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31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas: (Day 17)

31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas

Welcome to October’s series on 31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas. In this series, I’m highlighting simple and legitimate ways you can earn extra cash in the next two months for those of you who could use a little extra cash to help you pay for Christmas — or just for your living expenses if you’re in a tight spot right now.

If you’ve found a great way to make extra cash before Christmas that doesn’t require an outlay of cash upfront, please email me your tip. I’d love to hear it and possibly share it during this series!

Guest post from Shannon of Tethered Mommy

I’ve discovered an interesting (and fun!) way to earn a few Amazon cards — just for getting rid of stuff I don’t need. I use to give away my items and receive credits that I can use to “buy” other things that I do want and need such as Amazon gift cards, Chili’s gift cards, and more.

What is Listia?

Listia is an online auction similar to eBay yet no money is exchanged (unless the winning bidder pays for shipping). Instead, credits are used to win auctions and are received when your auctions have “sold”.

How does it work?

If you have something you’d like to list, you would take a photo of it and list it using their auction platform. You’ll  choose a category, write a description, and select how long you would like the auction to run (ten days is the max).

There’s no cost to list an item and you’ll receive free credits for doing so. You can also receive free credits for offering free shipping, earning badges, and more. If your item ends with a winning bid, you’ll receive the credits for that auction.

Once you’ve accumulated a decent amount of credits, you can bid on auctions you’re interested in. The Amazon cards are very popular so I try to find some with a low GIN (Get It Now) price. I’ve won a $5 Amazon card for 2500 credits, but now that Listia is getting more popular I don’t think I’ll find one for that low again.

How much time does it take?

It take about 10-15 minutes to list an auction — basically however long it takes you to photograph your item, upload the picture, and create your listing.

How much can I earn?

The key to listing items on Listia is offering items that cost little or nothing to ship. You’ll want to offer small, lightweight items that can ship with just the cost of a stamp or two, such as CD’s or necklaces.

It’s amazing the items people will bid on! I’ve seen MyCokeRewards codes being listed and have started collecting caps myself to create an auction of my own. These codes can then be emailed to the winning bidder, saving you from having to pay shipping costs. Just make sure to include a photo of the caps because there is a rule that no intangible goods can be sold.

I recently received a TJ MAXX $10 store credit and will not be using it since the closest TJ Maxx is two hours away. Instead, I’m going to list on Listia — and that should result in a large number of credits (plus, it will only cost $0.45 to ship!)

You can also earn credits by referring your friends. When they successfully list their first auction, you’ll get 500 credits! And they’ll get 100 credits simply by joining.

You’re not going to get rich, but Listia is a great way to earn Amazon cards from things you no longer need or can’t use. Then, you can use your Amazon gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts or other things your family needs!

Shannon is a blogger at Tethered Mommy. She’s always on the lookout for ways to earn extra money when you’re “tied-up” at home.

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  • Lana Hope says:

    NEAT! Never heard of this!

  • Amanda says:

    I made sure to sign up under you! 🙂 We have lots of Coke rewards points!!

  • Jaclyn says:

    This just seems weird…

  • Tori says:

    Worth checking out, though it does sound odd. Never heard of it.

    • Sara T says:

      I searched independent reviews and think I’ll pass. There is not much to hold either purchasers or buyers accountable, EBay is much safer. I’d rather post things like coke codes on established trade boards.

  • Kristie Head says:

    For me Listia is addicting!! I have been actively using the site for 9 months. Although the accountability is lower than e-bay, the few, small problems I had with purchasers & buyers were handled by Listia quickly & satisfactorily. I have gotten some wonderful, expensive items: a brand new breast pump with case & accessories for my daughter, many new baby outfits, a Lia Sophia necklace, Wal-mart & Burlington Baby gift cards, new cast iron Cajun skillets, a Coach wallet and much more.

    E-bay is a better place to make extra $, yet Listia is a great place to pick up new items at deep discount prices (credits)!

  • Kara says:

    Listia is great! I’ve been able to post things with really low cost shipping to get credits to then purchase nice gifts for Christmas and birthdays, even coupons for free things now and again. I’m throwing a baby shower in December but have a LOW budget and I’ve been able to get a lot of items for the gift and games – LOVE Listia!!

    • Kara says:

      Oh, and it’s an excellent motivator for that reason to declutter those little items you never really use but don’t want to throw out! 😉

  • jenn p says:

    I am addicted to Listia as well. It’s basically like a simple bartering system. I’ve gotten rid of dozens of little things around the house and have gotten: ipods, cameras, gift cards, coupons, etc. While “sellers” aren’t held as accountable as on eBay, if there’s ever an issue, your credits are refunded. I have won a few auctions that went unfulfilled (never heard from seller, never received item), but my credits were all refunded by Listia moderators. A good rule of thumb is to not bid on new people and then to always check feedback and user verification. If they’ve only sold coke codes, they’re probably not legit for that ipad 2 they now suddenly have. Or if their verification is by facebook only and their account is less than a month old, it’s most likely fake as well. My account is legit tho, lol 🙂

  • Anne Gollinott says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…
    As an RN who works 12-16 hour midnight shifts ever week at 65 years old, any time off is braindead. I’m sure I could do a few of these in this condition. Grin.

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