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4 Ways to Market Your Business for Free

Great Tips & Takeaways here! 4 Ways to Market your Business for Free. I knew vaguely about all of these but learned so many new tricks to really maximize my efforts.

Guest post from Beth Anne Schwamberger of The Brilliant Business Moms podcast

In Crystal’s book, Money-Making Mom, she gives incredible advice on how to find a great business idea and how to grow that business wisely.

I agree with Crystal’s advice: You shouldn’t have to go into debt to start a business. There are so many opportunities to market your products or services, and grow your income without taking a hit to your bank account. While these methods will require hard work and an investment of time, the benefit is that once you know how to use them effectively, you can train a dependable team member to perform these tasks while you continue to grow. Catch Crystal’s Periscope replay on how to find and manage great help right here.

Below are four ways my sister and I have marketed our business for free.

1.) Pinterest. Pinterest isn’t just a great place for bloggers. Product-based businesses can do well here, too. Our current storefront is getting over 50% of its traffic from Pinterest. And did you know that pins that originated on Etsy make up some of the most re-pinned content on the entire site?

Quick Tips for Pinterest Marketing:

  • Create and curate boards that reflect the ideal lifestyle of your customers. For example, if you sell baby products, pins about parenting, activities you can do with your baby, and nursery inspiration will all help to draw in your ideal customer.
  • Pin original content. Since the majority of pins on Pinterest are re-pins (meaning they were found right on the platform), pinning items direct from a website can make them stand out — particularly if you pin newly published content.
  • Use killer keywords. Many people use the search bar on Pinterest to find content. If you use the right keywords in your pin descriptions and in your board titles, categories, and descriptions, your content can be found over and over again.

2.) Instagram. Instagram combines the visual appeal of Pinterest with relationship-building. Once we reached about 700 followers on the platform, we were able to make consistent sales. We’ve sold our products with flash sales, a Black Friday deal, lifestyle shots of our products, and photos and quotes from happy customers.

Quick Tips for Instagram Marketing:

  • Use a consistent photo editing style so that your feed feels cohesive. For example, you may choose to slightly over-expose your photos and add cool tones to them. Or you may choose to sharpen your photos and add warm tones. Whatever editing style you choose, pick a recipe and stick with it.
  • Use hashtags that will attract your ideal customer with each post. You can put up to 30 hashtags in the first comment of your photo. How do you find these hashtags? Use the search bar. As you discover posts with great hashtags, inevitably, they’ll lead you to other great hashtags you can try.
  • Like, comment, and interact on the posts of users who fit your target market. Build relationships, and you will build followers and brand enthusiasts in the process.

3.) Email Marketing. One of the best things you can do for your business is to build an email list. Despite all of the work we do on social media and the sales we earn there, email performs even better. You can build a relationship with your potential customers over time, and as you provide value in the form of great content and helpful information, they decide to make a purchase. Many email service providers are free until your first 2,000 subscribers. Crystal shared tons of practical tips on building your email list on Periscope. You can catch her replay here.

Quick Tips for Email Marketing:

  • Create a great freebie to encourage people to join your list. Simply stating “sign up to receive the latest posts” is not going to get you far. Your freebie could be a checklist, printable, coupon to your shop, e-book, free video training, access to a private Facebook group, or any number of other items.
  • Make sure your freebie attracts the right audience. If you sell knitted items, for example, you want to entice people who enjoy buying high-end, handmade items, not other knitters. Consider a style guide for winter knits, for example, instead of a free knitting pattern.
  • Set up an auto-responder sequence for new subscribers. This will make the process of building a relationship much easier. Introduce them to you, your business, and your best content. Provide helpful tips, then pitch your products or services after you’ve provided a lot of value. We just recently set up an auto-responder sequence, and it has been wonderful for our business! It’s not nearly as complicated as you might think. In MailChimp, for example, simply click Automation at the top, and the process is straightforward from there.

4.) Guest Posting. One of the most effective ways to reach a new audience, establish authority, and build relationships with influencers in your niche is to guest post.

Quick Tips for Guest Posting:

  • Read the Guest Post Guidelines on the site first. Every blogger will have different preferences and requirements, and you need to follow these exactly to make a great impression.
  • Get to know the blog’s content well. Pitch a topic that relates closely to content on the site but also fills a gap. Link to other posts on the blog to give their content a boost. And on that note: don’t link to your own content unless you’re given explicit permission to do so.
  • Offer a great freebie to the blogger’s audience so that you can continue to build a relationship with them.

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Beth Anne Schwamberger is the younger, quirkier half of the Brilliant Business Moms Podcast which she co-hosts with her sister Sarah. They’re passionate about providing the encouragement, support, and resources moms need to grow businesses on the side while also spending time with their families.

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  • Okay, so this is pretty brilliant. When I saw you link one of Crystal’s post in the very first paragraph, I thought, “wow, I’ve never seen a link back to the blog owners original content in a guest post before”. Little did I know that was an intentional move to establish relationship and credibility – I love that idea! 🙂 Thank you for the tips and showing us guesting posting done well. And your products are gorgeous as well!

    • Beth Anne says:

      Hi Katie! Thank you so much for your kind words. That’s so interesting that you haven’t seen a back link to the blogger’s own content before. And yes, it’s such a great strategy! And not only does it boost the blogger you’re working with, it also grounds the content so that it makes sense in the context of the blog as a whole. Not to mention, more people need to know how awesome Crystal’s Periscope content is 🙂

      Thank you again for reading, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

      Feel free to reach out with any questions. I could talk marketing all day!

  • Thank you so, so much for this post! I hadn’t heard of the Brilliant Business Mom Podcasts before. After looking through their archives, I am super excited to listen to them! So many excellent ideas and strategies for entrepreneurs. Thanks!

    • Beth Anne says:

      Hi Sarah!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and it’s so nice to meet you! You can catch all 125 episodes on our website or the past 100 episodes in iTunes – just search for “Brilliant Business Moms”

      We’ve been lucky enough to have Crystal on our podcast several times – she’s awesome!

  • THank you ! What a fun giveaway.

  • What a great post! I am just in the process of learning all this about blogging, as I want to grow my blog to bring in an income. I sure appreciate you and others who take the time to share your knowledge with those of us who are learning. Right now, I am finding it all a little bit overwhelming, but my husband is a great help to keep my feet firmly planted with one thing at a time.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post!

  • Sarah says:

    It seems the SurveyMonkey link is down. Hope it gets fixed because I would like to enter!

  • Wow on the Etsy pins, I had no idea. Thank you for the note about keywords on Pinterest. This is not something that I have been considering.

    When it comes to Instagram, are you just putting a link in your profile or a note on the image?

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