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A Peek Into My Life This Past Week (+ win a stack of books from me!)

Welcome to my weekly Sunday post where we take a break from money-related posts and I share about what I’m loving right now and give you a little peek into our life from the past week.

What I’m Loving

The kids were SO excited about Valentine’s Day and spent hours the week before making Valentine’s for their friends, classmates, and teachers. We gave them a budget, took them to Dollar Tree, and then they did all of the work themselves (with a little oversight from us!)

I love how excited they get about blessing others and doing things for others. And I also love that they are all at the age when they can get really stoked about this kind of stuff together. I know that this won’t last forever and I sort of want to freeze time.

I think they were also pretty excited about the fact that they got some candy from friends, too… candy is sort of a rare treat around here so I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing that they are so excited about the prospect of candy!! 😉

And I just had to share this picture. I totally staged it, but it’s such an accurate representation of our life right now. There is never a dull moment. Ever.

We went shoe shopping on Thursday because Kathrynne (12) desperately needed tennis shoes as her feet seemed to grow one size in a week and she was literally about to burst through her current tennis shoes.

(She has one pair of tennis shoes and pretty much only wears them every single day unless she’s going to a wedding. No joke.)

Kaitlynn (9) was all, “Why are we shopping for tennis shoes?? Can we please look at more fun shoes? Oh, look at these! And these! And these!” And then, of course, she was trying to find a way to convince me that she surely needed some new shoes.

(This girl has five times as many shoes as Kathrynne and Silas combined and would buy a new pair of shoes every day if she had the money! Again, no joke.)

Finally, Silas (7) is all, “Are we done yet?” And then was trying to bump into Kaitlynn while she was wearing these heels around so that she would fall over.

Yup. These are my three. They couldn’t be any more different, but they bring so much life, joy, laughter, and color into our lives! And today also solidified for me why I prefer to shop for shoes from Amazon!

What I’m Celebrating

Kaitlynn is landing her axel now!!! This is a HUGE figure skating accomplishment and we’re SO proud of this girl! (Watch the video here. She’s improved quite a bit even since this video was taken!)

Now, she’s starting to work on perfecting all her doubles (double toe loop, double salchow, double loop, double flip, double lutz) and then it’s on to the double axel!

We are having trouble getting her off the ice these days. All she seems to want to do is practice, practice, practice. And then eat, sleep, go to school, and get back on the ice again!

I’m also celebrating the fact that I got to go on four different dates this week — once with Kathrynne, once with Jesse, once with a friend, and once on a double-date with some friends of ours to try our first ever Escape Room experience.

What I’m Reading

This past week, I only finished one book: Answers to Prayer. The week was full and there wasn’t as much time for reading as there usually is. Although I did read quite a bit from The Road Back to You and No More Faking Fine but both were books I didn’t want to speed through, but wanted to slowly absorb and think about.

This week, I’m reading: Thou Givest, They Gather (an old Christian reprint), No More Faking Fine (a spiritually encouraging book), Gathering Blue (a story-driven book), and Chasing Slow (a book on life improvement).

I’m hoping to finish No More Faking FineGathering Blue, and Chasing Slow this week. I’ll let you know how that goes next week! {See my Reading Goals for 2017. Also, see the 21 books I’ve read so far in 2017 here.}

What I Learned This Week

Public Service Announcement: don’t hold an avocado in your hand while trying to cut the pit out.

I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend, not really paying attention to what I was doing, and in a split second, I had jabbed the knife through the avocado and stabbed my finger.

It was such a strong stab that I was afraid I the knife had gone all the way through my finger. But nope, just a deep cut. I missed the tendon and blood vessels, so it didn’t bleed much and all it needed was a trip to urgent care.

They were able to glue it instead of give me stitches — yay! In all honesty, my finger never really hurt… and the only thing that hurt at all was my arm where they gave me a tetanus shot (since I was using a knife and haven’t had a tetanus shot since I was a kid).

Oh, and I still ate my salad I was making — before I went to urgent care. Hey, I was hungry and there’s no point in wasting a good avocado!! 😉

(It reminds me of the time I made Jesse stop for an Arby’s sandwich while I was having major contractions and writhing in pain bent over the front seat of the car while he was driving me to the birth center to deliver Silas. I knew I needed to eat to have strength to deliver Silas. Which I did — about an hour later. What can I say? Food is fuel and you gotta fuel your body — even if you are in labor or you’ve just stabbed your finger!!)

What I’m Laughing About

I did a video on Friday making Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes live. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I often do Facebook Live videos.

Facebook mirrors the video image, so if you have your phone screen turned toward you for the video (letting you see what the video/image looks like), everything is flipped — meaning if you’re holding up a bag of flour that says “Whole-Wheat Flour” on it, it’s going to be backwards, etc.

This can be quite distracting when you’re doing a video that’s a recipe where you’re holding up different bags/boxes/containers of ingredients.

So I got the “brilliant” idea to try turning my camera around so that the screen wasn’t facing me but that the video wouldn’t be a mirror image. I set everything up and thought it would work well.

Ahem. I clearly think I’m much shorter than I am, because when I filmed the Facebook Live video, my head was completely cut off the entire time!!!

And then I tried to turn the camera around halfway through and things just went from bad to worse.

If you need to laugh today, go fast-forward through the video so you can see just how awful it was. And also, be encouraged: bloggers and vloggers who have been at this thing for years and years and years still have plenty of “Well that experiment certainly didn’t work!” moments.

I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is laugh at myself and invite others to laugh along with me!


What I’m Pondering

I have fallen down into the Enneagram rabbit hole… thanks to a few friends from my Discipleship Group! It’s fascinating and eye-opening and a little scary all at once.

Jesse and I spent hours last week reading about each type and it produced some incredible insights into each of our hearts and lives. It also gave us so much more clarity for ourselves and each other.

For those of you who are into the Enneagram, I’m an 8 and he’s a 5. Even without understanding the Enneagram, I look back and realize how I have fought against my eight-ness for a long time because I wanted to be a 2 or something warm and fuzzy like that. But nope, I’m an 8 through and through.

And now I want to embrace it and own it and become the healthiest version of an 8 that I can be. Because that’s how God made me and how He can use me best.

When we realized that Jesse is a 5 and have studied more about it, it’s really helping me to better understand how he processes things, what his needs are, and what his amazing strengths are.

What number are you? I’d love to know! Oh and I took the test online and it gave me the wrong result. I found this book and reading things online to be a lot more accurate and clarifying than the online quizzes. But maybe that’s just me!

(Those of you who don’t know what the Enneagram is are probably shaking your head at reading this and wondering what sort of crazy talk this is! Well, do yourself a favor. Go read up on the Enneagram, get this book, and maybe it will rock your world in profound and good ways like it has ours! You’re welcome!! ;))

In Case You Missed It

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Want to win this stack of books?

I thought it would be fun for me to do a giveaway here every once in awhile on Sundays — giving away some of our our products, items I’ve been sent two of, books I’ve already read and want to pass on, or other items I have that we no longer need and would like to pass onto a great home!

Today’s stack includes one of my books, one of my Gratitude journals, a blank journal, a few books I’ve recently read and would love to pass onto someone else, plus a book we enjoyed as a family!

To win this stack this week, leave a comment letting us know something that is making you laugh (a funny story, a movie, a YouTube video, a funny picture, something you have done or your kids did, etc.). 

I’ll choose one winner from all of the comments and will email that winner personally + post the winner next week on my Peek Into My Life This Week Post.

Congratulations to Kim (kim_redmon13@) who was the winner of last week’s stack of books giveaway. Kim, you should have received an email from me asking for your mailing address!

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  • Kristin says:

    My 2 year old daughter’s dance moves. Not sure where she learned them from, but she can really get down!

  • Shannon H says:

    I’m loving the unseasonably warm weather this week! I’ve been smiling at my kids playing outside 🙂

  • Alexis Bartholomew says:

    Watched Finding Dory for the first time this weekend with my husband and laughed out loud several times ? Super cute movie!

  • Kim Brenneman says:

    I laughed when my adult son posted a facebook pic of their huge 100 pound American Boxer dog named Ghost sitting bolt upright on their sofa totally absorbed in watching the tv and the caption was “Ghost is not diggin the new floor”. My son had ripped up the old carpet in the living room and installed a beautiful laminated wood floor, but it appeared the dog wanted nothing to do with being on it, lol.

  • Olivia Johnson says:

    My new puppy is making me laugh this week. She is a shepherd mix, and I am just loving watching her play.

  • Lindsay says:

    My 2 year old singing along to every song on the radio while I drive! It cracks me up!

  • Amy says:

    I’m laughing at myself right now although not everybody found it funny. I left my office earlier today to run an errand (since the internet was down and I wasn’t able to get much done anyway). When I left I hung a sign on my office door letting people know I would return at 11:30. Well, I was back by 11:30 alright BUT I forgot to unlock the door and flip the sign to open. At 12:10 somebody knocked (more like banged) on the door and that’s when I realized what I had done, or in this case not done, and there were several people standing at the door (with angry faces) waiting for my return. Oops, we’re all human and make mistakes. Nobody was injured and no lives were lost so it’s not the worst thing in the world, lol….

  • Amy S says:

    We are always laughing with our 3-year-old and those laughs are precious to us as we anxiously await the arrival of our second little boy. This past week he got hooked on the song “This Old Man” and after listening to the Veggie Tales version 100+ times, starting singing it around the house. Of course his version is a little different – instead of “knick-knack, patty-whack…” it is now “nake-nake, pally-wake, inny-minny-moe”. We can always count on him to lighten the mood. 🙂

  • Rebecca S. says:

    blimey cow always is good for a laugh on youtube. Especially if you are a homeschooler.

  • Diva says:

    I have such fond memories of those great old classic TV variety shows – comedy, music, dancing! Lately, I’ve been having such a blast watching clips of my favorite -Sha Na Na – on YouTube. The fantastic 50s tunes and their silly antics never fail to put a nostalgic smile on my face! 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    How about the stupidest joke I’ve heard all week?

    Why did the octopus blush? Because he saw the bottom of the ocean!

    I know, lame. You were warned. 😉 I’m a 4 on the ennegram scale!

  • Karen Garner says:

    Want to win this stack of books?

    I thought I’d leave a great story my son wrote me last week.
    This morning, our two youngest daughters came into our room in the middle of a heated argument. Shaelyn said it was snowing, Zoe said it wasn’t. No one likes to be told they are wrong so emotions had escalated.

    Erin and I looked out our window… nope no snow. Not even snow-bearing clouds. And yet, Shaelyn was adamant. She had seen snow.

    Erin suggested that maybe Shaelyn had seen the wind blowing some old snow off the roof. In my head, I just chuckled – certain that the four year old’s eyes were just playing tricks on her. We calmed both girls down and moved on.

    Ten minutes later, walking outside to leave for work, I looked at my car and noticed a few tiny flakes of fresh snow. Then I looked up. In the sky, moving away from our house, was a large cloud that looked like it could easily drop a little snow.

    We couldn’t see that cloud from our bedroom window. We couldn’t see any snowflakes. Due to our limited perspective, we were “certain” Shaelyn was wrong. Except she wasn’t.

    As we debate with others regarding public policy and current events, how “certain” are we that we are right? Instead of staring out our window, shouting about how others are so obviously wrong (“I mean look! How can you *not* see this?!?”), are we humble enough to walk over to their window for a minute to experience their perspective?

    The most fascinating thing about this experience is that when the girls came into our room, each claiming the other was wrong, Erin and I quickly chose a side. The fact that we based that choice on the available evidence (looking out the window) doesn’t matter. Whether we even chose the “right” side or not is irrelevant, we chose a side. In fact, both girls were actually right! Shaelyn had seen snow so it was accurate to say that it was snowing; when Zoe looked outside, there was no snow so it was accurate to say that it was not snowing. Even though they were each saying *opposite* things, they were both saying *accurate* things.

    Ultimately, choosing a side, whichever side, was the only way to guarantee that we were wrong.

  • Jennifer says:

    My kids! I have 3 under 5 years-old, and they are constantly making me laugh ?

  • Martha says:

    My 3 year old telling me “you’re a genius!” after something I said, apparently I must say that to him quite a bit, lol

  • Julie says:

    What’s making me laugh this week are:
    This video.

    A picture of my dog tolerating his pedicure.

    And the 90s sitcom, Frazier, on Netflix. One of the best comedies ever!!

  • Donna says:

    2 of my girls have been sick for days. Yesterday, we finally got outside. I put my 4 year old in the sandbox ( I realize that sounds like an odd way to put it, but she’s wheelchair bound). She started digging and said, “It’s a gwowious (glorious) day in the sandbox!” It was so cute!

  • Christie says:

    My husband asked our 2 year old what she did today. She said “I bumped my head on the grass. I wet my diaper.” It’s hilarious to get a peek inside their heads and see what they think is important!

  • Jenn says:

    I can’t even name all the silly things my boys say daily!!

  • Sierra Pearson says:

    My husband has made me laugh a lot this week. He likes to make up songs about our life and they just crack me up. And then today, he came home from a hard day at work and started frolicking in the yard with our 22-month old daughter trying to help her catch bubbles. I love him so much. No reservations.

  • Jessica R says:

    My kids are always doing funny things, but what made me laugh yesterday was when my son was making funny faces at my two yr old nephew, and my nephew was trying to copy everything my son was doing. They have been doing this cute interaction ever since my nephew was old enough to be aware of what others were doing. But as he gets older he’s been trying to follow my son in everything, he tries copying my daughter’s silly dance moves too. It makes me laugh so hard, I love it, my two are hilarious and love their cousins to pieces. It would be cool to win the books too.

  • Missy says:

    My kids! I’ve been learning to slow down and really enjoy moments with them. They are quite hilarious at times. It’s a joy! ❤️

  • Grace says:

    Our three year old bounded down stairs wearing only a baby “speedo” type bathing suite bottom convinced it was his new favorite piece. The picture is priceless!

  • Alicia G says:

    Oh man…just had “the talk” with my daughter. After telling her about the birds and the bees she suddenly looked at me with pure horror and shock on her face and said “you mean you and daddy have done it FIVE times?!!” She’s referring to my five children. Lol

  • Amanda Hoyle says:

    Ever since watching “Babe” last week my kids answer to everything is “Baa, ram, ewe!”

  • Mary says:

    Looks like a great stack of books! Thanks for a chance at winning them 😉
    My 4 year old makes me laugh a lot these days. He didn’t want to go to bed last night because he wasn’t tired. At 5am he came bounding down the steps and loudly proclaimed, “see! I said I wasn’t tired!!” -_- 😀

  • Catherine White says:

    Oh goodness! So many things make me laugh… The top one this week is that our son, 8, has taught our 7 month old kitten to play fetch. Our son throws the ball down our hallway, our kitten zooms down after the ball then proudly carries the ball back to us and drops it at our feet. It is just so silly!

  • Dawn Molnar says:

    The video of the man who pranks people by secretly adding shampoo as they wash their hair at the beach literally brought me to tears. Where are the bubbles coming from? Hillarious!!!

  • Jody Martz says:

    A picture of my sweet daughter (she is a college freshman) using her cooling eye mask I sent her in a care package with her glasses on over the top and head phones on. She is trying to rid herself of a headache while studying for her Bio Lab Exam. **I tried to share the picture but can’t figure out how to do it.**

  • Janice says:

    Just a few moments ago, I was laughing hysterically at the Snapchat filter videos my kids save to my phone that I find later. Oh the little ways they bless my day!

  • Wehaf says:

    I love this 8 second video – it always puts a smile on my face:

  • Sarah H says:

    Something that makes me laugh is how we are contemplating moving our family of six into a tiny one bedroom cabin while we build our country house. I can only imagine the crazy times that could be coming!

  • H Grimm says:

    Looks like a great stack of books! I am not laughing at this but simply satisfied and thankful that our kids, 7 of them, are happy, healthy, and VERY helpful while day is away on a 10 day trip!

  • Lauren Hartsell says:

    I’m laughing at Parks and Rec. My husband and I watch an episode or two every night after we put the kids to bed!

  • Vickie says:

    My two year old granddaughter made us laugh again today. Pop was teasing her and she said Pop stop it. She just turned 2 and she never ceases to amaze us!

  • Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    There’s a video of a farmer pulling a sheep out of a hole & the caption is “this is how God shepherds me”…..when it starts, you can’t even see the sheep in the hole & have no idea what’s going on.

  • Kim Vermilyea says:

    my two-year old loves to sing! It is hilarious!

  • Deborah says:

    SO…I have 5 squirrels (2 grey, 3 red) that come to my house because I hand them peanuts in the shells. The interaction is quite fun for me and I have done this in each house that I’ve lived in. So yesterday I only had 2 visitors in the morning and I guess the other three slept in. I went running out to my car to get in and take off for the appointment that I had not looking at my surrounding area but just to get to the garage from the back door. I get in and back up slowly to see out of the corner of my eye one of the red squirrels perched up on his hind legs and his arms tucked in – but it was the look on her face as I started to pass her in the driveway. The look was priceless and I swear the corners of her mouth were in a frown shape. So as she was following me creeping out of the driveway I could almost hear her say “where are you going, I missed the handout this morning!!!!!” So I stopped the car and rolled down my window. I just could not leave and know that look was on her face. I said “Missy, I am going to get my haircut and I should be back in an hour so cut me some slack please.” and I drove away with a quick glance in the mirror – yep she was still sitting there watching my car drive away. Poor fur-baby!

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