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12 Books I Plan to Read in June

12 Books I Plan to Read in June

As I shared in January, I’m changing the way I’m approaching my reading goals in 2014. Instead of picking books for the whole year, I’m just choosing books a month at a time.

I’m probably being overly ambitious with my book list for June, but since we’re heading into summer and life has settled down for us a lot more now that the move and my busy travel season are behind us, I’m really hopeful I’ll have time to get back to more reading. We’ll see!

At any rate, I’m going to attempt to read 12 books in June (some of these are carried over from my April and May lists since I didn’t get much reading done those months). Here’s my list of what I’m hoping to read:

12 Books I Plan to Read in June

I also am reading through the Bible using the plan in my Blessing Journal and reading one devotional from Jesus Today every day.

Books I Plan to Read in June

3 Books I Plan to Read Aloud to My Kids

What books are you planning to read in June? Leave a comment and let us know — and then you can come back at the beginning of July to tell us what you ended up reading and what you thought of the books you read!

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  1. says

    I’ve been trying to keep my reading up, and I’m so excited! I have read more books in the first 6 months of 2014 than I did in 2012 and 2013 combined.
    In addition to my own reading, I’ve been reading aloud to my 5 year old some classics, and we’ve finished 9 books together since January, including Wizard of Oz, 4 Imagination Station books, 3 Boxcar Children, and the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We’re about to finish the first in the Little House series as well! I had forgotten how much I love to read and hope I pass the enjoyment on to my kids :)

      • Terry Frye says

        If you get a chance to read The Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling. This book encouraged me as a mom and wife to take time for myself. To allow myself the time to breath, to rest, to pray 😀

  2. Kate says

    I loved Melendy Quartet and if you do as well, you might want to try Eleanor Estes’ books as well.

  3. Cheryl says

    SO nice to see your June reading list. I’m a librarian and I always like to see what you’re reading and add some of your titles to what I’m reading. I’ve been reading alot of non-fiction lately. Here are some of my titles right now, Smart Money, Smart Kids, (Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze). One Thousand Gifts (Ann Voskamp) Amish Cook’s Anniversary Book, Amish Cook at Home, (both by Lovina Eicher, Kevin Williams) I’m also reading the Home to Hickory Hollow series by Beverly Lewis. My son loved the Brother Andrew book from your other post and I’m also planning on reading , In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. Thanks again for your wonderful posts!

  4. says

    You will LOVE Mom’s Night Out. I read it in a day. It’s laugh out loud funny. :) My reading list this month is all books recommended during the Platform Summit. Not your typical summer reading, but looking forward to it. :)

  5. says

    I just went to the library today and ordered The Nazi’s Wife. Then, I checked out Under the Banner of Heaven, The Light Between Oceans, Pigs in Heaven, and Touching the Void. I’d be thrilled if I got through all of them in June.

  6. April Mucci says

    I actually just started your book this week! Love it so far, can’t wait to keep reading! Love seeing a list of books you are reading – I am always looking for new books to read, AND from reading your book have realized I need to make reading a priority! It feeds my soul, and just got bumped way up on my priority list.

    Carry On, Warrior is awesome, hope you enjoy it.

  7. jennifer bealmer says

    Where do you get all your books you read monthly? Id like to find an inexpensive way to read several books a month, but my local library isnt the most stocked place and i have a very small budet.Any suggestions?

  8. says

    I am plowing through my summer reading goal list. For June, I plan to keep up with my Bible in 90 Days reading, finish the Hobbit (on chapter 8), and finish the Harry Potter series (on book 4.) After that comes The Lord of The Rings, and several other books, both fiction and non fiction.

      • says

        I’ve completed it before, but I find it easier to do it during summer break from homeschooling. Teaching 7 kids just doesn’t leave enough time for THAT much reading!! I love it so much every time I do it though. Two of my daughters have gone through it multiple times each. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to really get a handle on the Bible as a whole!!

        • says

          It’s on my bucket list to do…! I’ve read through the Bible multiple times, but always in a year’s time — I think doing it in 90 days would be so insightful!

  9. Wendy says

    I just finished reading Rhinestone Jesus. I love reading about what amazing things God does in people’s lives! Great read!

  10. says

    Thanks for always sharing these. It’s so nice to get a list of positive, inspirational books from a fellow Christian mother and wife. I just browsed the Christian section at our Barnes & Noble and actually saw two of these there, along with some others. I can’t wait to read your reviews at the end of the month!

  11. says

    I always love going through your monthly book lists! I’m definitely going to read a couple you have listed here and I didn’t even realize that “mom’s night out” was a book! If you haven’t read it yet, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO READ 1000 splendid suns. I just finished it and enjoyed every second of it. To get a little extra motivation for my upcoming post partum weight loss I’m reading: the Daniel plan. I’m doing an online bible study through a group called, Good morning girls. Also reading: budget bytes. That’s as far as I’ve made it on my list so far!

  12. says

    Blogger question for you!! I’m still a newbie at the blogging community. Okay, it’s been a year and a few months, and yet I still feel like a newbie. I’ve started getting offers to read free books and apps, if I mention the books on my blog. Is this what you do? Is there a site I can go to where I can choose books I might be more interested in? I do like the idea of getting free books, but I’d like to have more choices.

  13. Faith says

    I don’t have a book list this month because I can never get through it, but right now I’m reading Carry on , Warrior and Harriett Truelove The Amanda Kristoff Case.

  14. Karen says

    We love the Saturdays! If you like it near as much as we did, you should try the following three books of the Melendy quartet. We have all four books on CDs which are great for long car trips. All four of our girls still giggle throughout each book now matter how many times they have listened to or read them (which is many times for the older ones).

  15. says

    After the Boxes are Unpacked is a wonderful book. My church offered it as a summer Bible study 2 years after I moved and it helped me even after that much time. We just moved again and I’ll be setting it aside to study again as soon as I come across it amongst our dozen or so boxes of books :-)

  16. says

    Crystal – I have been so blessed reading your blog and emails – thank you! It was also a great surprise when I was listening to “Focus on the Family” and heard your broadcast – congrats! I have several questions regarding your book list, and I apologize if these have been addressed previously. First, where do you find the time to read that many books in a month? Secondly, how do you afford the books? And finally, how do you decide what books to read? Thanks, and God bless you! Linda

  17. says

    This cracks me up every month….I made a goal to read 10 books this year! Not month, but year! I’ve read 5 so far…..Halfway through the year- halfway through my goal!

  18. says

    I loved the book Breathe (and any book by Kerri Wyatt Kent). All her books are so thought-provoking and yet, I feel so peaceful and comfortable when I read them.

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