24-Hour Giveaway: Enter to win a $1500 Amazon gift card!

Say Goodbye to Survival ModePhoto emailed in by a reader — this made me smile! :)

Thank you for joining me in all the excitement of my Book Release Week! I’ve been truly blown away by your support!

Say Goodbye to Survival Modephoto emailed in by reader, Suemee

If you missed out on any of the special offers and the washer/dryer giveaway, be sure to click on the links below for more information:

Enter to win a $1500 Amazon gift card!

Enter to Win $1500 Amazon Gift Card

To celebrate the release of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, I’m giving away one BIG Amazon gift card every evening for the next four days. To enter to win, just enter your name and email address below.

One winner will be chosen and posted tomorrow evening. And be sure to grab your copy of

The winner of last night’s $1000 Amazon gift card giveaway is Mindi (ladybirdsegg@)

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  1. Jeanette C. says

    You are doing such a fantastic job creating your career and raising a family—way to go!!

  2. Summer Ockander says

    Can’t wait to get a copy of your book tomorrow while I’m out. Love your website so I’m super excited for the book :D

  3. Emily Parakkal says

    I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Thank you for sharing all that you do with us!

  4. Karen says

    Ha! I had not even paid attention to this picture until the mom in it messaged me today asking if I saw it! A year or so ago,I learned she was attending a homeschool conference you (Crystal) were speaking at and I told her she HAD to go to your session. I know she has gleaned so much from this site and I am so glad I was able to “introduce” her to MSM. What a fun picture!

  5. Angela Burley says

    I thank you for all of the wonderful advise!!! Even more so since I was laid of from my job last week. Considering ordering the book once I obtain a new position. I could definitely use the gift card at this time.


  6. Mary Withrow says

    I was reading your comments and realized you had 99 and I wanted to be 100! Lol – Break a Leg!