Perspective Changes Everything

Sunday afternoon, a huge storm blew through Kansas. Our area got pummeled with hail up to the size of golf balls.

When the wind and hail finally subsided, we emerged from our basement to discover leaves and broken limbs scattered all over outside. Every home in our neighborhood suffered some kind of damage — whether it was siding that was punctured with hail marks, screens that were ripped up, windows that were broken, fences that were blown down, cars that were dented, or trees that were partially uprooted.

Our home was spared some of the worst, but our shutters and siding were pretty pummeled, our front garden looked trashed, and two of our windows were broken (we’re still waiting to hear whether our roof was damaged or not). In addition, our children were pretty shook up about the whole experience since the wind and hail sounded so ferocious.

However, in light of yesterday’s tornadoes and the destruction they left in their wake, the damage in our neighborhood is so inconsequential. Our lives were never in danger and while our house might be a little beat up, it is still standing strong.

No matter what you might be going through in life, no matter difficulties you might be experiencing, it likely pales in comparison to what those in Moore, Oklahoma are going through today.

My heart broke as we watched the footage last night. I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Truly, perspective changes everything.

If you have a sturdy roof over your head, a closet with some clothes in it, a little food in your fridge, and family and friends to hug, you are very blessed today. Remind yourself of that the next time you feel like complaining or wishing you were in someone else’s shoes. I can almost guarantee you that someone wishes they were walking in your shoes.

Would you like to help those in Moore, Oklahoma? Check out this simple idea here and also click through for this long list of places to donate to here. If you know of other legitimate opportunities, would you email me or leave the details in the comments?

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  1. mel says

    wow- sounds similiar to a storm we gad a few months ago! it turned out to be a blessing cause insurance was able to pay for a new roof (which needed done anyways) plus we had extra money then to fix broken windows, paint outbuildings, etc! too bad for your garden:( well since our hail storm hit in the fall, i didn’t really care that our garden was ruined. well hopefully this situation all turns out for good for you!:)

  2. andie says

    I have spent the past year battling one horrific allergic reaction. I almost died twice and it had done things to my face that would make people literally gasp when they looked at me. I have thrown many a pity party for myself complete with snacks and each time the phrase “walk a mile in another man’s shoes” pops into my head. I then find something, anything in my life to rejoice and give thanks for. Usually I snap out of my funk and am able to keep fighting. I’m still battling this and I have flood damage to still fix from last month’s floods here in Chicago but I’m grateful beyond words to be here here in my home. My heart breaks for these people in Oklahoma and I pray for each of them to be able to find at least one thing in their lives to give thanks for so they can keep on going and rebuild what they had lost.

    • Andie says

      Thanks Crystal, I really appreciate that.

      Hi Anne Marie, nope, no source has been found and it isnt for lack of trying. I even have been tested for things like lupus and cancer. im on so much medication that allergy tests would be all bets are off at this point. Im trying to get off the prednisone so we can try biospies but so far it has been a whole lt of crazy so I’m still on it and very fluffy.

      even tho im still fighting this, I rather be in my shoes than those poor people in oklahoma. my heart just breaks for them.

      • says

        Okay, I had a reason for asking. Your story sounds very similar to mine. About 11 years ago, I got very sick with facial swelling, joint swelling, respiratory distress, difficulty walking some days, had to carry an epi-pen, was seeing 4 specialists, had allergy and lupus testing, etc. Like you, no one could figure it out.

        Have you had your A/C system checked recently? Back when I was so sick, we had a random check-up, just spring maintenance. We were told we had a freon leak. Just to make sure we weren’t being given a fish story by someone trying to sell us on a new system, we had my FIL come over and check it, as he used to do A/C repair. Sure enough, we didn’t just have a leak,If but a MASSIVE one. We had a new system installed, and my health normalized. It took several months before I was fully recovered, but I did. I’ve not experienced anything like that since, so we concluded that I’m just severely allergic to freon.

        I’m not trying to diagnose you, as it could be so many other things causing your troubles, but I did want to throw that out there as a possibility, just in case you haven’t had your system tested recently. If you want to chat, feel free to email me: ewokgirl @

  3. Danielle B says

    Amen! It’s so easy to lose focus. I know I do all the time.

    I started doing something called “Thankful ABCs” before I go to sleep each night. Not only can I list something for every single letter, most times I’m listing multiple things per letter.

    At least 26 things every single day that I have to be thankful for. That’s more than plenty.

    Love to your family Crystal. Glad y’all were all ok.

  4. Lana says

    We have a dear friend in very critical condition in the hospital tonight. He will have his fourth surgery in the morning. Nothing else seems important right now. I am glad your family was spared any worse damage. God is so good.

  5. Ashlee says

    My thoughts have been with those most effected by the storm all day. Makes our little trials seems like nothing. Hopefully your kids are ok. Kids can have a hard time adjusting to even small storms. We live in NYC and had to evacuate for Sandy. Luckily everything was fine, but going through the evacuation and then riding out the storm in NJ was hard on them. When things get broken or aren’t working my oldest still says the hurricane broke it. Hopefully your kids are adjusting well.

  6. Monica says

    AMEN! Thank you for remiding us that sometimes we fail to put things into perspective and when we do, we should give thanks. Why? Because we are blessed to be alive, get to comfort our kids, tell them we love them, have a roof over our heads and so on…

  7. Leslie H says

    A friend that lives in OK not too far from Moore OK posted these ideas of ways to help on her FB page so I thought I would share:

    “Many people are asking me how they can help victims of the tornadoes. The very best way you can help is give money to a local organization that gets the funds immediately and directly where they are needed the most. I recommend you use BGCO Disaster Relief. 100% of the money goes straight to relief efforts.”

    “If you know any moms who may need a breastmilk donation in Moore, please contact Hands of Grace Birth Services at ANY time so they can get you in touch immediately with the La Leche League (LLL) chapter. We sometimes forget that moms who have experienced trauma may have some nursing obstacles, and also some babies may be left without mothers to nurse them tonight.”

    “Oklahoma Baptist University has opened up 160 dorm rooms FREE OF CHARGE for displaced tornado survivors. You’re to call the Presidents office or just show up and ask for the presidents office. Here are two numbers.
    405-275-2850 or 405-878-2402.”

  8. says

    Amen! We lost power for four hours today, and through the midst of it, all I could think was how blessed we were to know that the worst we would have to suffer was a few hours without lights, and that, eventually our power would come back on. Everything seems like a blessing to me today…I just wish I didn’t need the reminders and could be more grateful all the time.

  9. lizajane says

    So glad to hear you were spared for the most part. Prayers to all those who were impacted in any way!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I was bummed today to find out that I would yet again have to add years(!) to my completion date for getting my degree. Thanks for posting this. It really does put in perspective that I prefer adding decades on to that completion date than to lose a loved one. They really do mean everything. My heart goes out to those that lost someone and/or everything. MSM team I’d love some inexpensive and not too time consuming ideas on how I could help out :) ill do the box tops one tomorrow!

    • Linda says

      I hear you on the degree. I am a part-time student and have about 1 & 1/2 years to get my Associates and much longer for my Bachelor’s. I am taking one class a semester because that’s all I can afford at this time, and had been feeling frustrated and wanting to give up.

      After what happened to those families, especially the ones who lost their children, I realized how trivial my concerns are. Those parents won’t see those children finish or struggle to finish their schooling. At least you and I, God willing, will get there eventually.

  11. Holly says

    Thank you for reminding everyone of this! I would also like to add that it’s not just the city of Moore that is experiencing aftermath. The cities of Newcastle, Shawnee / Bethel Acres, and Carney were equally devastated. They are smaller towns, but their people hurt, too. Here in rural Oklahoma, we are doing our best to help our neighbors. Please remember those smaller towns in your prayers, too.

  12. Laura says

    Great post. It is easy to get bogged down with the things that are bothering us. It really puts things into perspective when you look at the big picture. I am hugging my kids extra tight. Prayers for Moore.

  13. Kimberly says

    Thank you SO MUCH for the update about your family and property—-we prayed for you guys when we heard the storm was headed your way!!!

  14. Anonymous says

    Awhile back we had a very bad storm in Texas and my friend who has 2 little ones said the kids were really scared since they could hear large hail hitting there home. She took out her bible and told them about God and how He brings rain, hail etc. She mentioned it seemed to calm them. I was so proud of her example. Blessings and praying for all going through this tough storms. May we rest our cares on Him

  15. Amy says

    Churches Of Christ Relief Effort is a wonderful organization that is always there with supplies and people to help. Organized and the money goes where it needs to go.

    Thank you for listing places for people to help! I’m an Okie living in Missouri. I’m just sick for the people affected.

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