31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget Video Series: The Benefits of Menu Planning

My apologies that this didn’t get posted until this morning, instead of last night as promised. We filmed it yesterday on our new Flip video camera (a Christmas gift from my dad) and then I spent three whole hours (I’m not kidding!) trying to get the thing to upload correctly.

There were some connection/login issues, but I’m pretty sure the majority of issues had to do with user error. Yes, you are welcome to laugh at my technical ineptitude; at least I now know 331 different ways not to upload a video. :)

Hopefully, I’m getting the hang of it and it will take me significantly less time to get this uploaded next week!

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  1. Jenna says

    I have been married for a little over a month…and we decided to do meal planning by the month.
    We do not have time to make meals every night..but I did start a pattern for dinner.
    Sundays: crockpot meal
    Wednesdays: Soup and Salad
    Saturdays: Leftovers
    We are only cooking “what is written on the calendar” 4 days out of the week…and I only go to the grocery for those receipes! This has worked awesome for us..and saved us a ton of money!

  2. says

    These are GREAT tips! Thank you! I’m so glad you’re doing a video series on these topics. For me, videos are often a much easier way to ingest information than reading a book is. :)

  3. Denise C. says

    Thanks for the great video! I’ve meal planned before, fell off the wagon too many times, & am back on! I wrote out my meals like you did. (these are my breakfasts, lunches ,dinners) & don’t designate a day for them. Much easier.

  4. Shantique says

    I want to get better use out of my crockpot. In my house both my mother and I share the cooking responsibilities, so our plan has to be detailed to what we r eating and who is cooking it. Otherwise, we think the other is doing or the food won’t get taken out. Also, she feels if she’s cooking it should be something major. We both get home late and honestly, I just want to spend time with my kids. The cooking is the last thing on my mind!

    I tried that 365 crockpot site, but a lot of the recipes called for unusual ingredients. Any ideas of a source for recipes with more everyday ingredients? I would cook in it every day if I could! Nice to come home to a fresh hot yummy meal.

  5. Megan says

    I detest meal planning, it really sucks the life right out of me. But I got a coupon code for relishrelish.com for 50% off one day and decided to splurge. I bought the service for a year and it was the BEST $25 I have ever spent, I actually like meal planning, and I can go in and select recipes for food I already have in the cupboard! I do some substituting like using frozen veggies instead of fresh sometimes that helps keep costs down if they aren’t on sale, and if I make a fish recipe I use whatever white fish I can get on sale, but this has been the trick that works best for me!

  6. michelle says

    I’m still working on getting my full menu planning groove. I go in spurts where I do great, and others … I was doing well while I was pregnant with my nearly 1yo (#4) but once he was born chaos ensued. One thing I found helpful for me when I thought about starting to plan again, I wrote down what we ate for dinner every night for a month or so and noted if it was an especially well received dinner. Then I had that to refer back to as I started to plan and was coming up short on ideas. Obviously as planning got going I had those to refer back to also.

    I do like the idea of just writing down meals without assigning days, I think that might work better for me since I end up swapping days at least once a week.

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