This Week’s Amazon Order: Pumpkin & Foil

My Shopp Trips

As I’ve mentioned before, we usually make a few bulk purchases on Amazon each week using gift cards earned through Swagbucks. This week, I bought a box of canned organic pumpkin and two rolls of foil.

I’m guessing that the pumpkin should last us through the Fall baking season. And the foil will probably last us for months.

I love being able to use my Swagbucks credit to buy quality items from Amazon. And it’s so nice to make bulk purchases of things we use often so that I don’t have to worry about replenishing my supply as often!

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This Week’s $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Menu Plan

Our $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Weekly Menu Plan

So, I told you last week that we’ve recently more than doubled our grocery budget. Here’s a picture of what $130 in groceries looks like for us.

We shopped at Aldi and Harris Teeter this week. And I somehow misplaced the Aldi receipt (dug through the trash and everything to try to locate it) and it’s nowhere to be found.

So I’m not going to give the break down of prices, because I’m not completely sure what they were. But I will try to do a better job of saving the receipt (maybe I’ll snap a photo of it as soon as I get home?) this coming week so that I can give you a detailed description of everything we bought and what we paid for it.

Our $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Weekly Menu Plan

I also downloaded the Snap App and got $1.75 in cashback for these purchases. I loved that the Snap App gives you cashback for items purchased at any store — including ALDI — unlike some of the cashback apps that require you to purchase at a specific store. Plus, I got $1.75 back from Checkout 51 for the above purchases. Yay!

This Week’s Menu Plan


Bacon & Eggs or Oatmeal

Jesse also made Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Eggs & Cheese one morning. It was a new recipe and it was SO good. It might sound weird, but it was amazing!


Sandwiches or Leftovers

I also made a Healthy Blueberry Crisp that I ate as lunch two days (recipe coming on the blog tomorrow — hopefully!)


Apples with Almond Butter
Snacks sent to us from Wild Oats Organic
Protein Shakes
Healthy Cake in a Mug


Crustless Quiche
Crockpot Triple Cheeseburger Creation
Crockpot Stuffed Peppers with Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Chicken Pineapple Kabobs
Stuffed Chicken
Italian Sausage with Potatoes and Vinegar
Dinner with friends (we’re bringing a side dish — probably a veggie tray)

What’s on your menu this week? Leave a link to your menu plan or tell us in the comments.

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How I Saved Today: This Week’s Amazon Order (coconut oil & oats)

This Week's Amazon Order

Thank you so very much for your kind, kind comments on my post yesterday on Why We More Than Doubled Our Grocery Budget. You have no idea how much you blessed and encouraged me with your graciousness and understanding.

Just, thank you. You all are the best readers ever and I’m so honored to be on this journey with you!

Many of you have asked if I’d share our grocery shopping trips again, our Amazon orders, and our weekly menu plans. Now that we’ve figured out what our grocery budget is going to be and I worked up the courage to share about it with you (!), I’m planning to get back to sharing our weekly shopping trips and menu plans as often as I’m able to. I also plan to share our almost-weekly Amazon orders.

As I’ve mentioned multiple times before, we usually make a few bulk purchases on Amazon each week using gift cards earned through Swagbucks. This week, I bought three big tubs of coconut oil and 4 bags of oats.

We eat oatmeal for breakfast at least a few times per week and we use it in baking some, too, so we’ll probably go through the oats in about two months or less.

The coconut oil will last us much longer. I’m going to guess at least six months? We’ll see!

I love being able to use my Swagbucks credit to buy quality items from Amazon when they are on a good sale. And it’s so nice to make bulk purchases of things we use often so that I don’t have to worry about replenishing my supply as often!

How did YOU save today? I’d love to hear! Tell us in the comments.

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Why I Did a Happy Dance at Dollar Tree + My Amazon Order

My Dollar Tree Shopping Score

I ran into Dollar Tree with the kids last week to pick up a few things for Jesse’s birthday (yes, we’ re all extravagant like that! ;))

I hadn’t been in that Dollar Tree yet since we’d moved and decided to peruse the aisles to see what they had available. Imagine my absolutely delight when I rounded the corner of one aisle and saw an end cap completely stocked with Nature’s Own bread for $1 per loaf!

My family loves this bread for sandwich bread and it made me feel so very much at home to discover that Dollar Tree in TN carries Nature’s Own bread just like our Dollar Trees in Kansas did.

Our freezer is now well-stocked with sandwich bread for the next few weeks! It’s often the little things that can make a new city feel like home.

I also picked up a spray bottle for some homemade cleaner I wanted to make, some sandwich bags that were marked down to $0.50, and some brown rice.

Also pictured: my coconut flour that I ordered from Amazon using some of my Swagbucks credit. I’m excited to try it out in some new recipes.

Have any of you used Coconut Flour before? Have any recipe recommendations or tips on how to use it?

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This Week’s ALDI Shopping Trip + Tide Purchase on Amazon

ALDI Shopping Trip

So I told you that we were going to try to mostly eat from the pantry this past week since we’d gone over-budget on groceries the week before. Well, we ended up stretching what we already had on hand to last all of last week. So that means we’re now almost back on track with our budget — yay!

My husband swung by ALDI with a list and got the above items. I forgot to ask him to save the receipt, though, and we’ve been unable to figure out where it went off to (ever have that happen??). The beauty of using cash is that you don’t have to worry so much about exactly how much you spent so long as you stuck with the cash budget.

So I’m not sure on the exact, exact total, but the above shown groceries were just under $49 based upon the cash he spent. He also bought a bag of tortilla chips that I failed to get in the picture.

The tub of Tide Pods was purchased from Amazon using Swagbucks. I’ve not tried these before and splurged on them because I wanted to see how they worked compared to regular detergent.

We also used the 2 FREE Malt-O-Meal coupons to get cereal and the 2 FREE Hillshire Farms coupons to get two tubs of deli turkey. And I failed to get a picture of those, too, before they were opened and partially eaten. Because clearly, I’m super on top of things today. Ahem.

Wondering what we’re eating this week? See our weekly menu here.

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This Week’s Grocery Purchases: ALDI, Whole Foods, & Amazon

This Week's Shopping Trip

We’re still navigating all the new stores and options here in Tennessee. And we’re still finding our groove… but each week it gets better!

We are trying to find a good source for farm-fresh eggs and milk. We were spoiled in Kansas since our grocery store sold glass-bottled, cream top milk from a local farm and my family had chickens.

We tried out Whole Foods for milk and eggs this week to see what we thought. Well, we loved the eggs and milk we bought, but we didn’t necessarily love the prices — in fact, they sort of killed our budget this week. So we’re still looking into other options and hoping maybe we can find a local farm to buy from here (anyone have any recommendations?).

Here’s what we bought:

Whole Foods Shopping Trip

2 bottles of Whole Milk — $3.99 each
3 dozen eggs — $3.79 per dozen

Total with tax: $21.11

ALDI Shopping Trip

Asparagus — $1.99
Bananas ($0.44/lb) — $3.18
Cheddar cheese — $1.99
Bag of Pinto Beans — $1.89
Cream cheese — $1.29
1 bag of chicken breasts — $5.99
Bag of Fuji apples — $3.49
Sour cream — $1.29
Cottage cheese — $2.29
2 cartons of blueberries — $1.69 each
Ground Sirloin ($3.99/lb.) — $9.94
Strawberries — $1.59
Carrots — $0.99
5-lb. potatoes — $2.99
3 packs of sweet corn — $1.29 each
Onions — $1.89

Total with tax — $52.62

And the pasta pictured came from Amazon — thanks to a gift card earned through Swagbucks!

Since we went “over-budget” this week (we budget $50/week in cash to spend on groceries but we take it out on a monthly basis so that we can have stock-up weeks like this, if need be), that means we’ll make this last as long as we can and then I’ll plan our menu next week mostly based on what we already have on hand so that we don’t have to buy much at the store.

Or at least that’s what I’m planning to do. I’ll let you know how it all shakes out. :)

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