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Freezer Cooking in an Hour Flop

So, today’s Freezer Cooking in an Hour felt like a royal flop. However, nothing actually ended up in the trash, so I guess it wasn’t a complete flop.

I had high hopes for these Coconut Flour Waffles. I should have realized that they would have tasted rather egg-y though, since they do happen to have six eggs and only 1/4 cup coconut flour. I guess I failed to notice that until after I was making the recipe. Oops.

At any rate, the batter cooked on the waffle iron okay, but they just didn’t taste all that great in my opinion. The children said they were fine, but they didn’t gobble them down like they usually do fresh-off-the-waffle-iron waffles.

I think we’ll stick to this Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Waffle recipe.

And the Flourless Fudge Cookies looked so good, but I messed up the recipe by using whole eggs instead of egg whites. Don’t ask what I was thinking as I apparently wasn’t! I was chatting with my sister while I was making them and maybe that’s why I failed to think about the ramifications of that recipe tweak.

The batter was really soupy, so I decided to try adding in some gluten-free oats and chocolate chips. It didn’t seem to make that much of a difference as the pan of cookies clearly shows. 🙂

My brother was over and he walked in the kitchen saying, “It smells so good in here, what are you making?” After seeing the pan of “cookies” (if you can call them that), he wasn’t quite as excited about the good smells. Instead he asked, “What is THAT?!”

Kathrynne, sweet girl that she is, tried to console me by saying, “Mom, I think they look good.”

Despite how flat, run together, and crumbly the cookies were, they actually tasted great. And I think the recipe would be really good if I used egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Oh when will I ever learn to stop making so many substitutions?!? 🙂

Have you had any recipe successes or failures recently?

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  • Sarah says:

    Hi Crystal!

    I just found out I am allergic to gluten and soy about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE baking, so I have been experimenting already with recipes I can make cheaply at home. I found a great oatmeal raisin recipe, but I tweaked it a bit and used chocolate chips instead of raisins :<) I also doubled the recipe and used yogurt instead of oil and in place of milk (I made this recipe twice, the first time they were very dry and hard to even form into balls, the second time I used yogurt in place of the oil and they were more moist!) They were so good and flourless!

  • I have a habit of listening to music and dancing with my children while I am cooking and it has led to some rather interesting outcomes. We call them happy accidents because we were having fun making them.

    I intentionally changed a flourless chocolate cookie to include whole eggs because I don’t always feel like finding a way to use up the yolks (and it goes against my nature to toss them): Flourless Chocolate Cookies

  • Theresa says:

    When I was first venturing into allergy friendly cooking, I altered recipes very little because I didn’t really know what to expect. It wasn’t nearly as fun because I always played with recipes before! Now I like to challege myself by just using any old recipe and making it safe for our family.

    Btw – my oldest was reading over my shoulder just now and said, “Mmmm, those cookies look yummy!” 🙂

  • Dineen says:

    I made coconut macaroons yesterday with my little one (a gluten-free easy recipe — you can find lots of flourless versions). I halved the recipe, since I didn’t think they would freeze well, being primarily egg and I didn’t want our small family to “pig-out”. So, instead of six egg yolks to deal with, I only had 3. I just added them to our scrambled eggs the next morning for the super extra burst of all the good things in yolks. They were yummy. If I weren’t in the habit of making eggs every morning for an easy high-protein breakfast, homemade pudding or a even a custard (quiche with leftovers probably) would have been my next use.
    Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures has a flourless chocolate cookie that’s a lot like Premeditated Leftovers’, but just egg white (and uses chocolate chips like you). It’s in her allergy section. She also recommends parchment to keep the cookies from spreading. I’ve not made it, but it’s on my “try” list.

  • Dineen says:

    Oh, and coconut flour recipes… I am struggling with the egg-y taste too with the recipes I’ve tried.

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