Good Reads: Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman

I stayed up way too late the other night because I had started Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope and couldn’t put it down. The book chronicles the story of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman and their five-year-old adopted daughter’s tragic accident in 2008.

The story will make you laugh and cry — and will ultimately touch you at a very deep level. I especially appreciated Mary Beth’s raw honesty. She didn’t try to come across like she has it all figured out or has it altogether. Instead, she shares openly about her many struggles throughout her life.

After finishing this book, I was not only motivated to make sure I am cherishing each moment with my children, but I was also inspired to do more for orphans. I was especially excited to learn about the work of the Chapman’s ministry, Show Hope, an organization dedicated to providing support and help for orphans, in addition to giving financial assistance and grants to families who are raising money to adopt needy children.

After reading the book and researching more about Show Hope, my heart was very moved to support them. My husband and I discussed and prayed about it and felt that the Lord would have us be a part of this ministry. So I am thrilled beyond words to to tell you that, in addition to supporting Compassion International, beginning this month, will also be supporting Show Hope and helping to provide financial grants for families seeking to adopt.

I’m humbled to be a part of this and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference you are making in the lives of children around the world by reading here.

Discovered any Good Reads recently? Tell me about them in the comments and I’ll consider adding them to my long and ever-growing book list!

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  1. says

    I live in Nashville and am friends with many families who are in the circles with the Chapmans. They are an AMAZING couple! They love the Lord, and the way they live their lives beautifully evidences that! Many of my friends have adopted internationally and have received grants from Show Hope! It’s a WONDERFUL organization, and I’m so excited that you are supporting its work here through MSM! So thankful for the way that you use MSM for God’s glory around the world…and especially in this new way–caring for orphans around the world!

  2. Dawn says

    Bless you for bringing attention to Show Hope! Our daughter is adopted from China and we were blessed by financial assistance from the wonderful organization. The Chapmans have inspired so many people to dream the impossible dream of adoption and many wonderful people, through generous donations, have helped to make the dream a reality.

  3. miranda says

    I am halfway through this one too! I really had to put it down though because my pregnancy emotions just couldn’t handle it after the chapter about May 21. I think my eyes were practically swollen into slits from crying so hard. It really is an awesome book that is touching me so much already. Cant wait to get through the rest of it.

  4. Amanda says

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have added it to my wish list at B&N when I cash in my swag bucks :)

  5. Jay says

    How neat- I just added this book on my to read list. I enjoy reading inspirational true stories. Left to Tell by Immacule Ilibigiza is an amazing story about her surviving the Rwanda holocaust of 1994! I had the privilige to be able to hear her speak after Iread her book. She taught me a lot on forgiveness, trust in the Lord, hope, faith, and love.

  6. Paige says

    Also recommended: Adopted for Life by Russel Moore
    Excellent book encouraging the church in adoption. His book is excellent and it parallels our adoption in Christ. He also focuses on the idea that adopted children are no different – avoiding the use of “real”, “natural”, “adopted” etc. just as you don’t say “this is my c-section child”.

  7. A Mom says

    Thanks for supporting adoptions! we are on our way to adoption #2, child #3 in our family. I have read the book “Adopted for Life” mentioned by Paige, and some of it i really liked and other parts i really did not enjoy. In my opinion, the book diminished the adoptive childrens’ home country and i remember reading something like “why should we teach about russia when we should focus on teaching our children the adoptive parents’ family history?” . Maybe because of adopting thru Russia the adoption was not obvious but for those families who do transracially adopt, believe me when i say teaching them their country of birth’s history and culture is important for when they interact with others of the same ethnicity as themselves. Lack of knowledge can create social barriers for them later when they interact with others of the same ethnicity.

  8. Laurie says

    Wow the adoption community is so awesome. I am a single mom by choice to my 2 daughters who are now 2&6. First DD came home at 10mos in 2004 and 2nd DD came home Nov 2008 at 12mos. I was so abundantly blessed to pay cash for both of my adoptions on a nusring salary less than $40,000. My girls are all my dreams come true a million times over. Many night I weep at the awesome God we servce. There are so many children that need homes. If everyone in the US just adopted 1 that would be 1 less child without a forever family. And like many have said the money seems to be there when you need it. Thanks to Dave Ramsey too for making me see that anything is possible esp adopting my girls by saving and living frugally. We are debt free except our home. Thanks MSM for your compassion everyday. I would love to share more of my story on how I was able to pay cash for my adoptions without any grants,fundraising or help from family.

  9. says

    That looks like a book i will have to check out. His music has touched me, in how he dealt with this tragedy.
    A really good book I read recently was called “The Devil in Pew # Seven” by Rebecca Alonzo. I was sent this book to review and if you want to read an amazing story of forgiveness and overcoming, this book had me challenged. This is my review….of course I am not as a accomplished as a blogger as you and have to post on the fly often, so forgive that!

  10. Brooke says

    I am in the process of reading the Chapman’s book. I have recently enjoyed both “I will carry you” by the wife of a singer in the group Selah (Angie Smith) and Jerry Sittser’s “A Grace Disguised”. Mrs. Chapman actually quotes Sittser in on of her last chapters in the beginning. Both very good reads.

  11. Brittany says

    I love that you are now supporting the foundation Show Hope! It touches my heart. Since I was young, God has placed the desire and passion for adoption. My husband and I just had our first child and plan on adopting in the future. We also do not have the financial means right now, but I’m not concerned about it. I know that as God gave me this desire and passion he will always give me the funds when we need them, and maybe not even a day early. I know it will happen.

    This is such a great ministry, and I’m so thankful that you are supporting them and help spreading the word! Thank you!

  12. Kaeli says

    Just FYI, Max Lucado’s new book, “Out Live Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference” is being posted on the KLOVE Lisa & Eric page:

    Currently the first three chapters are up (will only stay up a week). Great way to read a new book for free. And if you choose to purchase, one hundred percent of the author’s royalties from Outlive Your Life products will benefit children and families through World Vision and other ministries of faith-based compassion, like building water wells in Uganda. So when you buy the book, you are already doing something to outlive your life.

    Gotta love it!

  13. Lisa says

    You have got to read Battle Ready Moms Raising Battle Ready Kids by Reba Bowman. Wow! I have been so encouraged and challenged by reading this book. As a mom I want to do and be the best for my children but I realize that my focus is not always on the right things. I am changing my strategy and I am seeing positive results in my family. Reba gives you such practical insight. Very inspirational and motivational!!

  14. Nancy says

    Adoption is a Gift from God and we thank Him daily for our blessing that we recieved from Him. Our adoption was from the states (here in KS). I am going to have to buy this book, Choosing to See. A book by Karen Kingsbury “A Treasury of Adoption Miracles” is a super read too. Just make sure you have a box of tissues close by!

  15. melissa says

    This book does sound like it will be a good read but I have to say what I am most touched by in reading these posts is that there are so many who have adopted. While this is my favorite blog site, reading these comments makes me realize what a great group of people actually follow this blog. We too have adopted 4 domestically. It seems that a large percentage of the blogs followers have the same heart. Thanks for all you do!!!!

    • says

      Melissa: I’m humbled and honored to have a readership made up of many families who have adopted. Some of them have shared their stories and I’ve been so moved!

  16. says

    I just finished “Lost in the Middle” by Paul Tripp. It’s written about midlife, but it really is the best book I have ever read, other than the Bible (I’m 28 and found it totally applicable, so it’s not just for midlife). It is thoroughly biblical, and written by a counselor who knows how to reach the heart of people.

    I also just finished “The Feminist Mistake” by Mary Kassian, which is an objective look at the history of feminism. It was very interesting and sobering.

  17. Jacky says

    Chrystal, I have been following your blog for a good while now and was so excited to see this post. My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Ehtiopia and the Chapmans are such an encouragment to all adoptive parents! Thank you for helping raise awareness about our responsibility as Christians to help orphans!
    James 1:27 says “Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”

  18. says

    I just want to thank you for posting “good reads” when you find them. I love to read and there are just too many choices of books out there. It really helps to hear a review from someone you know and trust (even if I only “know” you from reading your blog for so many years). Your opinion is very valuable to me. Thanks for having such a great blog!

  19. Katie says

    Thanks for sharing about this book- I am ordering a copy for our friends who just lost their sweet two year old boy. I hope this may give some comfort to them.

  20. says

    Thanks for your support of this worthy organization. My husband and I are in the process of adopting a little girl with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe so this is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. We hope to have our new daughter home within the next 1-2 months.

  21. Sherri says

    I look forward to reading this book! I have loved and admired the Chapman’s for many years. When our boys were 8 & 11 God placed it in our hearts to grow our family through adoption. My hubby is a minister and we had no savings! But as many have said before me, if God places it in your hearts to adopt He WILL provide. We DID have several yard sales that did raise several thousand dollars each and received some gifts from friends and family. The Chapman’s had not started Show Hope at that time. We were the last group out of Romania with our precious daughter before they closed to ALL foreign adoptions. We are very thankful for our adoption journey and the gift of our daughter. It has truly placed a desire in our hearts to help others in the years to come. I rejoice with the Chapman’s for helping so many realize the dream of being a Forever Family!

  22. Shelley C says

    Our son and dil are looking to adopt and since their journey began, we have seen testimonies of how God provides. These things have opened my eyes to the needs of others. They are looking to adopt an Ethiopian boy with in the next year if finaces are available. THey have had several fundraisers already and they have a great support system through their church many of whom have adopted. They are facing a job change and a move in the near future, so they are under lots of pressure and strain. If any of you think of them, please pray….(Adam and Tina).