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14 Days, 500 Things… Who’s with me??

Kathi Lipp's Clutter-Free Academy

My dear friend, Kathi Lipp, just launched a brand-new video course to help you clear out 500 things in 14 days. For real. 

If you are drowning in clutter, or you just need some motivation to clear out some excess in your life, definitely check out this course. It’s just $5.99 for the entire course right now! I watched some of the videos this week and was so impressed with the quality of the course and so motivated to declutter my house!

14 Days, 500 Things... Who's With Me?

In fact, I loved the course so much that I decided that I’m going to go through it and live-blog my results beginning January 11 through January 28, 2016. (I added 4 extra days so I can take the weekends off). If you’d like to join me, I’d love for you to do so.

I’m curious to see if I can actually come up with 500 things to get rid of. I never completely finished Kon Mari-ing my house, so I bet that I can. I may be weird, but I just love getting rid of stuff!

You can read more about the Kathi’s Clutter-Free Course here. If you’d like to join me in going through it in January, be sure to go here to purchase to get it for just $5.99 right now!

Are you joining me in decluttering in January? More details coming soon!

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  • Michelle says:

    Goodness, I am off to a really good start. We are no longer a home school family and I am pulling all that is left on the shelves of our home school books and materials to sell in an upcoming consignment sale. Just the science books, tool and experiment supplies might reach 500!

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Love that you have a head start!

      • Carrie says:

        Hi Kathi! I signed up for this course and I’m very excited to learn everything you have to say about decluttering! I desperately need this course. However, I signed up two days ago and I haven’t received any kind of confirmation. I noticed my CC was charged so I know my registration went through. Maybe my email address was entered wrong. Is there someone I can email? Thank you!

  • Trina says:

    Thanks for posting about this! It looks great! I tried to sign up through your link, but the price was still showing $8.99. Do I need to enter a code?

  • Edwena says:

    Also coming up as $8.99 for me as well???? Thanks for any help 🙂

  • Heather says:

    I’d be doing this if we hadn’t just moved internationally and gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF! I just wanted to say how freeing it is to purge – we had to pay a truck to come haul away everything we didn’t sell. My husband thought I was crazy, but I was just giddy watching the truck drive away!

  • Edwena says:

    I am not seeing the videos…

  • Sarah says:

    Love this! I’ve already started. I have a huge pile downstairs for goodwill and three trash bags full! Remove the clutter!

  • Joy Ashwood says:

    I am in bad need of a decluttering job on my home so I signed up!
    Is this lifetime access?

  • Darcy Hicks says:

    I so need to do this!! We moved this past summer and some things are just sitting in boxes in the garage. Never mind the rest that hasn’t quite found a home yet and is just hanging out in various places! Definitely going to join you. Is ordering her course mandatory to join in on this challenge? So glad you made it home!

  • Kristy B says:

    I just signed up! I thought I had the clutter under control about 6 months ago. I have no idea what happened! LOL. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  • Karen says:

    I’ll be joining you, but not buying the program . . . We’re majorly downsizing so this should really help!! Thanks for the idea!!! We’ll start the 1st, but will skip Saturdays as that’s our Sabbath . .
    Gonna be sooooo fun!!!!!

  • Jessica says:

    Me! I donated over 2,000 items this year but there is more to do. I lost over 20 lbs due to extreme stress since mid-October, so I donated all the too-large clothes (and had to replace them, but got fewer replacements). I need to go through my son’s too-full dresser and my 3 year old’s too-full closet. My 9 year old’s room is a disaster but she thinks everything is “special”, including the boxes her gifts came in. We are working on that. I also need to let go of some hobby supplies. I seriously have like 500 skeins of yarn right now.

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Wow – sorry about the stress – but that’s amazing about the 2000 things!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      That’s amazing! Keep it up. I know the challenge of Decluttering kid rooms. I blogged pictures showing night and day after I was finished with my three year old’s room. I’m having to purge hobby stuff too. Old illusion/magic equipment and DVDs. I’ll be selling on eBay, so I hoe to also earn a little extra cash! I’ll be full-time work at home mom after my second baby arrives in March, so any extra income is great.

  • Amy P says:

    I would also highly recommend Kathi’s book, Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space. It’s very motivational and a fun read. It’s the best book I’ve read on the subject! 🙂

  • Very timely! I work up this morning with a sudden strong urge to go through my entire house and purge items that are unused. Starting with the kitchen! I’ve been reading and researching about zero waste living and though I have always been a bit of a minimalist, an extreme paring down of my belongings is really appealing to me right now for a variety of reasons.

    It’s taking quite a bit of time to sort through, though, since I have about five “destination” piles going on – trash, recycle, repurpose, donate, or 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    My sister , sister in law and I are doing sonething similar. We gave ourselves until the 14th to see who could get the most items purged. The winner gets a free lunch from the other two:) we are giving a count and pic to each other each day we purge . We made a rule that all items must be gone completely from home and car or you forfeit ! I’m excited to have a clean start start for the year.

  • 2nd trip to Goodwill today to drop off donations. End of year. 🙂

  • Brenda says:

    I do want to work at decluttering my house, in fact we’ve been working on it a little bit this week since we all have it off. I will go check out her site.

  • Andi says:

    I will definitely be joining you Crystal. I donated two van loads full of stuff before Christmas but I feel like I have so much more to purge. Can’t wait to start!

  • Susan says:

    I’m in, but not sure I’ll find 500 things. As I’ll be packing to move from WA to WI in a few months, this will be a great exercise for me!

  • Emily says:

    I guess I’m weird too because I love getting rid of things too! It feels like a burden has been lifted. I have never counted how many things that I have actually decluttered. I’m going to join you to see how many items I actually get rid of.

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Emily, so glad you’re joining in!

    • Jennifer says:

      I feel so much better about Decluttering as well! I didn’t count items, but I have a nice picture progression timeline on my blog. It feels so good to have more space! I’m a couponer and I’m stocking up on diapers, so we definitely needed the space. Baby #2 due in March 2016!

  • Amy says:

    Crystal, I love your bedroom rug! Where is it from?

  • Amy B says:

    I love decluttering as well–I don’t think I’ll find 500 things (I’m a relentless declutterer), but I’m going to give it a shot!

  • Carol says:

    You are not weird. I love getting rid of stuff, too! It drives my husband crazy sometimes but he does appreciate my efforts to keep our place clean and uncluttered. 🙂

  • Niki Roberts says:

    After going through the Kon Mari method this past summer, my grand total for donated items was 2,706 items. While I loved the de-cluttering aspect, the odd questions people at various non-profits and thrift shops asked (are you getting a divorce, are you in foreclosure, are you nesting) made it challenging to donate locally. Beyond the ridiculous comments, I found it liberating to move past the culturally programmed idea that people should live in the perpetual cycle of simply organizing their items in lieu of de-owning things in my home. Pairing down items for me was nothing short of peaceful. I’m excited to see if this class, as well as the new Marie Kondo book coming out this month can help me find more ways to bring minimalism into my life. Thank you, Crystal!

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Niki, I love hearing your success story about clutter! People often don’t understand why we let go of our things, but it can be so freeing. Keep it up!

    • Jennifer says:

      My explanation would have been, “I’m having another baby!” But nobody asked. I guess because I’m hugely pregnant and due in 7 weeks. I guess they would have answered their own question! Lol

  • Chris says:

    Slowly decluttering over the past several years has made me really evaluate when I go shopping whether I want to bring something into my home even it if is free.

    • Jan Jones says:

      This is my hope too! To be able to not only declutter, but not replace everything in the new found empty spaces! I am the worst with clothes. It is so hard to resist because I only shop at thrift stores and everything is so affordable. But I have away more than I need. I have been trying to be honest about things I don’t wear and never will again, but it’s hard to let go of some things. I am being more ruthless this time than ever and it does feel great. I also have a resource for free stuff, so it is hard to resist bringing stuff home sometimes. The good thing is, the free resource is a giveaway room at our church. So if I do bring something home that doesn’t work for me, I can easily take it back.

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Oh, isn’t that the truth?! That’s half the battle when you can decide not to bring it home in the first place. 🙂

  • Jenny Culler says:

    I saw you post last week on Thursday and mentioned it to my husband that I thought it might be a good idea to try since we are wanting to simplify our lives and even talked our kids into doing it too. So the whole weekend except for religious services we worked on it and I can’t believe how much we were able to clear out and I feel so much less stress when I look at it. We still have more we want to eliminate but we got a lot done and my husband and I already have individual projects to work on this week in our spare time. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Jenny, that is so awesome that you were able to include your husband and your kids in the decluttering project. It really helps when the whole family is involved. Much success!

  • Cathy says:

    How much data does the course take? I am interested but only have 9gb of data a month, so I am not sure if this will work for me.

    • Dawn says:

      There are Sixteen 2 -5 minute videos in all and a corresponding 1 page PDF file for each video. I don’t know the exact data consumption , but I suspect it is much smaller than many (individual) YouTube videos. I don’t know if this helps or not, but I hope so.

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Cathy, each day is a 3-minute (or so) video plus downloads. I would recommend a wifi connection if there are concerns!

  • My goal for 2016 is to continue decluttering so I think I’ll join in on this bandwagon!! Eager to learn with others.

  • Dianne says:

    I am already decluttering, making good progress so far. I find it amazing how much better I feel after each days session. 🙂

  • Shelley Ramsey says:

    I’m totally with you on this one. Past attempts have been a failure…’s praying for success! I’m ready!

  • Kate says:

    Dear Crystal, Since I “found” you via THM, I have been a big fan of ALL of your blogs! I also love the fact that you share other peoples courses!!! I am such a horder and need this right now as we have curb collection starting the week the course starts 🙂 So PERTHfect timing. Now I am also aware that I tend to get involved in too many things at once…but i will try to stay organized! I CAN do that because I took your getting organized corse last year) LOL I am doing your course with your hubby too that starts on the 11th! – So I will be busy 🙂 Thank you so much xox Kate Perth Australia

  • Liz says:

    I love this idea! I plan on following along and tweaking this challenge to make it fit me personally. I know I have (over!) 500 things to declutter, but I just don’t think I can commit to actually doing it in 14 days. I’m at a place in my life where things are too overwhelming. Better to figure out what I can handle and go with it. I will love to read about your results and look forward to being inspired!

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Liz, starting the process is half the battle. I know once you get started, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in such a little time. It’s okay if you can’t do the entire 14 days, but I bet you will!

    • Deb says:

      As well as I love the idea I wish the best of luck to those doing it….14 days is not something I can handle with my current demands… but how I need to. It is fun to see others writing about their success.

  • I’m in. This is the motivation I need to get started. We have 13 children and homeschool and my husband owns two businesses and keeps everything so I just use all those things as reasons to keep putting it off. Starting on Monday!

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      Amy, I used to homeschool and I know how overwhelming all the paperwork and books can be! Running my own business now, I totally get it. I wish you much success with your decluttering!

  • Carolyn says:

    You talked me into it! I’ve tried books and audio help – started out strong for a couple days then it fizzled. I’m excited to commit to 14 days, 500 things and NO MERCY! Can’t wait. Thank you!

  • Kimberly says:

    I am joining you starting tomorrow! I purchased this a couple weeks ago and then couldn’t remember how to find it again! Excited to get rid of some clutter!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I won’t be purchasing the course, as I have confidence in my ability to kick clutter by myself. BUT I will be joining you in this because my mission for this month is to tackle our master closet! Thanks for the motivation!

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m blogging about my Decluttering project too!!! So far, we’ve worked on our bedrooms. The difference is amazing. Checkout the pics on my blog. Trying to get ready for my baby due in March 2016. I already have a toddler. We have gotten rid of soooo much stuff I don’t know how we fit it all in our tiny little house to begin with!!!

  • I Decided that I am going to declutter my home with you also. Tell me Crystal will you start before the 28th and then show us or is you day one on the 28th? I want to stay in rhythm with you so that I can use you as my accountability person. I once did a 150 “toleration things (meaning those things that are broken or needed mending that were bugging me so that I could get them off my shoulders to carry) in 100 days so this is really going to be a challenge. I work with clients on life clutter and time management but this time I just wanted to do it for me.

  • Rhonda rhonda says:

    Love this on my way to decuttering! I am a paper junkie( just in case I need it)
    So off I go!

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m definitely in! Just downloaded the course. I was planning to declutter my house room by room closet by closet … this course will help guide me. Recently I was thinking about why my newer bigger house does not seem bigger anymore and was starting to feel like we need more space. Then it hit me – we don’t need more space, we need less stuff!!

  • Lisa says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we have that we have to do this type of thing on a continual basis? It really amazes me when I can get rid of bag after bag of clothing, books, toys, etc. and still have a house FULL of stuff. 🙂

  • Barbara Drewry says:

    Before Thanksgiving, I took away 40 things a day for 40 days! And this was right AFTER having a garage sale with my daughter, Melissa. I called it my 40×40, and I took pictures each day to post on Facebook. I still have TOO MUCH, but any way you look at it, that was 1,600 things, so I was happy! I’ve done the 40×40 one other time (during Lent), and I didn’t finish that time, but I did a 30×30 a year or so ago, and I finished that one, too. It’s GREAT to make things go away and have SPACE! I throw away next to nothing, I sell a little, and mostly I give stuff away. Hope everyone has a good time with this and is successful!! I may join in just to keep my downsizing/decluttering project going! 🙂

    • Kathi Lipp says:

      I love your approach to kicking that clutter out of your house! Please feel free to share any before and after pics with my assistant, Sherri, at info @!

  • Lynn Thomas says:

    I’ve just moved home and, although we have an extra bedroom, we have less storage room. 2 large sackfuls of clothes ready for charity shops and filled my large recycling bin twice over with unused recipes I’d printed off the internet. Loads more to go yet here in the UK

  • Tia says:

    To combat my ever-growing addiction to online shopping (I’m a quilter, fabrics are so amazing, it’s so HARD not to buy it all!) I made a deal with myself to go on a spending freeze for a week (baby steps). Every time I start shopping online, I stop and clean out a cabinet. Today it was my pantry! Threw out a huge bag of takeout chinese sauce packets, dried out dried cranberries, expired cake mixes (4), 6 packets of fiber drink mix, and found enough goodies to make dinners for all this next week!

  • Christa says:

    Oh how fun. I love decluttering. Without even knowing this little challenge I just had my kids choose 5 coloring books to keep (and I think I put at least 15 in a bag to donate)..sweetness.

  • Eva says:

    Crystal, I’ve been following your 500 things decluttering, but I don’t see Day 9. It appears it went from Day 8 to Day 10. Did I miss it somewhere? Help!! And thanks!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I followed the challenge on Facebook. In total, I donated 362 items! I didn’t count all the trash I threw away. This was a great challenge and plan on doing it at least once a year. Thanks.

  • Saun says:

    Crystal, you are such a blessing.. Your willingness to share with us… in ways that are so fruitful! God is using you to do such wonderful kingdom work!
    I am so excited to begin this journey! I purchased the course tonight. I begin tomorrow with… Paper! Praise Him!

    Thank you to Kathi as well. Words cannot express my gratitude for you and this course.

    Blessings to you both and your families!

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