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Sears Black Friday Ad 2014

sears black friday

The Sears Black Friday Ad has been leaked!

Sears will open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and offers savings on tools, fitness equipment, automotive repair, brands names, and more.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    There is a large push with several online communities to avoid all these Thanksgiving Day sales.
    Having worked things like fast food and gas stations I understand the push and remember many holidays I missed with my family.
    I think folks need to think about if saving that extra $20 is worth having that minimum wage employee stand there and miss time with their family.
    At some point I believe we should put our morals before our dollars.

    • Theresa says:

      I totally agree! I was going to comment the same thing. As a former retail worker, I want to ask all Money Saving Mom readers to please not shop on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re shopping, it means someone is working and not able to be with their loved ones on a holiday. I was fortunate enough that stores didn’t open on Thanksgiving Day when I worked retail but I still couldn’t travel to visit family because I had to work Black Friday. Before shopping on Thanksgiving, really ask yourselves “If I was a retail worker, would I rather be working so complete strangers could get sale prices or at home with my family and friends enjoying my holiday?” I know which way I’d answer.

      • tina4046 says:

        I know a few years ago, not sure it still holds true, but the retail stores in our mall were fined if they closed on Thanksgiving, which put pressure on managers to get the employees and be at work to keep their jobs.

      • val says:

        How about all of us in Health care we have kids and have to try to work out with those wHo don’t so we can be home on CHRISTMAS MORNING Then we can be sure to give up New years or another it’s been that way for years .Luckily retail is closed NewYear Healthcare nvr closes : )

  • Jen says:

    I completely agree! I hope everyone refuses to shop on thanksgiving to send a message to the retailers.

    • Melissa says:

      We are not shopping Thanksgiving. I am hoping others really stick to theeir guns and boycott the stores that open Thanksgiving. My husband will yet again miss Thanksgiving because of silly operating hours like this.

  • Betsy Madison says:

    I will not shop on Thanksgiving Day because I object to retail workers not getting the day off with their families. I won’t shop on Black Friday because I hate the crowds and can usually get the same deals online–in my jammies!!

  • jc says:

    LOL….I don’t usually comment, but I was going to say, Please DO NOT shop on Thanksgiving Day! As a former retail worker (30 yrs.) I have missed many Thanksgivings (or arrived later) with my family. This is a family holiday, please respect that. Thanks all! Maybe not even post about sales ON Thanksgiving…..?

  • Last year I read an article in the New York Times on Black Friday, when I got home from shopping. that stated that soup lines had to be formed outside of over a dozen Walmart stores on Thanksgiving in several northern communities, for employees who were made to both work on the holiday, and were also so underpaid that nearly a forth of store employees would not have been able to afford a holiday meal, if they had been allotted the time off work. So for myself and my family, until workers have off Friday, or at least get paid time and a half for their services, and are paid enough to enjoy the pleasure of a holiday feast, we will refrain from shopping Thursday.

    “The most important word in the language of the working class, is solidarity.” – Harry Bridges

  • Christian says:

    I hope those who boycott shopping so employees can be home with their families also boycott the football games, etc. so those who work concessions and ticket booths can be home with their families. I applaud the stance, but it should be for all non-essential workers.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Actually Thanksgiving Day we don’t leave the house. I fill the cars up prior. I triple check my groceries and no one in my family watches any sports.
      I completely agree boycott it all. Having worked 2nds and 3rds at a gas station for many years I can’t count how many holidays I missed. Pulling doubles or triples flipping burgers because people called in again I only got to hear the second hand stories of whatever silly thing my children did.
      I’m highly blessed now with a good career and paid time off but I will never forget where I came from and where so many still are!

  • Kate says:

    A lot of people who boycott shopping in stores don’t have any problem with doing online shopping on Thanksgiving. Just an FYI… there are MANY individuals (including my family members) that staff warehouses to fulfill online orders on Thanksgiving. So if you’re going to boycott shopping in stores, make sure you’re consistent and also refrain from shopping online.

    I’m all for people taking a stance on things you feel strongly about, but if you’re going to boycott shopping at physical locations, think twice before shopping online in the comfort of your home with family, too. 🙂

    On the flipside, I will say that there are some employers/retailers that treat their employees well on Thanksgiving day, if they are required to work. My dad, who works for an online retailer, works most Thanksgiving days, but is treated to a delicious Thanksgiving meal and comp time to use at another time in the year. Not saying it can take the place of being with family, but there are some employers that try to mitigate the hassle of having to work a holiday, and I think that is to be admired.

    And for those individuals that might not have family close to them or might have strained family relations, working on a holiday (especially if an employer is paying them time-and-a-half or providing something like a Thanksgiving dinner) might be a choice they would be happy to make. Just trying to shed some light on a couple different sides to the issue/argument. 🙂

  • Kandy says:

    I agree with Christian, if you are against stores being open on Thanksgiving Day you should be against watching not just football but you should against turning on your tv, radio, computer, and cell phone in my opinion. Consider the amount of people that have to work on these holidays to make your home life comfortable. I have to work on Thanksgiving i knew this when i started my job and i chose to accept the job, if you are going to complain about things I just hope you see the bigger picture. Many stores hire extra employees just for the holidays and those people for sure have no reason to complain.

  • Jennifer Stiko says:

    Does anyone know if any of these deals will be available online or just in stores?

  • Robin says:

    I feel like it is absolutely acceptable to shop on Thanksgiving day. Alot of these ppl were hired for that very reason. I worked in nursing for over 20 years and I knew when I was goin to nursing school that holidays would be included in my work schedule. It’s just up to the individual what are they willing to do to keep their job. I will probably shop on Thanksgiving and yeah it will probably be that night but none the less I have decided and it was my choice. I don’t think anybody is wrong. I just think we all have different opinions on it.

  • Annemarie Redmond says:

    Please be careful and research any Kenmore (SEARS) appliance purchase throughly. The Kenmore name no longer means quality like it did back in the day. My Kenmore French Door Bottom freezer was actually made by LG and almost caught fire last week. It turns out it is part of a class action lawsuit and was recalled but I was never informed. 🙁

  • Heather S. says:

    There’s a lot of talk about retail workers complaining about working holidays…..yet I have never heard a police officer, firefighter, EMT, ER nurses etc complain. Let us not forget our deployed military members who have no choice but to be 1000s of miles away from family over the holidays. (Yes, I’m aware enlisting in the Armed Forces is a personal choice…..declaring war is not). So this is a HUGE shout out to all public service figures/military personnel who are choose to protect and serve over complaining. I wish all of them a safe holiday season. CHEERS!

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