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31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget Video Series: 3 Tips for Saving Money on Meat

I know it’s rather comical that I’m doing a video on saving money on meat when I just posted about the 20 pounds of grass-fed ground beef we bought last week. However, for years we ate very little meat as a way to save money. It was a sacrifice we both decided was worth it in order to stay out of debt and survive on a very small income.

The ideas I share in this video might not work for your family, but hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration for ways you might be able to spend less on meat. I’d love to hear your additional ideas and suggestions in the comments.

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  • Sandra Lee says:

    I love our Meatless Mondays! I made a peach and cherry frittata yesterday for this week’s meatless meal. So, so many wonderful meatless recipes out there. When I was a young girl, once a month my mom would let us eat nothing but corn-on-the-cob for dinner. Oh my gosh, we loved it! Soups are another great meatless meal, and they easily can introduce all sorts of beans to your family. Navy beans or cannellini beans are good ones to start with.

  • Marlie says:

    This may gross some people out, but my family survives off of venison. I NEVER have to buy beef. We stock our fridge during hunting season, and it will last us throughout the year. It is much cheaper and the meat is actually “organic” if you think about it.

    The meat is so clean and doesn’t have that stinky beef smell when it is cooking. This has really saved my family a lot of money.

  • Jamie says:

    Just to add that if you are looking to feed your family a healthier diet dropping a considerable percentage of meat from your diet is a great way to do it. The US is one of the only countries that makes meat the centers of our meals – and note that we are also one of the most unhealthy. Personally I limit my meat consumption to fish, eggs & the occasional turkey my children eat much the same way with the addition of some chicken and my husband gets some read meat about once a week. I would much rather spend my grocery money on high quality produce than small economy cuts of meat.
    IF you decide to limit your red meat intake be sure to have your iron levels checked (especially women of child bearing age) since the best source of iron for our bodies comes from red meat. I have to supplement my iron with a daily vitamin.

  • Amanda says:

    I can stretch 1# of ground beef/turkey for spaghetti into 3 meals for us. My husband does not eat veggies well, neither my 3 yr old son. I find the spaghetti sauce with chunks of veggies and add more to it. They don’t realize they are eating carrots and zucchini. By doing this, they get some veggies and it makes enough sauce for us for 3 meals.

    I am gonna have to try the pinto beans now! thanks!!!

    • Shannon Johnson says:

      Thanks! My husband eats a few veggies but not enough greens and especially my 13 year old daughter! She’s probably the worst! So doing this will be very helpful! Thanks!

  • Ann says:

    Hi there!

    I find that the morning before the weekly ad goes out, there is (the ‘good’ brand) BS Chicken Breasts at 50% at my Safeway. I usually get enough for the week. Also I have seen the more expensive Lean ground turkey (usually 7.99 pkg) here at 50-70% off. It’s a day or two by the use/ freeze by date- but I usually freeze my meat anyway.
    I absolutely agree that the key is to limit the amount of meat you eat. It is much healthier to cut back. We have at least three meat-free dinners a week. A few, we use very minimal meat: Baked potato (and baked potato soup) with a little crumbled turkey bacon on top, Eggplant parm, Baked Mac and cheese, Quiche. If you put our a salad, garlic bread, a side of veggies or something really satisfying like crunchy swwet potato fries- the meat wont be missed.
    I wouldn’t try to substitute only a tiny salad for a family used to getting a big slab of meat on their plate. 🙂

  • Karen S. says:

    One thing I do when I’m out the store… I’m a tag reader. There was a recent deal at my store where you get $1 off ground beef when you buy 2 Vlassic pickles, any size. I bought the pickles and went and got a $1 package of ground beef. I didn’t really need the beef, but to get it for free… why not? It is a small package, only about 1/3 lb but it was free. I do this for every deal that I have coupons for the products for. I now have 5 $1 packs of meat in the freezer.

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