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  1. Emilie says

    I keep a small notebook by my bed and I write down three things I am thankful for each night before bed.
    I was telling my mom about it and she said she writes down five things each night that go with each of the senses.
    for example, start your page with:
    the best thing I tasted…
    the best thing I smelled…
    the best thing I touched….
    the best thing I heard….
    the best thing I saw ….
    She said that my little one giggling was the best thing she had heard, not only that day, but in a long time and it really made her think about the other things that she heard. It forces you to look at the good things and not the bad.
    I tried this and it really did make me reflect on my day as a whole and be thnakfull that I have all of my senses and to marvel at the experiences I have each and every day!

  2. Kara says

    Thank you Crystal!!! You always have perfect timing in your posts. I was just thinking about leaving Dh random encouragement notes; he has had a rough couple of months at his new unit. THANK YOU!!!

  3. says

    I am often given one of those tear-away desk calendars for Christmas or other holidays. What I like to do is tear a page off each day, and write on the back 5 things I am grateful for. I have a small basket that I put the calendar page in, and once a year or so I go through and read about all of the precious moments in my life.

    It brings tears to my eyes!

  4. Laura says

    tried to download and print it, but said file was damaged so I could not access it, hope it can be fixed soon!