Coinstar: Free $5 MP3 credit when you cash in $20 worth of coins

Have $20 worth of coins sitting in a jar at your house? Take them to a nearby Coinstar kiosk and cash them in for a gift card and you’ll get a free $5 MP3 credit.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!

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  1. melissa says

    Do they keep a certain percentage of the $20? Or do you get $25 back ($5 amazon credit + $20 cash)? Or how do get the $20 back? I’m going to start searching around for $20 worth of change!

  2. Mandy says

    I just read the rules on Coinstar’s website and you have to cash out for an gift card (not just any gift card) if you want the $5 Amazon MP3 credit. If you do that you will end up with a $20 (or more, depending on the amount of change you put in) gift card to Amazon, and a code for a $5 Amazon MP3 credit on your receipt.

    Any time you choose a gift card instead of cash they don’t charge you a fee, but if you want the $5 Amazon MP3 credit you must choose the gift card.

    • melissa says

      Thanks for clarifying! Sounds like a good deal for us as we are always buying stuff off of Amazon! Time to start searching the couch cushions. : )

    • Kristina says

      Yes and FYI you can do this multiple times and apply all codes *but* the codes cannot be combined.

      If you do the deal 10 times and apply all codes, you’ll have $50 in free mp3 music … but if you buy an album for $7, only $5 of it will be free and your debit/credit card will be charged $2. BE CAREFUL!

  3. Rachel says

    Those machines can be wildly inaccurate, and could short you as much as 10%. My future brother-in-law took what he knew was $10 in coins, already in rolls, to his bank to get bills for it, and they told him he had to use what was effectively a CoinStar machine, which told him he had only $8 and change. I have the spare three minutes it takes to roll that much change and not get cheated.

    • Andrea says

      Many banks won’t take already rolled coins anymore, so they force you to unroll and use the machine or go somewhere else.

  4. Andrea says

    I did this deal yesterday. The offer is ongoing until September 23 and the MP3 codes have to be used by Halloween.