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Are you ready to cut your grocery bill?!?

Are You Ready to Cut Your Grocery Bill??

Are you tired of spending so much on groceries? Do you wish you could find some step-by-step help to lower your grocery budget?

Then you’ll want to get up bright and early tomorrow morning to take advantage of our Crazy, Can’t Miss Sale on Grocery University that we’re running tomorrow only.

What is Grocery University?

Grocery University is a 2 hour, 19 minute audio course that will teach you everything you need to know about making the most of your grocery budget, regardless of whether you’re new to bargain shopping or have been a super-shopper for years.

This original, in-depth course goes deeper than anything you’ve ever seen before and will have you stretching your grocery budget further than you ever thought possible! It’s produced by my good friend, Carrie Isaac, a mom of five and owner of Springs Bargains.

In this course, Carrie has taken her years of experience teaching live seminars and developed a comprehensive strategy that’s proven to reduce your grocery budget. Carrie produced this course in 2010 and sold it successfully to thousands of people.

When I found out that Carrie was planning to discontinue selling Grocery University because her plate was too full, I approached her and asked if we could buy the rights to the course. We’ve been working on tweaking and updating the course over the past few months and it’s finally ready to be re-launched.

Grocery University

Don’t Miss Our Crazy Sale Tomorrow Only!

You won’t want to miss the re-launch TOMORROW. Trust me, the crazy, special, you-won’t-want-to-miss sale starts bright and early tomorrow morning and it’s worth getting up early for.

Why? Well, because the early bird truly gets rewarded:

5 a.m. CT – we’ll kick things off with the low, low price of $2.97
8 a.m. CT – price goes up to $3.97
11 a.m. CT – price goes up to $4.97
2 p.m. CT – price goes up to $5.97
5 p.m. – price goes up to $6.97
8 p.m. – price goes up to $7.97
11 p.m. – price goes up to $8.97

See, I told you that you wouldn’t want to miss out! :)

To get in on this deal, head over to GroceryUniversity.com tomorrow for this crazy Re-Launch Day Special Pricing!

These prices will only be valid tomorrow during the times listed.

P.S. If you want to share about this deal on your blog or on your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook account, sign up to get your referral link here. You’ll earn 60% of all sales of this course made through your link tomorrow!

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  1. says

    This looks like a great opportunity to learn how to save some more money.
    Unfortunately when I clicked on the link I get an error message saying the page does not exist.

  2. Quinn says

    Very excited about this! Been anxiously waiting to hear about the one day sale since you mentioned it last week!
    When I listened to your video interview I told myself I needed to listen to more video/audio while hanging around the house and then Grocery University pooped up. I can continue to learn and grow through audio!

    • says

      Yes, what Lynn said. We’re gluten and dairy free. We have a host of other food intolerances and like to eat organic produce and grass fed, organic meat. Would this course help us, or are we too far off the mainstream grocery shopping excursion? :)

      • says

        Personally, I feel like it could help everyone. However, a lot of the material is about how to use coupons and shop sales strategically, so if you feel like that’s not an option for non-food items, etc. then it might not be a good fit for you.

        That said, we are offering a money-back guarantee, so I’m happy to refund your money if you purchase it and realize it’s just not going to be applicable in your situation.

  3. Jen says

    Thank you so much for offering this course! I’ve cut our grocery bill in half in the past few years using the principles you’ve talked about on your site…wondering if we can go even lower?! Guess I’ll find out! So wish the early bird morning deal wasn’t CT because I’m going to have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to get it, but I’ll be strong. :) By the way, will I have to log in to buy at 3:00 a.m. (PST) on the dot? Or is the offer for 2.97 good until 6:00 a.m. PST? (8:00 a.m. CT)

    • says

      The offer is good until 8 a.m. CT. :) And psst, I think we might switch it to the $2.97 price around midnight tonight, so you might check before you go to bed tonight to see if it’s already been switched over. :)

      • Jen says

        Whoohoo! I’ve been getting up at 4:00/4:30 for the Rise&Shine challenge (I’m a nerd and started the day after you mentioned it, ha), but 3:00 was going to be stretching it! :) Thanks so much for the tip about tonight…I’ll check in.

  4. Tia Robertson says

    5am Central :( I’m PST.. that’s 3am! With a baby… Not my idea of fun, but I guess if it saves me money, I can deal with a loss of sleep! LOL

  5. Amber says

    Hi, I was wondering if you feel this would benefit someone who regularly shops once monthly. Because of your location, 90 miles from the grocery store we don’t find it feasible to shop more frequently than that. So would this eliminate strategically shopping sales to lower our grocery bill because we just don’t get the opportunity? Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Personally, I feel like it could be of help to you — even if you only shop once a month. However, if you have a great system going already, then I say just go with the great thing you already have going!

      If you decide to buy, know that we are offering a money-back guarantee, so I’m happy to refund your money if you purchase it and realize it’s just not going to be applicable in your situation.

  6. says

    You ROCK, Crystal! What a great opportunity to learn to cut grocery costs AND make a nice commission, too! 60% profit for those who refer through affiliate links is sooo very generous!! And the regular 50% commission is not at ALL shabby either!! May God continue to bless you, Crystal!! Even though I think I can’t possibly admire you any more, you prove me wrong! You are such a blessing to so many! You inspire me! Sending you a big hug and many prayers for a successful launch!

  7. Dana Powell says

    I tried to buy this, but I don’t seem to have after all. I entered all my credit card information to check out, but never received a confirmation email or anything. Did it not go through?

  8. Kelly says

    I just ordered it on my iPad and I don’t know where it downloaded to? Can someone help me? I see it went through on my CC statement so I know it worked but I don’t see it anywhere :(

  9. Rebecca says

    I am getting an error message when I enter my credit card info and I can’t check out. Is there a problem?

  10. Princess says

    I am on my phone now away from my home computer. Should I wait until I get home before I purchase because I dont want the material on my phone with such limited memory?? Thanks Crystal.

  11. Rachele says

    I too just purchased but don’t know where to download it from. It charged my account. Btw, I have a Samsung tablet. Please help!

  12. Susan says

    I have bought the original Grocery University awhile back. What are the differences between the original one and the relaunch of this Grocery University? Are there major tweaks? I did buy your version earlier this morning but now realizing if I’m just buying a duplicate of what I already have. Are the tweaks and updates worth buying this again?

    • says

      If you already purchased it in the past, just email joy @ moneysavingmom.com for an updated version for free. We mostly just tweaked the design to match our brand and updated the Rock Bottom Price List, but the content is the same. My apologies on the confusion there.

  13. Jessica W says

    I ordered it and got it to work on by Kindle. I should be working– but this is way more interesting!! Thanks again Crystal!!

  14. Felicia says

    I’m really excited to try it, I hope it works. Currently I can’t get the order to go through. I get stuck at the order summary page. I emailed Joy so hoping to hear back so I can purchase it.

    It sounds like a good product.

    • Becky says

      I’ve been having the same problem — I enter all my credit card info, I go to check out, and it tells me that my order can’t be placed at this time. Any chance you all will offer this deal again, for the sake of those of us who encountered bugs and couldn’t take advantage of the deal as a result? I won’t be able to get on my computer for the rest of today!

      • says

        We probably won’t ever offer it this low again. But email joy @ moneysavingmom.com and she’ll make sure you’re taken care of. I’m so sorry for the issues you’re experiencing.

    • Becky says

      Felicia, I think we ran into the same problem on the website at about the same time on Tuesday, so I wanted to give you this heads-up: check your credit card statement! Even though the website told me that my order could not be charged at that time, I ended up being charged twice the $4.97 amount (and it should have only been $3.97 at the time). I think what happened is that the charge went through for every attempt I made (two attempts total), but not until a bit later that day… despite the website saying that my order didn’t go through.
      I’ve been in contact with Joy and I’m sure she’ll fix it, so I’m not too worried about it. I know it wasn’t anyone’s fault in particular, just a really weird bug combined with an outage at the credit card processor. Just thought you could have encountered the same problem and might want to check your credit card account:).

      • says

        Thanks so much for mentioning this. I so appreciate it… and I’m so sorry about the credit card processor outage! Gratefully, it only lasted for a short time… but I felt terrible about it happening on the day of launch and causing frustration and extra time and work for those trying to order at the time. :(

  15. Melissa says

    I am finally back home after a VERY disappointing trip to the store where I spent a little over $60 on a whole lot of nothing. I walked out of the store and said to myself that’s it you know better than this you know how to coupon and for whatever reason I have been on coupon vacation. Needless to say while still in the parking lot and with 20 minutes to spare at the $3.97 price I bought the course!

  16. deb says

    I was going to purchase this but the price listed on the purchasing page is not the price advertised on your website.

  17. Jamie Shawgo says

    I had some problems ordering and emailed Joy on the 20th. I haven’t yet received a reply but resent my email today. If you have time, could you please follow up on this for me? Anxiously awaiting my file:)

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