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12 Months to a Healthier You: Week 8 Check-in


Are you joining us for the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge? If so, it’s Saturday and guess what that means? It’s time for our weekly check-in to post our progress.

February’s Challenge:

We’re focusing on developing the habit of eating more fruits and veggies in February. I encourage you to set a simple and doable goal for exercise and to stick with it.

If you haven’t set your February Exercise Goal yet, be sure to do so and then leave a comment on this post telling us what your goal is.

New to this challenge? Read more details on the plan for this year here.

My Fruits/Veggie Intake Goal for February

My goal for February is to eat at least six big salads every week. I’m also hoping to keep up with January’s habit of doing P90X at least 4-5 times every week.

This Week’s Progress:

I hit my goal again this week of eating six big salads plus exercising 4 times — yay!

How Are YOU Doing?

Leave a comment telling us how you did on your exercise goals this past week. If you’re blogging about this challenge, leave the direct link to your blog post about the challenge below.

Are you on social media? You can also share your progress on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter by using hashtag #12MonthstoaHealthierYou.


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  • Luba says:

    My goal for this month was to do a detox. I am on day three of nine and don’t feel any hunger yet. Today I can have a lunch and dinner (600 calories total). Thursday and Friday I was not to eat anything (well, I cheated and ate five torilla chips Thursday night). I slept very soundly last night–better than I have in a while. 🙂

  • Joye says:

    I’m giving myself an A+ on reaching my goals, I got my more heavy duty workouts out of the way first and did my yoga on the last day (today). I didn’t have ANY headaches this week. 🙂 I also reached my goal of 5 a day every day this week, and I’ve been keeping a food journal to keep track. I have been a little guilty this week of drinking too much soda and iced coffee, but I forgive myself. I worked an additional ten hours this week then what I’m used to and I’ve been TIRED. The next few weeks should be just as bad, but I’ll have the next two days off to prepare. On a side note, I had an appointment with the nurse this week and when she checked my weight, I was NINE pounds lighter than my last visit three months ago. YAAAAY!

  • Jessica says:

    I will have hit my exercise goal after I do yoga today. My family at our 5 servings of produce 6 out of 7 days this this week! I’m really pleased with our progress on this.

  • I did not participate in this months challenge – I did the Daniel Fast last month for 21 days. That was tough but I was able to push through with the Lord’s strength. This past Thursday night, I started 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton. My goal is to complete 1 month (you get no breaks) and see how it works. I will continue for the next 2 months but I am going one month at a time!

    (I even created a checklist in my shower for 2 weeks when I complete the workout – I used my girls’ water crayons. 😀 I see the chart everyday!)

  • Dacha says:

    My goal of working out every day – done! I was blessed to have a mid week get away with my family. I got to jog along the ocean 3 mornings in a row- a gift! I’ve done better with eating a fruit or a veggie at every meal. I keep track ( Simply writing if I had one serving of either at every meal or not ). It’s helping me to be more mindful of my food choices! My relationship with food was always so complicated- I’m proud of this progress !

  • Jen says:

    Veggies I ate this week:
    1-1/2 red onions
    1 yellow onion
    1 green pepper
    1 yellow pepper
    10 zucchini
    3 cans diced tomatoes
    4 cucumbers
    1 bunch radishes
    3 heads Romaine lettuce
    2 heads green lettuce
    2 heads red leaf lettuce
    1 bunch basil
    1 bunch green onions
    2 heads garlic

    Workouts completed:
    1 seven mile hike
    1 Body Beast Shoulders
    1 Body Beast Chest & Tris
    1 Body Beast Back & Bis
    1 Rush Fit strength & endurance full-body workout
    1 Yoga
    1 five mile bike ride
    2 two-mile interval runs/sprints
    5 walks of varying distances
    1 ninety minute horseback ride

  • marie says:

    I tried the super shred diet and did great with the eating but really struggled to get the exercise in. And then I found out I needed surgery. I was so frustrated with the timing. My surgery was Wed. So I’ve been in bed recovering. It’s given me time to read so I’m thankful for that. Instead of being discouraged I will just start again when I’m healed up.

    • Lety says:

      I hope you have a quick recovery, Marie 🙂 You definitely have the right attitude. 😉 You can pick up where you left off. No need to be discouraged.

  • Heather says:

    I didn’t have the best week but that’s OK because there’s always next week. One last chance in February to pack away those veggies & fruits!

  • This week I exercised 4 times which was my goal. Would like to do 5, but perhaps next week.

    A salad with an apple every day for lunch. 🙂

    Goals met!

  • Kellie says:

    I met my exercise goals (3 days jogging on treadmill 30 min. & 2 days strength training). I did okay with fruit and veggies — I was bad about keeping track, but thinking back over what I ate I think I did better this week. Next week I’ll try to do a better job of tracking what I eat. I have an app on my phone, but I just didn’t use it this week.

  • Leigh Anne says:

    Crystal – would you mind sharing what you put in your big salads? Thanks!

  • Shelly says:

    I reached my goal this week too. I exercised 5 times this week and I ate 4 servings of vegetables and fruit each day. I also checked my weight loss progress, I only check once a month and I lost 2 pounds. Only 18 more to go.

  • Lety says:

    It’s great to see how well everyone is doing 🙂 I have been struggling with this month’s challenge just as much as I struggled with last months. However, I’ve made what feels like leaps and bounds of progress this week! And I am so motivated and excited! 😀 My goal is to eat fruits and veggies in place of chips and pastries. It has been a VERY slow process, but I am getting there. My greatest accomplishment this week has been finally finding an exercise routine! I found Seated Zumba! Who knew there was even such a thing!?! I sure didn’t! I have been working on this everyday since finding it. And oh my! Have I been giddy since then! 😀 There are more details in my blog. I’m linking the post above. Hope everyone has another great week! 🙂

  • Barb D says:

    I did it! Five fruits and veggies daily – exercised 6 days this week! I still struggle on some days to get those veggies in – I am going to work on including them in a smoothie sometime during the day – just not sure when to have the smoothie – I love my oatmeal for breakfast!

  • Renee says:

    great job this week everyone! I completed my exercise for the week (I’ve now completed day 27 of 90 of my workout challenge) and was much better this week with eating veggies and fruit

  • Stevi says:

    I just learned about the challenge today, but I have been trying to be more healthy anyways. I did alright with fruits n veggies but I WILL do better next week. I did 2 Piloxing workouts this week ($5 for the DVD on Amazon by Vivica Jensen) it kicked my butt but it felt good, I also did yoga once. I’m a really small person and I’m a little under weight so I’m personally trying to gain weight, but I want to do it the healthy way. Good Job ladies!

  • Maria says:

    I met my goals this week for eating salads, fruit, and exercising. The housework and my giving goals, however……I’ll get things back together again, eventually.

  • Cathy says:

    Continuing consistent exercise from the January challenge, and am still working on fruit and veggie intake for this month. I’ve been adding a huge serving of veggies to scrambled eggs each morning which gets 1-2 servings in straight off.

  • Ginger M says:

    Only just found out about all this last night. I did phenomenally on Crystal’s “Get Rid of 7 Items a Day” declutter challenge last year. I seem to really rock out these challenges, yet flop badly with other goals I set. I’m not gonna question it; I’m just gonna go with it! My commitment is to eat three servings of fresh, RAW fruits or vegetables per day plus two salads a week. I eat enough cooked veggies, but I really like what eating high raw does for me, so I want that to be my emphasis.

  • Right on target with my goal of adding at least one veggie and/or fruit to every meal! Not so much on target with the exercising goal but I am making progress so I refuse to get discouraged. 🙂

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