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This might change your life… or at least your hair. (Or I might be embarrassing myself.)

I have fallen in love with this product!

Y’all. I have some news for you today.

And I may be the last person on earth to know this. Some of you will probably read this post and be like, “Hello, Crystal. We’ve all known this for years and years and years. Where have YOU been??”

I’m willing to put this out there and embarrass myself for one reason: Because I had a hair epiphany this week. And I can’t keep it to myself.

So I’m just going to risk the possibility of showing how little I know in the hopes that this post might change someone’s hair issues. Because if even one person is helped by this post, it will be worth it.

Here’s the truth: I have very thick, very straight, dry hair.

Now, lest you start feeling all jealous that my hair is thick, let me set the record straight: my hair is not the kind of hair that you see on those luxurious hair commercials.

Nope. It’s more like straw. Thick, thick straw.

I’ve fussed and fought and struggled with it through the years. I’ve tried different cuts. I’ve experimented with different gels and creams and sprays and shampoos. I’ve switched conditioners. I’ve used leave-in conditioner.

No matter what I’ve done or tried, it’s just still like trying to shape and brush and curl and tame straw.

I had made peace with my straw hair. And I was content to go through life with my straw head… because there are worse things and I’m all about choosing gratitude and focusing on the good.

But then I got an email from the folks at NuMe. They asked if they could send me some hair products to try out and possibly review.

I wasn’t really too excited about it. I didn’t have high hopes.

But since I knew some of you would find a review interesting and I’ve always wanted to try to figure out how to use a hair straightener, I said yes.

I had no idea that this was going to change my life.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.11.09 PM

The products came and I dutifully took them out of the box. There was this Argan Oil in the box and I thought, “What could it hurt? I’ll just put a little on my hair.”

So I did.

And my world changed. The straw became soft and luxurious. For real.

I kept looking in the mirror wondering who I’d switched hair with. But nope, it was really mine. And this change happened with just a little dab of a product on my hand and 30 seconds to run it through my hair.

I thought maybe it was just me who noticed the difference. But then I went on Facebook to do a video (see it here). I didn’t say anything about my hair. The video had nothing to do with hair. However, multiple people commented and one person even texted me saying, “Your hair looks amazing!!”

The next day, my hair looked so good. It was so soft and easy to work with.

I thought maybe it was a fluke. So I washed my hair and tried it again.

Same. Exact. Thing.

It wasn’t a fluke; this Argan Oil really, really works! I researched it a little bit and found out you can use it as a hair and scalp treatment, leave-in conditioner, or pre-styling treatment. This hair serum is filled with Vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids that nourish the hair.

For me, it seems to work best if I put it in once my hair is dry and ready to style. You just need a tiny little bit. Rub it on your hands and then start working it into the underneath sections of your hair first. Finally, run your hands over the top sections of your hair.

{Oh goodness. Did I just do a little mini hair tutorial there?? I’m a little freaked out by that since I am NOT the girl you should be getting hair tutorials from. If you’re a hair stylist and you’ve used Argan Oil before, please help me out and tell us if I’m explaining the details all wrong on how to use this stuff. And you can laugh at my feeble attempts to try to explain this stuff, too! ;)}

I have fallen in love with this hair product!

I also tried out the hair straightener and loved it, too. In fact, Jesse saw me after I used it and was like, “I LOVE your hair!” 

It doesn’t just make your hair beautifully straight (especially when paired with the Argan Oil!), but you can also use it to get this cool beachy waves look. I love that it’s an easy way to change up hairstyles and looks without a lot of effort. This 1.25-inch Silhouette Flat Iron uses 100% ceramic floating plates and negative ion therapy and it will not only curl or straighten your hair, it also adds shine and health.

Get the Silhouette Flat Iron + a bottle of Argan Oil for just $39 shipped right now!

If you struggle with frizzy hair like me and you are looking for a solution, I have GREAT news for you: NuMe is offering a very special deal on both products to my readers right now!

I asked them to do a really amazing deal and they came up with a good deal, but it wasn’t good enough, in my opinion. So I went back to them and asked if they could lower the price and throw in free shipping, too.

Guess what? They were so kind and gracious to do just that! Through June 30, 2016, you can get their Silhouette Flat Iron + a bottle of Argan Oil for just $39 shipped!

Here’s how to both for just $39:

  1. Click here and add the Silhouette Flat Iron to your cart (you can choose from pink, turquoise, or black).
  2. The Argan Oil will automatically be added to your cart for free.
  3. Go to checkout and use coupon code MSM39GRAD and it will knock the price down to just $39.
  4. Shipping will be free and your total should be $39 at checkout.

Both of these together usually retail for $139 total… so this is a GREAT deal. And if you have similar results as me, I can tell you that it’s a REALLY, REALLY good deal!

Get your NuMe Flat Iron Deal here.

{This post was underwritten by NuMe. Read my disclosure policy here.}

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