The Best Freebies From This Past Week


Here’s a long list of freebies that have been available recently that should still be available. Thanks to Kaley from Cha-Ching on a Shoestring for compiling these:

Free Samples:

Free Garner Brazilian Smooth Haircare Sample

Free U by Kotex Sample

Free e.l.f. Baked Blush Sample

Free Centrum Vitamints Sample

Free Downloads, Books, and Magazines:

Free eBook: Fired Up & Focused

Free eBook: Etsy Business For Beginners

Free eBook: Frugal Cooking With Beans

Free eBook: Chasing the Sun

Free eBook: The Just Clean Something Challenge Workbook

Free eBook: How To Get Out of Debt

Free eBook: Potty Training

Free eBook: Minimalist Budget

Free eBook: How To Be Unstoppable Every Day Of Your Life

Free eBook: Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Free eBook: On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow

Free eBook: Smart School Time Recipes

Free Download: Printable Calendar Book

Free Download: Editable Labels for Freezer Cooking

Free Download: Printable Cleaning Schedule

Free Download: 20 Healthy Breakfast Ideas Printable

Educational Freebies:

Free Back to School Counting Cards & Puzzles

Free Printable Back-to-School Counting Mats

Free Homeschool Curriculum & Resources

Free Food:

Free Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt for Kids

Store Freebies:

Free Pedia Care Cold at CVS

Free Lime-A-Way at Dollar Tree

Free Schick Disposable Razors at Rite Aid

Free Purex Crystals at Walmart

Free Wet n Wild Foundation at Dollar Tree

Free Boron Calendula Cream at CVS

Free Bic Disposable Razors at Walmart

Free Ice Breakers Cool Blast Chews at Rite Aid

Other Freebies:

Free 125 Kellogg’s Family Reward Points

Free 100 Kellogg’s Family Reward Points

How I Used Rewards Sites to Spend $50 on Christmas

Pinecone Research: Earn $3 per Survey

(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy here.)
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Coupons: Nature’s Harvest, Duncan Hines, plus more!

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Why We LOVE YouNeedABudget


Around Christmastime, Jesse was chatting with his sister’s husband, Justin, about budgets. They are both what I’d lovingly refer to as “nerds”.

You know the kind of people… those people who think spreadsheets are fun. And who geek out over features in Excel. Yup, those kinds of people.

You might as well poke my eyeballs out with a hot iron rod than get to me be giddy over creating spreadsheets. But nevertheless, I love Spreadsheet Nerds because they help keep people like me in line and on track! :)

Anyway, Justin started telling Jesse about YouNeedaBudget (YNAB). We’d both heard of it before had been good with using Quicken for so long that we’d not considered changing to anything else.

Well, when Jesse saw the features of YNAB, he was intrigued enough to sign up for the free trial. And it was pretty much love at first sight.

Truthfully, I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve heard him exclaiming to me, to friends, or just to himself something about, “How cool and helpful YNAB is!”

I’m such a pen and paper and cash girl, but after all his raving reviews, I finally gave in and downloaded it on my phone and had him show me how it works. It’s really, really impressive. I’m pretty sure I’ll forever be connected to my green cash, but I love how we can see exactly how we’re doing in every budget in just one glance. unnamed

And since we have multiple budgets for our businesses and personal, it allows us to track them all in one app. Which is so handy!

I asked Jesse to share what he loves about YNAB most. Here’s what he said:

  • I love having mobile access to my budgets.
  • I love being able to access all of my budgets on demand.
  • YouNeedABudget makes budgeting easy by assigning each expense to a category and automatically takes it out of the budget when you record the transaction.
  • If you record the transaction from your phone using the mobile app, YNAB will update the balance and display the new category balance once the transaction is entered.
  • All budgets stay synced on all devices through Dropbox so you always look at the most recent numbers.
  • You can easily import transactions at one time from your bank by importing a downloaded statement on your computer.


I asked the folks at YNAB to share what sets their Budgeting Software apart from others out there and here’s what they shared:

1) You only budget money you have right now.

2) It is flexible. Rule Three: Roll with the Punches – removes any shame in overspending in a particular category any given month. It will happen. All the time. That doesn’t make you a failure. Just adjust, address it and move on.

3) There is a manual component. We are asking you to be hands on, to be aware of every dollar, to be involved with your budget. This requires a little bit of time (although once you get used to it, it’s super quick and easy), but this is also why it works. Without awareness nothing will change.

4) We want you to live on last month’s income. Yes, this takes some time to achieve for most people, but once you can do this you will be shocked at how little stress you have about money. Once you live on last month’s income, you’ll never go back!

5) A lot of people think of budgeting as restriction, but what YNAB will give you is control over your finances, and that control translates to freedom.

6) A lot of people come to YNAB because they are drowning in credit card debt or paying overdraft fees every month – and YNAB changes their lives.

7) YNAB has a killer support team and offers free, online daily budgeting classes.

ynab4_account_split_trans ynab4_account_import ynab4_report_net_worth ynab4_budget{The four screen grabs above are fictitious examples provided by YNAB.}

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Want to try out YouNeedABudget? Sign up for a free trial here. {Psst! YNAB is free for college students. Details are here.}

Have you used YNAB or another budgeting software before? I’d love to hear about your experiences — both positive or negative.

This post was underwritten by YNAB. We were so happy to share honestly about a product that we’ve found to be a wonderful tool in our home and for our finances. Read my disclosure policy here

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Reader Tip: Earn Free Gift Cards with the Shopkick App

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.20.21 PM

Ramona emailed in the following tip:

I use the Shopkick App to earn free gift cards to my favorite stores, and thought many of your readers might be interested in using it as well.

It’s kind of like Swagbucks where you earn points and then redeem those points for gift cards — however, you earn the points simply by walking into various stores and scanning product bar codes.

I recently earned a $50 gift card to Lowes’ (for 12,500 points) which I used with a $20 Lowes’ coupon and a price reduction of $20 to save myself a total of $90 for a miter saw.

It takes some time to earn point, but I am willing to work at it for a good gift card!

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