Super Savings Saturday: I think I’ll just stick to shopping the Target clearance racks!

We didn’t buy a whole lot in the way of groceries this week other than a quick trip to the store to get the basics: bread, peanut butter, milk and cheese. We had plenty of fruit and frozen veggies and meat already on hand, so we didn’t need anything else to round out our simple menu for the week.

We also popped into the store three other times this week because I was trying to get free tuna. My friend had tipped me off to the fact that Dillons had Bumble Bee tuna on sale for $0.99 this week and there were blinkie coupons right next to it which would make it free. Well, I didn’t make it to the store until 24 hours later — and that store was completely out!

My husband stopped by two other Dillons stores during the week and they were also completely out, too. He did manage to pick up some of the coupons, though, which I’m holding onto for another sale. And I’m still holding out hope that maybe our nearby store will restock because I’d love to score some free tuna.

But if I don’t, oh well! I’ll just be glad for all the people in our area who were able to get the great deal and next time I’ll know better than to wait a day before getting to the store.

In non-grocery-store deal news, I headed to Gap today to spend my $50 Groupon. I’d purchased it for free with Gap referral credit and was pretty stoked because I’m in serious need of a few new tops for Fall and Winter. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Gap in my life so I naively thought that $50 could cover the costs of at least two or three tops for me.

I walked into the store and immediately could tell I was out of my league. Not only was I the only one in the store wearing flip-flops and jeans and a t-shirt from the Target clearance rack, but when I walked up to the jeans display, the first pricetag I saw was over $60! For a pair of jeans! Um, I could buy over 50 pairs of jeans for that price at the thrift store Dollar Days!

Not to be deterred, I started on the hunt for the clearance rack. When I finally found it, I only had to do a quick scan to determine that it was one of the most measly, overrated “clearance” racks I’ve ever seen. And the “clearance” prices were anything but clearance in my book.

So I quickly nixed my original plan of buying clothes for myself and went over to the children’s section hoping maybe the clearance racks over there would have more to offer. Once again, I was thoroughly under-impressed.

I finally ended up with a pair of jeans for Silas, a denim skirt for Kaitlynn, some underwear for the girls and a headband for Kaitlynn. I calculated that this should be right under my $50 budget and so I wouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. The register would only let me pay with the Groupon if I had a total over $50, so I ended up throwing in the turquoise hair band (which was priced at over $3!!! for a little hair band!).

I have no idea what happened, but when the manager told the sales lady how to key in the Groupon, it took off the price of my entire order — including the $1.07 over that I owed. I tried to pay since I pointed out that I owed them money, but they said that since the Groupon took everything off and that’s how their register read it, that I didn’t owe them anything.

After that kind gesture and them refusing the money I was trying to give them, my view of Gap was bumped up a little bit. But I still am guessing that will be the first and last time I shop there.

Now, please don’t think I’m saying that you shouldn’t shop at Gap or pay $60 for a pair of jeans. I know some people have special sizing requirements or just find that Gap clothes work better. And from the comments on my Facebook page, it would seem that some of you really know how to find bargains there!

We all get to choose where and how we spend our own money, so if you prefer to shop at Gap, go for it — provided you can afford it in your budget. Hey, after all, you might shop at Gap and make your own homemade tortillas! As for me, I think I’ll stick to buying tortillas and shopping the Target clearance racks. 😉


Did you snag any great deals or bargains this week or save money in other ways? If so, be sure to post about them on your blog and leave your link below. Please remember that this weekly round-up is to share deals you personally got and/or money you were able to save this week. In order to keep this weekly round-up focused on helping and inspiring others in their efforts to save money, links which have little-to-no content other than promoting affiliate links, etc. will be deleted. Also, to make it easy for everyone to navigate quickly through the links, your link must link directly to your Super Savings Saturday post.

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  1. Jolie says

    GAP is like most any other store, you have to learn how to “work” it to get the best deals. Like another comment said, you have to go in more than once. You have to sit on your gift card unless you are in need of something specific for which you want to pay more. The quality is good. I got a poloish style shirt there a couple months ago for less than $4 and a long-sleeve button up shirt to save for cooler weather for a bargain (less than $10, I know, but I can’t remember the exact price right now), too. Now, I also love Target clearance and have picked up some great items for my boys for next summer!

  2. kara says

    Sorry you didn’t have good luck with your groupon! I did great with mine–stocking up on all the items my girls needed to round out their fall/winter wardrobe and only spent $6.40 more. I got them 7 long sleeve cute tops, 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of jean shorts (for next summer).

  3. margaret says

    I totally agree about everyone elses comments about the Gap, you just have to know how to shop there… I have gotten TONS of deals there because everything eventually goes on sale there. It’s also possible to get deals on brand name clothing if you know how to shop at the right stores at the right times.

  4. Princess says

    Its funny becuase I grew up only thrift store shopping. I never visited a mall until late in highschool. Now that I’m married and have four kids things have changed. There are no good thrift stores near us, and I find that I can get the kids clothing very reasonable at Target or Jc Penny, Gap and The Children’s Place or Macys on occasion. I just bought my kids jeans from the Children’s place, they had bogo 1/2 off. They came to 10.00 a pair, which I thought was great! (I know, to each their own!) Thats cheaper than Target (maybe not on clearence, but I couldnt wait) and a better quality. I also found a great website it has name brand shoes 50%-75% off! I will only buy shoes from there from now on and of course the occasional target clearance:)

  5. Sarah says

    I have one pair of jeans and yes they are Gap. I have been wearing second hand jeans forever it seems like, buying them at second hand stores or accepting used clothing from others. Its was fine for a while but the fit was never quite right for me personally.

    One day, I just tossed all the ones that just weren’t cutting it for me in the give-away bag or trash if they were too beat up. I talked to my husband and went and bought the most fabulous jeans at Gap that I may have ever worn. I love them. The fit is finally comfortable and flattering and totally worth it for me. It seems I hardly ever buy clothes these days because I’m usually satisfied with what I have or save up for quality pieces that make me much happier than lots of ok ones. That’s just my style at this point in time. So, the price may be too much for some, but the quality standard they have makes it totally worth it for me, even if I can only afford one pair!

  6. A.S. says

    I am one who loves Gap/Old Navy/Banana – about 80% of my wardrobe are from those 3 stores. If one is a subscriber to their emails and monitors the websites, you really can find excellent deals. I only buy what’s on sale and typically get free shipping. What I love best about shopping at these stores is that I know my exact size – I just monitor the websites occasionally and when there is a really good sale, I combine that with the promo codes (usually 25%-40% off your purchase or item). I rarely go clothes shopping at the mall because of this, and I love that!

  7. Christi says

    I think the big difference between Gap and Target is quality.
    Sure Target is a lot cheaper but so is the construction. I buy things at Target that I only plan to wear one season (like tees or trendy pieces) because that’s all they last before getting worn, holey or faded.
    But since you are buying for children, I can see where the $4.98 clearance at Target would be more appealing since they will outgrow that item before next year anyway.
    Gap clothing on the other hand, lasts for years and years. I have pieces that are 10+ years old.
    I’ll keep the $14.95 clearance jeans at Gap.

  8. Nicole says

    We have a GAP Outlet nearby, or if we are vacationing somewhere, I always try to check out the outlets. The key to shopping places like GAP, Gymboree, Children’s Place, etc., is to shop the CLEARANCE at the outlets, and buy OFF SEASON :) I don’t even go into the regular stores. Right now, you could score some awesome deals on Summer clothes and shoes for next year. BUT, you have to be strong, and walk through all the cute, latest trends, to the back of the store. There is ALWAYS a great selection of clearance at all the outlets I’ve been to! NOTE: At Gymboree, you can EARN Gymbucks at the outlets, but you cannot redeem them there. But, you CAN redeem them online… and often there are great clearance items online :) Happy Deal Shopping!

  9. JK says

    I agree that Gap is hit or miss, it is all about timing. I do a lot of Gap shopping with reward cards and you have to be able to visit often. I was able to get 3 pair of jeans for my daughter for 2.97 each, they we reg 24.00 each. The outlets are another great option.

  10. Sherri says

    I had no idea that I was such an anomaly- especially in the frugal arena! I rarely set foot in the mall, and have never been in a Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic store. I have not noticed that my kids’ clothes wear out any faster than those worn by their friends, even though we buy ours from yard sales and they are not always “name brands.” I am using clothes for #2 boy that were saved from #1 boy that were bought used and were probably Walmart to begin with. Since I bought them for a quarter, I’m pleased with the return on my investment.

  11. says

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience at the Gap. I have found that Gap jeans are one of the only brands that fit me correctly and modestly. They also last a long time! I buy them on e-bay to save money. One thing to consider when comparing stores is not only the price of the clothing but also the social responsibility the store has shown in manufacturing the clothes. I have not seen that brought up yet here in the comments. Gap has shown great improvement in manufacturing clothes with worker’s rights in mind. Target has not so much. As Christians who are concerned about our brothers and sisters around the world, we should be paying attention to this detail as well and not just the bottom line – our money.

  12. says

    I’m new to blogging and new to frugality, but I will be checking back frequently. I know I can learn a lot here! Thank you for providing such a great resource for families everywhere!

  13. laura says

    I used my Groupon and was able to score two pairs of leggings and three tops for my daughter (teenager) for her birthday, plus a nice sweater for work for myself and didn’t pay a penny OOP. Somehow it wiped clean what I should’ve owed them and I’m curious if it actually deducts the tax from our total. Dunno, but I personally was satisfied. For the record, no way I’d EVER pay their regular prices tho. :)

  14. Michele says

    I shop at Gap and Gap Kids all the time, but I never pay full price or anything close to it. I have found that I can purchase name brand clothing for my kids very cheaply if I do it mindfully. I shop ahead for my kids at the mall stores and get clothes very cheaply. For example, I just bought a ton of stuff at Gap Kids for them for next summer. They were having a sale which took an additional 40% off clearance items. My daughters now have some great looking skirts, tanks and capris and I didn’t pay more than $3 per piece. Most were $1.97. I’m able to find similar deals at Gymboree when I shop off-season and buy ahead. I haven’t had as much luck doing this for myself, but I always check the clearance racks for off-season merchandise anyway.

  15. amanda says

    I had a similar experience when using my Groupon at Gap. I thought I’d be able to get at least a couple of pairs of jeans or some khakis there with it, but a quick breeze through the adult side of the store quickly showed me otherwise. I also went to the kids section, picked out 3 pairs of sweatpants for my son, a pair of jeans for my daughter, and a pair of shorts for my son for next year. My total was about $53.00 but when they applied the Groupon, it said that I didn’t owe anything, not even tax? I was confused, the girl even asked her manager, but same thing, they said if that is what the register “said” I was good to go. Yay!

  16. Tara says

    The last couple of times I have hit the Gap, it seems that one particular store in my area has lots of items on their final clearance. I am sure now that I have a groupon, that will not be the case, but I have had alot of luck with them in the past. Their quality is definitely better than Target and there are several Gap items I have held onto for years, but I do think some of their cotton knit stuff does not retain the color or condition as well as it should for their retail prices.

  17. says

    Sorry you had a bad experience. I was really excited about this even though there is not a GAP remotely close to me, because I have found that their jeans work best for me and they last a long time. When we were visiting family, I got my pair when they were $35, and some really cute stuff from the clearance section for my kids. Including the price of the Groupon I spent $30 for $90 worth of stuff.

  18. says

    I can totally relate with your GAP Groupon experience! I went, hoping to find some nice things for my toddler, but found the clearance section was too picked over at the 2 stores I went to. I finally bought 2 t-shirts and a sweater for myself. I came home and told my husband about what I had bought and said “I can’t believe how expensive GAP is, even on clearance!” My husband (who group up in a very affluent area and is definitely the spender in our family) laughed and said “I was just thinking what a good deal that is!” I reminded myself that I really only paid $25, not $50 for my 3 items, which helped me feel a little better, but I guess I need to learn how to shop at GAP. I appreciate all the great tips from your other readers!

  19. says

    I understand not wanting to pay full price at the Gap-my husband and I always head to the clearance racks and have found them to be not as great the last couple of years. However, we have found some great deals at Gap Outlet. The quality is good and the clothes wear well.
    An emerging concern for me though (and this was brought up by one other reader who happens to be my sister:)) is where the clothes are made, and who they are made by. So many of the clothing items we buy and think are “such a great deal” are actually items made by slaves, or by workers who work in terrible conditions and are paid little to nothing for their services. As Christians (and fellow human beings) I feel strongly that we need to be more aware of and active in researching and buying products made by people who are paid and treated fairly.
    I like a great deal as much as the next person and I shop at consignment stores and Goodwill and clearance racks. It is hard to pass up a $2 shirt at Target:) But the more research I do, the more I am convinced that we should be willing to pay more for a product that is made fairly.
    Target, along with WalMart and other large stores are buying clothing coming from factories who pay their workers less than any sort of living wage and have them working in terrible conditions. Gap–and many other stores, although far from perfect, is making strides towards greater transparency in the supply chain and fair treatment of its workers.
    I am not saying that we need to boycott these other stores, but that we need to be aware and be a voice for those who are oppressed. And sometimes we need to maybe pass up the “great deal” in favor of a product that may cost more, but represents fairness and equality for our fellow human beings.

  20. Kim says

    Well even if you are insecure about your Target outfit in Gap be secure in knowing that you probably have a net worth far greater than anyone else in there. if you haven’t already you MUST read ‘Stop Acting Rich.’ I read it after I heard Dave Ramsey talk about it. Totally fits in with this scenario :-)
    Thanks for all the great deals!

  21. Aubri says

    I have never stepped foot into a Gap, but bought this groupon hoping to buy some quality clothing at a better price. Knowing that prices run high, I was still suprised by just how high !! Someone mentioned about timing and I have to agree. It just so happened that there was a sale on jeans when I went in. It took some work to find the sizes I needed for my boys in the styles on sale. However I did it and got 4 pairs of pants, first pair for $20 second pair half off. Total was just over $60. So I paid about $11 out off pocket(on top of $25 groupon) and got a card stamped to get a free pair of jeans. ( when you buy four, you get a 5th free). All in all, 5 pairs of jeans for my boys for 36.00. Quality, fit and style are much better than any $8 pair @ walmart! Not too bad in my book!!

  22. Leanne says

    I am fortunate to have an outlet mall nearby where I often shop at Gap. Their jeans fit and their clearance sales are great. Prices are comparable to Target. I have trouble finding clothes in my size at Target (I wear a very common size) and I think the quality of the clothes is terrible – everything shrinks!! I have tried to influence my daughter not to shop there.

  23. says

    I have found many great deals on the Target clearance racks! Some of the prices were as low as thrift store ones!
    Coupons do not make items inexpensive every time, obviously. Good to shop wisely. Walmart also can have some things that are good on their clearance racks as well, but Target is my favorite, by far.

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