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10 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun

10 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun

Many of us spend a lot of time cleaning — whether that involves scrubbing bathrooms, mopping floors, organizing rooms, picking up, washing dishes, doing laundry, or the host of other jobs that are part of running a home.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to savor life more and make the most of each day, so I’ve come up with various ways to make cleaning more fun. As it’s something that needs to be done, I figure I might as well make it fun!

I thought you might enjoy seeing my list:

1. Listen to audiobooks & podcasts.

I love audiobooks! They are not only a great way to “read” more books, but they are also so portable.

You can download them to your phone or device and bring it with you from room to room as you clean or do laundry. Or, if you’re working in the kitchen or staying in one area, you can listen to audiobooks right on your computer.

You can find a number of free audiobooks to download here. Or, check to see if your library offers free audiobooks you can download.

2. Watch Movies & Videos

Okay, can I confess? This is one of my favorites… and it’s an especially great way to tackle a huge laundry pile! 🙂

While I love great movies, I also like to watch educational/teaching videos — such as those from Amy Porterfield on using Facebook strategically. I have a few business development type email lists I’m subscribed to and as interesting videos/podcasts come into my inbox that I want to check out, I stick them in a file to save to watching while I’m working on something else — like cooking or cleaning.

3. Plan Blog Posts

This might seem weird, but when I’m working on a blog post idea, I often outline it while cleaning. In fact, this very post you’re reading started as an outline that I scribbled out while cleaning the kitchen! 🙂

I try to keep a notebook handy for jotting down these thoughts and ideas. Often, in the course of a 30-minute cleaning session, I can have the entire skeleton of a post completely outlined. I then just take this outline and type it up into a post draft to flesh out later when I have more time.

Sometimes these post drafts will sit in my drafts folder for a few weeks, but I love that it always means I have a few post ideas outlined and at my fingertips if I have a day when my creativity is running low or don’t have a lot of time to invest in blogging.

Psst! Short on blogging inspiration? Check my series on How to Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas.

4. Talk to a Friend

If you’re doing really simple cleaning or cooking, you can often accomplish it while talking to a friend on the phone. Or, to make it even more rewarding, invite a local friend to come work alongside you while you’re canning that huge batch of peaches, tackling that massive re-organization project, or painting your living room.

Make sure it’s a friend who has “gone the distance” with you already and (it might seem a little like you’re imposing or taking advantage of your friend if you just met her a few weeks ago!) also make sure that you offer to come help her with her next project, too.

5. Listen to a Child Read

If you have a child who is learning to read and needs some reading practice time, having them sit in the same room with you while you’re cleaning and read to you. This can be a great way to help them practice while also tackling that messy closet.

Note: Make sure you aren’t always multi-tasking when you’re with your children, as you can’t multi-task your presence. However, if it’s something they need to practice over and over again, cleaning while they are practicing might be a great option some of the time.

10 Ways to Enjoy Cleaning

6. Work Alongside Your Kids

Even better than listening to your child practice their reading assignment while you’re cleaning is to ask them to join in with you while you clean. This helps your children learn how to do basic household chores (which is an invaluable gift you can give to your child!) and it also also can be a fun time spent together with your kids.

Yes, it may take longer and the job might not get done exactly as you would do it if you did it without their help, but it will be worth it for the time you invested in your child(ren) in the process. Plus, if you keep working alongside your child(ren), in the long-run, it will save you time as they’ll eventually be able to be a big help to you!

7. Think & Pray

I love to use cleaning time for thinking, processing, and praying. I always have various ideas I’m turning over in my brain and considering from various angles. The exercise of scrubbing and washing and shining seems to help my brain come alive — so it’s a great time to be thinking through things.

I also have many needs I want to pray for — both for my own family, in our community, and the needs of friends and others who live far away. Often, cleaning time is a great time for me to spend time praying for these needs. Many times, I’ll text a friend after I’ve prayed for her to let her know that she was on my heart that day. It’s a simple act that only takes 30 seconds or less, but I’ve found it’s a great way to foster deep friendships and to let people know you really care about them.

8. Memorize Scripture

If you are working on memorizing a passage of Scripture, listening to it aloud while cleaning or reciting it aloud while cleaning is a great time to review it. I like to play the passage on my phone with a free Bible app I downloaded that has audio versions of the Bible you can listen to.

9. Sing or Listen to Music

If you need to uplift your spirits, turning on some upbeat music (I love Pandora or iTunes radio stations for this!) and cleaning can be a lot of fun — and you’ll probably find you work faster, too! Want to step it up a notch sing and dance with the music while you clean. 🙂

10. Use a Timer

I LOVE timing myself when doing all sorts of different activities. I find that the timer keeps me on tasks, helps me to stay focused, and motivates me to work more quickly. Plus, I usually find that it takes less time than I expect to finish a project — which is always encouraging!

What are YOUR favorite ways to make cleaning more fun?

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  • Jennifer says:

    These are all great ideas and I so need them. Cleaning is an area I’ve always struggled with because I despise it so.
    I did try listening to a podcast once while cleaning, in fact it was the interview with you on How They Blog. That was fun and it made the time go by a lot faster. I’ll have to incorporate that more frequently.

    The timer also really helps. I’ll set the timer on my stove for ten minutes when I have a mountain of dishes to get through. I’m always amazed at how much I can get done in ten minutes!

    Thank you for the ideas!

  • Diane says:

    I see you use Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. That’s my favorite product line, too. It makes my house smell so good, and that motivates me to keep on going!

  • Charity says:

    I was particularly dreading having to pick up things around the house AGAIN one day, and the thought came to me that each thing I have to put away is actually a blessing God has given me. So instead of grumbling in my thoughts as I picked up around the house, I thought of something to thank God for with each item I put away. It made the chore much easier and I was in a better mood AND more thankful by the time I finished! 🙂

    • Oh, I LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing!

    • Dani says:

      That’s a great thought. I try to think of my family in the same way. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and kids who are beautiful from the inside out. It can be easy to forget that my responsibilities are also blessings!

    • Lana says:

      I love that! Yesterday I had my daughter who is very pregnant and her 21 month old here all day. At the end of the day as I was putting things away I thought of how blessed we are to have her family so close and that she shares her time with us every week.

    • Suzanne says:

      I try to always remember this when I pick up my daughters wet bath towel – left in her room overnight, again!

  • Dani says:

    Thanks so much for these tips, Crystal! I’m realizing every day that you can’t teach what you don’t know. Whatever I wasn’t taught growing up (through practical examples and conversation), I thank God that He uses people like you to help me learn! I want my daughter to be a better woman than me and I’m determined that she will! But that just means I have to keep on growing and sowing.

  • Victoria says:

    I use a lot of your ideas above. I especially love listening to podcasts about blogging while I clean. I recently found “How They Blog” and am enjoying that one, as well as “Ask Pat” which is a shorter podcast but very informative. Often if I am really struggling with getting started with cleaning the house I will pick a podcast and tell myself “okay just work as long as the podcast lasts” and usually by the end of the podcast I am so hooked into listening that I will clean my way through another one.

  • Melinda Harbaugh says:

    I read your blog daily and find SO much encouragement-thank you so very much!! I was wondering which audio bible app you use? Thanks!

  • Andrea says:

    I set my timer too, and when 15 minutes is up, my kids and I drop whatever job we are doing and have a “dance break” in the kitchen! Lots of smiles, singing, and giggles.

  • Roma says:

    I hum or sing hymns while cleaning. Listen to the radio. I talk to God throughout my cleaning but never pray while cleaning. While talking to God if someone comes to mind I go pray for them and then email them to tell them I God placed them on my heart and if everything is ok. I am just blessed to have a home even though I don’t always like to clean.

  • Susan says:

    I listen to music or podcasts, usually Ted Talks, but often just “think and pray” when I’m cleaning house. Pretty much everything else on your list would just distract me. But that’s just me — I’m easily distracted just by nature. These are great tips that I’m sure will be helpful to others.

    Cleaning up is an area that I’ve struggled with, and it doesn’t come naturally to me. But in recent years I’ve come to think of it not as a chore but as a blessing, thanks to Flylady and her message. I’m making our home nice for my daughter and me. It wasn’t easy and it took me a while to change this mindset.

    My daughter is a young teen now, and we’ve had some great conversations when we’re working together to pick up and clean the house. She’ll see an item and ask me about it, which will lead to a story — about her when she was little, or about me when I was growing up, or about her grandparents, etc. Something will trigger a memory for one of us, which will lead us talking about it. It can be really good quality time.

  • Meredith says:

    I listen to Dave Ramsey on Iheart Radio while I clean!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Sometimes I put on Pandora but rarely as I am generally multi-tasking to heck and back. Like now chewing breakfast, gulping coffee & catching up on all the blogs before work. LOL
    I do find though I am much more productive with cleaning when my husband is out of the house at work so I try to arrange to get home a couple hours before he does because when he comes home and flops there is this switch in my head that says… hey you’ve been at your outside of the home job all day too you can flop … and POOF there goes all motivation.
    Anyone else have that problem?

  • Alexa says:

    I *always* listen to podcasts while I’m cleaning. I get so into listening to the podcast that cleaning becomes fun.

    A lot of the time I’ll be done cleaning before my Podcast is over and I’ll start looking for other projects I can do to keep my hands busy. (My favorite podcast is from Smart Passive Income. I love them!)

  • Crystal says:

    So what Pandora stations does everyone recommend?

    • Elizabeth says:

      When I do turn on Pandora I just type in a name of a band I like and go from there. Normally something upbeat (bouncy). I dare say if I listened to nature sounds or classical while trying to clean not much cleaning would be done for me. Plus getting the whole body into it, it becomes aerobic so duel purpose. 🙂

  • Rhonda Wylie says:

    I love the idea of the podcasts. Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you.

  • Maria says:

    In addition to Pandora, I also love listening to Abiding You might even hear some of your sister’s music on there. 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    I am looking for some Christian podcasts recommendations. Ive listened to some Focus on the Family ones but I would like more sermons I think.
    Any recommendations though would be great!

  • Betsy says:

    Great list! My favorite way to keep motivated is participating in a board in Cafe Mom called Cleaning Games. We all post our before photos and to-do lists and then get to work. People are really encouraging and supportive and I love coming back to post my “after” pictures!

  • Carol Paul says:

    Love #6! My family cleans as a team each week and gets the whole house done in under an hour! It’s been working for 16 years now- everyone loves it because no nagging or last minute chore demands. Check out step by step how to set it up at

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