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15 Ways to Have More Energy (Part 4)

15 Ways to Have More Energy

We’ve been talking about ways to have more energy this week. If you missed the first two posts in this series, read them here.

10. Laugh Often

It’s well been said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” It’s amazing how smiling, laughing, and seeing the humorous side of life can just make life more enjoyable — and give you much more zest for life!

We laugh a lot at our house. We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at each other, and we sometimes laugh for seemingly no reason at all — or at least we forgot what it was that we were first laughing about. 🙂

Yes, sometimes we’re just a bit on the crazy side around here — like when Jesse and I decided to create a good night cheer for the kids before bed the other night. We were all pretty much rolling on the floor after our attempts at putting together a cheer with chant, jumps, hand motions, and all. 😉 However, we believe life is meant to be savored — and sometimes being silly just makes it a whole lot more fun!

I’m always on the lookout for a funny story to share with Jesse from something the children say or do. If I find some funny photo or saying on Pinterest, I’ll email it to Jesse or save it to show him when he comes home. And we also love to watch comedy clips or funny movies as a family.

Look for the humor in life — and you’ll probably start to find it just about everywhere!

11. Clear the Clutter

Whether it’s paper clutter, an overloaded email inbox, or lots of stuff in your house that you don’t love and use, clutter can drain you, bog you down, and zap your energy and creativity.

Everyone has a different level of clutter tolerance, but if you’re tripping over excess stuff at your house and struggling to find stuff in piles of unopened mail, chances are your home could use a little purging.

Going through my house from top to bottom twice a year and doing a complete clutter overhaul is something that has been extremely effective in helping us keep a handle on clutter. I also find it helpful to ask myself five questions about what I own:

::Do I need this item?
::Do I use this item on a regular basis?
::Do I like this item?
::Is this item taking up space I don’t have?
::Could I bless someone else with this item?

12. Stop Worrying

We can waste precious amounts of time, energy, and thought worrying. And how much of the time do the things we worry about actual come to pass?

Instead of letting yourself just go round and round fretting over what probably never will be, redirect that energy into something positive. Anytime I catch myself worrying, I try to instead pour that energy and time into something more productive: reading, writing, exercising, listening to an audiobook, cleaning, singing, or serving someone else. Most of the time, I quickly forget about what I was worrying about!

As a Christian, I also have made a commitment to pray instead of worry. When I start mulling over something and being concerned or fearful over what might be, I try to remember to refocus my thoughts on what I know to be true: God is in control and He will give me grace for whatever situation comes my way. And then I pray and commit that situation over to Him — and I get busy doing something else that’s much more important and productive than worrying.

…To be continued tomorrow.

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  • Rebecca says:

    I love that picture that says, “worrying will never change the outcome”. How true! So why waste precious time and energy on worry? I like how you try to channel that worry into something else like writing or exercising. Such a great idea!

  • Laughing I’ve got down, but the other 2 might be my 2 greatest struggles. Thanks for tying them into the energy factor for me. It gives me another reason to continue to work on them!

    My husband is currently unemployed and the worrying has really been getting to me lately. Thank you for the encouragement and advice. I am taking it to heart.

    • Marie says:

      Elizabeth- I’m praying for you. In the past two years we’ve gone through two bouts of unemployment. The first time it was 6 months and I was pregnant and on home nurse care because I was so sick. God held us in the palm of his hands and provided in amazing ways!!! I can look at that time now and know that if my husband had been working I don’t know who would of cared for me or the kids. And this current time was 4 1/2 months. And last week our prayer was answered and he found a job here so it means no more traveling!!! It’s easy to say God will take care of you but it is SOOO true.

      • Thanks for this encouraging word, Elizabeth. You’re so right! My husband went through a year of unemployment and it was HARD, but God provided for us also in amazing ways. I still have no idea how we survived that year. The only way I can explain it to anyone is that it was God. And He still blesses us on a regular basis to meet larger financial needs even though my husband is currently employed. We serve a wonderful God!

      • Thanks so much for the prayers and encouragement. It means a lot.

  • I really really need to work on the laughter part of this post. I’m way too serious and forget that life and be a lot of fun. Lol, the thought of making a fool of myself in front of my kids and husband sounds very fun. At least I know that this is the one place I can be safe to do something like that.

    As for the clutter bit, I keep an area open in my house with some boxes in it where I pile all the junk I find throughout the year and either give it away or do a garage sale. This has worked very well for my family.

    And worrying is never good. It doesn’t make your circumstances any better and it can lead you to many health problems. In fact, I know someone who has stressed herself out so much that she now has seizures. Never worry!

    • Crystal says:

      Yes, I tend to save most of my goofiness for around my family. I’m afraid I might scare others off with how corny I can be. 😉 Definitely try it; I bet you’ll love it — and your family will, too!

      • Michelle says:

        Your use of the word corny reminds me of the first joke my husband ever told me… What do you call a bad joke in Kansas? Wheaty

        Most people just shake there head at him, but it made me laugh. 🙂

        I do have a question for you. How long does it take you to declutter your entire house?

  • K says:

    This is so timely for me. Thank you. Thank God.

    I so agree with you about laughter. I love to laugh, but sometimes forget to allow this gift to be stolen from me due to worry.

    Thank you for addressing worry. I just read about worry in the book of Matthew, this morning.

    Thanks again.

  • Kimberly says:

    So I’m reading this post this morning and can add another benefit to laughing…helps you sleep better! Last night, my husband fell asleep in the chair while we were watching a show we like. When it was over, I went to wake him so we could go to bed. He must have really been asleep, because the look of shock on his face when he woke up just cracked me up. In fact, I couldn’t stop giggling. Even after we were in bed and trying to go to sleep, I’d see his face and just start laughing again. He said that my “giggle box” got turned over. After a laughing spell of about 10-15 minutes, I crashed. And slept sooooo good! Even the baby slept (almost) all night. I highly recommend some good laughing!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Definitely the worry one resonates with me. I have come to think that worry is something that is productive. If I cannot do anything about it, at least I can ruminate on it and that must be doing something! Yeah what it is doing is draining me. Once I got convicted that excessive worry was a sin, I knew that something needed to change. The peace has been overwhelming. God did not want me to live this way.

  • This is a great series, Crystal. Thanks so much for sharing your tips. You’ve definitely given me some things to work on.

  • jerri says:

    When my oldest went away to college, she gave me an angel that said “Pray more than you worry”. I still have it!! It is a great reminder of where my focus needs to be.

  • Shelly says:

    I really agree with laughter being the best medicine. Sometimes when I am at my wits in with one of my kids I will just tickle them instead of discipline them. It lightens the mood and then we can talk about why that behavior was not right.

    Clearing the clutter is really a great tip too. When I recently followed along with your series 4 weeks to a more organized home. I felt so much better with some of the clutter removed. Having extra items just using up space that are not functional really can drain you.

    After this last episode of illness and hospital stay of my son I realized I did not worry near as much as I used to. I also noticed the feeling of intense worry melted away sooner than usual. I am so glad to be making progress in this area as worry has been something that has challenged me since childhood.
    Looking forward to your next post in this series.

    • Debbie says:

      I have realized that I too have been a worrier since childhood and I really want to change. Thanks for posting that you’ve noticed the feelings of intense worry melt away faster. You’ve reminded me that although I may not be totally free from worry and fears, the intensity is gradually getting better and going away sooner. So I can be thankful that I am making progress (as I learn more and more to trust God, of course).

  • melissa says:

    Wow… convicted, convicted, convicted. I’m afraid I’m 0 for 3 on this portion of the series.

  • Lori in NC says:

    Oh the laughter – surprised my kids by jumping in the pool — without first getting my toes wet, inching in . . . (‘C’mon Mom!!’ they always yell) Well, they are still talking about Mom just running and jumping right in — two weeks afterward.

  • Jill McK says:

    Love the story about bedtime cheers! I bet your kids came home from camp chanting all kinds of new cheers! You’re so right that laughter is the best medicine!

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