21 Days to a Simple Christmas: Day 15

Join the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge

It’s Day 15 of the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge!

Today, we’re doing some Christmas Freezer Cooking. If you missed this post with ideas on what to make, be sure to read it.

I’m planning to make:

What are you planning to make? Share the recipe links in the comments!

Day 15 Project

1. If you haven’t done so already, read chapter 8 from Celebrating & Savoring a Simple Christmas. (Did you sign up for your free copy yet? If not, click here and fill out the form to be emailed a copy.)

2. Plan & make 2-4 recipes to make today. These can be Christmas goodies or things for your Christmas meals. You choose!

3. Come back tonight around 8 p.m. and share how your freezer cooking went — and I’ll share about mine, too!

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  1. Lana says

    I start freezer cooking for Christmas week the Monday after Thanksgiving. I have done all of the main dishes for 8 days plus desserts, dozens of cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls and cookies. My freezers are packed! The key to this if you do this much is to have a list of where you put everything or you will be unloading the entire freezer looking for things! I know this from experience! I still have some cookies and candies to make but they need to wait a few more days because they cannot be frozen. I really encourage everyone to do this. It has completely changed Christmas week when our kids and grandchildren are home. I actually get to see them! We also made a paper plates only rule for that week a few years ago and that has been a huge work saver too. Using real dishes and running the dishwasher 3 times a day just makes me exhausted and is not worth it.

  2. Linda says

    Yesterday I managed to make chocolate chip cookies, peanut blossoms, and stir-me-nots. While all that was going on, I had the forethought to realize I was going to be a little tuckered out when dinner time rolls around so I stuck a beef roast in the crock pot while I was making/baking cookies.

    I have to confess that the mixture of smells was a little icky though. :(

    My thoughtful husband volunteered to wash all the dishes from the cookie baking right through dinner dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher). When he was finished he rewarded himself with a glass of milk and a handful of cookies. :D