10 Weekly Goals

I’ve been amazed at how much of a difference it’s making for me to be approaching my days by being really committed to knocking out the hardest things first. This resulted in another week where I completed all my goals — and there was still plenty of margin time. Yay!

Here’s my list of goals for this week:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1. Read five chapters of Vinegar Boy: Encounter Christ Through the Dramatic Story of Vinegar Boy aloud at lunch. Read three chapters of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh at dinner. Read three chapters of The Amazon Stranger with Kathrynne, read three chapters of Little House on the Prairie with Kaitlynn, read three chapters of Farming with Father to Silas.

2. Play at least one game of Scrabble together as a family.

Personal Goals

3. Memorize Romans 1:5-6.

4. Finish writing all Christmas thank yous.

5. Exercise 5 times.

6. Finish reading You Can Raise a Well-Mannered Child, The Shelter of God’s Promises, The Duck Commander Family, and The Good Life for Less.

Homemaking Goals

7. Do a Freezer Cooking in an Hour session.

8. Finish 30 rows of the scarf for Kathrynne.

Business Goals

9. Work on the second round of edits for three chapters of my next book.

10. Finish two guest posts for other sites.

This week’s goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals

1. Read two chapters of Vinegar Boy: Encounter Christ Through the Dramatic Story of Vinegar Boy aloud at lunch. Read three chapters of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh at dinner. Read two chapters of The Amazon Stranger with Kathrynne, read two chapters of Little House on the Prairie with Kaitlynn, read two chapters of Farming with Father to Silas.

2. Write a love note to Jesse.

Personal Goals

3. Memorize Romans 1:7-8.

4. Exercise 4 times.

5. Finish reading The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest FearsPlatform: Get Noticed in a Noisy WorldLife Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good LifeMaking Room for Life: Trading Chaotic Lifestyles for Connected RelationshipsLove Has a Face: Mascara, a Machete and One Woman’s Miraculous Journey with Jesus in SudanLessons at Blackberry Inn: Adventures with the Gentle Art of Learning, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse, Risk is Right, and Tahosa Treasure. {And yes, I know that that is a crazy long list, but since I have eight flights combined for my two trips this week, I’m thinking I should plan for plenty of reading time!}

Homemaking Goals

6. Do a Freezer Cooking in an Hour session.

7. Finish 30 rows of the scarf for Kathrynne.

Business Goals

8. Work on the third round of edits for two chapters of my next book.

9. Attend the She Speaks Intensive.

10. Finish mapping out my keynote for the BEECH Retreat.

How did you do on last week’s goals? What are your goals for this week? I’d love to have you share your progress on last week’s goals and your goals for this coming week in the comments. Of, if you’ve blogged about it, leave your direct link below. Let’s cheer each other on to live purposeful and productive lives!

You can download a free customizable weekly goal-planning sheet here.

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  1. says

    My goals for January have focused around eating down our deep freeze. I used up all the bake goods the other week, and we are slowly eating through the various sale priced meat store. Finally used up the lone bag of frozen broccoli tonight it your “broccoli chicken and rice casserole” only I used ham since that was what we had, and only homemade cream of chicken (again that is what I had) and it turned out very good! http://snailpacetransformations.com/2013/01/21/pantry-challenge-update-week-4-goals/

  2. Jessica says

    I am really enjoying having goals this year instead of flimsy “I’ll work out” type of things. I started running this week to accomplish my goals of completing a 5k and 10k this year. I was disappointed in my running Saturday. Today I realized I was pushing myself too hard to immediately run those 3 miles at a decent pace. I slowed down and today was 100% better.

  3. says

    I’m keeping my goals very simple this year. In keeping with them, this week my goals are:

    Complete the first 3 workouts for Couch to 5K (1 down, phew! I never, ever, ever thought I’d ever run for fun, but I’m very determined to do this thing that I thought I could never do just to prove I can!)

    Read 2 chapters of the Bible each morning

    Be patient/kind with my kids instead of reacting to their noise/behavior

    Eat more fruits and veggies (have a huge kale/carrot/raisin/craisin/onion/cucumber/cabbage salad in the fridge all prepped for a week of yummy salads.

    Finish winter de-cluttering (I’ve made almost $100 just selling junk on the local Mom’s Swap page on fb)

  4. Meme says

    Growing up my dad always called things we didn’t want to do frogs. He would always tell us to “eat” our largest frog first. Then joke around with us once a chore was done or sending us to do one by saying ribbit ribbit. lol Your post just brought memories of that back.

  5. says

    I am still trying to get a rhythm with goal setting. I spent the first whole week just working on forms that I have since tweaked a bit. However, just the IDEA of setting goals and tracking what I’m doing/supposed to do has already helped me greatly.

  6. says



    1. Take Tiffany on a date on Wednesday for her 15th Birthday! Celebrate her birthday with friends on Thursday!

    2. Listen to Bible 5 nights as a family

    3. Continue Love and Respect book with Mike


    1. Walk 3 times (2 times with just Mike)

    2. Write our sponsor child

    3. Continue Little Women and Grace For The Good Girl and Cleaning House: A Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment To Rid Her Home Of Youth Entitlement

    4, Memorize Romans 5:8 and Romans 10:9.


    1. Make appt. with Kentucky Farm Bureau

    2. Bring bags to thrift store

    3. Rewrite/print out chore chart

    • Brandi says

      Crystal~ how do you read books at mealtimes? Do you eat separate than the kiddos or are they audio books? Do you make the kiddos sit there until the chapter is done, what if they get done first?

      • says

        I am still at the beginning and enjoying the premise of the book so far. Not sure what I think of her idea of having all that money in jars as incentive though. I’d have to redo my whole budget if I followed her advice since we have such a big family and limited extra income. But like I said, I’m still at the beginning of the book and hope to gain some new insights!

  7. says

    haha, I was wondering how you were possibly going to read that much! That sounds like a good use of flight time (not that I’ve ever flown!).

    I have a daily housework checklist and also a “room of the house” weekly checklist. That usually feels like a lot to handle without doing extra things. But I wonder if it’s time to re-examine how I set my goals. I think that will be my goal this week, to examine my checklists and goal setting on a weekly level. I have always admired how you set yours out. :)

  8. Jaclyn says

    Your goals and updates are as discouraging to me as they as encouraging. Haha. I wish I could do half of what you do! It took 2 hours to get our boys to bed tonight between potty breaks (which ALL were real), crying 1 year old and a bonked head. Maybe one day I will get more than the urgent done.

  9. says

    Wow! You did great. I’m still learning to set weekly goals that fit our schedule- not too much, not too little. Not only doing things early in the day, but early in the week, as well, seems to be the key for me. This week’s goals are linked up to my name.

  10. Rebecca says

    Hi Crystal!

    I admire how much reading you all are doing as a family. A personal goal of mine this year is to read more and I would love to instill more of a love for reading into my children (ages 7 & 3). We do most of our reading at bedtime with them, but I am curious how you structure your day so you all are doing more throughout the day. I noticed you said you read at lunch – do you do this while you are seated at the table? Do you ask your children to set aside specific time to read on their own? Would love to hear you talk about this a little.

    Thanks so much!

  11. says

    I love reading your goal posts! I have been doing weekly goals for this month and have been loving it! It is making such a big difference for me :)

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