MyPublisher: 10 free holiday cards with free shipping

I briefly posted this deal last week, but the code wasn’t working. It’s available again and this time it appears the code is working correctly!

Personalize 10 holiday cards on MyPublisher and add them to your cart. Go to checkout and use coupon code HAPPY10FREE. It should give you all 10 cards for free with free shipping.

You can also still get 20 custom photo cards for just $1.49 shipped from SeeHere.

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  1. Libby says

    I had very bad luck with My Publisher when I tried to make my cards. The system kept freezing and couldn’t handle the upload. I finally gave up! Hope others have better luck.

  2. Elizabeth H. says

    Yah, it keeps freezing up on me also. I got halfway done and tried to log in to save my card and it froze up. I tried several times. Then I closed it and logged in first and started over and it kept getting stuck trying to upload my photos

  3. Chris says

    Does anyone know what the deadline is for this coupon code? I’d like to do this but want to wait a couple of days if it will still be active.

  4. Tammy says

    I can customize a card but when it gets to the point where I sign in/register the page will freezes on me too.

  5. Bethany says

    I got all the way to entering my shipping info and then got a screen that states there is a problem with my order and I need to contact customer service, then the link states their mail is not set up. So frustrating considering the time it took to upload the photos.

  6. blaire says

    does anyone know how long this is going to be available? i’d like to do it, but we aren’t getting our family Christmas pictures done until much later. Or…does anyone have any ideas of what they did with the cards without a Christmas picture from this year? Thank you cards or something???

    • Tiffany says

      I’m thinking the same thing. Anyone know when this expires?? Our family pics aren’t til the end of November. :( We’ve been missing out on all these freebies! I’ve learned my lesson – I’ll get our Christmas pics done early October from now on!!

    • Abbie says

      I remember last year that there were 50 bazillion free card offers in December as well. Much better than 10 free. I wouldn’t worry! I’m in the same boat and I think we’re okay!

  7. says

    I was having a difficult time too but after a few hiccups it finally went through and I was able to order the cards! Thank you! :)

  8. says

    not sure if this helps but the only way I was able to get through the ordering system was with Firefox. Everything else gave me some sort of error.

    • ashley turner says

      anything specific you did or just patience? :) I can let it sit and do some unpacking if that is the case :)

      • liz says

        yes, just patience. It took a while for the pages to load. I also made sure i signed in first and then made the card instead of signing in at the end. Hope that helps! :)

  9. says

    I signed up for an account – but it’s still taking forever. It didn’t have any problems uploading my picture. But I’m still on the same screen for about 5 min with no progress.

  10. Lori says

    Is anyone else having trouble with See Here? I have been trying to do photo cards for days now and can’t seem to get the uploaded photos to where they need to be to create my card.

    • jessica says

      I just tried to register too after creating my card and got an error. I contacted them via live chat and they said they were having maintenance issues earlier that caused problems. They asked me to clear my cookies and cache and try again, but that didn’t work, so they were going to report it to the developers. So sad…no free cards for me unless they keep the code alive until after they get the issue fixed…

  11. says

    After trying a couple of times – I contacted MyPublisher and asked what was going on – this was their response:

    I am sorry for the errors. If you decide to try the card maker again, please use Google Chrome browser. It works the best for me when in the card maker. Again, I apologize for the errors. You are welcome to use the coupon code HAPPY10FREE which is for 10 free cards and 25% off card copies after 10, and the free US shipping as well! The code expires on Nov. 30

    I won’t be downloading google chrome, but thought I’d post this for anyone who was having troubles like I did.

  12. Jennifer says

    It finally worked! I’ve been trying off and for a few hours… Starting very shortly after this was posted. I Would try, walk away, come back and try and this time it worked! So excited to have the cards!!!


  13. Rochelle says

    I finally got this to work by signing in to my account and then creating the card as suggested before. Thanks for the great deal!!!!

  14. Melissa says

    It finally worked! I spent all day on it but traffic must be down because it worked wonderfully right now.

  15. Tina says

    It worked!
    I registered before creating my cards. Hope it works for everyone else too!
    Thank you

  16. Jennifer says

    I am not getting mine for totally free :( It keeps saying that I have ordered the Super Deluxe Linen Ecru envelopes bt I didn’t I have order the just deluxe ones… any help???

  17. Michelle says

    I gave up earlier but tried again tonight and although a bit slow after submitting my order, it went through for $0 due!

  18. Heather Reighard says

    Must be lighter traffic at night. I did register before I started. Was a little slow, but got better. I just did plain white envelopes, just in case! YEA! I got them for free. Thanks!

  19. stephanie says

    I also tried again yesterday evening and it worked! Thank you Crystal. Love the free cards!!

  20. miki says

    Yes, it does take a looong time, but it does work. Work on it, walk away and do something else, and come back to it, that’s what I did!

  21. Tanya says

    I got it to work late last night, but now my order email shows a blank card. I hope I don’t get Christmas cards without a photo! Good thing they’re free. :)

  22. says

    Does anyone know if it has to be holiday cards only? And does it have to be 10 of the same card or can it be 10 different cards?

  23. Tarah says

    Thanks for posting this! I had a little trouble uploading one photo, but I think it was just too big. It worked fine with a different one. I didn’t have to use Google Chrome or anything.

  24. Jackie says

    Yay! Got ‘em! Thank you!

    Also. I found it much easier to add pictures from Facebook.

    I just created a “scraps” album and imported the pics from there, easy!

  25. Angela says

    Wow! That was almost $20 for free! It took forever to load, but it was totally worth it. Thanks!!!

  26. says

    Ordered my free cards this morning. Everything went right through with no problems. Maybe they fixed some of the problems? Thanks Crystal…loving not having to pay for Christmas cards for years now! :)

  27. Deetz says

    I just ordered both of these card deals and they both worked! Try again. :) Thanks for this post!

  28. sara says

    Thank you so much i just personalized one and order 10 of the same,quick and easy, and FREE! thanks so much

  29. Alexis says

    My free cards from mypublisher arrived yesterday. They were awesome! Very well made. I was quite impressed. Thanks so much for all you do to help us save money.

  30. Bethany says

    I got my cards on Friday and they were well worth the time I spent getting the deal to work. They are beautiful! Thanks for posting this deal!