Ask the Readers: Best price-checking websites?

Today’s question is from Alrena:

Do you have any suggestions for websites I could use to check prices before buying things?

I just bought a new dishwasher and did a web search by name and model number — in the process, I found a different store not far away that had the same model for over $100 cheaper!

I told the store I was at, and they matched the price — but I’m wondering if there is an easier way to do these types of searches? -Alrena

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  1. says

    All of the price matching apps I have tried only scanned online stores — not local. I would be curious too to know what people have come up with or found for price matching.

  2. Ashlee says

    Noy quite what was asked, but I use It tracks amazon prices over time. So when i want to buy a big item I can see what the lowest price has been and when it was. You can even stick in a target price and set up an email alert so it will tell you when the item is the price you want.

  3. Sarah Ann Wong says

    You can easily price search online if you:
    1. Google search for your item.
    2. On the Google search results screen, click on the word “Shopping” just above the search results and under the search box.
    3. On the Shopping results screen, click on the down arrow, located to the right of “Sort: Default”. Choose the “Sort: Price -low to high” option for a price-ordered list.

    I believe you can also choose to see items located near you, but I don’t know how to set that up, as my wireless automatically puts in my location.

  4. Jennifer says

    Anyone know IF there is a site where you can see average and best prices for an item. Say…ground beef per lbs. (I’m in Canada. I understand prices range from Country to Country)

  5. Gary says

    Comparison pricing is important, and good to do, but remember that you may be only buying a product with little or no service, if needed. We like to buy appliances from a local store that we know will provide service both before and after delivery. If the product is in warranty, they will service it and take care of all the warranty claims. We also feel it is good for the local economy!

  6. lizajane says

    I just started using for prescriptions….unfortunately after I’d filled an Rx at Walgreens and found it would have been cheaper almost anywhere else around me!

  7. Alrena says

    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. They are all great. I will give them all a try. Thanks Money Saving Mom for posting my question. I love your site.

  8. Ann says

    There is also that will tell you if an item is advertised locally.

    And I second goodrx – definately check them if you need a prescription! I’ve also printed their card and gotten cheaper prices with it than our good health insurance copays!