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5 Things I’m Loving This Week

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

So many, many of you said you loved the 5 Things I’m Loving This Week Feature from last week. And I loved how you shared your things that you’re loving, too.

Here’s this week’s installment of my 5 things I’ve been loving this past week:

1. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips — I love me some peanut butter and chocolate chips on a spoon. Or, if I’m being completely honest, sometimes straight from the jar and bag. Anyone else do this, too? It’s one of my favorite quick snacks or pick-me-ups!

{The Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips or the Lily’s Chocolate Chips are my favorite “healthy” brands. Both are very expensive, so they are only an occasionally-purchased treat using Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks.}

2. The Make Over Your Mornings Site — It is so incredibly rewarding to see months and months of hard work, brainstorming, tweaking, and editing come together and to be just two days away from the biggest product launch we’ve ever had on my site.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

Today, I spent a number of hours finalizing things and getting the Make Over Your Mornings site almost all finished (no, I didn’t touch the design part of it, I just wanted to make quite a few edits and tweaks — and try not to break anything in the process! 🙂

You can head over here for a sneak peek of it. And then don’t forget to set your alarms or reminders to get in on the crazy low sale prices (hello, $5!) we’re offering for the launch on Tuesday for those who are fast enough to scoop them up! Read all about the sale prices and times here.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

3. Becoming a Sports Mom — At Silas’ request, I wore my Game Day tee from Cents of Style (it’s no longer available on their site that I could find) for his baseball game today. And it made me realize something: much to my surprise, I think I may be turning into a full-fledged sports mom.

I never would have pictured myself as such, but I’m completely loving the character and life skills our kids are developing as a result of being involved in sports that I can’t help myself. It’s amazing how much your children’s interests and passions change and impact you as a parent!

4. Turquoise Jeans — Also notice in the above picture that I have on turquoise jeans, which is definitely stepping out of my “fashion comfort zone”. I’ve long wanted to try to find a pair that fit me well, but it felt like it was a hopeless search and I begin to think I should just stick with regular denim.

However, I found a deal online on these on RueLaLa and took a chance and bought them using credit I’d earned months ago. I’m so glad I did, because I love them… they are so bright and cheery and comfy and fit me perfectly. Plus, I love that they can be dressed up or down.

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

5. Rain — It’s rained a lot this week and I’ve loved it as it’s been so refreshing and peaceful. (I kind of feel badly being happy for the rain, though, when so many areas are experiencing flooding as a result.)

It rained at Silas’ baseball game today, so while everyone else huddled under shelter, the girls had a dance party. I love how these girls inspire me to embrace and delight in the everyday moments!

What about YOU? What 5 things are YOU loving this week? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Victoria says:

    Love chocolate chips and peanut butter on a spoon!

    5 things I loved this week

    1. My redhead runner and I decided it make the summer of 7’s. 7 miles ran at 7 am , 3 times a week during her summer vacation (she is a teacher) I am looking forward to the extra time spent with my friend.

    2. My 20th wedding anniversary. We didn’t do much just went out to dinner, BUT we have plans to celebrate in a BIG WAY in a few weeks.

    3. My son finished his first year of part time Christian private school and is now off for the summer. It is going to be nice to not have to run him to and from school for 2 months.

    4. My eldest son is down to just one subject left and then he will be officially DONE high school. So proud of him, he has been working part time since March but he has still been chipping away at school in his off hours at a good rate.

    5. My daughter and I went yard sale shopping for the first time of the season. We stopped only at 2 places we saw on our route home from the grocery store but we still had fun. One sale was an estate sale at an older home I have always wanted to see the inside of. I am a sucker for old homes. I want to rescue them all. The wooden trim and all the detail in it had me swooning.

  • I am loving:
    1. The Library–we go each Saturday and pick out books and movies
    2. Peaceful Nights–I’m glad that I am in a stage of life where my children (ages 1, 2, and 6) all go to bed early and stay asleep until the morning. It seemed like the “up all night” stage was never going to end. Now I get to have relaxing evenings!
    3. Porch Time–my husband and I have sat out on the porch each night this week due to the nice weather
    4. Skirts–so glad it’s warm enough to wear skirts nearly every day
    5. End of the School Year–I am a teacher and am really enjoying the relaxing end of year activities.

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Ktown says:

    Quick comment on item #1:
    My go to snack in the winter is microwaved peanut butter and honey. One heaping spoonful of each in a mug, microwave for 15-20 seconds, stir. I bet added chocolate chips would be wonderful too!

  • Donna Adams says:

    A single mom of an adult child I’m not as pressed by family commitment as many of your readers:

    * streetcar rides the opposite direction of my home Friday after work. From the windows I enjoy seeing how others unwind after a long week.
    * listening to my daughter and her boyfriend chat. The back and forth solidifies for me, they have a healthy relationship.
    * my first cup of coffee each morning
    * sitting on my screened porch late in the evening when everyone, even the dog walkers, have retired. It is so peaceful.
    * prayer sharing time at church. It helps centre me and is a reminder Others share my concers/worries.

  • lynn m. says:

    1. we decided on a house to buy. my parents house. already lots of love and memories and I can’t wait to add more.
    2. summer fruits coming in season. i was so tired of citrus and apples/pears
    3. my little boy giving me lots of cuddles husband helping me out
    5. my furry children. even when i am alone in the house i am not truly alone 🙂

  • I love pb and chocolate, too! And , I love your turquoise pants. You look so cute!

    1. Finding a public library that will give us a library card even though we’re only visiting the area for the summer.

    2. My husband putting the kids to bed and sitting with them until they’re asleep.

    3. Using my evening time to work on some business projects in peace and quiet.

    4. Watching my kids enjoy the playground across the street from our RV.

    5. These posts from around the web

  • Valorie says:

    1. We had our first family vacation with our 2 boys, ages 5 and 2. We spent the week at Disney World.
    2. Watching the wide eyed wonder cross their faces.
    3. Seeing my anxious child ride roller coasters- and LOVE it!
    4. Making irreplaceable memories.
    5. Coming back home and sleeping in my own bed.

  • Laura says:

    What a darling photo!

  • 1. That I’m finally gaining positive traction with my blog!
    2. Beautiful, cool breezy weather this weekend – a nice change from the humidity.
    3. My sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, Frankie. He always brings a smile to my face.
    4. Time spent with family over the last few days, we’ve all been so busy that it’s been nice to have some time together.
    5. Pizza! (Ok, ok, I gave myself a cheat meal this week :D)

  • Kelly says:

    Five things I enjoyed this week:
    Time with niece and nephews. So proud of them- one graduated, one got baptized and one made a competitive soccer team
    Air conditioners
    Sprucing up our home (and my moms)
    Ice Cream – any flavor, any time

  • Peanut butter and chocolate chips are my favorite go to;0) It packs in a lot of protein too!
    5 Things I am Loving This Week:
    1. An easy, laid back Birthday party for my 13-year-old.
    2. Lots of fresh chard, romaine, spinach, and cilantro from the garden.
    3. The possibility of a summer road trip.
    4. The fact that the hubby loves working in the garden.
    5. Paying bills and having the money to do it!

  • JoDi says:

    YES to peanut butter and chocolate chips! I eat it right off the spoon too. 🙂

  • Christy says:

    So that I don’t have to get out the chocolate chips (which I would never put away, once they’re out), I melted a bar of good-quality dark chocolate and stirred it into a jar of peanut butter. (I think maybe I saw this on a blog somewhere?) After I exercise, or if I just need a sweet/protein snack before bed, I have a spoonful. The jar is labeled “MOMMY’S” so it doesn’t get mixed up with the regular peanut butter. 😉

  • Clare C. says:

    I saw the pb/choc. chip thing on another blog a couple of weeks ago and now here, too. I’ve been doing that for years and thought I was the only one! 😉
    My 5…
    1. Last. Day. of. School. Love summer with all of my kids at home.
    2. Jersey Mud ice cream treats. My dad made these for us today and they brought back such memories of summers in Michigan.
    3. Family walks in the evening.
    4. Crawling into bed at night and enjoying a good book.
    5. Best of all, my daughter has, after nearly 4 months of ilness, finally been cleared of her C. Diff. infection. Praise Be to God!

  • Paula Cornell says:

    PB & chocolate chips on a spoon – been doing it for years – BUT! I add raisins too. Mmmmmm. 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Bought a big bag of chocolate chips at Costco today, and I already forgot they were ‘hidden’ on top of my cupboards until now! 😉

    5 things…
    – the chance to have some alone time (even if for only an hour!)
    – experimenting with baking something I’ve never tried before!
    – time with hubby, even if for just a little while (he’s been sick, hibernating in our room the past two days)
    – being around adults again tomorrow! The sickness has been making its rounds, so I’ve been off work for several days…
    – a full fridge = God’s provision for our family!

  • MK says:

    1. Alarm clock for my girls — it lights up at 7am, and they’re allowed to get out of bed. I get soooooooooooooo much more work done in the morning now without little people underfoot. They’ve woken before the alarm most days, but they chatter to one another in their room until shouting, “It’s green, Mom! Mo-ooooooooooooooom, the alarm is GREEEEEEEEEEEN!”

    2. Moving the baby out of our bedroom — I never understood how people got their babies to sleep through the night. So, we tried moving our 4-month-old to the kitchen (just for now). He babbled around 2:30 the first night, but last night I never heard him until 4am. It. was. blissful.

    3. Making time to read again (and about food waste, of all things).

    4. A pencil skirt I can finally fit back into (even if there’s still 10 pounds of baby weight to go).

    5. Having the energy (because of more sleep!) to joke with my husband. It’s nice to start coming out of the post-partum fog!

  • Jamie says:

    Your jeans are super cute!

    1. Getting an iphone and actually saving money monthly
    2. More time with my 3 guys
    3. New Bible Study
    4. Antique shopping with a friend
    5. Friends who walk this journey with us

  • The Jessie K says:

    The turquoise jeans looks amazing on you! I’m thinking I may need to step out of my fashion comfort zone as well. 😉

    I can’t wait for the Makeover Your Mornings course! So excited about it and can’t wait to start! You’re doing AMAZING things! Huge applause! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    A handful of chocolate chips out of the bag is my treat every once in awhile! Years ago when I was in elementary school, I caught my mom doing this and now I always do it. I never tried it with peanut butter chips….

    1. Playing bananagrams with my daughter – fun!
    2. Picking loads of tomatoes from our garden.
    3. the first week of no school – the extra time I have to myself with my daughter sleeping in 🙂
    4. air conditioning and cold food – with our temperatures in the 100s!
    5. Seeing our daughter really learn important things, as she deals with a tragic situation. Heartbreaking and we are really proud of her.

  • Ashley says:

    The top photo reminds me of the Kardashian’s. I like your eyeliner, do you mind sharing what brand you use? Would you recommend it?

  • Robin says:

    Your style has change SOOOOOO much since I first starting reading your blog….before this blog. That’s not a bad thing….just saying. I’ve always thought it was neat to see people kind of evolve.

  • Love the peanut butter and chocolate chips too! I eat mine on top off sliced apples. YUM!! 🙂

  • Sonja says:

    I thought I was the only one who loved Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips! 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    Sharing a smoothie from Tropical Smoothies with the kids
    Crisp cool summer sheets
    Hearing the tweet twittering of the spring birds
    My jeans jacket for mornings that are still cool

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