Swagbucks Paid for My College Textbooks


Today’s Swagbucks success story is from Holly:

From the time that I was very young, my mom made it a priority to teach my siblings and me to be frugal. So when I started working on my B.A. in 2012, I knew that I wanted to keep my expenses to a minimum. However, as anyone who’s gone through college will tell you, textbooks can quickly break the bank because of their outrageous prices.

I started college right about that same time that I started using Swagbucks, and I quickly realized that by earning and using Amazon gift cards, I could pay for my textbooks without having to pay any money out of pocket.

Here’s what I did:

  • Made a concerted effort to take the daily poll, NOSO and the toolbar every day when I first got on to the computer for 4 easy Swagbucks.
  • Used the Swagbucks search engine to look up websites and information that I needed online. Since it seemed like I was constantly having to look something up, I usually earned about 20 or 30 Swagbucks every day from that.
  • Got several friends and family members to sign up and was able to earn referral points from their earnings.
  • Turn on Swagbucks TV with my speakers muted and allow the videos to play without becoming a distraction.
  • Take surveys when they were available (this is the way I’ve earned the most Swagbucks).

Using Amazon.com, I could shop around for the best prices on textbooks, usually used, and buy them for considerably less than the average student would pay going into a college bookstore. Over the course of a year, I was able to pay for almost all of my textbooks — 32 courses’ worth — without having to spend any money out of pocket!

Once I completed the course, I then sold my books and, in some cases, was able to make a small profit.  Once I finish college, I’ll look forward to putting my Swagbucks gift cards to good use in other areas.

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  1. Jessie says

    Way to go! As a recent-ish grad, I know how expensive text books can be, especially when they don’t get used often. Thank goodness professors are starting to realize how insanely expensive books can be and are using older editions, encouraging students to buy used or even rent the text.

    I’ve never seen anyone mention Bing Rewards on MSM before, I am able to earn enough points to get a $5 Amazon gift card almost monthly. There is a limit on the points to be earned, but it’s much easier than Swagbucks, since you get points for every search up to the daily limit. Worth checking out :) I use Bing as my default search engine, so I just log-in daily and earn points without thinking about it.

    Good luck with school!

  2. says

    Everyone talks about how they watch Swagbucks TV for extra points in the background but every time a video clip ends you have to start another one and that doesn’t seem very productive to me. Is there a way you have found to get it to play continuously? Am I missing something?

    • Amy R says

      On my phone, the next video starts automatically after 10 seconds. My phone sits on my nightstand (plugged in) and the videos play continuously. I earn the max almost every day. Every once in a while, there will be an ad in between videos that requires hitting the “x” to close it. I do glance at my phone any time I walk by it. If it happens to be stopped, I take the half a second to hit the “x”.

  3. Susan says

    This is great Holly. Textbooks are so expensive, and this will help my daugher pay for her college texts when the time comes in the not-too-distant future.

    For swag codes, check sbcodez dot com . I try to check there a few times day, as I think of it. That site points you to random codes posted on places such as the sb blog, fb, twitter, etc.

    Also, look for coupons. That’s another great way to earn sb’s. In addition to the regular coupons link, where you get 10 sb’s for coupons that you redeem, they’ll occasionally have a link for a special coupon of some sort. Sometimes they’ll pop up, other times they’ll be in a sidebar or whatnot. Just yesterday there was one where I got 15 sb’s for printing a coupon for Famous Footwear. I can’t recall the exact amount — it was like 15% or 20% off an entire purchase, so pretty good. And I got the sb’s just for printing it. I assumed I’d need to redeem it, but nope, the 15 sb’s showed up in my account immediately after I printed it.

    I think these kinds of things are hit and miss. For example, Crystal will sometimes post about some easy sb’s, but those often don’t work for me, yet I’ll occasionally spot others. Which leads me to believe that not everything is available to everyone. So you just really have to keep your eyes peeled and spent a few minutes, but I’ve found that there is a decent amount of opportunity there.

    Hope this helps.

  4. sona says

    Could someone please explain how watching the videos work on Swagbucks? I thought it said watch 10 get 3 SB. It has been 3 days and I am still waiting for them to show up in my total. After watching the 10 am I supposed to CLICK somewhere or something?

    • says

      I had the same problem you did at first too. I realized my adblocker was making it so the page wouldn’t work correctly, so I switched browsers and it worked fine then. I would try a different internet browser and see if it works correctly for you then.

      You don’t usually have to click anything. Occasionally a captcha will pop up and you’ll have to enter it to earn the swagbucks, but not always.

  5. Abigail's Mommy says

    You can also rent them from Amazon. Don’t forget to sign up for student prime (Free first 6 months) and get them shipped for free in 2 days.

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