up. I think they work better than disposible tissue as well.

  • Jo says:

    I have a friend who buys good old (real silver) silverware at a thrift store and then uses it until it falls apart. She washes it in the dish washer and it doesn’t tarnish at all because it gets daily use. It usually last two or three years, and considering how little she spent for it at the thrift store to begin with, and considering that it will be the end of the silverware’s life (reuse/recycle, right?), she loves it. She also loves to think about the stories behind it. Meanwhile, I have the high end Oneida stainless I bought as a teenager with my betty crocker points, and it has held up beautifully (and was frugal to start with!).

  • Tricia says:

    He he. I mistook the picture on this post for Cookie Monster. Time for my nap.

    Totally off topic. Sorry. Continue on…

  • Cindy says:

    My favorite splurges? Condiments (you can always tell a difference between generic and brands), trash bags (because cheap ones don’t work, so are you really saving money if you have to double bag everything?), shoes (because feet are important), and dish soap (again, you don’t save anything if you have to use twice as much).

    • Anne-Marie says:

      That’s exactly what I thought! The only thing I think is consistently better when you spend more money are: ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and canned tomato sauce.

  • Jillbert says:

    I don’t splurge on TP but we did splurge on a bidet toilet seat for our bathroom. Things I splurge on? Good quality food, kitchen appliances, quality improvements to our house (adding moulding, new windows, a front porch, renovating bathroom, basement, etc….). We shop thrift for most things (clothes, furniture, etc.) that we consider depreciating assets but don’t hesitate to spend money for our appreciating asset — our home. Because we save money on the small stuff, we are able to splurge for the big stuff that will increase in value over time.

  • Sarah says:

    I’m totally in agreement with spending extra for toilet paper. We end up using at least twice as much when we get the cheap stuff, so we’re not saving any money anyway! (absorbancy matters, and so does strength. If I wanted my hands covered in human waste, I wouldn’t bother buying toilet paper at all!)

    As for food, yes you can eat well on a budget. But a lot of folks on food stamps and using coupons just buy horrible food. Eating well on a budget takes work and planning. But all of us have those items that we just have to have a certain brand (I’m picky about my soymilk brand and flavor, for instance).

    I hartily agree with shoes in general (whatever you’re going to be wearing all day every day), but especially workout/running shoes. So much pain and expensive medical problems are caused by ill-fitting and/or non-supportive shoes. Now, of course you can get those high quality shoes at 50% off or something, but usually you’ll regret the $5-10 shoes.

    Bed sheets and silverware, I agree there a level when it’s just too “cheap” to be really saving you money (because they wear out or get damaged so fast). If your toddler is regularly bending your forks, they’re probably not worth the $$ savings. Conversely, the free, mismatched silverware you got from your parents/grandparents are probably really good quality (or they wouldn’t have lasted long enough to be handed down to you).

  • Stephanie says:

    good shoes, a bra that fits properly, a good mattress and healthy food. Family outings are an important splurge too 🙂

  • My must-have splurge item is really nice, non-crinkly waterproof mattress pads. I can’t stand crinkly, plasticky ones. The Lands’ End ones I got were expensive, but they have held up for years and still look like new. And I never have to worry about the kids having accidents in bed.

    I can’t do expensive TP, you’re just flushing it down the toilet. Same with trash bags—I just use plastic grocery sacks. Works for me!

    I agree with the shoes, though. I wore the same pair for about eight years. I couldn’t believe the difference when I got a new pair! Just because they held together didn’t mean they weren’t worn out.

  • Karrie says:

    I would add a high quality mattress to the list. Poor sleep and spinal misalignment are very costly in the long run. I think it’s safe to say that our quality memory foam mattress changed our lives!

  • christina says:

    well, spend on the running shoes, because your body is worth it, and spend on the sheets =)

  • Carrie says:

    I love reading all the comments. I have 5 boys so we go through a lot of toilet paper. I buy only Scott toilet paper with coupons. It’s the only kind I like, mainly because I don’t want to change the rolls constantly like the other brands.

    I don’t care about garbage bags. I’ve never had a problem with cheap ones.

    I do agree with the shoes. I spend a lot to buy Clarks leather shoes. I have problems with my feet and these shoes are wonderful. I also buy good sneakers for my boys. As much as they wear them, I get my money’s worth.

    I’m curious about trying better sheets after reading all the comments. I love my flannel sheets.

    I had to laugh about the silverware. I kept running out of spoons. I couldnt’ figure out where they were going and then I caught my son throwing out his yogurt and the spoon. So, now I just buy cheap ones.

    One thing I will not skimp on is feminine products. There is definitely a difference in cheap brands and name brands.

  • Donna says:

    I tend to think that it is almost always economical to buy the 1000 sheet toilet paper. I found that if we buy a very “plush” brand of toilet paper, it just does not last long at all. Maybe we are toilet paper hogs??? 🙂

  • Lynne says:

    I agree with you on the haircut!! It makes all the difference in the world to have a nice haircut. Plus spend a bit extra and you get a nice shampoo and its as good as an expensive massage. Just don’t take your kids along on your good haircut outing, that ruins it! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, I am due for a mommy afternoon of color, cut and style! My hairdresser does it all for $50!

  • shauna says:

    running shoes and office chair I agree on. If you are at an office desk for a good part of the day, even at home, you don’t want a cruddy chair. I would also say that for a lot of shoes. Either sneakers or work shoes. My hubby got to pair of work shoes that were on sale and well one of the souls on the bottom already came off…sometimes it pays to buy higher quality items. Toilet paper, I buy store brand on most occasions. You can find soft sheets for a decent price too.

  • I don’t consider it “saving money” if I receive an inferior quality product that is uncomfortable or wears out quickly, so I guess there are quite a few items that we splurge on. We indulged quite a bit with our bed by buying a TempurPedic Mattress and nice linens, but my husband and I both have somewhat physical jobs and think about how much time you spend in your bed. It’s nice not waking up with aching backs any more!

    I have also started buying more organic/locally grown food and buy very little processed goods. I’m able to afford this by cutting down on our meat consumption and shopping at the farmer’s market, so it’s a win-win. Now I’m starting my own garden so I know exactly what’s going on my produce. I can’t coupon as much and get free groceries any more, but I feel there’s an intangible benefit to improving our health by eating quality food.

    I’m okay with using middle of the road shampoo and conditioner because I don’t notice a big difference between that and the salon brands.

    I don’t really see why it’s important to have good silverware? We bought our set at Target and while it doesn’t have the heavy heft of quality silver, it holds up just fine for the price.

    We also take several nice vacations a year usually, but we save money by typically renting out a condo instead of a hotel – you get a cheaper nightly rate usually and save money because you don’t have to eat out.

  • Johanna says:

    As an avid runner, I second the running shoes (though I never spend full price!) and would add good, comfortable running apparel as well. I like to save up my swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards for purchases such as these.
    Another worthwhile splurge for us in the wintry north are L.L.Bean coats and boots. Can’t beat Bean’s customer service and return policy!

  • Cinthia says:

    I agree with the list, because they all seem to be reasonable, and some of them add finishing touches. I can serve a leftover casserole on a nicely set table, and it just seems to taste better. I have a favorite set of silverware, and I always fish for a fork from that set when I make my place setting. I don’t make my bed everyday (never have), but I know that the days that I do, I feel a lot more pride in my “grown up” sheets than the ones from the “bed in a bag” days of my life. And toilet paper… the one area of my body that I feel I should be kind to involves toilet paper, so I definitely splurge on the soft stuff! We are what we eat, whether that be junk or health, regardless of the cost! Trash bags are multipurpose, so if you think of them that way, spending a little extra can be worth it. I don’t run or have an office space, so, no opinion on that one.

  • Oh, as I’ve gotten more serious about running I keep increasing my running shoes budget and have noticed that performance increases drastically with price. Now that I’ve bought shoes in the $120 range (bought on sale of course, so I didn’t pay full price), I’ve found that I can run about 15 miles a week and not get shin splints or any discomfort. My running shoes are like walking on clouds 🙂 Sports Authority has buy 1, get 1 free sales pretty often along with coupons.

  • Christine says:

    I definitely think theres a difference between buying quality stuff and splurging on it. There are things that we always buy quality, but I do everything possible to get a good deal, so it’s not technically a splurge.

    We always buy good quality shoes and bedsheets.

    In decorating they say that the things closest to you should be the nicest(sheets or pillows) and the stuff farther away should be cheaper(like curtains).

  • Stephanie says:

    I think splurging is a matter of preference, which is why some people are happy with their old Honda and some need a Mercades.
    I don’t care about toilet paper much, but my husband does, so I buy the cheep brands on sale with coupons that he approves of (Charmin usually). Our silverware I bought at Walmart because I liked it but when you get enough sets the cost certainly adds up! Of course, we have never had to replace the set (6 years) so it was worth it.
    I Do like nice sheets. BUT I have a cost point that is okay for me. I usually buy them on clearance at Bed Bath Beyond with a coupon so I get a whole set for $30ish But before christmas this last year I found a REALLY great deal at Macys for 300 thread count with the extra 2 pillow cases for $40. I was ecstatic. I did go to a sheet house party once and was a little sticker shocked. I don’t care how nice the sheets are, if they are $300 and still last as long as my $30 sheets, they aren’t worth it.
    I spend a lot of money on good quality shoes, but they last a long time. I used to buy at payless, but I think I spent more money replacing shoes than was necessary and they made my feet hurt. I don’t agree with people who buy cheep plastic shoes for their kids either because their growing feet need the support of good leather shoes. I like Stride Rite sales. There is an outlet close to my home so I can usually get great prices for my kids shoes. And occasionally – if they don’t wear out the shoe – I can sell them on ebay to recoup some money.

    I don’t think that my frugal high-standard ways are “normal” but it works for me.

  • Nicole says:

    I use to buy the sale brands of toilet paper like Charmin etc. and I was a tp snob that way. I wanted the really thick soft kind. That is until we had so many issues with our sewer backing up in the basement and having to have someone come to snake it out (after doing it ourselves a few times) and I really believe it was partly the toilet paper. We immediately switched to the Scott super duper thin stuff. I just use more of it now but it breaks down a lot better I think. And we never ever flush any wipes (flushable or not) down since per instructions from the Roto Rooter guy. So I think it’s worth is to me to spend whatever money I need to get the right tp. Saves in the long run.

  • Beth says:

    How funny! It’s interesting what people find as priorities. I think we need to be careful not to judge others who might have differences in things that are necessities to them. 🙂 We all splurge in some ways and not in others. For instance….good TP for me is a must. My hubby and I finally agreed on a brand, Charmin Extra Strong. Yes, it sucks to pay money on good toilet paper- but there are reasons I won’t go into so as not to purchase cheap tp for us. Before I had children, I bought the cheapest available. Then came childbirth. It all started with an incredibly horrible first labor and a lot of a lot of problems following that and three children in three years- there are reasons some people splurge on nice TP and flushmates, people, so don’t judge. 🙂 Haha! I’m just sayin’! I think mine would be good TP, good haircut (I only go like 3 times a year so I don’t mind splurging!), Pillsbury crescent rolls (the store brand ones annoy me!!), fresh food and not tons of packaged stuff, slow cooker liners (I know, I’m weird). I have three kids three and under (and am pregnant again, we just moved, and my hubby travels) and so anything that saves me any amount of time is fantastic right now. It is crazy!!!

  • Danielle Hull says:

    That is too funny! I looked at the article, and I wonder if Dave Ramsey would really approve? I disagree with most of it.
    I agree with your haircut opinion!
    TP – I used to always get Cottonelle, then had a reality check, especially with several kids. My oldest complained 😉
    Trash bags – Aldi’s are the best!
    Bedding – I have felt some pretty rough sheets and have worn cheap sheets thread bare quickly. I look for better quality sheets on clearance.

  • Well I say YES to the splurge on the TP. Believe me when you hit your mid-forties and you spend what feels like 1/3 of your day there…the splurge is MUCH appreciated!!! ;0)

  • Underware!!! After years of buying cheap underware and bras and getting sick of them unraveling on my I just buy the best I can find at Victoria’s secret. It’s so worth it!!!

    TP though? I really don’t care what TP I use, lol!

  • Marcin says:

    Ummm … not really. The only thing i would say is Food out of the list. Since we all need nutrition in our diets and that’s fuel for our bodies. Other than that, we really don’t require much.

    Running Shoes are not so important. Unless you run all the time.

    Bed Sheets, umm no, if i’m exhausted i will sleep on anything, even bathroom floor.

    Toilet Paper, well as long as it’s soft. Coming here from Europe we have this gray sandpaper toilet paper there, so kinda like … softer the better. Lol

    Office chair, i don’t need a good one, as long as i can sit and do my work i don’t care what i will be sitting on.

    Silverware, not really, i could use a plastic fork all my life if needed too.

    My list would be: Food, Shampoo, shoes (not running shoes), Birth Control (aka condoms, etc.) … that’s all really.

  • Totally agree with the chocolate and hair cuts (although I’ll only go but so far with those!). Never had considered the bed sheets until my sister said something to me about 6 months ago. I had a coupon and decided to splurge, just to see… Holy smokes. Worth every penny. I will never go cheap on bed sheets again!

  • Samantha says:

    While I don’t like the spend a lot of money on TP – I REFUSE to use the stuff that’s like $0.75 for a 12 pack and feels like sandpaper. No way.

    I don’t agree with the silverware…unless you’re hosting fancy dinners every weekend – then you probably want to invest in a nice set that MATCHES. For me, I’m like you Crystal – we have the set from Target that we got when we got married but a few odds and ends I’ve picked up.

    I do agree with sheets. I like nice sheets. But I only buy if I can find them on clearance.

    I also agree with the office chair – sitting on a fairly expensive chair right now, and I love it! I totally agree with running shoes. I broke down this year and bought myself a pair of Brooks. While they weren’t outragious by anymeans, I never thought I’d be spending over $100 on running shoes. But I am SO HAPPY that I did. I am in love with those shoes! They make my whole body (knees, hips, ect) happy.

    I agree with the Bra – but I hate doing it. They wear out in like 3-4 months and you have to buy a new one anyways. But being larger chested, you can either spend the extra or walk around looking that you have 90 year old boobs. =)

    Great post!

  • Kim R says:

    On the definite list: Quality mattress, bra’s, bed sheets, quality nail polish (so I can do my own mani/pedi), my Keurig, Professional haircuts/highlights, quality sheepskin slippers, Buxom lipgloss, Smashbox primer, Charmin….and a dozen other things on my must have list that I will splurge on, and skimp on the rest in order to afford it all.

  • K Quinn says:

    I think there is a difference between splurging and buying the best quality you can afford. Everyone’s list is different but this is mine.

    1.) Clothing. If you buy good quality, classic clothing you don’t have to be a slave to the current styles/trends etc. BUT! I don’t pay an arm and a leg. We’re blessed to be near an outlet for Pendleton. Can you say quality wool clothing for $1-$8!

    2.)Shoes. If you have wide feet you know how important this is. Narrow too. My sister and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum and have both suffered from buying cheap shoes in the past. But expensive does not mean the best.

    3.) Soap. That’s because I have this great love for soap. I buy expensive and cheap. Yup there’s a difference. Very much a personal preference.

    4.) Food. No brainer. You are what you eat. You don’t have to spend a lot but buy good quality healthy food.

    5.) Mattress! Yes! I redid our bed a couple of years ago. My husband works very hard and needs a good night’s sleep. When I got a new mattress (from a local company that makes them nearby), featherbed, down comforter and sheets etc., he slept like a baby and still does. It made such a difference. Our old mattress was at the 10 year mark.

    6.) I hadn’t thought of silverware but if you cook a set of kitchen knives is a must. We received a couple of J Henkels from an old family friend who is a chef for a wedding gift. We still use them and care for them today. My sister is afraid of them because they cut so well.

    7.)Totally agree with the vitamins. Although when I first started taking vitamins over 20 years ago my grandmother gave me a month’s supply of the cheap stuff to help me recover from what came to be known as a food allergy. I not only healed marvelously but my skin was fabulous and my hair grew like gangbusters.

    I wrote a post early last year about only buying the best =>

  • Connie says:

    My 76 yr old mom had 1 ply TP once and it was HORRIBLE– messy, scratchy, etc. I don’t know where she bought it, I think the standard is 2 ply about everywhere. I thought at the time it was a bad way to save a bit of money.

  • javajunkie says:

    Coffee. Everything else I buy cheap. I’ll use a banana leaf in the bathroom if I have to, as long as I can have my favorite coffee.

  • Taa says:

    I totally agree with the tp! Just this last month, I decided to buy the cheap stuff I could get a deal on. I spent the same amount that I usually spend on the more expensive stuff, but got way more. Only, it was so thin that I ran out way before I usually do and had to buy more. Definitely not worth buying cheap toilet paper. You should try it! You don’t need to use nearly as much buying the thicker, more expensive stuff and it saves me money!

  • Jenifer says:

    I have to agree with the sheets. Having nice sheets is SO worth the extra money. And they last longer too. So are you really spending any more money in the long run?

  • Megan says:

    I have a Temperpedic and nice-ish sheets. I like 500 thread count but higher is nice too. I could care less about the office chair, we just use a kitchen chair, or the running shoes, since I don’t run! Our silverware is from Target and almost 10 years old! I do hate the really, really crazy cheap stuff that tastes like metal though. Blech! I also splurge on haircuts/highlites and am willing to spend a bit extra for good wholesome food and produce. I think of the food as an investment and the nice hair makes me feel better too 🙂

  • Lana says:

    I do not cut corners on shoes! Until I started buying good shoes my feet hurt all the time. The shoes I wear are $125 a pair and I usually buy one pair a year so they are worth every penny!

  • Who buys trash bags? I can’t imagine buying trash bags of ANY quality, never mind spending more on fancy ones. I can’t bring myself to buy something for the express purpose of putting it in the garbage.

  • Julia says:

    Well, I like the TP suggestion because I buy cheap paper and it goes so fast I wonder if its worth it to buy it (unless it’s free of course). As for sheets, I think you have to spend some money there. They last forever and patina nicely if they’re 500+ thread count. Funny, it seems like some of these items are likely things we buy as newlyweds and keep forever anyway. (Some, not all…)

  • Stacy says:

    TP is a big deal around here. My husband makes his point in saying that you wipe very important body party with the stuff, you want it to feel nice and do the job. We have good pot/pan set but not a super expensive set. I am sure there are other thing that we value a lot but I can’t think of it right now. We are jut NOT allowed to skimp on the TP round here.

  • Gloria says:

    I live in Richmond, Virginia and we have so many Great Clips salons. I have never had a bad haircut there. You can always seem to find a coupon for $5.99 and when they open new shops the price is $3.99 for the grand opening. I use to think any thread count sheet was fine but after buying the 600 – 700 thread count on Black Friday for a great price I am hooked.

  • Lacy says:

    I think there is a difference in spending more money on something and buying a quality item. My husband has to have 100% cotton sheets, I can usually find a nice high quality set at a store like Ross or Marshalls for $20-$30. Also we buy high quality running shoes, I’ve bought $100+ running shoes for $40 or so. My husband usually needs a new pair of running shoes once a year or more and since his feet arent growing anymore he will keep a watch online for a good deal and buy his next pair before he has to have them. As long as you plan ahead with your purchases you can spend less money and still get the high quality item you desire.

  • Charlotte says:

    Food and office chair are the only 2 I agree with.

    I recently read “Born to Run” by Chris McDougall. In it he sites research that concluded that the more you spend on running shoes, the more likely you are to get injured. People who spent less than $40 on their running shoes had the lowest rate of injury. The reasoning behind it is that all the extra cushioning makes your muscles weak. I found that fascinating and decided to give barefoot running a try, and I quite like it! I’ll never splurge on running shoes again.

    • I wonder if there is some correlation/causation issue there? People who are prone to injury spend a lot on fancy shoes hoping to ward off injury. It doesn’t work, but it’s not that the fancy shoes did it. What I find hilarious is paying $85 for “barefoot” shoes. Really going barefoot is free!

      • Charlotte says:

        There was a lot more to the research than what I noted, but that didn’t seem to be the case. One example was top college athletes who started getting injuries only after “upgrading” to fancier shoes.

        I agree that it is kind of silly to spend that much money on barefoot shoes, though $85 is still way less than the price of a high end shoe. I’ve only tried it a few times, but I have been running truly barefoot for short distances. I hope to work up to longer ones, if for no other reason than saving money on shoes!

      • Emma Garside says:

        I thought the same until I tried running along our local trail after the geese had come back home. Now I have $85 Vibrams because they feel like I’m running barefoot and I don’t have to get goose poop on my feet! That was worth $85 to me 😉

    • Ksenia says:

      I don’t think this is causation at all, but merely a correlation. People who spend more money on running shoes are generally much more serious runners and if they run a lot or run strenuously they are most likely to get injured. The goal is not to get the most expensive running shoes but ones that work best for your foot and the way you step. To get that, you must go to a running store where a trained professional watches you run in your shoes.

  • Kristi says:

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here but I “splurge” every week on day care. It is SO worth it to me to be able to drop off my kids every morning knowing they are being well taken care of, well fed, sufficiently educated and greatly loved at a privately owned, DCS regulated, Christ-based center.

    • Jessica says:

      Oh goodness — that’s the BEST thing to splurge on! I didn’t even think of that one, but I totally agree.

    • Kristi says:

      Forgot to add to the rest of my list:
      1. Day Care (see above)
      2. Coffee. If I am out of Folgers and can’t afford a Starbucks I will wait until I get to work (where they only buy Folgers) to have my coffee.
      3. Huggies. I cloth diaper now to be able to affor the first two but if I were ever to go back to disposables it is Huggies or nothing!
      4. Cetaphil wash and creme. My oldest son has extremely dry, sensitve skin. This is the only stuff that doesn’t leave him itchy and his skin felling like a lizzard’s.
      5. Shoes for the kids. When my oldest grows out of them they get passed to the youngest (both boys). I have a daughter in the middle and, well….she’s a girl! I buy two pairs of shoes twice a year; sandals for the summer and sneakers/boots for the winter. I can usually find a sale or a coupon to help with the cost. My daughter also gets dress shoes once a year, which I buy a size too big so they last (Her shoes get passed on to a friend).
      6. Quality Cloth diapers. I don’t need to add soiled clothes to my already mile high pile of laundry. The diapers get washed daily and need to last through the two who are still in diapers. However, I was able to get a good size stash of my favorite brand of cloth at a discount, buying from friends and craigslist.

      And that’s it!

      • Angie says:

        That’s great that you found a day care that is willing to work with cloth diapers. Most day cares in my area won’t allow them (on their watch that is).

      • Kimberly says:

        I cloth diaper and I’ve been able to get good quality cloth diapers used on Craigslist too. I started out with an assorted stash of 70 diapers that I paid $220 for to try out and see what I liked (some were awesome, and some were disappointing, but for that price, the risk was worth it!). I found my favorites, sold the rest (for almost more than I paid) and have been buying extra diapers here and there that I like (used, of course). I love that I don’t have to wash them several times when I get them since that has already been done too. I have about 30 diapers right now (some of them hybrids with extra inserts) and they are one-size, so they’ll last me until potty training time!

      • I agree with Quality Cloth Diapers. They were one of the best investments we made in having kids. We bought 24 Bum Genius (velcro) with our first child, and 24 more (snaps) with our second child. (We got them on E-bay cheaper than if we’d bought from a retailer). Our oldest just potty-trained recently, but we have been SO pleased with cloth-diapering. Both of our mothers told us we wouldn’t last a week, and we’ve been doing it for 2 1/2 years now. 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      IMO, the safety and well-being of your children isn’t a splurge, it is a necessity.

    • Pam says:

      SMART, SMART woman!!!! I’ve provided home day care for over 25 years. I can tell you we are the most under paid of anyone for the responsibility we have. We are entrusted with your greatest treasure. How do you treat your providers? Think of how you would like your boss to treat you. Would you like to be complimented? Paid on time?Heaven forbid a raise or bonus?!? Thank them today for the wonderful job they do!

  • Sarah says:

    I have several brands and high quality products that I would prefer to use.. but overall, nothing is safe from my frugal money-saving ways.

    That being said.. I will drop cash for a nice hair-cut and shoes. Any kind of shoes – not just running. And that’s about it.

    Though, I’ve only become definitive about the hair / shoes because I got burned by trying to be frugal.. and having to spend more $$ to correct my mistakes.

  • karen b says:

    I want to give everyone a headsup not all tp is created equal. If you have a septic tank def worth it to spend more on it. A whole lot cheaper than paying to have it pumped out because the cheap stuff doesn’t break down & decompose. I’m sure the citys is the same way you just don’t have to pay for it. Trust me not cheap to do, & the tp is cheaper in the long run. As the rest a good bra is on the top of my list also & walking shoes. I suppose everyone has their own splurges.:)

    • Ashley O says:

      Pretty sure that’s not true. We’ve used all different brands and after our toilet started having issues with plugging up almost every day we called a plumber who told us the problem was our tp. He said we should use the cheap stuff. Scott has the best rating for breaking down quickly because it is so thin. It has taken some getting used to having such thin tp but even with needing to use a lot it still seems to last longer than our usual tp rolls and our toilet hasn’t plugged up in over 2 months since we switched.

  • Joanna says:

    For me, the amount of toilet paper I use is a matter of habit, not actual strength of absorbency. So I end up using the same length of the expensive TP as the inexpensive TP. So I’ll end up with WAY more thick TP than I actually need. I know the same thing is true of my hubby. So the cheap Aldi brand is the way I go, unless I can get something else for less with coupons.

  • Virginia Eernisse says:

    I have to agree with Dave Ramsey’s list and add a good mattress is a must! I drive 2 & 1/2 hours one way to get a good and I mean a GOOD hair cut. 😉

  • Darcy says:

    Ditto on tp — I don’t necessarily buy the cheapest ever that I can find, but I’m not really brand loyal.

    Our silverware was mismatched passed down from family, and I’m fine with that. Most of it is great quality so it’s not rusty or anything, and I don’t care about it matching.

    I think a car can be worth the splurge, depending on how you use it. We live over 8 hrs away from our families, so we do a good bit of traveling to see them. Jake had to work out of state for a time, as well – tho luckily he was reimbursed mileage. Our very dependable (used) Subaru hatchback has been GREAT for traveling long distances, moving us from apartment to house, and for ferrying us and our purchases everywhere. Plus it’ll be paid off next month! We didn’t pay cash or even put a large down payment, but have paid extra every month to pay it off a couple years early!

    • I agree on the Dependable Car. When we got married I had a 2001 PT Cruiser, and my husband bought a 2002 Toyota Tacoma. The Cruiser was in and out of the shop every year we owned it, and we finally sold it when the repairs were costing more than the worth of the vehicle. The Tacoma on the other hand seems to get by year after year with minimal maintenance. It’s been more reliable than any other car I’ve ever owned. The Tacoma cost more up front, but over the years I think the PT Cruiser cost us more overall.

  • Daina says:

    Ahhh, I used to buy the cheap cheap shoes… and I was never a runner, but I did walk a lot. And my feet were fine. Something changed when I was pregnant with my first child, and several years later I still find I need cushy pricey (by my standards) running shoes to keep my feet from hurting on walks. Wish I could go back to the years my feet didn’t care!

    I do think a good office chair is a great thing to have. But the amazing office chair I am sitting in now — the one that does wonders for my pregnant-woman back (since baby number two is on the way) — we got this chair by the curb when our next-door neighbor moved!

    • Sara says:

      Funny you say your feet changed after pregnancy cause I swear mine did too! I use to be able to wear any old shoes and my feet never hurt, now so many shoes make my feet ache!

      • Niki says:

        Pregnancy messed up my feet too! I have to have shoes on all day or my feet and legs hurt so badly! I wear Asics running shoes even when I’m not running!

  • Kristi says:

    While I wouldn’t say we splurge on TP, sometimes I find it hard to figure out the best deal. I have purchased the on-sale-with-a-coupon kind before and found that the rolls were so small we were out by the next week, and again, I had to look for the best deal. If it happens to be a week without a good deal in my area, then I end up paying full price. I like to buy the 1000 sheets per roll Scott tp, but they rarely have coupons for the regular kind anymore. Recently, I’ve been buying it at Costco, and it lasts us approximately 3 months.

    • lindsey says:

      I don’t buy toilet paper very often because I have convinced my five siblings and parents to give us cases of toilet paper for birthdays and Christmas. It is the family joke, but it sure makes gift buying easy for them and saves us a ton and spares us from those lovingly purchased but horrible gifts one sometimes gets. And, since the plumber said the cheap kind is best for our septic system, it saves my family money, too!

  • Shannon says:

    Toilet paper is one to splurge for. My in-laws have a store overseas & one of the items they sell is toilet paper & they still buy the paper that leaves you thinking you wiped with briers when they can get the nice stuff. My husband & I always get the nice stuff.

  • Christy says:

    I love my nice set of flatware! I did not register for china, so my family got together and bought us the 8 sets of flatware we had registered for. I love it so much I bought another 4 sets after our wedding. We use it every day and it makes me happy just to look at. It does not bend and get mishapen like the cheaper extra spoons that we have. Not much of a splurge really if I use it for decades.

    I buy nice sheets, but at a discount store – I won’t spend $100 on sheets. Pricey haircuts I don’t do, but I can understand why many folks do. I would add eyeglasses to the list of splurges. The $99 special is probably not so great if you need glasses all the time!

    • Ashley O says:

      I will never buy eyeglasses from the clinic ever again! You can get quality frames from the 20 dollar glasses websites out there. I have had mine since September and they are in great shape, very sturdy, only cost me 20 bucks! At that price I can buy a few pairs and have something to match different outfits or fit my mood.

  • Melanie says:

    I agree with sheets. I responded to a BOGO add in the Sunday paper for micro-fiber sheets. I could not use them the texture was just so different than cotton!

    • Ashley O says:

      Ew, those microfiber sheets are awful! My in-laws bought them and now I just get the chills whenever I sleep in their guest room. The sheets snag on every little bit of my skin that isn’t smooth. Hate them.

  • sona says:

    What an odd list!!!

  • MaryEllen says:

    Toilet paper, nope. We use whatever’s free or cheap. Trash bags – free or cheap. Running shoes – yes, I would think that one would be important, although I’m sure there’s some way I could figure out how to get them free (Swagbucks anybody?). Food – you know what they say “pay now or pay later”. That one’s definitely worth the splurge. Bed sheets? Who cares. Office chair. The one I’m sitting on doesn’t even have a back on it because it broke. I’ve been using it for a couple months and will continue to do so until I find one at a yard sale! It’s not bothering me! Silverware? If you have the fancy stuff you can’t throw it in the dishwasher! 🙂

  • Erica says:

    my favorite sheets are from Target! the Tommy Hilfiger sheets that match our bedding set are not as soft and wrinkle!

  • Angie says:

    I agree with Crystal on toilet paper and haircuts. I agree with Dave Ramsey on bed sheets.

    Personally I will pay a little more on some convenience items.

    For me, it is absolutely worth it to pay extra for baby carrots and shredded cheese. I was buying whole carrots and was pleased that I was saving money and for a couple of weeks I was actually cleaning and cutting them. And then I got tired of cleaning and cutting carrots and ended up throwing them out. In the end it was a waste. I know some of you probably don’t think cleaning and cutting carrots is a big deal, but when it comes to chopping food, I’m lazy.

    I’m unsure about the running shoes. I think it depends on how much you run. For me, I run about 9 miles a week and the $20 clearance Asics (sp?) work fine. If I was training for a marathon, however, I may notice a difference. I know I’m not supposed to use them for errands, and only for running, but I will run errands in them. I’m trying to break that habit.

  • Jess says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine splurging on most of those things. I’m with Crystal on the TP and and bed sheets. TP just gets flushed and I’m asleep before I hit the sheets. We’d all be better off without desk chairs. There’s really no need for expensive running shoes. Some would even say they are bad for you. I can understand splurging on food if it’s healthier.
    I guess splurging is a really personal thing 🙂

  • marishannon says:

    I definitely agree with food and i agree with sheets to a degree. For parents, i think a good qualitycar seat is worth every penny.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes to the car seat, though I know the Cosco Scenara’s considered a good, affordable one. Splurge on breast pumps, too (though again, the Lansinoh one is good and reasonably priced).

      Personally, I buy premium, grain-free cat food, and feel no guilt over it.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s hard to put a price on safety. A quality car seat is a necessity parents of little ones. I can get by with cheap products in other areas of my life in order to make sure my kids are safe. 🙂

  • Anna says:

    He’s got a great list. I hadn’t even thought about why I should buy a quality desk chair, but it makes sense.

    I try to keep up with product recalls and notice that there are SO MANY recalls on products that get tested and, surprise!- they have lead in them. So I see why it’s important to buy quality silverware.

    Replacing cheap products is time consuming.

  • Rebecca says:

    Or did he just mean that you should buy these, no matter what your budget looks like??

  • Anne says:

    Carseats. After the thousands of times I buckle them, a good quality, safe, and easy to use seat is worth every penny.

    I will also add good knives, they make cooking so much more fun.

  • Alysha says:

    Okay, so the trash bag one I disagree with. I buy store brands. Although they are not as strong as other brands, I found that the strength is unnecessary. Overfilling the bag leads to ANY brand breaking, and because I have babies in diapers… the house will start to stink. So, we just use the cheapies and change the bag often.

    Now… where I spend extra money: Starbucks. It is OH so worth it to me. I have a gold card and get free refills on my ice coffee, so I try to make it reasonable.

    I have 3 very small children and an afternoon break at starbucks really keeps me sane. I arranged with a previous manager that I could keep my kids in the car and get my refill in the drive-thru if I stay in the parking lot. (We decided it was easier for them and me if I keep my kids in the car with me rather than in the lobby) Anyways… today I was totally shamed by a new manager for my little routine getaway.

    I really feel at a loss of what to do. I understand he can deny a free refill, but literally he raised his eyebrows and said, “You mean you just sit in the car all day?!” I felt so judged that I gave him an attitude back. (sooo not my styel) I snarkily replied, “Is that a problem?” Anyways, a shame and guilt filled cup of coffee… not so relaxing. =(

    Where ever you decide to spend a few planned leisure dollars… Don’t let someone shame you for it! Enjoy and God Bless you! Crystal, I think a hair cut is a great choice for you. You always look very put together in pictures. =)

  • Tricia says:

    none of those things make my list. It’s funny that someone mentioned childcare because it was the first thing I thought of – I don’t overpay for childcare, but I definitely wouldn’t switch to someone I didn’t trust just because it was cheaper.
    A couple things that make my list:
    motor oil – I buy on coupon, but I always buy the best
    tea, chocolate, ice cream – if I am buying a treat for myself, I will either spend a little more to get the one I like, or not buy it at all.

  • yizzel says:

    The only thing to splurge on is bras…I never ever paid more than $10 in a shirt/blouse but I always wear good bras =D

    • Anne-Marie says:

      ….and I much prefer my $10 bra from Target to my $80 Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and DKNY one. It just fits me better : )

  • HeatherHH says:

    I don’t splurge on the nicest toilet paper, but I don’t buy the cheapest out there. We buy Great Northern because we have issues with irritation from rougher cheaper ones.

    In recent years, we have gotten all of our sheets on Ebay or from Goodwill, with the exception of a set from Walmart. Just not worth the money to us.

    I splurge on bras, though it’s not really splurging from my viewpoint, but a necessity. I’m nursing 75% of the time and options in nursing bras are minimal. I’m rather busty and couldn’t find anything with a small enough band and big enough cup. I was having back pain every day, until I started buying properly fitting nursing bras through You just can’t get 34F nursing bras for low prices….

    • Meghan V. says:

      I love! Best fitting bra(s) I ever got! When they have sales it really doesn’t cost THAT much more money.

  • Jennifer says:

    Food. I wish we could afford to splurge on food. Unfortunately for us (and probably most other families out there) the grocery budget is the only bill we can adjust, everything else is fixed. So as everything else goes up, our grocery budget gets smaller.

    I respectfully disagree with you on TP. It touches my unmentionable area several times a day. I want it to be soft and not scratchy. Though I can’t see spending an insane amount, we stick with inexpensive comfortable paper.

  • lacey says:

    I will scrimp on many things but top of my list that i wont is i will never buy cheap Q-tips. I also wont spend alot of money on silverware because i think my kids eat them. About every year i have to buy a new set.

    • Courtney says:

      I did buy the cheap “qtips” once. NEVER again. Never ever again. It was not worth the couple dimes I saved.

      • denise says:

        Yes, you are sooo right. With all the great deals and coupons lately we are stocked for a while! Love the new precision tip Qtips as well for makeup clean up! I won’t waste money on any other brand now, and I am really frugal.

  • tp says:

    Scott is worth it to me because with 6 kids the toliet gets stopped up with the thick kind. It never lasts as long and if I got it for free it wouldn’t be worth the bill for work on my septic tank. Nothing breaks down like Scott.

    • Melodie says:

      Agree! I think Scott is cheaper per sheet anyway. It looks pricey, but when you figure how many actual sheets you are getting and the fact that people don’t think about how much is clumping in their hand as much as how long the strip of TP is they are pulling, it makes more sense to buy by the sheet than by the thickness. Just my $.02 anyways.

  • Maybe it’s because I have a digestive disease, but I totally get toilet paper. I am a Cottonelle girl all the way! Although I read an article recently about reusable tp and thought that actually wasn’t such a bad idea… I wash cloth wipes for my daughter, so what would be the difference in washing them for the adults, too?

    • Kris says:

      I saw a show called “Extreme Cheapskates” on TLC a few months ago and the family took old wash cloths and towels and made it into reusable TP. Of course, TLC showed them folding the just washed TP complete with stains still on it.

      They kept a basket on the floor near the toilet for the used cloths and every day they would wash it. I can’t imagine the smell and it just sounds like a recipe for disaster with small kids.

      I just couldn’t do it…

      • Joy says:

        Okay, that’s extreme. They should at least use a diaper pail to contain the smell. They aren’t really saving money if they have to wash the cloths every day.

      • Haha! I’m a penny-pincher, but I’ve never considered going that far… We don’t buy paper towels or disposable diapers, but I think I’m okay with buying toilet paper. 🙂

    • elizabeth says:

      Jen, I have Crohn’s disease and agree with you on the Cottonelle. I try always to get the Aloe & Vitamin E one. Every once in a while I end up buying something else, and I really prefer the Cottonelle!

  • Sarah says:

    The “fixed” items can be adjusted , it all depends on how desperate we all get.

    Rent/ Mortgage = can be adjusted by adding some renters and have them help pay the Mortgage
    Utilities= have one night a week where you pretend the lights are out and use lamp oil and turn everything off!
    Telephone – We got the bills paid off and switched to an Ooma for home and have a prepaid for on the road.
    Cable – Hula and other sites let you watch tv for free or try a netflix account and just pay internet
    car = sell one share one and get some rideshare going. Get a car you can afford if you have a new one/ try selling and buying one about 3 years old.
    Gas – see the ride share comment above
    Health care= Try getting a plan with just catastrophic hospital coverage
    So as you see there are quite a few things that can be adjusted.
    It can be more difficult to live this way but it is possible to live this way.

  • Sarah L says:

    We recently ran out of the “better” TP brands that I prefer, so I just got the grocery store special that was 24 rolls for $5, and it’s been awful!! I use about 3-5 times as much because it is so thin, and just…doesn’t do the job. In one day, the three of us actually used a whole roll!! I’m going to spend a little more to get the good stuff that’s thicker, and actually lasts!

    Other splurges in our house, Luv’s diapers over store brand, good brand well tested car seats, Puffs tissues when someone has a cold, Dove deoderan for me (or else I get a rash) and Dove shampoo for myself, Pantene for my curly headed son, since that’s the only one that works well for him.

    • Laura says:

      I’m a Kleenex girl, but *yes*, I splurge on the priciest when I’m sick. Otherwise all the skin on my nose peels off a couple of days into the cold, and it HURTS to touch anything to my nose.

  • Mary says:

    I’ll tackle the sheets and silverware!

    I love, love, love our high thread count sheets and DH and I can both tell a difference. You can buy them inexpensively at places like Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, and (my daughter swears by them from OS but it makes me nervous if I can’t actually feel them first!)

    DH and I bought some sterling silver flatware early in our marriage and the place settings we own have doubled in value. So I’ll go in with Dave on this one and say it’s not really a purchase – it’s an investment! 😀

    • KimH says:

      I buy all my high end sheets from Overstock & they’re wonderful. Thats one thing I am willing to pay more for right off the bat.
      No pilling, no cheap cotton.. I LOVE good sheets.

      • Mary says:

        Is there a certain brand Kim or are they all good (at Overstock)?

        • KimH says:

          I’ve gotten several great sets and they’ve all been great. I just checked to see if they currently have my favorite set which is Renaissance 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton 6-piece Sheet Set. They dont have this brand right now but have plenty 600 Thread Count E C sheet sets. I would imagine any of them would be good. I tend to buy the middle of the road price wise ($47-$60) and have never been disappointed. I dont care for sateen and I think it wears out way too fast, so I steer clear of them.

          My best advice to you is to read the reviews… every one of them. 🙂 Thats what I do anyways. I love Overstock & I’ve never gotten a bad deal from them.


          • Mary says:

            Thank you! I’m staying out of stores more and more and love tips for shopping on line. I appreciate it and I’m sure others will be helped by your tips too!

  • Georgia says:

    Just had to say I love your “googly” eyes picture…when I realized what it was! LOL

  • Odie says:

    I agree with splurging on the sheets. I love the feel of a higher thread count sheets. I hate having to lay on “Brillo”. You spend about half your life sleeping, so i am all for it. I still bring my 20% off when i go to Bed Bath and Beyond 🙂

  • Courtney says:

    I used to agree with the sheets. Whatever, you are just sleeping in them.
    But then Costco had a high thread count on sale, and I splurged. I love them! We use them in the summer, and they stay nice and cool, perfect to slip into at night. Also, I have long hair, and the higher thread count pillowcases don’t tangle it as much as the lower thread count. We also have a $20 special that we use in the winter (cotton). They’ve stretched, and don’t fit the bed as well, so we toss and turn more at night. Good sheets are worth the splurge.
    Toilet Paper I splurge. No questions.
    I also splurge on a babysitter. a) Because I pay well it’s usually easy to get a sitter. b) my child and his safety, comfort is more important to me than any savings. c) the babysitter is usually inclined to pick up more when they know they are getting paid well.

  • Laura says:

    2-mattress-we bought a kings size memory foam from SAMs Club for $750. One of my best purchases ever!
    4-organic produce
    5-good comfortable shoes
    6-toilet paper
    7-good, well-fitting bra

    I try to buy these things when on sale and/or with a coupon but if not these are the things I don’t mind splurging on!

  • Totally agree on the TP-Charmin Ultra for us all the way. We buy it at Costco in bulk when they have a coupon, so it’s cheaper that way. It doesn’t go bad, so we buy as much as the coupon allows.

    Indifferent about the other stuff. Only other thing I can think of (for me) is designer jeans. I know that term and frugal seem like oxymorons, but I get my True Religions for about $40-$60 at either Nordstrom Rack (clearance) or consignment stores. I wear them a couple years and consign them again and get $20 back. I have 1 standard straight-leg blue pair I’ve kept for 5 years, but the others are more trendy styles that I get bored with. I usually find 1-2 new ones each year, and get rid of the same number. I do the same (but not as often) with designer purses.

  • allison says:

    toilet paper = scott brand only!
    sheets = 100% cotton only – no cotton/poly blend for me Yuck!
    a good bra is important for us larger on top ladies!

  • Lisette says:

    Silverware is an interesting choice! We have (I mean HAD) a complete set of 12 place settings of very nice Pottery Barn silverware from when we got married almost 9 years ago. I’ve noticed lately that it looks like it is dwindling! I think my kids have accidentally thrown it away when they clear their plates! I don’t recommend splurging on silverware if you have small children. : )

  • Definitely agree on the sheets/mattress – you spend so much time in bed, and it really makes a difference in your whole day when you get a good nights sleep. But you can splurge on good stuff for cheap.
    When I had to carry my trash bags a good distance to the garbage can, I would splurge on the heavy duty drawstring bags, with or without a sale. Now that we moved and I have to walk all of 15 feet to get to the trashcan, I get cheap bags.
    I wish I could splurge on food. We go back and forth between eating heathy, and eating cheap, because when it comes down to it, food is the easiest place to cut the budget when needed. We don’t really have any non-neccisities to cut, lol.

  • Jenny says:

    1- A great mattress (we need good rest because we’re on our feet all day and our backs are important)
    2,3,4,5- Good/Full Car, Dental, Health, and Home Insurance (when we get in a car wreck or have a health problem or house problem it pays to have awesome companies to work with and not let it linger!)
    6- Running shoes (bad shoes lead to expensive injuries!)
    7- Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

    The rest of it is pretty negotiable!

  • Rachel says:

    Splurges that are worth it to me:
    – good shoes (my favorites are Clarks & Keens) – I’d rather have a few pairs that are comfortable and get lots of use than a lot of pairs of cheaper ones, but I still look for deals with coupons or Amazon
    – kids coats from Lands’ End (still buy them on clearance) that last through more than one kid and still look great
    – better cheese – we really like Tillamook here
    – coffee beans
    – better or mid-range hotels – we’ve tried to scrimp a few times with our large family and it is just not worth it to us to stay in places that feel dirty/cramped/outdated/sketchy – so much better to spend another $20-30 and enjoy the stay! – we don’t travel that much so the cost is still manageable

  • Debra says:

    I would normally agree with the toilet tissue…use what we have. And lately with couponing, I’ve been getting quite a few great deals! But that being said, my 5 yr old daughter advised me the other day she now has to use twice as much soap to wash her hands because “*SOMEONE* bought the tissue with only one layer” and she keeps getting pee on her hand when she wipes her bottom…Ooops! Back to the double ply!

  • Roxanne M Jones says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with TP, trash bags & food.

    My husband demands Cottonelle, so I oblige.

    Cheap trash bags rip. EVERY TIME.

    And I buy wholesome, tasty food. It’s not just about making homemade spaghetti instead of spaghettios for my kids. Its about buying capers and artichokes to put in the pasta. Because it tastes good and we can afford it. I’m in no competition to have the lowest grocery bill. I use money wisely, and try to make each meal enjoyable. For us, the extra money is very well spent.

  • Becky says:

    My husband & I make a lot of lists like this – its a sad hobby if ours! Here’s what I note as ‘worth a little extra’:

    -TP (I’m not one-brand specific, but definitely pick up the Marcal Small Steps stuff (no matter how many free coupons they put out! Luckily, good brands are cheap often enough!)

    -Air Conditioning (I HATE being hot!)

    -pre-washed mushrooms (I can’t stand wiping the dirt off of each one!)

    -My car (I love my Prius!)

    -Good food (Food makes me happy – and I think that you should splurgr on the things you enjoy! I like to biy wholesome, healthy ingredients and they aren’t always cheap!)

  • Tarah says:

    I splurge on coffee, laundry detergent, and haircuts. I only had to get my good knives and pots and pans once – 10 years later, they’re still like new.

  • Becky says:

    Woah! I mean ‘definitely DON’T pick up the Marcal Small Steps stuff’!

  • KimH says:

    I totally agree with Dave’s list. All of it! I also will pay more for good kitchen tools & appliances.
    I finally replaced my mismatched, some good, some cheap silverware with a good set. I couldnt stand it before hand. I & my S/O combined households and it irked me. The only thing I kept was all the old fashioned ice tea spoons.

    Only buy Scott toilet paper.. I keep walking when the cheap stuff is free. That just leaves more for you all cuz Im not taking any home. 😉

    Only buy good quality high thread sheets.. usually on The difference between a set of cheap sheets that pill and a set of good sheets that dont and that you glide into is huge! My quality of sleep is 1,000 times better just with using good sheets. (Can you say The Princess and the Pea? 😉 )

    I used to use cheap trash bags, but I got tired of picking stuff up.. I buy a giant box (200 count) at Costco (Kirkland brand) for about $12 and it lasts almost a year. They’re good & thick so thats what I use.

    I also buy good towels.. and am willing to spend if need be, but Costco again carries inexpensive excellent towels so I get mine there.

    I pay more for a hair cut too.. It costs $25 more just to get it styled so I skip that part and usually walk out of there wet headed. 😉

    I pay more for Schwans ice cream.. I dont eat it often but its the best.

    • Christina says:

      Yay! My husband is a Schwan man! 🙂

      • KimH says:

        Yay for Schwans Men! ♥:) I love their tamalies too & pay a pretty premium price for them since I cant find them anywhere else.
        I’ve been a dedicated Schwans customer for close to 20 years.

  • Katie says:

    I agree with you on the hair cut, and also hair color. (never use a box to save money)

  • melissa f says:

    My dh has Crohn’s- so tp is something we do spurge on.

  • rachel says:

    I think you SHOULD spend the extra money on the bedsheets. The lower the thread count, the rougher it is on your skin thus aging you faster. Seems kinda silly but you can bet all those 50+ celebs out there with young looking skin aren’t sleeping on 200 thread count sheets. However you can still get good quality sheets at a great price if you’re patient.

    And toilet paper is also worth the slurdge. That one ply garbage thats out there is not worth it, no matter how cheap you can get it. The thinner it is, the more you have to use to feel clean therefore it doesn’t make it any cheaper than waiting for a good sale and using a coupon.

  • Saranda says:

    My grandmother has always been insistent that I “take care of my feet” and I tend to feel that, with all of her life experience, I should probably listen to her so I have no problem splurging on good shoes for me and my child-hubby picks out is own shoes :). I usually buy Cottonelle toilet paper and try to combine a coupon with a sale and usually have alot stocked up. We are still sleeping on a hand me down mattress, using leftover sheets from when we were single and using mismatched silverware. I definitely agree with buying quality instead of having to constantly replace items and plan to do that when we do replace our hand me downs!!

  • I splurge on bath towels!

  • Karen says:

    The healthiest, food you can get. Organic, local. I buy excellent quality gently used sheets from my local thrift.

  • kAiTdMs says:

    I think it really depends on one’s preference and priority. I agree with toilet paper though. I grew up with almost the cheapest TP, but had to use more just to get the job done without seaping on my hand. I wouldn’t say splurge on Trashbags, but a decent brand name bc it does make a difference how trash holds up. And finally, I agree with running shoes, for good support and prevent future consequences if running is a serious exercise. We seriously go by Dave Ramsey, but one thing we splurge on (within reason, however) is furniture. Making it last a lifetime, esp through young children, like we have. The other is good rating vehicle. Look at consumers report. Why buy for only looks. We look for the inside quality of car so it would last as long as it can without going to the body shop and spend more $ anyway for repairs. I don’t agree with the last 4. Be smart where your $ goes and how long it can last.

  • Teri Capshaw says:

    My new splurge plan is to buy/make nicer maternity clothes. I realized my worst memories of my first pregnancy seem to center around uncomfortable clothes!

    • good2Bqueen says:

      I’m with you on the maternity clothes! With my first pregnancy I had three pairs of pants, one pair that I avoided as much as possible because I had to pull them up every time I bent over, sat down, or squatted. I had a half dozen shirts I could wear, not all maternity, but workable. I’ve decided that this time I’m going to invest in an outfit for every day of the week. I want to feel like I look nice on the outside because it makes me feel better on the inside. And that’s important when you’re pregnant. No more sweats and hubby’s t-shirts for me!

  • Yes! Splurge on Toilet Paper! I bought the cheapest stuff I could find recently. It’s also the thinnest, most uncomfortable TP to use. I probably use way more sheets because there’s literally nothing there 😉

  • BethA says:

    Have to disagree on the silverware! When we were married 20+ years ago, we didn’t register, but so many people contacted my mother or mother-in-law to ask for gift suggestions that we decided we needed to pick out at least one thing. As dirt-poor college students, expensive china seemed frivolous, so we decided on a good-quality stainless (an Oneida Heirloom pattern) and still have it to this day. A classic pattern can be used for both everyday and special occasions, will last forever – or as long as you care to keep it – and the fact that everything matches just makes me feel a little more “together” with zero effort. I still have not gotten tired of my pattern, and I know it will never be discontinued so I can continue to add more through the years.

    • Dineen says:

      I *thought* my husband and I had chosen a good-quality Oneida stainless set for our registry; but I was wrong. If I had researched a little more I would have found out that the pattern a one-off or not one you could get extra pieces for. It was bought with a gift card with a note to “buy that stainless”, we thought we got a great deal when it was on sale half-price too and were able to buy 2 sets of 4 place-settings. Apparently it was cheap for a reason, because ‘stainless’ isn’t living up to its name in 5 years of use.
      So, I would 2nd good quality silverware. My mother’s stainless set is as old as her 50 + year marriage and she can still get replacements. It’s classic and the pieces are still un-rusted.

    • stee says:

      We bought a good-quality pattern too (Reed & Barton). It has been around for years. It’s simple, classic and looks good year after year.

  • Jeri says:

    I’ve gotten some super duper soft sheets for really good deals! JCPenney! I thought I would NEVER go cheap on my toilet paper….and here I am, when our times got tough…so did the toilet paper. haha

  • Stephanie says:

    We don’t splurge on everything on this list. We do not splurge on toilet paper. I do buy the cheap ones that rip easily but in my mind I cannot justify paying almost $1/roll for the pricey ones. Silverware we just have a mix match set and have never actually bought one from a store.

    Since my husband is in charge of trash duty, he hates cheap bags that break. Luckily we have gotten a ton of bags free from a survey to test bags and so that has lasted us quite a while but otherwise I just try to use coupons on the pricey bags.

    We splurged on a mattress and we have a pricey memory foam mattress but after trying that out at the store there is no way I could have agreed to buy any other. We also splurge on my haircuts since I agree that it is something I want done right. I cut my husband’s hair though with a clippers! We also splurge on vacations. Traveling to new places and having new experiences is something very important to me and so we do splurge on that once a year.

  • good2Bqueen says:

    My list is pretty much spot on with Ramsey’s. I have super high quality silverware and I like the way it feels in my hands – of course I got them on clearance at an outlet store so I didn’t actually splurge on them (nor would I), but they are definitely worth the wait to find a good deal. And bedsheets – ahhhhhh. I don’t sleep well. Never have in my entire life. Nice sheets don’t help me sleep any better, but boy do they feel great against my skin while I’m lying there awake! They last forever, and I didn’t pay much for them because, again I bought them on clearance and I didn’t care that I had mismatched linens.

    Now, high end trash bags is a new requirement for me. When I was single, I could just use grocery bags. I rarely had much waste. When I settle down, I upgraded to the cheapest trash bags I could find. And that worked for a long time. But with a little one, I’ve found those cheap bags just don’t do it. I like to STUFF my bags (to use fewer) and they just don’t hold up. So it’s name brand bags for me from now on.

    And as for a good hair cut, that’s one expense I couldn’t afford any longer when I quit work with my DS. My hair just grows too darned fast and regardless how good the haircut, I had a long stringy mess in a few months. But I agree a good cut is the only way to go, so I gave up haircuts altogether – now I have dreadlocks! ;o)

  • Katheryn F. says:

    I love this list. Definitely gives perspective. Food I agree with. Toilet paper, garbage bags and running shoes I agree with also, but the rest really doesn’t matter. Good towels are important to us. Babysitter is on the top of our list so hubby and I can go on dates. 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    My mom always said the two things to spend good money on are shoes and coats. Without good shoes, you’ll be hurting all the time. Without a good coat, you’ll freeze! The extra money is worth it for the quality and durability of the items- good ones will last many seasons.

    I tried buying cheap TP once. We about had a rebellion in the house! I don’t buy the super-premium kinds, but I’m banned from every buying the bottom dollar brand again!

  • sarah says:

    It absolutely cracks me up how many comments this post has garnered, i don’t know why. It’s almost 3 times as many as the post it references!

  • Maegen says:

    Silverware is the odd one for me.

    Every once in a while I just go get a whole bunch from Goodwill.

    You run it through the Dishwasher, and it’s good to go.

  • Maegen says:

    Oh, on the tp….what to look for if you have a tank is one that says, “Safe for septic systems,”

    As some have mentioned, the pricier brands can actually be a problem. We’re on sewer, so not an issue for us, but my mom has a tank and was told this by her plumber.

  • dana says:

    Any type of toilet paper is good in comparison to using cut up newspaper like I used on my grandparents farm during communism. I agree with you crystal, money thrown down the drain.

    Good quality kitchen knives is definitely worth the extra money in the long run. I would never pay extra for silverware.

    Filtered clean water vs. Drinking clorine tap water.

  • Tenille says:

    I think good sheets are worth a little extra money. I look for higher thread counts at Homegoods, Ross, or other discount stores. I don’t care about the color, just the feel. I don’t care about toilet paper, but Hubby insists on something good.

  • Pat says:

    I agree about the toilet paper, you can get a good price on good toilet paper.
    The sheets – most of the high count sheets are a misnomer, they don’t count the thread counts correctly and are fooling you when you think you’re getting a high thread count, just google it. I buy 100% cotton sheets, DO NOT buy 65% poly, 35% cotton sheets, they pill!
    I bought a good set of Oneida silverware before I got married (1970’s through Betty Crocker catalog)and when I compare it to what is being made now, it makes me cringe to see the poor quality that they sell in the stores. I love having a good set of flatware.

  • Nora O says:

    I’m a little baffled by the silverware one. My average Oneida wedding-gift stuff from 1997 is still great, and the additional Goodwill misc I’ve picked up work just fine. But I’m fussy about TP (and need to be cautious with our septic), can’t stand sheets that pill, and have learned my lesson with cheap footwear and trash bags. I

  • Rachel Horne says:

    Angel Soft toilet is the best toilet paper I’ve found for a low price. I can buy four rolls for $1 here, and it is soft and sturdy.

  • Kristine says:

    Absolutely “splurge” on toilet paper here, too! My brother had some at his house that I swear he’d taken from highway rest areas. It was HORRIBLE. I wouldn’t use it even if it was free. I always try to use sales and coupons, but there are some brands out there that we just will NOT use. It seems the cheaper and thinner it is, the more that has to be used to accomplish the task at, ahem, hand. So doesn’t seem to be much to gain there.

  • Emily says:

    Scott brand toilet paper is cost effective and works just fine. Scott Extra Soft or the 1000. I almost always find coupons for it, and the price is usually lower than any other brands (except maybe generic?) The “Scott 1000” is a little thin but to me, it’s not like I am putting that much thought into wiping and flushing, and like you said, when you think about what you are using it for and flushing it down the toilet, it really doesn’t matter if it is fluffy with lotion. Unless that is a priority for you 🙂

    One thing I whole heartedly agree with splurging on is the quality of your food. A friend of mine who is into whole foods and clean eating (or organic), told me “You either pay now, or pay later” (regarding your health). If you can, try to splurge on some or not all of your most-consumed items, .. get good quality beef, produce, that type of thing. Or at least look up the dirty dozen list of produce with the most pesticides and get only those organic. What you put into your body is more important than we probably even are aware of, and the processed convenience foods out there are not meant to nourish us healthfully, although they are easier on the wallet!

    Sheets – Eh… we have middle of the road quality sheets. Use fabric softener and almost any sheets feel just fine when you’re tired!

    Shoes – yes those are important, but after a certain point they don’t increase in quality. A $60 pair of nice dress shoes or heels are probably just as good as a $300 designer pair.

    Office chair – YES! My husband and I both work on computers , and also work from home, and we spend a lot of time (unfortunately) on our bums in the office chairs. A good one is crucial for back health and comfort.

    I would also add that it is probably more cost effective to “splurge” on a few nice quality , or nice brand clothes, instead of always hitting up the $5 t-shirt display at Old Navy or Target… when they just fall apart after awhile. If that is all you can afford then it’s just fine, but I’m always tempted to get the cheapies…… and then I spend more over time and they don’t look nearly as good as a few well-made items.

  • Alaine says:

    Hmm… I guess I agree with some of these, to some degree. Like, I think it is worth it to spend a little extra and get the recycled toilet paper – it’s not the cheapest but also not the most expensive, either. I definitely agree with the sheets – me and my DH looooove our nice soft (and expensive) sheets! It is worth it for the extra comfort! But I do always get them at Bed bath and Beyond with that 20% coupon – never pay full price! Running shoes, yes – office chair I could care less about, but I don’t have back problems and I’m young(ish). Food is something that I do sometimes spend more than I need to… I mean, I know I could spend less on groceries overall if I bought more junk, but I like to eat healthy. We just try to buy our stuff on sale and with coupons when we can! My big splurge is that I have a woman I love that waxes my eyebrows for me. It’s not cheap, but I’ve tried cheaper places and tried doing myself and the results are just not the same. Definitely worth the money to me 🙂

  • Linda says:

    I think there are two points here: Sometimes it saves you money to buy a slightly more expensive item that will last longer/be more reliable. The other is that spending a little more to take care of yourself (healthier food and good shoes) can save you from having future expenses (less trips to the doctor, fewer sick days, no trips to a chiropractor, no prescription drugs…)

  • Delorise says:

    My husband insists on using Scott tissue– so I buy this for the guest bath- (on sale/ with a coupon) which is his bathroom due to his work schedule. The master bath gets the Big Roll (1000 sheets) from Walgreens that I get from 45 to 50 cents a roll–a good deal and I am pleased with it. Like my Walmart silverware as they are lightweight– we both hate the heavy silverware. We have a set of Organic sheets for the master and the guest bedroom ( yep we have a 2 bedroom house—small but paid for)– I got these on sale thru Gaiam several years ago— they may have been a little bit more expensive but not much– and were well worth it as what we sleep on is important to us. Yep I do buy quality walking shoes—-the rest is no big deal. I am sure each individual has their rating of importance on things.

  • Dineen says:

    I’ve read some unusual articles about running, that actually recommend *cheap* running shoes, since the over-supported foot with fancy expensive shoes is getting too much support that can lead to foot (and knee/leg) problems later. I don’t run, but the premise is interesting. The ultimate end-point are the barefoot runners. (You can look up barefoot running and learn about what they say about what shoes are doing to our feet.)
    Sheets — I had a problem with cheap sheets where the cotton literally washed away the 2nd time they were washed because the yarn quality was so poor. It didn’t matter the thread count. You could hold the sheet up to the light and see right through it almost like cheesecloth because all that was left was the polyester core of the yarn. (They had been a wedding gift, and I had had no thought to keep the packaging to return them for an exchange and complain.) Never again will I buy cheap sheets. For those with sensitivities, soft sheets make a HUGE difference in quality of sleep. Scratchy sheets just don’t cut it when you have sleep problems. Of course, I am not buying $300 Egyptian cotton long staple 2000 thread count sheets either. There has to be a middle ground.
    I’ve never been a big one for spending a lot of money on TP. I found a decent store brand I could reliably get cheap that did the job. Recently though, they changed it and we’re having to use more, so I am having to rethink my plan.
    Trash bags are often a disappointment, but reading the mil size of the plastic make a big difference without having to spend money on brand names. It took learning that to find out if a bargain bag was a bargain or not.
    My next planned splurge is towels. I have towels that are 27 years old that my mom bought me for college from either a mill outlet or a grocery store promotion. They are excellent compared to big box discount store towels that I see for sale, even all raggedy on the edges. Neither are they so thick that I can’t wrap them around my head to dry my hair.

    • good2Bqueen says:

      Ah! Thank you for pointing out to look for the mil size of the plastic trash bags. Duh! How did I not think to do that?! Of course that’s all that really matters anyway. Now I’ll just have to take a look at a name brand box and then shop for the cheapest with the same mil.

  • Heidi says:

    I will pay a few cents more for good dish soap. Dawn will last soooo much longer using only a few drops compared to using tons of cheaper brands to do the same job. I had to learn the hard way!

    • Pat says:

      I definately agree with you Heidi. I will never buy any other dishsoap. Another brand may be cheaper but if it doesn’t last as long I haven’t saved any money.

  • Billene says:

    Good running shoes, toilet paper, and high thread count bed sheets are worth the extra money. Also, it is wise to invest in good quality office chairs. I purchased a HON desk chair seven years ago and it is still in as good condition as the day I purchased it. As to splurging at high quality hair salons I disagree. The best advice I have is to find a good priced hair salon and let that hair dresser become familiar with you hair.

  • savannah says:

    We can’t go cheap on Toilet Paper or our septic system gets backed up. There are only 3 brands we ever buy. My view is: It is easier to spend a little extra all the time, than have a big expense all at once.

  • Billene says:

    As to splurging on hair cuts, I have to disagree. The best advice I have is find a good hairdresser ( they don’t have to be the most pricey in town) and stick with that individual. By sticking with them they will become familiar with your hair and you will be pleased with the results. I also disgree with cutting your own hair at home. I feel you would end up with more problems than it would be worth.

  • SusanR says:

    I guess I am curious what is considered a “splurge” on silverware. I have an Oneida service of 12 plus serving pieces that I bought when I got my first decent paying job, probably 20~ish years ago now. I still use them. I don’t think I paid a huge amount of money, actually I think I might have bought them at the outlet store.

    But growing up we always had mismatched sets, a little of this, and a little of that, and I like having a nice matching set. They’ve even survived my children so far. 🙂

    I agree on the toilet paper. I hate single ply toilet paper, or toilet paper that keeps ripping off the roll when you are unrolling it. I buy the Costco Kirkland big package and I love it, and I don’t think it is a huge expense.

    • SusanR says:

      Oh, I also buy the Costco Kirkland brand trash bags. A box must last me at least 6 months (probably longer) and I have never had them leak or fall apart. Love those too!

  • Angie says:

    Something I’ve been told is that when you get those varicose vein looking grey lines on your dishes, its from using cheap silverware, and my sister and I have had this happen…. So even though it might be a LITTLE more ( I think you could get a good deal) at first, if nicer silverware helps prolong the life of flatware, then it is worth it, to me 🙂 I do also agree w/ the slightly nicer toilet paper, because if you have to use more (w/ cheap stuff), then its no longer saving money… but again, just my opinion 🙂

  • Leah says:

    We splurged on pots and pans. Before we got married, my mom told us to invest in a quality set of pots and pans that will last our entire marriage. My parents did that and 30 yrs later, they are still going strong. We spent a good chunk of money on high end/quality pots and pans, that also came with a lifetime warranty. We will NEVER have to spend money to replace them! (Before we got married, my husband bought some cheap pans at Wal-Mart, and needed to replace them months later). I’m glad we invested in quality pots & pans.

  • stee says:

    TOTALLY agree with toilet paper. I hate going to someone’s house and discovering they buy the cheap Scott type stuff. Ick.
    Also agree with bed sheets. I don’t buy anything under 300 count. I look for percale for that crisp five star hotel feel at home.
    I’d add to the list
    paper towels
    stand mixer/food processor – buy KitchenAid/Cuisinart and you’ll have it for life!
    and good tequila (no gold here!)

  • lyss says:

    I buy the cheapest kitchen trash bags. lol! And for the bathrooms, I reuse grocery bags.
    His point was to splurge on what you can that matters to YOU. I personally would not spend much on running shoes, because I don’t run regularly. But if someone runs everyday, then, yes, a really good pair would be worth it. The same goes for everything on this list. Totally a personal opinion. Do what works for YOU.

  • Kelley says:

    I probably wouldn’t splurge on any of those other things (probably because I’m not in a position to do so. ) But I can see why some people would, especially on a comfortable office chair and supportive running shoes. But the silverware? I just can’t get with that one. I don’t see a NEED for it to be expensive when all it needs to be is functional.

    My splurge is on jeans. Not because it makes me feel good, but because I’m extremely limited in terms of options. I am 6 feet tall with a 37 1/2″ inseam. Finding *high-quality* (read: long-lasting) women’s denim with those dimensions doesn’t happen for less than $60 a pop. So I buy 2-3 pairs at a time, and wear them until they are thin, hole-y rags.

  • Along with what many others have said, my only splurge on the list would be toilet paper. The one-ply cheap stuff is useless and very uncomfortable for those in my family with sensitive skin.

    I would say that getting my hair cut by a professional would be an essential splurge, but I am lucky in that my sister owns her own hair salon, so I get my hair done for free.

  • Pamela says:

    I don’t see personal feminine products in your list. I feel those are very important, as well. And I feel a sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without Miracle Whip :).

  • Michelle says:

    Love nice sheets! They last and feel great. Use the 30 percent off at Kohls code online and Kohl’s Cash and they’re pretty reasonable.

  • WilliamB says:

    I don’t consider extra money spent on shoes or – since I sit in a office all day – a chair to be an indulgence. It’s necessary. My new office gave me a chair that didn’t suit – I had a backache all the time. The backache disappeared after they gave me a better chair.

    Good shoe pay off. After years of aching (flat) feet I went to a podiatrist. He was astounded that all my feet did was ache a bit: most people with my feet would need surgery.

    My biggest splurge is a housekeeper. I loathe cleaning.

  • Bernadette says:

    I think it’s funny that almost every post has mentioned toilet paper! I agree, the cheap stuff is not worth it and will not be purchased by me. My mom always had the cheapest TP and I hated it growing up, it doesn’t work well. It just made our house seem cheap, like we couldn’t even afford decent toilet paper, such a simple thing but a lasting impact. Anyway, we don’t have office chairs so I don’t really care about that. My running shoes are ancient since I don’t like running, though I’m considering taking it up so I’ll probably need to get a new pair. I would also agree with decent sheets, there is nothing worse than staying with someone else and getting into a bed with sheets that are so thin you can read through them! Of course, I’m grateful to have a bed to sleep in, but buying cheap sheets just isn’t worth it. Save up a little, it doesn’t have to be much, you can always get coupons for BB&B, and buy decent sheets that will last a while. I spend a little more on some food, less on others. I figure if it’s canned, boxed, or frozen, it shouldn’t be that different and will buy a lot of that at Wally World where it is usually cheaper, but I refuse to buy produce or meat there. For that I will only go to the grocery store. I learned that lesson the hard way after having to throw out 2 huge packages of pork that were absolutely disgusting! I splurge a little more for name brand dye and fragrance free laundry detergent – I have 2 boys who are very rough on their clothes so that is completely worth it to me! Oh, and decent carpet is a must! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    I have to admit the one area I don’t skimp on is tp. I have one pair of everyday shoes that are fitted with RX inserts, so I spend a lot of money to have good support shoes or be in pain from foot problems. Better Homes and Gardens sheets from Wal-mart and I got a great deal on winter flannel sheets at Ollie’s recently with birthday gift/mothers day $ from my kids.

  • Kari says:

    I don’t splurge on trash bags, the Aldi brand works as well as the name brand but I would agree with running shoes.

    I also have decided I can’t cut corners with my hairspray. It has to be the name brand I like otherwise it just doesn’t work for me. I tried to save $ this past month and it was a disaster.

    I also buy name brand tooth paste for my kids — they’re pretty picky and I like that it has less chemicals.

  • Michelle says:

    Find toilet paper and bed sheets on sale but definitely go for quality. When it comes to products that will be used daily on my skin I try not to cut corners.

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