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4 Weeks to a More Organized Home {Simplified}: Day 3 Update

Missed this morning’s assignment? Find it here.

Today’s To Do List — almost all accomplished… and I’m looking forward to the reward of enjoying a movie with Jesse tonight after the kids are in bed! 🙂

We took a quick overnight trip last night, so I had some backpacks and other paraphernalia strewn around our room when I went to clean it today.

And though you can’t see it from this photo, the carpet also was in great need of vacuuming.

All picked up and vacuumed. Much better!

The freezer wasn’t too bad. After discovering the camera lens cap in the freezer during the last 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series, I’ve tried to be more vigilant about keeping it organized. 🙂

But I found a few things that needed to be tossed and I wiped the crumbs out of the shelves, too.

How you do on Day 3? I’d love to have you share your progress and success with us so we can be inspired. Either post a link to your blog post below or leave a comment with your update.

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  • Sydney says:

    I felt motivated today and praying that it will last:)

  • Marie says:

    thank you for the motivation of this series. I have been able to follow along and actually do quite a bit more things in my house as well. It’s been wonderful!!! It’s been long overdue!

  • Sarabell says:

    I was traveling the past few days so I’m excited to play catch-up! I loved the first series and so far I can tell I’ll love this one too!

  • Joan says:

    Was SO excited to complete today’s tasks. Very excited sbout the freezer cuz I did it yesterday with the fridge! So, as a ‘reward’ I did the extra 10 minutes in my bedroom. Thanks for the motivation and encouragement!

  • It looks so much more organized now, and I only found one mystery package! 🙂 (Which was spaghetti sauce and we ate it tonight!)

  • Brandy says:

    Anytime I clean my fridge now I think about your camera lens last time!

  • RuthS says:

    Your freezer is so empty!

    • Erin Roche says:

      Thanks Crystal, this is really keeping me going! I am having a teensy bit of a hard time finishing my tasks but I AM MAKING UP FOR THEM at some point during the day. My little one’s tooth finally broke through so it’s been a little intense with the teething. He’s been in the sling a lot helping Mama get organized!
      Thanks again for your generosity Crystal! Your E BOOK is really fantastic and I am staying inspired by you!

      • Crystal says:

        Teething babies are hard — especially if they are fussing most of the day, clingy, and not sleeping well at night. {Hugs!} to you! And thank you for your kind encouragement!

        I’m cheering for you!

    • Crystal says:

      I know! Especially compared to last time. Can you tell I need to do some more freezer cooking?!? 🙂

  • Rhonda says:

    I didn’t find out about this until Tuesday but I jumped in and am caught up.

  • Sherry Lochner says:

    Loving this series! Great way to feel accomplished without feeling like you are spending tons of time cleaning! I had to do both the fridge and freezer today as I didn’t get the fridge done yesterday. Just had to vacuum my room as it was already picked up. Hubby is so sweet as he always makes the bed. 🙂

  • Shelly says:

    The bedroom wasn’t too bad today just a little dusty. I must had forgotten to dust last week. 🙁
    But it is looking good now.
    My freezer wasn’t too bad today either, at least I didn’t find anything I couldn’t recognize. I also found some freezer items enough to make into our lunch for today and I found some cookie rolls I had made a while back so we even had cookies for dessert. 🙂

  • Victoria says:

    I am not doing so well this week with my own plan to organize a room a week until Christmas, it seems like every day my husband has an errand he needs to me to run that takes hours. Oh well, perhaps after a week of serving him, he will help me clean it up the family room this weekend.

  • Meredith says:

    I did well again yesterday. We cleaned our house last week so it’s not too bad. So, for the bedroom assignment, I wiped off our baseboards. Thanks for making me clean my deep freeze. I didn’t think it was that bad but my daughters school just had a fundraiser that sold a dessert type of frozen dessert bread. I have everything my family (all aunts, uncles, and cousins) ordered and I had totally forgotten I had dumped them in there. So it was nice to get it cleaned out!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Sadly haven’t felt any motivation I got sick last week and fell so far behind that everything looks like a daunting task. I catch up on the laundry only to see I have 3 more loads to do LOL
    My house could never look as neat and organized as yer alls 1. we got too much stuff that we like 2. by looking at the comparison of your bed to your room I think your bedroom is larger than my living room LOL! I told my husband I wanted at least 1500 sq ft but nooooo he had to get us this itty bitty house 😉 I’m just pickin’ on him.
    Good job on the staying motivated 🙂 I get some time off from work in December I’m hoping my motivation finds me then for now I’m just going to to gather up all the junk and put it in the utility area and point at the Thanksgiving guests and say “Off Limits! Now out!” as I threaten them with some implement of destruction from the kitchen drawer.

    • Susan says:

      I wanted to respond to Elizabeth’s comment. I can relate to having too much stuff in too little space.

      Something I started doing earlier this year that has worked well for me … I refuse to move piles. I used to do that. If company was coming, I’d hurriedly move stuff out of of view in the main living areas, but all that did was clutter up other areas of my small home and inevitably I’d end up losing something I needed.

      My home is still more cluttered and full than I would like, but now if I’m hurriedly decluttering, instead of just moving things into another room, I move them to where they belong … into the appropriate room/closet/drawer, into a donation box, or into the garbage. I’ve found that it really does not take any more time to do this. I realize you are using the word “junk” very loosely, but if it truly junk and not things you need or love, instead of putting it into another room of your home where you will need to deal with later, just get rid of it once and for all.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I do use the word junk losely other than papers… I seem to get buried under papers from the kids going to school, to coupons (even though I have an organizer I don’t know how I keep finding random coupons), to open enrollment paperwork and stuff for retirement to… well you get the point LOL
        My biggest problem currently I think is that my mother-in-law gave me cabinets 3 years ago she came in about a month ago and said “Give that back” for some remodeling for a house she’s selling. Which was my crafting, holiday cooking and laundry supplies. Needless to say I’ve never recovered. Her comment was “you have too much stuff” but I don’t really think of it as too much when I’m always pulling things out and using them. I may only make candles 10 times a year or so but I’d like to keep my molds for those 10 times. I may only laminate something once or twice a month but ya know I like the ability to do it LOL ~ In any case I’ll never have the perfect home but in the end I guess I can do what I can to keep it acceptable. My husband thinks it’s fine (men!) and my friends say “Well you work” just something about those excuses just doesn’t sit right. I think I saw an article about this is Working Mother magazine.
        Come December I’m taking 2 weeks off so I’m hoping very much to at least start going through paperwork and shredding what I don’t need and properly filing what I do. (Though it’ll take me weeks and just watch the kids and hubby will have my process destroyed within an hour! hehe)

        • Elizabeth says:

          I have to apologize that made me sound really whiney I’m still rather distressed as is apparent. Hubby and I got some scrap lumber we hope to build a shed next year so I have a place for my stuff and he can get his tools out of every nook and cranny 🙂
          Not whiney, just was very tired 🙂

  • Wow your freezer is empty. How do you do that? I always have little bits of leftovers in bags – drives me crazy!

    • Crystal says:

      We’ve been eating from the freezer for the past little while so my stock is running low… but we also haven’t spent a lot on groceries, either! 🙂

      We also have a deep freeze that is more full, otherwise this little freezer would be stuffed!

  • Angie says:

    I have heard that a freezer operates more efficiently when it’s full, so I keep jugs of water in there when my freezer gets empty. They’re easy to pull out if needed for space, and in a pinch they can be used as an emergency water source (once they thaw, of course)! One time we were without water for a few days, so now I always try to be prepared:)

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve heard that, too! Our freezers are usually full, so it’s not something I usually ever have to consider! I’m usually working on trying to fit everything in in an organized manner. 🙂 I’m excited that we’ve eaten up enough stuff to have some more room for freezer cooking — yay!

  • Susan says:

    Great series Crystal.

    I clean my fridge and freezer every Thursday evening because my garbage day is Friday. This works great for me. If I keep up with it weekly, then it only takes a few minutes. If you clean messes when they are little, they never get to be big.

    I downloaded the “Motivated Moms” chore schedule earlier this year and modified it for my home, family, and schedule. It’s been great.

  • Jean says:

    I am enjoying following along with this series and am already noticing small differences in our home in just 3 days. Thanks for having it!

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