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31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas: SuperPoints (Day 3)

31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas

Welcome to October’s series on 31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas. In this series, I’m highlighting simple and legitimate ways you can earn extra cash in the next three months for those of you who could use a little extra cash to help you pay for Christmas — or just for your living expenses if you’re in a tight spot right now.

If you’ve found a great way to make extra cash before Christmas that doesn’t require an outlay of cash upfront, please email me your tip. I’d love to hear it and possibly share it during this series!

Update on November 8, 2012: Unfortunately, it looks like Superpoints is no longer in operation, per a notice posted on their site.

I’ve been hearing a lot about SuperPoints recently and I finally jumped on board with them after getting an email from Carrie who blogs at Recipe For Life who said she’d earned $100 from it in the last year, mostly just by logging in and spinning the SuperPoints button every day.

I signed up and discovered that it’s similar to Swagbucks, except instead of earning Swagbucks by online searching, you earn points with SuperPoints by spinning the SuperPoints button. You’ll randomly be awarded points when you spin. I’ve been awarded an average of two points each day by spinning.

In addition, there are many other ways to earn — from clicking on links that they email you, taking surveys, watching videos, printing coupons, completing offers, or referring friends. You can cash in your points for Amazon gift cards, Paypal money, and many other rewards.

How Do You Sign Up for SuperPoints?

Just click here to sign up for SuperPoints. Once you sign up, just click on the link in your email to validate your account, and you can start earning points.

How Do You Earn Points?

The easiest way to earn points is by clicking on the SuperLucky button. When you first sign up, you’ll automatically get five clicks per day. However, if you take a minute to update your profile with your name, email address, and some other basic information, you’ll up your daily SuperLucky click limit to 25.

I earned 12 points just by doing this while we were watching the debate tonight. This might be something fun to have your kids do every day!

You can also earn points by clicking on the daily email that they send you. The daily email will typically award you between 2 and 25 points.

Plus, just like Swagbucks, you can also earn points by completing offers, watching videos, or referring friends. You’ll also have an option to unlock more earning opportunities when you refer more friends.

How Much Can You Earn?

By just clicking on the SuperLucky button and clicking on the daily email each day, I think you should come fairly close to earning a $5 Amazon gift card every other month, with the potential to earn more like $10 to $20 per month in Amazon gift cards if you refer a few friends who are active with SuperPoints (you’ll earn 25 points for every friend who signs up through your link and then matching points up to their first 1000 points earned).

What Can You Cash In Your Points For?

You can cash in your SuperPoints for Amazon gift cards, Paypal payments, restaurant gift cards, or even electronics. 600 points will earn you a $5 Amazon gift card. 689 points will earn you a $5 Paypal payment. However, please note that if you do not have any active referrals, you won’t be able to cash until for gift cards until you have a higher number of points.

Do You Need To Have Referrals To Really Earn Anything?

If you have a few referrals, it will help you unlock some additional earning opportunities and make it easier (and quicker) to cash in for gift cards. So I’d encourage you to invite your friends or post about it on your blog or social media outlets. If you have a few dozen active referrals, you can likely earn significantly more.

Have you tried SuperPoints before? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it and any inside tricks or tips you have.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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  • Julie F. says:

    I’m getting a security warning when I click on the SuperPoints link. Is anyone else having this issue? (site’s security certificate has expired)

    • Ashli says:

      Same here

      • Ilyssa says:

        I also got that message. It only means that they haven’t paid to renew their security certificate. (My husband is a software architect so he let me know what the deal was.) It should still be a safe website to visit. I joined Super Points tonight and had no pop-ups, virus alerts or problems.

        • Wendy says:

          I’d still be afraid to try it. Think I’ll pass on this.

          • Debbie says:

            I’ve been using Superpoints since March and I just logged in tonight and there was no security warning. It could be a security zone setting in internet explorer if you are using that browser. settings/internet options/security tab/security level for this zone and try lowering it if you are comfortable with that. I have had mine on the lowest setting for years and have never had any issues. I have a great antivirus/antimalware on board.

  • Deidre Jane says:

    I’m getting the security warning as well, which makes me not want to try this. Could anyone who is able to access this site safely please drop them a line and ask them to fix their security issues so we can all make a little cash? Thanks!

  • Sarabell says:

    Wow, sounds so easy and decent. I’m on my way to sign up right now! =]

  • Ashley says:

    When I click on the links my Security gives me an alert- is it safe?

  • Drisdy says:

    i couldn’t sign up through your link…

  • Angie says:

    I’m also getting the big red flag security warnings. I don’t think that has ever happened to me before!

  • lisa says:

    I get a “certificate error” when I click on the link and my virus scanner recommends not visiting the site.

  • victoria says:

    when i click link i get a security warning about it.. is this site okay and not run by an internet attacker?

  • Amie says:

    I signed up for Superpoints around Thanksgiving last year and had a few referrals that were active for a while. I’ve cashed in for $110 cards which I use for gifts. I do this, Swag Bucks, and Mypoints consistently. I have also signed up for 2 survey companies that I do when I have free time.(which isn’t often) I’ve cashed in for $10 so far. I love the extra “income” from clicking emails, the Super Lucky Button, watching videos, and taking surveys. I use Swag Bucks for CVS cards to pay for diapers and household products and everything else goes to gifts. Last year, my husband and I were really active with Swag Bucks and earned a few hundred in cards. I know that many people understandably avoid credit cards, but I have a Chase card that I’ve used to pay for groceries and gas and then cashed the points in for gift cards. Last year, I only paid $200 for Christmas and that was mostly cash gifts for cash gifts for extended family.

  • I like many other others it seems am getting a warming not to go to the sight.

  • Marty says:

    I went ahead and clicked through the security warning but it gives me an Internal Error when I try to sign up so I guess the site is down.

  • Tara says:

    The only caveat I found is that unless you have a lot of referrals or are “higher” on their scale you can’t cash out for the $5 gift cards. I had enough points for a gift card and it told me I wasn’t allowed to redeem for it. It comes to the same number of points for the higher gift cards it’s just that you have to wait a lot longer to get it. Just wanted to point that out to those that are hoping for the cards before Christmas.

    • Claudia says:

      Yes, I was going to mention this, too. I really don’t think you can compare SwagBucks to Superpoints. Superpoints is, well, more like one of those pyramid schemes. With SwagBucks, when you earn your points, you can immediately cash them out for gift cards. However, you are not allowed to cash out for the lower level gift cards in SuperPoints unless you have active referrals underneath you. If you never get any referrals, you will not be able to cash out for the smaller gift cards, so you have wasted a lot of time and effort.

      • Crystal says:

        Thanks so much for the update. I just edited my post to reflect that you need to have referrals under you to make it worth your while.

      • Wendy says:

        I’m beginning to think that most of these type of sites are pyramid schemes. They all seem to award more points for the more referrals you bring in. So if you have a blog and can get people to sign up under you, you will benefit more. If you sign up under this link, Crystal will benefit by getting more points–which is fine. But I just think people need to be aware that the blogger recommending these type of sites will get much more out of it than the average person like me (no blog, not on the computer much, etc..) I don’t even do the swagbucks. I couldn’t see how a point here and there would even be worth my time and I deleted my account points and all.

        • Crystal says:

          Hi, Wendy! Thanks for your concern. I try to be really straightforward in what I post here so you can know what to expect. I also always include a note at the bottom of posts that have affiliate links in them so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting here.

          I’m very careful about what I post and the only reason I felt comfortable posting about SuperPoints was because it was recommended to me by multiple people who didn’t have a lot of referrals underneath them.

          I try to remember what it felt like when Jesse was in law school and we had no money. I would have jumped on opportunities like this! And I know many of people here in very tight spots, so that’s why I share about things like this — even though they might seem like a lot of work to someone who is in a different financial position. Remember that there are people reading here to whom and extra $5 here and there can be a HUGE help.

          And by the way, my post tonight is about a program that anyone can do and earn $5 in Amazon gift cards — and there isn’t a referral program for it! 😉

          Also, we’ll be talking about a LOT of different ways to earn money in this series. I’m starting out with ones that would be good to get going on early, but they’ll be plenty of other things to come. So if something doesn’t work for you, just skip it… they will hopefully be at least a few things that will work for you from the 31 ideas I share.

          Have a wonderful day!

          P.S. I also wanted to mention that any time I am blessed with a lot of referral links/credit, I do my best to steward that wisely by passing on the blessing to others — sharing the credit/gift cards or using it to buy something for someone in need. So when you sign up with my referral links, you’re blessing a lot of people in the process — and THANK YOU to everyone who is so gracious to use my links when signing up. You’ll never know all of the lives you’ve impacted!

          • Wendy says:

            Forgive me if it sounded like I was accusing you of being dishonest. That was definitely NOT my intent. You are always straight forward and I do appreciate that. I am one of those people who have a tight budget, but it just seems like so many of these type of things take so much extra time & effort to earn pennies that it’s not even worth my time. I just wonder about all those who say they are earning hundreds of dollars from Swagbucks or such sights. I wonder how they are doing it entirely on their own unless they are spending lots of time on the computer and taking advantage of every single point. It was not my experience to earn hundreds or even $5 per month and I’d rather be anywhere else than in front of a screen all day.

          • Lizzie says:

            Really a pyramid scheme is when you pay to join something and the top people get your cash because you signed up.

            This is NOTHING like that at all.

            Crystal is very giving and uses her blog to bless others. She is not getting rich of superpoints…

  • Katherine says:

    I signed up for this website quite a while ago. However, without having any “friends,” it’s really not worth the time. I only acquired about 500 points within a several month time period. I never qualified for any surveys, and I only earned about 1 or 2 points when I spun the wheel. If you have your own blog and can get several people to sign up under your referral, than yeah, this site would probably be worth it since you earn points when they earn points. But since no one I know wanted to sign up, I have since deleted my account.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks so much for your input!

      • Sarah says:

        I just signed up and am looking forward to see how much I can earn. I buy our Christmas presents with Swagbucks every year, but with a growing family extra gift cards can’t hurt!

    • Krysten says:

      I’ve also been a member for a few months, and it’s really slow going. Swagbucks is definitely better! I’ve given up on the time-consuming Super-Lucky Button, though I still click on the emails. I have 201 points after 2 or 3 months. I’m going to stick with it until I get 1 gift card, but after that, I may cancel my account.

  • Crystal says:

    Even though I allowed the link, when I click to register, it is not allowing me and comes up with an error code.

  • Mistie Wood says:

    I need a code or token from an active member to join. Can you help?

  • Wendy says:

    I also have been a member since thanksgiving of 2011. When you don’t have referrals you have to get 2000 points then you are able to get a $10 ecard. From then you have to get 1000 points and you are able to get $5 one. But you do not get any points for printing coupons. I double checked after printing some. ( My opinion help a blogger by printing off there site since they are gracious enough to help you.)

  • MrsDixieinTn says:

    This has by far been the best way for me to earn giftcards!! I love superpoints. I’ve never had any issues with it, and it is so easy. My kids love to watch the button spin.

    If anyone would be interested in signing up, I have a 25 & 50 point referral link, but I certainly don’t want to take away a referral away from Crystal. 🙂
    Here is the 25 link one
    And the 50 point link one

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve been a SuperPoints member since December, and even going weeks at a time without spinning the button, I cashed out a $25 iTunes gift card last month. I have 2 referrals, neither of which have been active for months, but I still get the benefits of more daily spins, and a lower cash-out threshold.

    Yes, it is a little pyramid scheme-y, but it IS possible to get decent earnings without a huge downstream.

    If anybody wants to sign up under me, it would be awesome. I need all the points I can get right now because I am saving up for a 5th anniversary present for my husband 😉

    • Jill says:

      I would be glad to sign up under you and try it out. Let me know how to do so.

      • Debbie says:

        If I wasn’t already signed up, I’d sign up under you. It’s one thing to get referrals, but another for them to be active. I have 1 or 2 inactive referrals myself. Good luck!

  • Susan Smith says:

    I haven’t been impressed with Superpoints. I have been able to earn a lot more on Swagbucks. I will probably cancel my account after I get my first giftcard. There are a lot of the same offers on Superpoints and Swagbucks; if I’ve completed that offer through Swagbucks, I can’t complete the same offer through Superpoints.

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