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Gretchen’s Walgreens Shopping Trip: Spent $6.39, Saved $48.79

Walgreens Shopping Trip

Transaction #1

1 Kios DS Upset Stomach Relief – $7
Used $2/1 printable (I have no idea why, but this coupon actually rang up as $3/1 and my cashier went ahead and let it take $3 off.)

1 Holiday Soap (filler item) – $0.99 (It was marked down to $0.49, but in looking over my receipt afterward, it rang up as $0.99.)

Used $2 Register Rewards from my last shopping trip

Total with tax (7.3%): $3.57, Received $7 Register Rewards (for buying Kios Stomach Relief)

Transaction #2

1 H+ Care Hemorrhoid Cream – $7 

Used $7 Register Rewards from Transaction #1

Total with tax (7.3%): $0.51, Received $7 Register Rewards

Transaction #3

2 Right Guard Deodorant at $4.49 each – On Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Used 2 $2/1 coupon from the 6/16 RedPlum insert (There is also a $2/1 printable here.)

3 Purex UltraPacks Laundry Detergent at $4.79 each – On Sale Buy 1 Get 2 Free
Used 2 $2/1 printable (no longer available)

1 Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste – $3
Used $1/1 printable

1 Reach Toothbrush (2 pk) – $2.99
Used $2/1 printable

1 Trident Layers Gum – $0.79 (The cash register wouldn’t take all my coupons/Register Rewards unless my total was slightly higher so I added this.)

Used $7 Register Rewards from Transaction #2

Total with tax (7.3%): $1.23, Received $2 Register Rewards (for buying Reach Toothbrush) and $2.50 Register Rewards (for buying Colgate Toothpaste)

Transaction #4

1 Reach Toothbrush (2 pk) – $2.99 
Used $2/1 printable

2 Butterball Turkey Bacon – $1.29 each
Used 2 $1/1 printable

1 Scunci Bobby Pins (filler item) – Marked down to $0.50

1 Milky Way Bar – $0.99 (The cash register wouldn’t take all my coupons/Register Rewards unless my total was slightly higher so I added this.)

Used $2.50 Register Rewards from Transaction #2

Total with tax (7.3%): $1.08, Received $2 Register Rewards (for buying Reach Toothbrush)

Total before coupons and Register Rewards: $52.18

Total with tax after coupons and Register Rewards: $6.39 plus $4 Register Rewards leftover

See the full list of deals at Walgreens.

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    • Gretchen says

      I actually drive almost 20 minutes just so I can shop at the Walgreens with friendly cashiers and a really nice (and patient manager). I have a Walgreens a lot closer to my house but they are always out of stock of most sale items and aren’t too coupon friendly. It’s worth it to me to drive a little further in order to have less stress and a great experience. :)

  1. Anne says

    I do this all the time to myself. My husbnads payday is on a thrusday, and our grocery envelope is usually empty when the sunday ads roll around. The store shelves are usually bare by the time I get my cash envelopes refilled.

    This week’s Walgreens deals are amazing. It inspires me to set aside $50 each payday and
    ‘hide’ it from myself so if a great new sunday deal comes around I can partake too!

  2. Kim M says

    sometimes it’s not so much that the cashiers are fussy, but they’re not willing to put their jobs on the line. Although I do not work at one of the drug stores, I DO work at a retail chain that frequently puts out coupons for “free” merchandise that specifically states one coupon per household, so we’re not allowed to do multiple transactions (and yes, people do try, repeatedly, to use several different $10 off coupons to get lots of items for free). I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to lose my job because someone else wants a bargain. This may or may not be the case in the drug stores, but try not to push if they aren’t willing to do so. :-)

    • Liz says

      Not the case here. These transactions are not supposed to put anyone’s job at risk; however, the way they are handled SHOULD put their job at risk. At least in the stores i frequent, they are often a bunch of whiny, lazy, ignorant people. With a few good ones here and there. If they aren’t willing to do so but should be doing so anyways, i say push, push, and push :)

  3. Erica says

    When you do multiple transactions, do you physically go back through the line again or do you tell the cashier that you have multiple transactions?

    • says

      I just tell them that I have things in separate orders-they have always been nice about it. I have let people go in front of me or stepped aside in the middle of my transactions so that someone could go in front of me as I don’t want other customers to have to wait for me :) That being said I check out at the cosmetics counter most of the time so that the main cashier is free for other customers. There is usually a manager working at the counter too which makes it easier for me :)

    • Gretchen says

      I always tell the cashier first thing how many transactions I’m planning on doing. Sometimes they will send me back to the cosmetics counter to check out if the store is busy.

  4. Jessica says

    Good job on your shopping! I hadn’t been to Walgreens since Black Friday but this week’s deals were too good for me to pass by. I got:
    6 purex
    6 butterball bacon
    I had coupons on everything and I paid $5.46 out of pocket and saved $39.01. With three little kids, I sure do use enough detergent.

    • Gretchen says

      :) Thanks! I just look through the clearance stuff and get the cheapest items I can find. It sure is interesting to see what all is there in the clearance pile!

  5. Kelly says

    My Walgreens told me yesterday that they won’t give RR anymore IF you PAY with RR in the same transaction. Their registers literally won’t print out the rewards for you if you purchase it with a previously-earned RR. Not only that, they wouldn’t allow me to use a manufacturer’s coupon on an item (Reach toothbrush) because “you’re getting RR back, so you can’t use a coupon”. (It would have made the item free, but no overage.) From the manager. Anyone else? I’m in Central CA.

    • Liz says

      That sucks! Don’t worry, when things go on sale they tend to go on sale at most stores; so, cancel that transaction if they give you problems and head on to another store. I don’t know much about their policy but it does say you can’t use more coupons than items and that includes RR, not sure if this is what happened to you. Reading up on their policy (in case you haven’t already) could be helpful.

    • Jenn says

      Kelly – – I haven’t heard this yet (I’m in Louisville, KY). Although, it’s already programmed so that you can’t use a RR from the same company/value and get another one (which is why Gretchen wouldn’t have wanted to use that $2 Reach RR on her final transaction–another one wouldn’t have printed). Is that what you mean? Or they won’t print out any RR if you use any RR to pay?

    • Rachael says

      Kelly, Something almost identical happened to me in Billings, MT. I had a Suave Professionals Shampoo coupon for $1 off which should have then given me $2 back in Bonus Rewards, but it didn’t. I talked to the manager, and he told me that I technically didn’t pay for the items since I used a coupon. I emailed customer service, who directed me to call, but ultimately, I didn’t feel it was worth the $2 reward. I couldn’t find anything in their policy to clarify why it didn’t work.

  6. Jami says

    How do you prepare and match up the online/printable coupons before you shop? The insert coupons are easy to track, but I have no idea how to find out what is available online.

  7. Marissa says

    My Happy Haul today from Walgreen’s:
    4 Hefty slider bags (pd for 2 got 2 FREE!!), 12 laundry soaps (pd for 4 got 8 FREE!!), 2- Turkey Bacon (pd 29 cents each for them), after sales and coupons I paid $24.27 and saved 74%

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