Toys “R” Us: Two different $5 off $5 coupons = free or inexpensive items!

Print a $5 off $5 purchase Toys “R” Us or Babies “R” Us coupon. You can use this on any $5+ purchase, meaning you can get some items for free or almost free!

You can also text 5ONUS to 78697 and you’ll receive a text coupon for $5 off $5.

You’ll likely only be able to use one $5 off coupon per transaction.

These coupons are good through August 16, 2012.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!

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  1. Cris says

    I used mine today since I wanted to get more underwear for our son. All their clearance clothing was another 50% off the lowest price so I got 2 3-packs of underwear plus a sleeveless shirt for next year for $2.49 with tax! The underwear was marked $4.90 so after the half off 2 packs wouldn’t even make it $5 so that’s why the shirt. Thought about getting a travel size toiletry to make it a little cheaper but decided I didn’t need it and would rather pay extra to get the shirt. Lots of Paul Frank items were on clearance, an adorable rain jacket would have been $3 after 50% and $5 coupon! Does anyone know if the phone one is any different? I would love to go back for that!!!

  2. Kim Nusenow says

    Anyone else having trouble printing off the coupons. Every time I try to click on the coupon it says internet had to close.

  3. amanda says

    I had a terrible time trying to use mine today. I was told that it had already been used……and the cashier was less thn polite…thats always a bummer!

    • Michelle Mills says

      Amanda….me too! I even had my two (in my humble opinion) cute kids with me….lol. First off….his name was Rash and he was RUDE, condescending and so forth. I had my sister’s email address and my email address coupons and he was nasty. I wasn’t trying to “get away” with anything….my sister who lives in another state gave me her link. Ugh. After 30 minutes with each child…..trying to pick out their pick their prize I was spent…of course I still bought the one that I wasn’t allowed to use the coupon on. The whole experience so wasn’t worth it…I will just shop on Amazon or go to Target and shop there.

      • Adam says

        The cashier was rude and blamed our phone for Toys R Us’ website not giving us the coupon when we clicked that icon. We were on the mobile site using an iPhone. What more does TRU expect?

        We tried on a desktop once we got home…same thing happened – it just sent us to an ad. My wife called and the customer service claimed we didn’t have Java installed. I build websites…believe me, I have Java installed. They screwed the pooch on this deal and are acting like they didnt

  4. Karen says

    The coupon prints with a unique bar code, and each bar code can only be used once. But the website let me print 5– all with the same bar code! I printed on Hubbys comp too, so I had 2 usable coupons. I got a ‘make your own glitter dome rings’ kit for 5.49 and 2 ice cream play dough sets for 5.25. So total, i spent less than a dollar out of pocket for 3 toys!

  5. Kim says

    I have three 1 year old boys (nephews) to buy Christmas gifts for. Does anyone have ideas for $5-6 or less. I’d love to get all three something totaling <$6 before the coupon. I really appreciate any suggestions!! Thanks!!!

    • Brittany says

      I tried to print one from each site, but the barcodes were the same. But I was able to get one each from my and hubby’s computer, then one from each of our phones.

    • Kimber says

      My one-year-old son loves cars and trucks – I think you should be able to find something in that price range! I got him a ‘Mater’ – I think it was around $4 – and he loves it! He’s getting a few Hot Wheels for his birthday. If you want to go all out … you can buy a few sheets of black felt at Walmart for twenty cents each, cut them into strips, and use white or yellow paint to make dotted lines. Voila – a road set that is easy to travel with and pretty kid-proof … sorry this was so long, but I hope that’s helpful!

  6. pcunningham says

    I tried to get the text coupon and got a message on my phone telling me to go to the website for the specific coupon. I am not sure what I did wrong…

  7. Lisa says

    You are able to print more than 1 per computer, but they all print with the same bar code- which can only be used once. So for multiple coupons, make sure you print from different computers.

  8. kat says

    Mine worked! I printed mine out from the banner on my niece’s bday is this week and she LOVES lalaloopsy. i found the lalaloopsy buttontails mouse plush that comes with changeable ears, tails, and bows on sale for $7!! (retails for $20 still on!!!). So i only paid $2 out of pocket :) WOOHOO!!!

  9. Mella says

    Worked great for me today at TRU. Got a cute gift bag for a baby shower for $4.49. Coupon from my mobile phone scanned perfectly. I didn’t have to pay any cash OOP. Used the second coupon from Shopkick app and got a pretty bow and some candy. Total was under $5 and the coupon worked perfectly. Nothing OOP!

  10. Winnie E says

    When I click on the link it just takes me to the Toys R Us site. I looked all over and do not see where I can print off a coupon. Did I miss it?
    Thank you

  11. Michelle says

    I used the printable one today & got my daughter a birthday card and number candle for next year. My out of pocket was 0.00.Yeah!

  12. Alejandra says

    I also have the RetailMeNot app on my phone and it also has a coupon. Do you know if I can use it too? Or would it be the same barcode as the text coupon and the one on the shopkick app?? Help!

  13. says

    I finally got to the page to print the coupon and it said the promotion was over. Today is 8/15 and the coupon says its good til 8/16. What gives?

    • Brenda says

      Apparently, they’re no longer offering the coupon. They probably reached their max number of downloads.