Postage going up on January 27: Now’s the time to buy Forever Stamps!

Just a quick reminder that postage is going up by a penny for first-class mail on January 27, 2013. So instead of paying $0.45 per piece of mail, you’ll pay $0.46.

Now’s a great time to invest in Forever Stamps as they currently only cost $0.45 (until January 27, 2013), but they allow you to mail letters to anywhere in the U.S. indefinitely, no matter how much the price of a stamp increases.

Find more details here.

Tip: you can often get Forever Stamps for a few cents less per stamp by purchasing them on eBay.

Thanks, Rachel!

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  1. says

    Ok I feel dumb, this whole time I’ve thought it was 48 cents per stamp!? Hmm so maybe buying at Costco isn’t such a great deal. I thought I was saving several bucks for 100, but maybe I’m only saving like $1…

  2. Kay says

    Just don’t forget when you buy extra stamps, that the money could be working for you in other ways (earning interest, paying off debt, etc.) so don’t go too crazy buying extra stamps to keep yourself in style for years! I bought stamps last January before the increase for my wedding invitations and deliberately overestimated and I still have a ton left.

    • Lynn says

      Yep, totally agree here. This is not a big money saver for me as we use so few postage stamps. I will pick up more whenever I’m low AND near the post office as it’s not a big enough savings to warrant driving a little bit. IF I had a business and were to use first class postage stamps on a regular basis, I might consider it, but then again, time is money, too!

      • says

        I order stamps from the post office online. I get the prettiest stamps and don’t have to wait in line. Since I use a lot of stamps in my hobby (, this works really well for me.

  3. GSH says

    International rates are going up 5 cents to $1.10. The new international stamps will be Forever though, so when it goes up again you can still use the stamps you bought for $1.10.

  4. Suzanne says

    I don’t think I would have chosen to say, “they currently only cost $0.45.” Is it me or does $0.45 already seem like a lot? I just read an article on the use of the word only and how the media uses it to encourage us to buy now……..not to be nit-picky—just noticing—I do this too.