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We’re Headed to Nashville (+ some changes coming to the blog!)

Moving to Nashville

It’s been a long few days of last-minute moving details and tying up loose ends, but the truck is all packed up and we’re headed to Nashville! We’re hoping to make it to Kentucky tonight and then spend tomorrow and Friday moving into our new home in Tennessee.

Thank you so much for all your prayers for us. The past few weeks were hard with all of the goodbyes, but we have been so blessed by your support and prayers for us. You truly have no idea what your comments and emails have meant. Thank you for how you love our family!

The Start of New Things

This move marks the new start of many things for our family. We’ve long dreamed of being able to work together more as a family unit — instead of me having my own business and Jesse having his own business.

With this move, we’re excited to be able to pursue that dream together. We don’t know how it’s all going to pan out or exactly what it’s going to look like long-term, but we are thrilled to be on this adventure together, trusting God one step at a time.

Going Back to My Roots as a Blogger

I’m especially excited, because one of the big changes for me with this move is that I’ll be going back to my roots as a blogger. The past few years, things have grown and expanded here, and I’ve felt unsettled as to how to balance blogging, running a business, and keeping my family and health a priority.

To be honest, while the growth of this blog has been exciting, it’s also been hard for me. It’s been far beyond what I could have ever dreamed and navigating it all while seeking to have my heart and priorities in the right place has been a challenge.

I’ve done a lot of experimenting, praying, and soul-searching over the past year. My husband and I have had a lot of discussions. And I’ve asked for counsel and input from trusted friends.

While I hope to impact as many people as possible with this platform God has given me, more than anything, I just want to live a vibrant life and to blog from the overflow of that life. I’ve missed sharing more personal, every day life type posts here. I’ve missed sharing my grocery shopping trips. I’ve missed giving you more of a peek into our lives.

If I’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that I’m most fulfilled when I stop trying to please everyone and just be who God has made me to be. This blog can’t be all things to all people — that’s why there are millions of other blogs out there!

What You Can Expect For the Future

So while I still plan to keep posting the best deals, freebies, and coupons, you can expect to see a lot more real-life posts around here. Such as:

  • Posts about my grocery shopping and menu-planning.
  • Posts about recipes I’m trying and freezer cooking I’m doing.
  • Posts about money-saving triumphs and failures.
  • Posts about DIY projects I’m attempting.
  • Posts about our homeschooling adventures.
  • Posts giving you more of a peek into our everyday lives.
  • Posts about struggles I’m facing and lessons I’m learning.
  • And the usual smattering of Q&A posts, books I’m reading posts, goal-setting posts, business advice posts, and whatever else comes to mind. {You know me, I can be pretty eclectic! :)}

Thank you for the constant encouragement and inspiration you all are to me. I appreciate each and every one of you so much and I’m excited to be back to more of where I started when I first began blogging. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

Moving to NashvilleThe packed truck: we were able to get everything we needed to take to fit (whew — all that de-cluttering paid off!!)

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  • Amy says:

    I love your blog now. I can’t wait for all of the new changes. Do what is best for your family. I love blogs where it is all about what is really going on in peoples life’s. Can’t wait for all the new post!!

  • Rebekah says:

    Yay! I am excited about the changes, I love your personal stories the best anyways! I am in North Alabama so you are close to me now :). Hope you guys like Nashville!

  • Sherrie says:

    I agree! Your personal experiences and stories are what interest me the most! I have learned so much from you. Follow your heart!

  • Naomi says:

    You have surely been blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. I love reading your blog now and I always enjoyed reading about your family and all your cooking. You have given me so much inspiration since I signed up on your site. Do let us know how you and Jesse and the children are doing.

  • Amber says:

    Love that you’re going back to your roots. I admit, for the last year or so I have come to your site less and less because I always feel like I’m scrolling, scrolling through free-ebook and other offers to get to the personal posts. Glad to have you back, so to speak!

    • Kathryn says:

      I totally agree!! I have followed you since my 1st was an infant and shes 8 now! Excited to see you going back to your roots! Especially looking forward to homeschooling posts!!!

  • Jennifer Hoffman says:

    Very, very excited for the new changes!! Good for you for listening to God first! My husband and I are in a similar situation. “Work as if working for the Lord, not for men…” I always try to remember that verse! God bless!

  • jenny thomas says:

    I am sooooo glad to hear that you are going back to blogging and posting your recipes and freezer cooking and DIY projects. I loved that about your blog and when I didn’t see things getting posted it stopped me from reading and going to your blog. I have recommended your blog to many of my friends who want to get into homemade cooking and freezer cooking. I’m glad you’re bringing it back.

  • Crystal, so excited that you are closer to me now! Hoping I can run into you at a blogging conference or some kind of speaking event. 🙂 (I am in Atlanta, GA area.)

    Have followed your blog for a long time (5-6 years?). I would love to know (as comfortable as you are able to feel sharing) more about your move, why, is Jesse still practicing law, and your financial goals… your financial goals and achievements were so inspiring to me! I am your same age and although we aren’t in debt and saved to buy a car, we don’t have a paid for house. But your journey has inspired me to try harder to dream BIG with our finances.

    Did you sell your other home that you had paid for with cash? and were you able to purchase your new home with cash?

    Many blessings as you unpack and settle in! Just finished reading how your neighbors were such a blessing to you! Inspires me to do more for those that move in around me 🙂

  • I have to say, I’m excited about the changes! I love your content posts and that’s what I come here for, not really the deals (I always click the “skip the deals” button).

    Congrats on your new adventure! Looking forward to more glimpses into your life!

  • Mei Lynn says:

    I look forward to reading your grocery trips and meal planning! I remember I first stumbled your blog while searching for alarm for freezer/refrigerator, LOL. I just loved your writing right away and thought you are a very talented writer!

  • Staci says:

    I really think hearing from you the best. i need to get back into coupon shopping and saving money. The guest money saving posts are not as interesting to me. I can go to another blog and get that–you are the author of this blog so excited to hear from you.

    I am interested in what you and Jesse are embarking on together. Working together, I guess. Why TN?! I wish you all the best. Best wishes.

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