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Slow Day: Week 13

Welcome to my weekly Slow Day post, inspired by Monica from The Homespun Heart. My Word for 2018 is Slow and, in the spirit of that word, I’m taking one day each week (Wednesday) off — I’ll be unplugged and offline and plan to move at a slower pace, take time to do things that refresh me, and just really focus on being present and savoring the moment.

Each Saturday, I’ll be sharing a photographic peek into my Slow Day — and I’ll let the pictures almost 100% speak for themselves, instead of giving many explanations. Enjoy a little peek into our lives!

We don’t have our room set up yet (it’s on the LONG list of house to-do’s!), but at least the bed is made! 😉

Making dinner in the Crock-Pot.

This book has been fantastic so far!

The girls were on Spring Break this past week so we all went to Dave & Buster’s as a family for half price games Wednesday and we had a fierce guys versus girls competition. Sadly, the guys won! 🙁

Not pictured: Dinner with my Discipleship small group girls and tea at Frothy Monkey with a friend. I forgot to get a picture of both!

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Brigette’s $53 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6


1 32-oz carton Half and Half – $1.59

1 gallon Whole Milk – $1.36

1 64-oz carton Unsweetened Almond Milk – $1.89

1 64-oz carton Orange Juice – $1.49

2 16-oz pkgs Egg Whites – $3.98

2 dozen Eggs – $1.96

1 pkg Zucchini – $1.45

1 Cauliflower – $1.89

1 pkg Radishes – $0.59

1 pkg Brussel Sprouts – $1.09

1 Pineapple – $0.79

1 bunch Bananas (3.20lbs @ $0.31/lb) – $0.99

1 3-lb bag Sweet Potatoes – $0.99

1 3-pk Multi-Colored Peppers – $2.49

2 pkgs Romaine Hearts – $3.18

1 16-oz bag Mini Cucumbers – $1.69

1 pkg Baby Carrots – $0.58

2 16-oz bags Fresh Green Beans – $1.88

1 pint Grape Tomatoes – $1.29

1 2-lb bag Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – $4.89

2 16-oz bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese – $4.30

3 1-lb pkgs Butter Quarters – $5.97

1 pkg Hamburger Buns – $0.65

1 pkg Sandwich Bread – $0.65

Total: $46.62

Harris Teeter

1 18-ct pkg Eggs (I was planning on buying the Eggland’s Best eggs which were on sale – but my coupons didn’t end up being a match; so I just picked up the cheapest eggs there as I knew we’d need more than the 2 dozen I bought at Aldi) – $1.79

2 16-oz pkgs Mueller Elbows Pasta – $1.68, used  $0.55/2 Mueller’s Pasta or Noodles – 3-18-18 SS; Includes 12 oz or Larger (exp. 04/28/18) (doubled) – $0.58/2 after coupons

2 boxes Mayfield Frozen Ice Cream Treats – $2.98, used 2 $1.00/1 Mayfield Novelty – 3-25-18 RP; Includes 4 ct or Larger (exp. 05/31/18) – $0.82/2 after coupons

1 jar Mrs. Butterworth’s Pancake Syrup – $1.64, used $0.50/1 Mrs. Butterworth’s Lite, Original Or Sugar Free Syrup – 1-7-18 SS (exp. 04/07/18) – $0.64 after coupon

1 box Zing Stevia Packets – $2.00, used $1.50/1 printable – $0.50 after coupon

1 bag Red Grapes (2.65lbs @ $0.99/lb) – $2.62

Total – $6.95

Grocery Total for the Week: $53.57

Weekly Menu Plan


Everyone is responsible for making/cleaning up their own breakfasts. Choices include:

Cereal, Fruit, Scrambled/Fried/Boiled Eggs, Toast, Veggie Omelets

Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes (First Day of Spring Breakfast)


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Pineapple and Grapes, Fresh Veggies x 2

Salad Bar (Romaine, Baked Chicken, Cheese, Craisins, Fresh Veggies and Fruits chopped, Hard Boiled Eggs) x 2



Since next week is Spring Break, my husband and I are going on a 2-day getaway while my children stay with friends. We will be eating out, and our children’s meals will be provided, so I’ve only planned five days of meals for this week.

Dinner with Friends (I’m making Make-Ahead Butterhorns)

Pan-Fried Catfish (from the freezer – I posted about how a friend had given us a large amount of catfish last week), Roasted Cauliflower and Brussel Spouts, Tossed Salad, Sweet Potato Fries

Cheesy Hamburger Macaroni Bake, Green Beans, Make-Ahead Butterhorns

Build-Your-Own-Burritos (Seasoned Ground Turkey Meat, Shredded cheese, Tomatoes, Avocados from last week, Shredded romaine, Salsa, Homemade Tortillas)

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches (ham is from the large ham I purchased last week), Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Parmesan Zucchini, Green Beans

3 Things to Do When You’re Discouraged About Your Finances

Do you feel hopeless about your finances? Try these 3 simple things for momentum and encouragement

Are you feeling discouraged about your finances? Do you feel like you’ll never get in a better financial place as a family? Does the future seem hopeless because of how difficult things are financially right now?

If that’s how you’re feeling today, I just want to encourage you today with 3 simple things you can do…

1. Remember you’re not alone.

There are millions of other people out there who are struggling financially and find themselves in a difficult place. Even if it feels like you’re the only one in your friend group who is struggling, you are not alone.

I encourage you to find other people you can connect with and identify with. Seek out community locally or find some spaces online — maybe Facebook groups or blogs — where you can connect with other people who are struggling financially.

Doing this will help remind you that you’re not alone, plus you’ll get encouragement and practical tips along the way!

2. Do the best you can do.

It’s so easy to look at someone else and let comparison take root.

I recently shared how we paid cash for our house. It was 15 years in the making of struggling and saving and working hard, but maybe you’ve been struggling for all of those 15 years and still feel just as stuck as ever.

It’s so important to do the best that you can do. Not the best someone else can do. Or the best you could have done 10 years ago. It’s the best you can do right now, in the season of life you’re in.

And then figure out what that looks like for you — this week, today, this hour.

3. Change your perspective.

Instead of thinking about how much you’re struggling, try thinking about what you can do with what you have. Get creative!

I remember when Jesse was in law school, our money was SO tight, and we had no wiggle room in our budget. We had maybe a few extra dollars every few months.

We spent lots of time at the library or park, because it was free. We checked out books and movies. We didn’t even have the money to go to the thrift store, but the library made me feel like I got a chance to shop a little — even though I really wasn’t!

We also worked so hard to stretch our grocery budget as far as we possibly could. Some weeks, we only had $17 to cover groceries for our family. I tried to find anything for free that could help us make a meal.

I turned it into a game and got really, really creative. We found free ways to do things that made us feel like we had breathing room, even when we didn’t.

(I still remember eating PB&J Sandwiches from ingredients we bought at the Dollar Store while we were on our honeymoon! We couldn’t afford to go out to eat, but we still remember our time together and how creative we had to be to make it work — even on our honeymoon!)

I say this to encourage you to find ways to enjoy what you do have during this season!

I can tell you 15 years later that all of the struggle was worth it. And that perspective has given me so much perspective today. I always think, “What can I do where I’m at right now?” I use this perspective to run my business, teach my kids, and live my life.

Changing your perspective can change your entire outlook on life.

Don’t give up. The best is yet to come! 

What is your best advice for someone who is discouraged about their finances?