Homemade All Purpose Lemon Power Cleaner

Homemade Lemon Power Cleaner

I was inspired by reading the All-Natural Living ebook that I got as part of the Healthy Living Bundle to continue on in my quest to slowly make the switch to more natural alternatives for household products we regularly use.

I especially loved these simple steps the author outlined:

Ditch your fabric softener/dryer sheets – These are some of the most toxic things found in the home and really aren’t necessary. There are homemade options, plus different detergent options that may make the need for fabric softener obsolete.

Make your own detergents – Making your own laundry and dish detergent are both easy and cost effective.

Make a simple All Purpose Cleaner – Even if you aren’t convinced that this homemade stuff can really replace all your cleaners, starting with a simple APC can help ease you into the transition.

Try switching out one beauty product – Not sure if you’re up to a full commitment of diy beauty products? Just pick on that you are willing to try. Maybe it’s the homemade mascara, or the mouth wash, or shaving soap.

These seem doable — even for busy moms, don’t they? I’m all about baby steps and taking it slow, so this was perfect for me.

Homemade Lemon Power Cleaner

After reading through the ebook, I picked one recipe to try and I landed on the All Purpose Lemon Power Cleaner.

All Purpose Lemon Power Cleaner

1 cup warm distilled water
1 cup white vinegar
4 Tablespoons lemon juice
10 – 20 drops lemon essential oil (you could also use orange or tea tree oil — or just omit this)

Measure ingredients into a spray bottle and shake to mix. Shake before each use.

This recipe was very easy to make and very inexpensive (especially if you opt not to use the essential oils). It smelled very strongly of lemon and wasn’t the best all natural cleaner I’ve ever used before. But I’d say that it was fair and one that I would make again.

I love that the ingredients are things I usually have on hand, but I thought the smell was pretty strong. So if/when I make it again, I’d probably adjust the essential oil ratio down or use a different essential oil than lemon.

Homemade Lemon Power Cleaner

All in all, I enjoyed All-Natural Living ebook. The one thing I didn’t love was the author plugging her essential oils site multiple times in the space of just a few pages. Once or twice would have been great, but doing it repeatedly got a little old and sales-pitchy feeling.

However, I loved that she included so many different recipes — even one for Windshield Wiper Fluid! Some were really basic, but there was a lot of variety — including recipes for homemade makeup.

Have you tried making some of your own household products or make-up? I’d love hear about how it worked (or didn’t work!) for you.

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Amazon.com: The best online household & grocery deals

Ziploc Sandwich Bags Value Pack 100 ct Deal

Here are some of this week’s best grocery & household deals from Amazon.com, courtesy of Terry and Mandi from Jungle Deals & Steals. Many of these prices are higher than what you’d pay by combining coupons with sales, but they may be good deals for you if you live where there aren’t many stores or deals are scarce:

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Ziploc: 100-count boxes of Ziploc Sandwich Bags are available now for as low as $1.83 each ($5.48 for the pack of 3).

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Playtex: There’s a $1 off coupon available on Playtex Unscented Regular Absorbancy Gentle Glide Tampons (40-count) making them a great deal for as low as $4.50.

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Gain: There’s a great deal on Gain With Freshlock Original Liquid Detergent.  Get the 50-fluid ounce bottles for as low as $4.72 each ($9.44 for the pack of 2).

Coupons: Don’t miss all the great coupons that are available now. You’ll find coupons for grocery, health and personal care and beauty items.

Terry & Mandi are a busy mother-daughter team that look for ways to save money without sacrificing a lot of time, and they share their love for all things Amazon.com at Jungle Deals & Steals.

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Why I Did a Happy Dance at Dollar Tree + My Amazon Order

My Dollar Tree Shopping Score

I ran into Dollar Tree with the kids last week to pick up a few things for Jesse’s birthday (yes, we’ re all extravagant like that! ;))

I hadn’t been in that Dollar Tree yet since we’d moved and decided to peruse the aisles to see what they had available. Imagine my absolutely delight when I rounded the corner of one aisle and saw an end cap completely stocked with Nature’s Own bread for $1 per loaf!

My family loves this bread for sandwich bread and it made me feel so very much at home to discover that Dollar Tree in TN carries Nature’s Own bread just like our Dollar Trees in Kansas did.

Our freezer is now well-stocked with sandwich bread for the next few weeks! It’s often the little things that can make a new city feel like home.

I also picked up a spray bottle for some homemade cleaner I wanted to make, some sandwich bags that were marked down to $0.50, and some brown rice.

Also pictured: my coconut flour that I ordered from Amazon using some of my Swagbucks credit. I’m excited to try it out in some new recipes.

Have any of you used Coconut Flour before? Have any recipe recommendations or tips on how to use it?

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