7 Items Worth Splurging On

My husband emailed me an article from DaveRamsey.com yesterday on 7 Items That Are Worth the Extra Money.

The 7 items they suggested you should spend extra money on?

Toilet Paper

Trash Bags

Running Shoes


Bed Sheets

Office Chair


I found the list interesting and would agree that it is worth it to buy high-quality running shoes, office chairs, and trash bags. I also think it’s good to invest in wholesome food. However, I disagree that you have to pay a lot of extra money for any of these three things. If you are creative and know where to look, there are great deals to be had on high-quality items.

I also disagree that you need to spend extra on toilet paper, bed sheets, or silverware. If you come to our house, you get to use whatever toilet paper we got a good deal on. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m not one to spend a lot of money on something you’re just flushing down the toilet. :)

And I’ve never gotten too hung up on sheet thread count. By the time I get into bed, I’m usually plenty tired that I don’t even notice the sheets.

Silverware is also another thing we don’t splurge on around here. We got a set from Walmart when we got married plus some odds and ends passed on from a friend. Our mismatched cheap set might not look too impressive, but it gets the job done.

That said, I know I have things that I splurge on that aren’t on the list–like a good hair cut. Many people just cut their own hair and that works great for them, but spending the money on a good hair cut is so worth it to me.

Do you agree or disagree with the list of 7 things you should splurge on? What other items do you feel are worth spending extra money on?

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  1. rachel says

    I think you SHOULD spend the extra money on the bedsheets. The lower the thread count, the rougher it is on your skin thus aging you faster. Seems kinda silly but you can bet all those 50+ celebs out there with young looking skin aren’t sleeping on 200 thread count sheets. However you can still get good quality sheets at a great price if you’re patient.

    And toilet paper is also worth the slurdge. That one ply garbage thats out there is not worth it, no matter how cheap you can get it. The thinner it is, the more you have to use to feel clean therefore it doesn’t make it any cheaper than waiting for a good sale and using a coupon.

  2. Saranda says

    My grandmother has always been insistent that I “take care of my feet” and I tend to feel that, with all of her life experience, I should probably listen to her so I have no problem splurging on good shoes for me and my child-hubby picks out is own shoes :). I usually buy Cottonelle toilet paper and try to combine a coupon with a sale and usually have alot stocked up. We are still sleeping on a hand me down mattress, using leftover sheets from when we were single and using mismatched silverware. I definitely agree with buying quality instead of having to constantly replace items and plan to do that when we do replace our hand me downs!!

  3. kAiTdMs says

    I think it really depends on one’s preference and priority. I agree with toilet paper though. I grew up with almost the cheapest TP, but had to use more just to get the job done without seaping on my hand. I wouldn’t say splurge on Trashbags, but a decent brand name bc it does make a difference how trash holds up. And finally, I agree with running shoes, for good support and prevent future consequences if running is a serious exercise. We seriously go by Dave Ramsey, but one thing we splurge on (within reason, however) is furniture. Making it last a lifetime, esp through young children, like we have. The other is good rating vehicle. Look at consumers report. Why buy for only looks. We look for the inside quality of car so it would last as long as it can without going to the body shop and spend more $ anyway for repairs. I don’t agree with the last 4. Be smart where your $ goes and how long it can last.

    • good2Bqueen says

      I’m with you on the maternity clothes! With my first pregnancy I had three pairs of pants, one pair that I avoided as much as possible because I had to pull them up every time I bent over, sat down, or squatted. I had a half dozen shirts I could wear, not all maternity, but workable. I’ve decided that this time I’m going to invest in an outfit for every day of the week. I want to feel like I look nice on the outside because it makes me feel better on the inside. And that’s important when you’re pregnant. No more sweats and hubby’s t-shirts for me!

  4. says

    Yes! Splurge on Toilet Paper! I bought the cheapest stuff I could find recently. It’s also the thinnest, most uncomfortable TP to use. I probably use way more sheets because there’s literally nothing there 😉

  5. BethA says

    Have to disagree on the silverware! When we were married 20+ years ago, we didn’t register, but so many people contacted my mother or mother-in-law to ask for gift suggestions that we decided we needed to pick out at least one thing. As dirt-poor college students, expensive china seemed frivolous, so we decided on a good-quality stainless (an Oneida Heirloom pattern) and still have it to this day. A classic pattern can be used for both everyday and special occasions, will last forever – or as long as you care to keep it – and the fact that everything matches just makes me feel a little more “together” with zero effort. I still have not gotten tired of my pattern, and I know it will never be discontinued so I can continue to add more through the years.

    • Dineen says

      I *thought* my husband and I had chosen a good-quality Oneida stainless set for our registry; but I was wrong. If I had researched a little more I would have found out that the pattern a one-off or not one you could get extra pieces for. It was bought with a gift card with a note to “buy that stainless”, we thought we got a great deal when it was on sale half-price too and were able to buy 2 sets of 4 place-settings. Apparently it was cheap for a reason, because ‘stainless’ isn’t living up to its name in 5 years of use.
      So, I would 2nd good quality silverware. My mother’s stainless set is as old as her 50 + year marriage and she can still get replacements. It’s classic and the pieces are still un-rusted.

    • stee says

      We bought a good-quality pattern too (Reed & Barton). It has been around for years. It’s simple, classic and looks good year after year.

  6. Jeri says

    I’ve gotten some super duper soft sheets for really good deals! JCPenney! I thought I would NEVER go cheap on my toilet paper….and here I am, when our times got tough…so did the toilet paper. haha

  7. Stephanie says

    We don’t splurge on everything on this list. We do not splurge on toilet paper. I do buy the cheap ones that rip easily but in my mind I cannot justify paying almost $1/roll for the pricey ones. Silverware we just have a mix match set and have never actually bought one from a store.

    Since my husband is in charge of trash duty, he hates cheap bags that break. Luckily we have gotten a ton of bags free from a survey to test bags and so that has lasted us quite a while but otherwise I just try to use coupons on the pricey bags.

    We splurged on a mattress and we have a pricey memory foam mattress but after trying that out at the store there is no way I could have agreed to buy any other. We also splurge on my haircuts since I agree that it is something I want done right. I cut my husband’s hair though with a clippers! We also splurge on vacations. Traveling to new places and having new experiences is something very important to me and so we do splurge on that once a year.

  8. good2Bqueen says

    My list is pretty much spot on with Ramsey’s. I have super high quality silverware and I like the way it feels in my hands – of course I got them on clearance at an outlet store so I didn’t actually splurge on them (nor would I), but they are definitely worth the wait to find a good deal. And bedsheets – ahhhhhh. I don’t sleep well. Never have in my entire life. Nice sheets don’t help me sleep any better, but boy do they feel great against my skin while I’m lying there awake! They last forever, and I didn’t pay much for them because, again I bought them on clearance and I didn’t care that I had mismatched linens.

    Now, high end trash bags is a new requirement for me. When I was single, I could just use grocery bags. I rarely had much waste. When I settle down, I upgraded to the cheapest trash bags I could find. And that worked for a long time. But with a little one, I’ve found those cheap bags just don’t do it. I like to STUFF my bags (to use fewer) and they just don’t hold up. So it’s name brand bags for me from now on.

    And as for a good hair cut, that’s one expense I couldn’t afford any longer when I quit work with my DS. My hair just grows too darned fast and regardless how good the haircut, I had a long stringy mess in a few months. But I agree a good cut is the only way to go, so I gave up haircuts altogether – now I have dreadlocks! ;o)

  9. says

    I love this list. Definitely gives perspective. Food I agree with. Toilet paper, garbage bags and running shoes I agree with also, but the rest really doesn’t matter. Good towels are important to us. Babysitter is on the top of our list so hubby and I can go on dates. :)

  10. Kelly says

    My mom always said the two things to spend good money on are shoes and coats. Without good shoes, you’ll be hurting all the time. Without a good coat, you’ll freeze! The extra money is worth it for the quality and durability of the items- good ones will last many seasons.

    I tried buying cheap TP once. We about had a rebellion in the house! I don’t buy the super-premium kinds, but I’m banned from every buying the bottom dollar brand again!

  11. sarah says

    It absolutely cracks me up how many comments this post has garnered, i don’t know why. It’s almost 3 times as many as the post it references!

  12. says

    Silverware is the odd one for me.

    Every once in a while I just go get a whole bunch from Goodwill.

    You run it through the Dishwasher, and it’s good to go.

  13. says

    Oh, on the tp….what to look for if you have a tank is one that says, “Safe for septic systems,”

    As some have mentioned, the pricier brands can actually be a problem. We’re on sewer, so not an issue for us, but my mom has a tank and was told this by her plumber.

  14. dana says

    Any type of toilet paper is good in comparison to using cut up newspaper like I used on my grandparents farm during communism. I agree with you crystal, money thrown down the drain.

    Good quality kitchen knives is definitely worth the extra money in the long run. I would never pay extra for silverware.

    Filtered clean water vs. Drinking clorine tap water.

  15. Tenille says

    I think good sheets are worth a little extra money. I look for higher thread counts at Homegoods, Ross, or other discount stores. I don’t care about the color, just the feel. I don’t care about toilet paper, but Hubby insists on something good.

  16. Pat says

    I agree about the toilet paper, you can get a good price on good toilet paper.
    The sheets – most of the high count sheets are a misnomer, they don’t count the thread counts correctly and are fooling you when you think you’re getting a high thread count, just google it. I buy 100% cotton sheets, DO NOT buy 65% poly, 35% cotton sheets, they pill!
    I bought a good set of Oneida silverware before I got married (1970’s through Betty Crocker catalog)and when I compare it to what is being made now, it makes me cringe to see the poor quality that they sell in the stores. I love having a good set of flatware.

  17. Nora O says

    I’m a little baffled by the silverware one. My average Oneida wedding-gift stuff from 1997 is still great, and the additional Goodwill misc I’ve picked up work just fine. But I’m fussy about TP (and need to be cautious with our septic), can’t stand sheets that pill, and have learned my lesson with cheap footwear and trash bags. I

  18. Rachel Horne says

    Angel Soft toilet is the best toilet paper I’ve found for a low price. I can buy four rolls for $1 here, and it is soft and sturdy.

  19. Kristine says

    Absolutely “splurge” on toilet paper here, too! My brother had some at his house that I swear he’d taken from highway rest areas. It was HORRIBLE. I wouldn’t use it even if it was free. I always try to use sales and coupons, but there are some brands out there that we just will NOT use. It seems the cheaper and thinner it is, the more that has to be used to accomplish the task at, ahem, hand. So doesn’t seem to be much to gain there.

  20. Emily says

    Scott brand toilet paper is cost effective and works just fine. Scott Extra Soft or the 1000. I almost always find coupons for it, and the price is usually lower than any other brands (except maybe generic?) The “Scott 1000″ is a little thin but to me, it’s not like I am putting that much thought into wiping and flushing, and like you said, when you think about what you are using it for and flushing it down the toilet, it really doesn’t matter if it is fluffy with lotion. Unless that is a priority for you :)

    One thing I whole heartedly agree with splurging on is the quality of your food. A friend of mine who is into whole foods and clean eating (or organic), told me “You either pay now, or pay later” (regarding your health). If you can, try to splurge on some or not all of your most-consumed items, .. get good quality beef, produce, that type of thing. Or at least look up the dirty dozen list of produce with the most pesticides and get only those organic. What you put into your body is more important than we probably even are aware of, and the processed convenience foods out there are not meant to nourish us healthfully, although they are easier on the wallet!

    Sheets – Eh… we have middle of the road quality sheets. Use fabric softener and almost any sheets feel just fine when you’re tired!

    Shoes – yes those are important, but after a certain point they don’t increase in quality. A $60 pair of nice dress shoes or heels are probably just as good as a $300 designer pair.

    Office chair – YES! My husband and I both work on computers , and also work from home, and we spend a lot of time (unfortunately) on our bums in the office chairs. A good one is crucial for back health and comfort.

    I would also add that it is probably more cost effective to “splurge” on a few nice quality , or nice brand clothes, instead of always hitting up the $5 t-shirt display at Old Navy or Target… when they just fall apart after awhile. If that is all you can afford then it’s just fine, but I’m always tempted to get the cheapies…… and then I spend more over time and they don’t look nearly as good as a few well-made items.

  21. Alaine says

    Hmm… I guess I agree with some of these, to some degree. Like, I think it is worth it to spend a little extra and get the recycled toilet paper – it’s not the cheapest but also not the most expensive, either. I definitely agree with the sheets – me and my DH looooove our nice soft (and expensive) sheets! It is worth it for the extra comfort! But I do always get them at Bed bath and Beyond with that 20% coupon – never pay full price! Running shoes, yes – office chair I could care less about, but I don’t have back problems and I’m young(ish). Food is something that I do sometimes spend more than I need to… I mean, I know I could spend less on groceries overall if I bought more junk, but I like to eat healthy. We just try to buy our stuff on sale and with coupons when we can! My big splurge is that I have a woman I love that waxes my eyebrows for me. It’s not cheap, but I’ve tried cheaper places and tried doing myself and the results are just not the same. Definitely worth the money to me :)

  22. Linda says

    I think there are two points here: Sometimes it saves you money to buy a slightly more expensive item that will last longer/be more reliable. The other is that spending a little more to take care of yourself (healthier food and good shoes) can save you from having future expenses (less trips to the doctor, fewer sick days, no trips to a chiropractor, no prescription drugs…)

  23. Delorise says

    My husband insists on using Scott tissue– so I buy this for the guest bath- (on sale/ with a coupon) which is his bathroom due to his work schedule. The master bath gets the Big Roll (1000 sheets) from Walgreens that I get from 45 to 50 cents a roll–a good deal and I am pleased with it. Like my Walmart silverware as they are lightweight– we both hate the heavy silverware. We have a set of Organic sheets for the master and the guest bedroom ( yep we have a 2 bedroom house—small but paid for)– I got these on sale thru Gaiam several years ago— they may have been a little bit more expensive but not much– and were well worth it as what we sleep on is important to us. Yep I do buy quality walking shoes—-the rest is no big deal. I am sure each individual has their rating of importance on things.

  24. Dineen says

    I’ve read some unusual articles about running, that actually recommend *cheap* running shoes, since the over-supported foot with fancy expensive shoes is getting too much support that can lead to foot (and knee/leg) problems later. I don’t run, but the premise is interesting. The ultimate end-point are the barefoot runners. (You can look up barefoot running and learn about what they say about what shoes are doing to our feet.)
    Sheets — I had a problem with cheap sheets where the cotton literally washed away the 2nd time they were washed because the yarn quality was so poor. It didn’t matter the thread count. You could hold the sheet up to the light and see right through it almost like cheesecloth because all that was left was the polyester core of the yarn. (They had been a wedding gift, and I had had no thought to keep the packaging to return them for an exchange and complain.) Never again will I buy cheap sheets. For those with sensitivities, soft sheets make a HUGE difference in quality of sleep. Scratchy sheets just don’t cut it when you have sleep problems. Of course, I am not buying $300 Egyptian cotton long staple 2000 thread count sheets either. There has to be a middle ground.
    I’ve never been a big one for spending a lot of money on TP. I found a decent store brand I could reliably get cheap that did the job. Recently though, they changed it and we’re having to use more, so I am having to rethink my plan.
    Trash bags are often a disappointment, but reading the mil size of the plastic make a big difference without having to spend money on brand names. It took learning that to find out if a bargain bag was a bargain or not.
    My next planned splurge is towels. I have towels that are 27 years old that my mom bought me for college from either a mill outlet or a grocery store promotion. They are excellent compared to big box discount store towels that I see for sale, even all raggedy on the edges. Neither are they so thick that I can’t wrap them around my head to dry my hair.

    • good2Bqueen says

      Ah! Thank you for pointing out to look for the mil size of the plastic trash bags. Duh! How did I not think to do that?! Of course that’s all that really matters anyway. Now I’ll just have to take a look at a name brand box and then shop for the cheapest with the same mil.

  25. Heidi says

    I will pay a few cents more for good dish soap. Dawn will last soooo much longer using only a few drops compared to using tons of cheaper brands to do the same job. I had to learn the hard way!

    • Pat says

      I definately agree with you Heidi. I will never buy any other dishsoap. Another brand may be cheaper but if it doesn’t last as long I haven’t saved any money.

  26. Billene says

    Good running shoes, toilet paper, and high thread count bed sheets are worth the extra money. Also, it is wise to invest in good quality office chairs. I purchased a HON desk chair seven years ago and it is still in as good condition as the day I purchased it. As to splurging at high quality hair salons I disagree. The best advice I have is to find a good priced hair salon and let that hair dresser become familiar with you hair.

  27. savannah says

    We can’t go cheap on Toilet Paper or our septic system gets backed up. There are only 3 brands we ever buy. My view is: It is easier to spend a little extra all the time, than have a big expense all at once.

  28. Billene says

    As to splurging on hair cuts, I have to disagree. The best advice I have is find a good hairdresser ( they don’t have to be the most pricey in town) and stick with that individual. By sticking with them they will become familiar with your hair and you will be pleased with the results. I also disgree with cutting your own hair at home. I feel you would end up with more problems than it would be worth.

  29. SusanR says

    I guess I am curious what is considered a “splurge” on silverware. I have an Oneida service of 12 plus serving pieces that I bought when I got my first decent paying job, probably 20~ish years ago now. I still use them. I don’t think I paid a huge amount of money, actually I think I might have bought them at the outlet store.

    But growing up we always had mismatched sets, a little of this, and a little of that, and I like having a nice matching set. They’ve even survived my children so far. :)

    I agree on the toilet paper. I hate single ply toilet paper, or toilet paper that keeps ripping off the roll when you are unrolling it. I buy the Costco Kirkland big package and I love it, and I don’t think it is a huge expense.

    • SusanR says

      Oh, I also buy the Costco Kirkland brand trash bags. A box must last me at least 6 months (probably longer) and I have never had them leak or fall apart. Love those too!

  30. Angie says

    Something I’ve been told is that when you get those varicose vein looking grey lines on your dishes, its from using cheap silverware, and my sister and I have had this happen…. So even though it might be a LITTLE more ( I think you could get a good deal) at first, if nicer silverware helps prolong the life of flatware, then it is worth it, to me :) I do also agree w/ the slightly nicer toilet paper, because if you have to use more (w/ cheap stuff), then its no longer saving money… but again, just my opinion :)

  31. Leah says

    We splurged on pots and pans. Before we got married, my mom told us to invest in a quality set of pots and pans that will last our entire marriage. My parents did that and 30 yrs later, they are still going strong. We spent a good chunk of money on high end/quality pots and pans, that also came with a lifetime warranty. We will NEVER have to spend money to replace them! (Before we got married, my husband bought some cheap pans at Wal-Mart, and needed to replace them months later). I’m glad we invested in quality pots & pans.

  32. stee says

    TOTALLY agree with toilet paper. I hate going to someone’s house and discovering they buy the cheap Scott type stuff. Ick.
    Also agree with bed sheets. I don’t buy anything under 300 count. I look for percale for that crisp five star hotel feel at home.
    I’d add to the list
    paper towels
    stand mixer/food processor – buy KitchenAid/Cuisinart and you’ll have it for life!
    and good tequila (no gold here!)

  33. lyss says

    I buy the cheapest kitchen trash bags. lol! And for the bathrooms, I reuse grocery bags.
    His point was to splurge on what you can that matters to YOU. I personally would not spend much on running shoes, because I don’t run regularly. But if someone runs everyday, then, yes, a really good pair would be worth it. The same goes for everything on this list. Totally a personal opinion. Do what works for YOU.

  34. says

    I probably wouldn’t splurge on any of those other things (probably because I’m not in a position to do so. ) But I can see why some people would, especially on a comfortable office chair and supportive running shoes. But the silverware? I just can’t get with that one. I don’t see a NEED for it to be expensive when all it needs to be is functional.

    My splurge is on jeans. Not because it makes me feel good, but because I’m extremely limited in terms of options. I am 6 feet tall with a 37 1/2″ inseam. Finding *high-quality* (read: long-lasting) women’s denim with those dimensions doesn’t happen for less than $60 a pop. So I buy 2-3 pairs at a time, and wear them until they are thin, hole-y rags.

  35. says

    Along with what many others have said, my only splurge on the list would be toilet paper. The one-ply cheap stuff is useless and very uncomfortable for those in my family with sensitive skin.

    I would say that getting my hair cut by a professional would be an essential splurge, but I am lucky in that my sister owns her own hair salon, so I get my hair done for free.

  36. Pamela says

    I don’t see personal feminine products in your list. I feel those are very important, as well. And I feel a sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without Miracle Whip :).

  37. Michelle says

    Love nice sheets! They last and feel great. Use the 30 percent off at Kohls code online and Kohl’s Cash and they’re pretty reasonable.

  38. WilliamB says

    I don’t consider extra money spent on shoes or – since I sit in a office all day – a chair to be an indulgence. It’s necessary. My new office gave me a chair that didn’t suit – I had a backache all the time. The backache disappeared after they gave me a better chair.

    Good shoe pay off. After years of aching (flat) feet I went to a podiatrist. He was astounded that all my feet did was ache a bit: most people with my feet would need surgery.

    My biggest splurge is a housekeeper. I loathe cleaning.

  39. Bernadette says

    I think it’s funny that almost every post has mentioned toilet paper! I agree, the cheap stuff is not worth it and will not be purchased by me. My mom always had the cheapest TP and I hated it growing up, it doesn’t work well. It just made our house seem cheap, like we couldn’t even afford decent toilet paper, such a simple thing but a lasting impact. Anyway, we don’t have office chairs so I don’t really care about that. My running shoes are ancient since I don’t like running, though I’m considering taking it up so I’ll probably need to get a new pair. I would also agree with decent sheets, there is nothing worse than staying with someone else and getting into a bed with sheets that are so thin you can read through them! Of course, I’m grateful to have a bed to sleep in, but buying cheap sheets just isn’t worth it. Save up a little, it doesn’t have to be much, you can always get coupons for BB&B, and buy decent sheets that will last a while. I spend a little more on some food, less on others. I figure if it’s canned, boxed, or frozen, it shouldn’t be that different and will buy a lot of that at Wally World where it is usually cheaper, but I refuse to buy produce or meat there. For that I will only go to the grocery store. I learned that lesson the hard way after having to throw out 2 huge packages of pork that were absolutely disgusting! I splurge a little more for name brand dye and fragrance free laundry detergent – I have 2 boys who are very rough on their clothes so that is completely worth it to me! Oh, and decent carpet is a must! :)

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