6 Ways to Make Laundry Fun

I loved this post from Christa on Six Ways to Make Laundry Fun.

How do you make laundry more fun? You can see one way we’ve made laundry fun here.

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  1. Anna says

    Talking on the phone is a great way for me to get through a bunch of laundry without hardly know it. :-) Lately I’ve been working hard to do one load a day, or maybe two, and folding one load at a time. I’ve also finally incorporated my kids. Instead of doing one huge laundry day, I do a load of their stuff about twice a week, and then sort the clean clothes for them to fold. They do such an amazing job (and it really surprised me!). This came after going through all their clothing and donating bags of it, bringing their wardrobe down to a more manageable level.

  2. annie says

    if someone else in the family ‘stages’ the laundry, then it’s not a problem for me.

    our dirty laundry collects at the top of the basement stairs destined for ‘the dungeon’ as i call it, creating an instant energy zapper just by looking at it. solution: oldest kid takes the pile downstairs before they go to bed and sort it for me. the next day it’s a breeze for me to go through the wash & dry part.

    our clean laundry collects in one heap on the floor by the couch, another visual energy zapper. the youngest in our family pre-sorts each piece into like piles. one for each person, and then the rest. folding then is a breeze for me. piles of folded laundry on the kitchen table – all hands on deck to put it away before i start dinner.

    works for me. chopping it into the parts i disliked and delegated those. and kept the parts i didn’t mind (looking for stains and such, selecting the right wash temps etc.)

  3. Laurie says

    I love doing laundry. Always have. I do laundry once a week, My kids used to do all the folding and would drag it upstairs. Kind of a pain. I have now been doing a load and when it is dry I stay in the laundry room and fold right from the dryer. Kids clothes folded all go on their beds and then they put away. So no more procrastinating and leaving the folded laundry in the basement for a week at a time. It is also quiet in my laundry room so time to just be me.

  4. says

    I love laundry! It’s part of why I chose to cloth diaper. (Seriously, if you hate doing laundry, you won’t like cloth diapering.) There is something so satisfying about putting something dirty into the machine and having it come out sparkling clean. (Although since I got a new HE machine, I don’t find my things are quite so sparkling as they were with my old-style washer with an agitator.) Hanging laundry (I do it indoors) is very pleasant and relaxing for me. Not sure why.

    I usually watch something on Amazon Prime when I fold laundry. Gives my mind something to do.

  5. says

    Now that my kids are back in school for the year, I use my laundry time to catch up on praying for them each specifically ~ for example if I’m folding a certain child’s socks, I’ll pray for them as they walk through the halls at school that day. For whatever reason, it seems that the child (and sometimes my spouse) who’s going through something difficult that day also winds up having the most laundry, so they have a few extra prayers sent their way that day.

    It’s helped break up the monotony of laundry so much for me, and I’ve found myself praying for them more often as I tackle other household chores throughout the day! Here’s a post I wrote not too long ago about it because it has changed my attitude towards laundry (and really all of my daily chores) so much ~

  6. leah says

    We have laundry races every week! I will fold the kids clothes (sometimes they help) then race each other to see who can put their clothes away first (and correctly). Winners get small edible prizes. Kids also bring in their laundry and put it in the machine (I start it and put in soap) each Monday morning. Laundry is such a great way to develop sorting and motor skills.

    We also:
    keep only about 1 week’s worth of mix and match clothing in kids’ drawers (so kids are not overwhelmed)
    have only one laundry basket (so it has to get folded if more is in the dryer)
    do at least one load a day, to keep the mountain under control

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