Hamburger Vegetable Soup Recipe

Hamburger Vegetable Soup

This is the very best Hamburger Vegetable Soup I’ve ever eaten. Growing up, it was a staple recipe at our house and now it’s become one of my husband’s favorites, too.

Our children also love this soup — especially when topped with shredded cheese! It’s delicious paired with Bread Machine Buttery Rolls and the perfect way to warm up a chilly winter evening.

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  1. melissa says

    Okay, I made this soup today with a few modifications. Just 1/2 pound lean ground beef (that’s all I had), added 2 cups diced celery (to use it up), added about 1 cup diced peeled sweet potatoes (to use them up), left the peel on the white potatoes, cooked the onion, carrot, and ground beef in 1 Tbsp canola oil, and used 4 cups beef broth as part of the water. I completely omitted salt, since I used broth and my tomatoes had salt. Upon tasting, I thought the soup was good (smelled great!), but was missing something. Crystal is right: it needs quite a bit of salt to push the flavor from good to incredible. So I added 1 tsp kosher salt and that did it. My calculations put the total sodium of my version (broth, tomatoes, and kosher salt) at 7700 mg. Thanks, Crystal, for a great and simple soup recipe!

  2. melissa says

    Oh, and I almost forgot – A big double thanks for a recipe that gets my 4 year old to eat veggies. She and my 2.5 year old loved it!

  3. Vieve says

    Thanks, Crystal! My husband is not a huge soup fan, simply because it doesn’t fill him up. He has eaten this for three meals now :-) Thank you, thank you. I’ll be tweaking the salt next time b/c my tomatoes has salt in them, but it’s a great recipe.