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Our $0.31 night of fun!

Did you get your $0.31 ice cream from Baskin Robbins tonight? We certainly did!

We've missed a lot of the other recent great food freebies and deals since I was too sick to make it out of the house. But the antibiotics are finally kicking into gear and I'm feeling much more energetic (I didn't know that was possible at 40 weeks pregnant, but compared to how sick I was last week, I feel great this week!) so we ventured out tonight to enjoy some very inexpensive and delicious ice cream.

Of course, apparently we weren't the only ones to have decided to hit up Baskin Robbins tonight. In fact, we had a hard time even finding a place to park–there were scores of people everywhere when we pulled up! The line was stretched quite far out the door but that didn't deter us. After all, patience is a virtue, right?

Waiting on the bench outside for Daddy to bring our ice cream. Kaitlynn wasn't too thrilled at having her picture taken!

And still waiting for Daddy to get to the front of the line! The girls were very patient and had a blast watching through the window as the long line of people gradually made it up to the ice cream counter.


Ice cream at last! Yum!

Yours truly (aka The Very Pregnant and Swollen Mama!) with my two little precious girlies.

It was a fun and memorable evening–all for only $0.31 per person!

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  • You look so great! I can’t believe you’re at the end of your pregnancy. Your little girl’s dresses are so cute.

    ~ Jennifer

  • wendy says:

    You look great! We totally forgot about 31 cent night!

  • Wish we had one here:) Looks like a very fun night!
    3 very beautiful ladies-no way your 40 WEEKS! I looked like death warmed over by then…
    Best Wishes for an “EASY” delivery;)

  • Robin says:

    We went last night. It wasn’t too crowded at our BR, but there were definitely more people than usual. And the ice cream was excellent!

  • Tracy says:

    You look great! I don’t think you look anywhere near as big as I remember feeling at full term!

  • Lisa says:

    You look absolutely terrific, Crystal!

    If that’s what sick and swollen looks like, you have nothing to worry about, honey! I only wish I’d look half that good when I’m sick!!!

    Take care!

  • Muddy says:

    Cute pictures, glad you guys had a fun night out as a family before the new little one arrives.

  • Lady Di says:

    Missed it, can you believe I forgot? But thanks for the pictures of you & your girls.

  • Julie says:

    You look great!

  • So nice that you were able to get out. You look amazing at 40 weeks. At that far along I was so huge, I don’t like anyone to see those pictures. Hot 40 week pregnant mama alert here! 🙂 BTW love your girl’s dresses!

  • Nicole says:

    How cute! You look to be in the same boat as me. I’m not sure if you mentioned before how old your girls are but I’ve got three under 3. Oldest daughter turns 3 at the end of June, youngest daughter is 19 months, and then we had baby number three out little boy who is 6 months. Good luck to you! I can’t to find out what you’ll have! And yes, you look great!

  • Your girls are just darling! I love those pretty dresses you dress them in;-) And, you look wonderful, especially considering you’re just getting over being sick AND you’re due to have that baby any day now!

  • Staci says:

    Yes we got the yummy ice cream. Kids loved cotton candy. It was fun. Thanks for the post on it. I hope you have a wonderful birth of your new baby. I love your blog!!! Staci from

  • Ahh! You guys are too cute! Here’s wishing you an easy labor, Crystal…


  • Patti says:

    You look great!! Best wishes in the days ahead. We went to BR last night – dh and I were able to get two scoops each for 31 cents a scoop. We walked there and back on a beautiful spring night so it was a fabulous “cheap date”.

  • Cindy says:

    No Baskin Robbins here but I love the pictures of your girls enjoying their icecream. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Great picture of you and girls also

  • Nancy says:

    You’ve got a beautiful family!! I have three teens and had to wait for the third to get my girl. Girls are definately worth waiting for. BUT boys are WONDERFUL too. Good luck to you and your family as you go through the transition of expanding your family. Enjoy every minute it truely does go by in a flash.
    Nancy in Alabama
    PS: thank you for all you do to help us build better financial lives!!

  • Kelly says:

    Your girls are adorable and you look amazing! Enjoy the last couple days as much as you can before number 3 arrives! Trust me, once you and your husband are outnumbered, it’s a whole new juggling game. It’s great, but exhausting.

  • Kimberly says:

    Wow! To be 40 weeks pregnant and look that great, especially after being so sick! You are one awesome mama! Thanks for posting this pic. We’ve all been so curious as to how you look pregnant, that I think everyone will enjoy this post.

    By the way, I know if the baby turns out to be a girl, it will be a good thing, since you already have so many girl clothes and things. But for your husband’s sake, I hope it’s a boy, to kind of even things out!! Hee hee. Can’t wait to hear the offical news!

  • Diana says:

    I’m so excited that you’ve finally put up a picture of you pregnant! As far as I can remember, you haven’t until now. You really do look great and fabulous! And the girls are gorgeous as usual. And you actually don’t look 40 weeks pregnant! You could definitely pass for 7 months!
    I’m personally hoping you add a little boy to the mix. 🙂

  • Jana Liebermann says:

    So great you got to get out! My hubbie and I had a little ice cream cheapie date night!! The BR was so efficient! They were ready for the crowd!! Kudos to them! We pitched in the change to their tip jar, so they got a whole $1 from us! Woo hoo!!

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