48-Hour Giveaway: Table-Time Look and Learn Tablecloth (12 Winners)


Want to encourage your kids to practice their math skills and to foster some great conversation around the dinner table? Check out the Table-Time Look & Learn Mostly Math Tablecoth!


This tablecloth is designed for kids around ages 18 months to 6 years old and includes 20+ math lessons for pre-K to Kindergarten math levels.

The “Mostly Math” tablecloth covers:

  • Comparisons, counting, addition and subtraction
  • Hours, days, months, seasons
  • Names of common and uncommon shapes
  • Greater than, less than
  • Plus one and minus one counting
  • Counting to 50 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Counting backwards from 50
  • and much more!


Our kids LOVE this tablecloth. We’ve used it multiple times on the Kid’s Table when having guests over and it’s sparked some fun conversation!

This tablecloth measures 52″ x 72″ and works on rectangular or oblong tables seating four to six. Consult the size guide for more info. It’s made from PEVA – a PVC-free material for your child’s health.

Would you like to win a free Table-Time Look & Learn Mostly Math Tablecoth? Click on the graphic below and type in your name and email address to be entered to win one. This giveaway ends Wednesday, July 1, at 11:59 pm, CST. 12 winners will be chosen and posted next week.

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Giveaways Galore

Out of 1,427 entries, the winners of the Raw Spice Bar subscription are:

Robin (robslp@)
Mariah (mariahrds@)
Jennifer (jryalls@)
Linda (lolsen@)

All winners should have received an email with instructions to claim your prize.

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How I Won the “Cool Mom Award” With a Simple Trip to Kroger (+ enter to win a $75 Kroger gift card!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.49.51 PM

Last Friday, on our way home from picking the kids up from their last day at camp I said, “I’m so sorry, guys, but we’re going to have to stop at Kroger. I need to pick up something for a blog post I’m working on.”

The kids gave me weird glances. It’s not normal that I just up and go to Kroger seemingly spontaneously — especially not to buy something for a blog post. But they reluctantly agreed to get out of the car and troop into the store with me, even though they were tired and hot from a long day at camp.

Enter to win a Kroger gift card, courtesy of Magnum Ice cream Bars

Their reluctance turned to sheer joy when I marched them to the ice cream bar aisle and told them that we “had” to buy every kind of Magnum Ice Cream Bar the store sold and that I needed them to be my taste testers to see if the ice cream bars were any good.

Yup, I won the Cool Mom Award. And they also decided, again, that this blogging gig thing is pretty sweet most days.

I mean, what other job do you get to pay the bills by testing ice cream bars?? :)

{Okay, there may be a few other things involved in the gig, too, and we are always quick to let our kids know that these fun opportunities only come with lots of hard work, however, I think it’s wonderful for our kids to get to tangibly see that Mom and Dad’s hard work does pay off!}

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.49.06 PM    Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.50.12 PM

At any rate, it seems we’ve all been living under a rock for the past number of years because not a one of us has ever tried the Magnum Ice Cream Bars. And I’m afraid that now that we’ve tried them, we may be just a wee bit hooked.

There were oohs and ahhs and lip-smacking all around when we got home. In fact, I didn’t even get to get a picture of all of the boxes of Magnum Ice Cream Bars before two boxes were completely G-O-N-E.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.49.23 PM

{Jesse said that I had to take a picture of the two empty boxes, even though I was a bit embarrassed that we inhaled so many ice cream bars in such a short amount of time. He wanted you all to know that these are the best ice cream bars he’s ever had. I did not twist his arm or offer bribes for that statement from him. I think he is a complete and diehard Magnum Ice Cream Bar fan, now. We may even need to set aside a budget line for them based upon how much he’s been raving about them!}

Magnum Ice Cream Bars are made with real Belgium chocolate. And trust me, we all agreed that, these are hands down the ultimate chocolate and ice cream indulgence. Apparently, it does make a difference to be the only ice cream bar made with Belgian chocolate!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.50.24 PM

They are an amazing ice cream treat — silky ice cream covered in thick, cracking chocolate. De-li-cious! For an even more indulgent experience, Magnum Doubles are dipped in a Chocolate, Caramel, or Peanut Butter sauce and dipped again in chocolate. We also loved the Magnum Minis. They are the perfect size for a quick snack!

The Magnum Ice Cream Bars are on the pricey side, but we felt like they were well worth the price for how delicious they were. Plus, I’ve often seen coupons for them. They would be a less expensive (and probably more mouth-watering!) option than going out for ice cream.

Enter to win a Kroger gift card, courtesy of Magnum Ice Cream Bars

Win a $75 Kroger Gift Card!

Magnum Ice Cream Bars are available at a variety of stores, including Kroger and Kroger owned stores. And Kroger would like to give you the opportunity to try these amazing treats — for free!

They are giving away a $75 Kroger gift card on my blog today. To enter to win, just post on Twitter saying which Magnum Ice Cream Bar flavor you’d most like to try. Be sure to tag me (@moneysavingmom) and use hashtag #MagnumSummerIndulge. We’ll randomly choose one winner from the entries to win a $75 Kroger gift card.

 {This post was underwritten by Lunchbox. Read our disclosure policy here.}


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Enter to win $100 worth of Chicken Entrees from Milford Valley (5 winners!)

Enter to win $100 worth of Chicken Entrees from Milford Valley

Who wants to win $100 worth of Milford Valley Chicken Products?

Milford Valley is giving away $100 worth of their products to five different winners! Go here to enter to win. You can enter once per household, per email address.

Enter to win $100 worth of Chicken Entrees from Milford Valley

Milford Valley chicken products are made at Serenade Foods in Milford, Indiana, by Maple Leaf Farms. Since 1976, the family-owned company has manufactured chicken nuggets, chicken strips and stuffed chicken minis and entrées.

These products are affordably priced and easy to prepare — perfect for a busy day! Their products are made with tender chicken breast meat with crispy breading and come in eight different flavors.

I think the Chicken with Broccoli and Cheese looks pretty downright amazing, don’t you? They also offer Stuffed Chicken Minis available in Jalapeno, Cordon Bleu, & Buffalo flavors, plus Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips.

For more information, check out the Milford Valley website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Would you like to enter to win $100 worth of Milford Valley Chicken Products? Just click here to enter to win. There will be five winners total — that’s $500 worth of chicken products!

This giveaway is open through July 1, 2015.

{This post was underwritten by Milford Velley. See our disclosure policy here.}

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Weekend Giveaway: One Year Subscription to Raw Spice Bar (4 Winners)

raw spice

If you love unique spices and blends, you’ll definitely want to enter this giveaway!

RawSpiceBar is an LA based monthly subscription box that delivers perfectly portioned, freshly ground spices & blends created by top chefs from around the world. They are on a mission to eliminate the waste of pre-ground spice jars that many of us all have had sitting in our kitchen cupboards or on our kitchen countertops for too long.

raw spice1Here are some highlights about the Raw Spice Bar company:

  1. Freshly ground: ­Their spices are whole toasted, ground and blended just a few days before they ship directly to your door so you can have your spices the way you have your coffee (fresh!).
  2. Perfectly sized: ­Each of their spice blends are perfectly portioned to create a dish serving 8-12. Their recipes are kitchen tested and loved — and almost always will include an option for vegans, carnivores, and vegetarians.
  3. Discover new spices:­ Their blends are from old family recipes or their curated chefs — so you can explore new spice blends from experts all year long.

We got to try a sample pack of Raw Spice Bar spices and loved how they smelled, how fresh they were, and how unique and different they were. They send recipes to use each of the blends in.

I love the concept of this, but I have to say that it’s probably not a great fit for our family since you don’t know what you are getting and some of the recipes weren’t really things we would normally eat, and at least one I knew would be something we wouldn’t like.

However, if you are adventuresome and you love trying new flavors and new recipes, this is definitely worth checking out. Plus, it would also make a great gift idea for a foodie in your life.

If you sign up for a subscription, be sure to use coupon code MOM2015 for a free monthly spice box with a purchase of 6 or 12 month subscription.

Would you like to win a FREE one-year subscription to Raw Spice Bar? Just click on the graphic below and type in your name and address to enter to win. Four winners will be chosen and posted next week. This giveaway ends Monday, June 1, at 11:59 pm, CST.

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