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Craftsy is offering Free Online Classes. There are 35 different mini classes to choose from that you can watch anytime, along with printable instructions and step-by-step directions.

Not a Craftsy member? Sign up here today!

Here are some of the classes you can choose from:

~ Amazing Crochet Textures
~ The Wilton Method: Creative Cake Pops
~ Machine Savvy: Tips for Creative Sewing
~ Painting Flowers in Acrylic
~ Sew Ready: Sewing Machine Basics
~ Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide
~ Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z
~ Mastering Zipper Techniques
~ Bag Making Basics
~ Flawless Finishing
~ Machine Embroidered Classics
~ Create Stunning Birthday Cards
~ Transform Your Garden Design
~ The Hand-Painted Cake
~ Perfect Pizza at Home
~ Modern Buttercream
~ Beautiful Wirework Jewelry
~ Basic Fondant Techniques
~ Professional Family Portraits
~ Basic Quiltmaking Skills
~ Cabinetry Tips & Techniques
~ Complete Knife Skills
~ Bonsai Wiring Essentials
~ Spectacular Stamping
~ Creative Quilt Backs
~ Pictures to Pixel Quilts
~ Creative Ways with Whole Grains
~ Longarm Quilting
~ Know Your Wool

Thanks, Moms by Heart!
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Food Network MagazineAttention Foodies! Here is a magazine that we rarely see a deal on, and this might make a great gift idea!! AND this is the lowest price that I have ever seen on this magazine, it is normally on sale for $14.99 but cover price is over $70! This sale makes this subscription only $5.00 per year, joy!

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About Food Network: Each issue is packed with inside scoops and tips from everyone’s favorite TV stars, plus hundreds of recipes!

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You all have BLOWN me away…!

Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal

So can I just say something? You all are one downright amazing group of readers!!

I was so excited about the Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal and knew it was a product that has the ability to totally transform your life. However, it’s scary to put a product out there for all the world and encourage other people to buy it — especially because this was our first time to offer physical products in our online store.

But I believe in this product, I know the value it has had in my own life, and I knew that it was something many of you have been asking for. So I wrote the post on Tuesday telling you about it.

And then I clicked publish with a little fear and trepidation wondering if anyone would actually order it.

20 minutes went by and it was pretty much crickets chirping.

I started to second-guess myself and wonder if maybe I had been crazy to put the time and effort into this. But then I remembered: you know what? If I did all of that work just so I could have a product that would make a difference in my personal life as I use it year after year, it was completely worth the effort.

Well, about 5 more minutes went by, and then the orders started trickling in a few at a time. A few more hours went by and they started streaming in. And by that evening, so many orders had come in we started talking about possibly needing to hire extra help to fulfill them all!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing in my excitement and for supporting this project — buying copies not only for yourself, but for your friends and family.

Being the goal-oriented person I am, I set what I thought was a fairly audacious sales goal of how many I had hoped to sell by year-end. I truly didn’t think we would hit it, but I set it anyway.

Well, guess what?!? We hit the year-end sales goal in less than two days!!!

Yes, I told you that you all BLOW ME AWAY!

I am humbly grateful for each of you, for reading here, for sending in encouraging comments and emails, for being such cheerleaders, and for showing up here every day and investing your time and resources to help make this site a success.

I’m not sure what to say other than thank you from the bottom of my heart. You bless me far more than you could ever imagine!

Choose Gratitude Journal


If you didn’t get a chance to order a Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal, the $2 off coupon code is only good through midnight tonight.

We do not plan to offer it at this low of a price again before Christmas (except for bulk orders). So if you have been thinking of ordering, now’s the time to do it!

Through tonight at midnight, save $2 off the purchase of our brand-new Choose Gratitude Blessings Journals from our store when you use coupon code BLESSING14 at checkout.

That makes it just $7.99 + shipping. You can order as many as you’d like with this discount code.

This would make a great gift idea for friends and family this Christmas season! And don’t forget to purchase one for yourself, as well!

If you’d prefer, the Blessings Journal are also available to purchase off of Amazon. However, the $2 discount code is only good through our online store.

This offer is valid through through midnight tonight only (November 20, 2014).

Go here to order your Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal.

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How Choosing Gratitude Has Changed My Life

Choose Gratitude Journal

Expressing gratitude doesn’t require money. It doesn’t require much thought or effort, but it can change our whole outlook on life.

I say this, because I’ve experienced it personally.

Two years ago, I started keeping a Gratitude Journal — a small notebook where I recorded a few blessings from each day. I was going through some health problems at the time and feeling really discouraged and weary from going to doctors, trying various treatments, and not seeing any improvement.

After I began the habit of writing down my blessings each morning, I noticed a marked difference in my attitude — even while struggling with pain and discomfort. I started noticing little blessings that I had taken for granted before. I realized how much I had to be thankful for that I hadn’t been paying attention to because I was so focused on the pain and discomfort.

Truly, the simple practice of writing down my blessings each day transformed my perspective. Instead of focusing on everything that seemed to be going wrong, I started being so grateful for all that was right in my life.

Once my health problems were finally resolved, I had found such benefit in writing down my blessings every day that I decided to continue doing it.


Since I’m all about keeping things simple, I love the concept of a having a journal where there’s just a little space to write in every day. I don’t usually have 15 minutes to journal every day, but I can find a minute or two to write down a few things I’m thankful for.

My mom bought me a journal the past two years that was a line-a-day gratitude journal. I’ve loved using it and as I’ve talked about it here on the blog, many of you have asked where you can get one, too.

I started dreaming about the possibility of creating my own gratitude journal — one that was pretty, clean, simple, and inspiring. Soon after this, a company approached us about possibly publishing a journal or gift book for us.

When I had my first phone call with them, I knew exactly what journal I wanted them to help us create — a simple Gratitude Journal! And I’m so excited that it’s finally all finished, printed, and ready for purchase!

Choose Gratitude Journal

Cue the drum roll…

The Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal will inspire you to look for blessings in your every day life. It’s simple (just two lines for every day!) and doable for even the busiest woman.

Each month, there is a theme and each month’s pages have quotes and encouragement to go along with that theme. There are also a few extra pages for journaling or doodling if you’d like to include some extra thoughts or blessings.

I am so thrilled that the Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal is finally done. I hope that you’ll consider purchasing one and joining me in the life-changing practice of starting each day by re-counting your blessings.

Let’s live lives of gratitude… because there is always, always, always something to be thankful for!

Go here to order your Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal.

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