Freezer Cooking 101 & Printables

If you’re new to Freezer Cooking, the idea is to spend a few days each month cooking in bulk and freezing your meals so the rest of the month you have little to no meal prep.

Freezer Cooking 101

Here are some posts I’ve written previously that will help get you started.

Freezer Cooking Printables

You can download each form individually by clicking on the form’s name, or you can download all the forms in this category as a single file by clicking the Master Pack link.

Master Freezer Cooking Planner Pack :: Includes all three freezer cooking planners listed below in a single pdf file.

  1. Ingredients Planner :: Includes spaces for you to record the ingredients you have on hand, the ingredients you need to buy, and recipe ideas.
  2. Freezer Recipe Planner :: Includes sections to write out the final recipes you’ll be using along with notes about preparation.
  3. Master Prep List :: Includes a checkoff list to record your order of preparation as well as a space for extra notes.


  • Shelby McDannald says:

    yay! thank you!

  • Keri Noelle says:


  • This is a wonderful resource! Thank you!!

  • sara says:

    Are plastic freezer bags safe to store food in? Thanks.

    • Becky says:

      That depends on your definition of “safe.” Many freezer bags are BPA-free, so they are safe in that regard. Some folks don’t like wet ingredients/foods to be stored in plastic due to concerns about what is in plastic, so there’s that. For most folks, though, plastic freezer bags are considered very safe and convenient. If you happen to be using them for dry ingredients (baking mixes and whatnot), they are also reusable — just shake out &/or rinse, let dry, and they are ready to go again.

  • Linda K says:

    My first freezer chopping/planning day and I feel so upbeat and accomplished-yay!! I do have a question on the Red Freezer Meats Sauce. In the first cooking if Im not using the Italian sausages and will be using various meats with sauce later, do I still cook it for 4 hours anyway or only 2? And do I need to use the sausage for correct flavoring?? Thanks.