Homemade Freezer Biscuits Recipe

Homemade Freezer Biscuits

Say goodbye forever to canned biscuits. This recipe is a winner. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive, and so practical. Best of all, you control what ingredients go in it, unlike canned biscuits that you buy at the store.

My little biscuit-making helper!

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  1. Carla says

    Try straight from the freezer but, let the sides touch in the pan…this may solve the rising problem. Thank you for the recipe! :0)

  2. says

    If you use expeller pressed coconut oil, it won’t taste coconut-y :). Looking forward to trying this and substituting almond milk for milk!

    • says

      Any kind of milk should work. I used whole milk because that’s what we usually have on hand. I’ve not tried whole wheat flour yet, only unbleached. If you try it, let us know!

    • says

      For consistency, you want to use a solid for the fat, thus butter, lard, shortening, coconut oil. I know there is more to it than this, I just can’t think of it right now. :P

      • Alisha says

        I actually sub in fat free plain yogurt for the oil or butter – still taste great without the fat.

    • J in VA says

      Canola is almost always GMO (genetically modified).

      A solid fat will make a more crumble-y mixture rather than a dough-y misture before you add the milk. The crumbles are what make biscuits flakey and a biscuit rather than a roll.

    • Brenna says

      Coconut Oil gets a bad rap sometimes, but it is actually widely believed to be quite good for you. A little internet research will provide you with a wealth of information on all its potential benefits. We use it whenever possible and have found the good hype to be true.

  3. Kelly says

    Yum, thanks Crystal! I was just going to look for a recipe like this and you posted! Do you take your scraps and re-roll for more biscuits? I am just curious. Some people don’t as they claim the re-rolled biscuits are tough. Personally, I have never thought it a big deal.

        • Melissa says

          LOL – that’s one of those things you never think of doing but makes soooo much sense when somebody points it out to you… square biscuits from now on. :)

      • Ann says

        If I’m in a hurry, I use a pizza cutter to make the biscuits into squares instead of circles. Saves a lot of time not having to re-roll the dough. :)

  4. Stela says

    If I don’t freeze them, can I bake them as soon as I roll them out or do I have to let them rise? Sorry I have never baked from scratch :) LOL

  5. Michelle says

    You know, they don’t take that long to make, why freeze them and then wait 30 minutes before baking, just make them and bake them, we do it all the time.

      • Michelle Bonk says

        I make them with soy milk with no problems.

        I use unsweetened soy milk. I think even regular might give them a slightly sweet taste (which would be fine for breakfast biscuits but maybe not dinner).

  6. TeamBonk says

    I have some of these in the freezer as we speak (or rather write!)

    I like how simple they are to make, how few ingredients there are and how perfect they are for my dairy/nut allergy children!

    I too used coconut oil for the shortening and there was a bit of residual flavour … but no one here complained!


  7. Cindy B says

    Yeah! Thanks for the recipe. I’m just getting back into making less processed foods so this is a nice baby step.

  8. says

    I use this same recipe, they are delicious! And my Grandma taught me, so I’m very fond of making these with her. :-) I love adding homemade jam or gravy to them.

  9. says

    I keep meaning to try this! I am going to head over to the printer right now and do it. I know later in the day it will seem like to much effort to drag my laptop out and turn it on and print out the page (I am too messy of a cook to bake with a laptop on my kitchen counter). Yep I am that lazy…well that and I am trying to stay off the computer except for set hours and once my laptop is up and running it is really hard to stick to that goal.

    • Lori F. says

      Any basic biscuit recipe can be shaped, frozen and stored for later use. Or you can refrigerate shaped biscuits for a day before baking if they are well wrapped. A period of resting actually helps to relax the flour and solidify the fat, resulting in a flakier final product.

    • Kate says

      Victoria…another Pinterest post I loved, might just be what ya need too! A hanger with clips (the one you hang a pair of pants on). Hook the hanger on an upper kitchen cabinet knob, and hang the recipe page on the clips *slappin forehead* Whatta concept! :)

  10. Alisha says

    These sound great! However, I am a little bit weird with my biscuit recipe. I simply substitute the amount they call for butter or shortening with fat free plain yogurt. They turn out delicious and easy to cut out. And much more healthy!

  11. says

    These just went on my pre-baby freezer cooking list. Thank you! I’ve never tried freezing biscuits for fear they wouldn’t rise afterward.

  12. Kim says

    My biscuit recipe calls for 3/4 cup of milk. I add an additional 1/4 cup for a total of 1 cup milk, then spread the dough in a prepared pan & bake 15-20 minutes for an 8 x 8″ pan. The above recipe is double the ingredients, so should do a 9 x 13″ pan if adding an additional 1/2 cup milk. The pan biscuits save roll out & a little counter clean up time. I’ve never tried freezing them though.

    You can also pat out biscuit dough on your baking pan, cut2″ square biscuits with a knife or pizza cutter (like you do scones), then bake.

  13. Theresa Baichan says

    Can I use olive oil and do I have to freeze them or can it go straight in the oven. Thanks for posting :-)

  14. Megan Acosta says

    I used coconut oil and it was so solid that when I added the milk it was just a soupy mess! About 30 seconds in the microwave and handmixer turned it into a nice dough! Just in case anyone else is using really hard cocnut oil ;) They look beautiful in the oven and my daughter is having a blast with the small handful of scraps making a nest for her toy puppy.

  15. Tiffany says

    I am sooo making these. Could you just form the dough into a log and then slice it instead of cutting them out? I think I am going to try it

  16. Ryan says

    Do you think these biscuits could be used to substitute in recipes that call for refrigerator biscuit as a dough (if used before freezing)?

    Example: Take refrigerator biscuits, separate and flatten then top with a small filling and pinch together before baking.

  17. Cindie Winquist says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Trying it right now…

    I’d like to keep these on hand for our church’s meal ministry. They’d be very convenient to share frozen for meals delivered ready to bake, or quickly bake before a hot meal delivery.

  18. Kelly says

    I made a batch of these the other night. I used EP coconut oil as well as a combination of all-purpose flour & white whole wheat flour (1/2 of each). I baked some right away & froze the rest. My 14 yr. old son said they taste like McDonald’s biscuits. (Not sure how he knows that since we rarely go to McD’s, especially for breakfast, LOL!)

    His comment gave me the idea to make egg & cheese biscuits. I tried that this morning, using some of the biscuits I had frozen. What a BIG hit w/my teenage sons & hubby! (Adding a bacon slice would also be delicious!) Next time I’ll be trying them w/sausage to make sausage biscuits.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  19. says

    I made these tonight with my little 2.5 year old helper girl. Originally she was very excited about using the rolling pin, but once we got going it was cutting out the biscuits with a cup that she really enjoyed.

    I forgot to take my butter out of the fridge to soften first, so I just cut it up into small tabs and then let it run in my kitchen machine with the dough hook for a few minutes. My dough was really sticky and never really did form a ball. Once I turned it out onto the floured table and added just a small sprinkling of flour over it, it did fine.

    We froze most of them, but I baked a small batch and we had them as a snack before bed. Very easy! I’ll definitely make these again.

  20. Val in MN says

    I have been DYING for a recipe like this! The tube stuff is way too high in sodium for our diets, and I can adapt this easily. Thank-you!!

  21. Kristy says

    I have been using this recipe for many years and I almost always use buttermilk. Using regular, thinner milk will give you a crispier biscuit. Rolling the dough out and folding it over a couple of times before flattening it out again will produce the flaky layers. Also, instead of the mixer, I use a hand pastry blender to dice up the butter into the flour before adding the buttermilk. It seems to work out better if I don’t let the butter get too soft. You can also pinch off a small bit of dough, roll it in your hand and then flatten it out slightly on the bread pan if you aren’t a big fan of rolling out the dough. My grandmother would add a small bit of sugar (maybe half a cup) to the flour and then proceed in the same way to make shortbread for strawberry shortbread dessert.

  22. Anne says

    I now have a bag of these beauties in my freezer and am hoping for a snow day to try them out ;)

  23. Sarah says

    Okay, just made these and they were AMAZING! I used butter and halved the recipe. I was just really hankering carbs and had none in the house so I didn’t freeze. Thanks, Crystal!

  24. Heather says

    I have been making these since Crystal first posted about trying them. I have found shorting and butter both work great. I look forward to trying it with coconut oil.

    I usually don’t have time to to thaw, so I bake frozen. I have found if you want to still have them “rise” when you bake frozen you need to roll them thicker. There is a fine line when it come to the thickness. If you roll them too thick, the center won’t bake.

  25. Jennifer says

    Not sure if its been asked yet or not, but was wondering how it would work if I put them in fridge the night before to use at breakfast time? Would it give it too much defrost time?

  26. Jessica says

    How thick was your dough when you rolled it out? I made these last night and think I might have rolled them to thin as they didn’t seem to rise much.