Do It Yourself: Lemon Rosemary Air Freshener

lemonrosemary shows you how to make a homemade Lemon & Rosemary Air Freshener.

Do you have a fun and frugal DIY idea to share? I’d love to hear about it! Read the submission guidelines and submit it here.

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  1. Kathy Young says

    I joined SurveySpot and enjoyed taking the surveys in the evening hoping to build up points to use toward Christmas gifts for my family. Two negative things happened.

    1. Sometimes I would get an email saying “You’re our expert on this survey” and it would promise a very high point value – such as over 300 points. It would start by saying, “First we need to know a little more about you” and I would answer the questions. Then, it would produce a screen to start the survey, but instead of the promised high point survey it would show me a survey of far less points such as 30 points.

    2. The surveys have asked for highly detailed financial information such as what banks and institutions we have credit cards – very specifically by name, and, of course, they have my full name and zip code. I have trusted the integrity of Moneysavingmoms for doing their own due dilligence before allowing the SurveySpot banner ads to appear on the web site, and I read the terms and conditions and privacy legal statements, which, frankly are difficult to comprehend, but I do feel anxious about this.

    Finally, after taking a survey the screen changed to a page stating that either I or someone using my computer had either engaged in improper activity or had not given accurate answers. Since then, I have not received an email inviting me to take a survey. No one uses my computer except me and I answered all questions to the best of my ability based on the options provided. I’m left to wonder whether my information has been hijacked or if this is a normal outcome.

    Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated. I appreciate MoneySavingMoms very much and thank you for all you do to help us nurture hearth and home. ~Kathy Young

    • Kathy Young says

      And, one more important detail – I’ve attempted to contact SurveySpot directly on this matter and haven’t been able to do so.

      Again, thank you, MoneySavingMoms for all your good acts to help others.