Protein-Packed Bacon Omelet Bites

Protein Packed Omelet Bites

Looking for a really hearty breakfast that’s also easy to grab and eat quickly? You’ll want to try these Bacon Omelet Bites.

They are filling, packed with great nutrition, and so delicious!


Jesse made them for the first time last week and they are a winner recipe. I know we’ll be making them over and over again. Best of all, these are gluten-free and Trim-Healthy-Mama friendly!

You could leave out the chicken or bacon to cut down the recipe costs by quite a bit. You could also add other veggies — like spinach or broccoli. These would also be yummy with some shredded cheese mixed in or sprinkled on top.


What are some of your family’s favorite filling breakfasts?


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Gretchen’s $32 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan


1 Alpha-Bits Cereal – $2.50, used $1/1 printable (doubled) – $0.50 after coupon

2 Flour – $1 each

3 Hershey’s Chocolate Chips – $1.66, used $1/2 coupon from the 11/16 SmartSource insert (doubled) and $0.50/1 printable (doubled) – $0.66 each after coupons

1 Suave Deodorant – $1.39, used $0.50/1 coupon from the 11/16 RedPlum insert (doubled) – $0.39 after coupon

2 Reynolds Cupcake Liners – $0.89 each, used $1/2 printable (doubled) – Free plus overage after coupon

2 Ragu Spaghetti Sauce – $1.25 each, used $0.60/2 coupon from the 11/16 RedPlum insert (doubled) – $0.65 each after coupon

1 Vegetable Oil – $1.99

1 Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo – $1.99, used $1/1 coupon from the 11/23 SmartSource insert (doubled) – Free after coupon

1 Suave Kids 2 in 1 Bodywash – $2.45, used $1/1 coupon from the 1/16 RedPlum insert (doubled) – $0.45 after coupon

1 Carefree Liners – $1.45, used $0.50/1 printable (doubled) – $0.45 after coupon

Total before coupons and sales: $37.51

Total with tax ($1.32) after coupons and sales: $10.37



1 Moms Best Mallow Oats Cereal – $1.88 (I haven’t seen this cereal in any of my local stores in several years. My husband and I used to eat this all the time when we were first married and I could get it free with coupons. When I saw it this week I had to buy it just for fun!)

1 qt Kroger Half & Half – $1.99

1 gallon Dillons Milk – $2.77, Received $0.25 back from Ibotta

1 Kroger Laundry Detergent – $4.99, used Free coupon from Dillons mailer – Free after coupon (I couldn’t find the regular laundry detergent anywhere so I bought the baby laundry detergent.)

1 pkg Kroger Drumsticks – $5.19 ($0.99/lb)

1 dozen Dillons Eggs – $1.69

1 Leaf Lettuce – $0.99

2 Brut Deodorant – $1, used $1/1 coupon from the 11/23 SmartSource insert – Free after coupons

0.89 lbs Tomatoes @ $1.99/lb – $1.77

1.97 lbs Bananas @ $0.59/lb – $1.16

1 Kraft BBQ Sauce – $1.99, used Free e-coupon (no longer available) – Free after coupon

1 Cucumber – $0.79

Items a part of the Mega Sale (Buy 4, Get $4 off instantly): 

1 Honey Nut Cheerios – $1.49, used $0.50/1 printable – $0.99 after coupon

1 Vidal Salon Styling Gel – Marked down to $1.24, used $2/1 e-coupon - Free plus overage after coupon

1 Listerine Floss – $0.99, used $1/1 printable – Free after coupon

1 pkg Thomas English Muffins – $1.99, used $1/1 printable – $0.99 after coupon

Total before coupons and sales: $49.32

Total with tax ($2.37) after coupons and sales: $21.81


My parents also gave us all these grapefruit this week. We love grapefruit at our house!

Total for all grocery items: $32.18

Menu Plan for This Week


Cereal x 2, Toasted English Muffins, Scrambled Eggs and Bananas, Homemade Granola


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Grapefuit/Crackers/Veggies, Tuna Sandwiches, Tossed Salad, Leftovers


Baked Chicken Drumsticks, Tossed Salad

Dinner with friends (I’m bringing Chocolate Sheet Cake.)

Chicken & Noodle Casserole, Steamed Broccoli

Spaghetti, Rolls, Tossed Salad

Deer Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Toasted English Muffins

Breakfast Casserole, Grapefruit

Hawaiian Haystacks, Green Beans

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Brigette’s $43 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6



2 9-oz bags Spinach (@$0.99/each) – $1.98

1 3-ct package Romaine Hearts – $1.99

2 Avocados (@$0.59/each) – $1.18

2 16-oz bags Baby Carrots (@$0.69/each) – $1.38

1 3-ct package Green Peppers – $1.19

1 Cucumber – $0.39

Total: $8.11


Harris Teeter

10 8-oz bags Shredded Cheese (B2G3 Free) – $13.00

2 18-ct cartons Eggs (@$1.77/each) – $3.54, receive $0.50 back from Checkout 51 – $3.04 after rebate

2 13-oz packages Land O’ Frost Simply Delicious Lunchmeat – (B1G1) – $5.49, used 2 $0.75/1 printable (doubled) – $2.49/2 after coupons

2 boxes Bigelow Tea (B1G1) – $2.99, used 2 $0.55/1 printable (doubled) – $0.79/2 after coupons

1 package Mariani Craisins – $1.69, used $0.50/1 Mariani Dried Fruit Snack, exp. 1/31/15 (SS 11/23/14) –  $0.69 after coupon

used $15 Walgreens Register Rewards (leftover from Black Friday Walgreens deals)

Total after Rebate: $5.01


Azure Standard

(a friend from church coordinates group orders from Azure Standard, and I have been able to get some great deals from this online store)

20lbs “In Season” Organic Apples – $14.00

Total with Tax: $15.14


Flower Foods Bakery

(My husband came home with all of the following – the man has definitely learned how to score a great deal! You should have seen how proud he was of himself. :) And yes, most of this is white and processed, but it went straight to our freezer, and will be interspersed with homemade whole-grain baked goods.)

19 packages of Bread (including Regular and Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, Bagel Thins, English Muffins, Hot Dog Buns and Sandwich Bread)  – $6.30

Total: $6.30



(a friend picked this up for me – a fantastic price for coconut flour!)

5lbs of Organic Coconut Flour – $8.98

Total: $8.98

Weekly Total: $43.64

Weekly Menu Plan


Oatmeal and Fruit (we have bananas, pears, cranberries and blueberries in the freezer right now, so the children love picking a different fruit each morning to stir into their oatmeal); Eggs and Toasted Bagels, Cereal, Buckwheat Pancakes, Homemade Yogurt and Granola


Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches, Apples, Green Pepper Slices

Baked Potatoes with Cheese and Broccoli

Tuna Sandwiches, Cucumbers, Apples

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Apples, Carrot Sticks

Scrambled Eggs and Spinach, Buttered Brown Rice

Leftovers x 2


Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes with Ham (someone gave us a ham at Thanksgiving, and we have lots of leftover in the freezer), Green Beans, Toasted Bagels

Christmas Banquet Dinner at our Church

Homemade Cheese Pizza, Tossed Salad, Carrot Sticks

Egg McMuffin Sandwiches (Fried Egg, Cheese, and Lunchmeat on English Muffins), Spinach Salad, Steamed Broccoli

Baked Spaghetti, French Bread, Green Beans with Parmesan Cheese

Baked Chicken Nuggets (using homemade bread crumbs), Roasted Cauliflower, Freezer Biscuits



Apples, Popcorn, Smoothies, Granola

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Breyers Apple Pie A La Mode Recipe


This Apple Pie recipe has been one of our family favorites for years. And it’s usually always part of our holiday celebrations. In fact, Thanksgiving or Christmas just wouldn’t seem right without this recipe!

It’s not too hard to make and it always gets rave reviews. If you want to dress it up even more, add a scoop of ice cream (we love Breyers) plus some caramel sauce. It’s ooey-gooey, the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy, and oh-so-delicious!

We’d never tried the Breyers caramel sauce before, so when they asked me if I’d be interested in making an apple pie and they’d send us a gift card to buy the ingredients plus some Breyers ice cream and caramel sauce to top it with, my family happily signed up for that taste test opportunity. :)

We thought it was delicious… really sweet, but really good.



15807619560_94abe79b40_k-1  15813957568_4e797ade2e_k







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For a limited time, Breyers Gelato Indulgences are 2 for $8 at Target. These creamy desserts come in a number of irresistible flavors like Vanilla Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Tiramisu, and Raspberry Cheesecake. These would make a great treat for yourself or a dessert for the whole family and they would be a great way to sweeten up the holidays!


What Breyers Gelato Indulgences flavor would you love to try? Post a tweet on Twitter tagging me @moneysavingmom and using #MySweetHolidays and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Target gift card.

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{This post was underwritten by Lunchbox and Breyers. All opinions are my own. Read my disclosure policy here.}

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